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Thread: 365 happy days challenge :-)

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    Love to you, Anne!

    I appreciate music that still touches me, makes me soar, deepens me, connects me to things bigger than myself, or beautiful moments from my past.

    I appreciate that Abe mentioned giving emphasis to the creating part of the manifesting process! After concentrating on just the creating, the shaping of the clay, the enjoyment of that, I've been finding more satisfaction and also getting what I was creating! A few hours after concentrating on the creation of receiving the More Money that was attracting its way to me, I found a very nice, unexpected check in the mail!

    Had a fantastic day with my husband, today, after concentrating on having a lovely time with him.

    Had a sparkling, fulfilling day at work, after concentrating on the Creating process for 'whatever was the next step in my possibilities'! I just left it open to the universe to give me a great whatever, knowing as I focused on creating this unnamed manifestation the universe was poised to bring me, that it would be really good!

    Was able to swim three full laps at the YMCA's Olympic-size pool, today (before this, I had practiced enough to be able to swim one lap, so this was a surprising increase in strength), after concentrating on the creating of manifesting a stronger, fitter body!

    I look forward, though, to continuing to focus on the creating part of manifesting as much as possible, giving it the emphasis, because it does feel better to do that! Sometimes I think it will be harder to set aside the Wanting for the manifestation to happen, it might be harder to set aside the desire for the manifestation to be in my reality, but focusing on the creating process (creating for creation's sake~ and for FUN's sake!) is fulfilling and fun, so I want to continue doing it as much as possible.

    The weather today was up to about 63F, here! Freakin' unheard-of in my area in February!! I am loving this El Nino thing! And today, the cardinal began "singing its territory" in our yard, which means it's saying that Spring is on its way!

    This past week at work, a new co-worker stopped to ask me, "Are you just really good at acting, or do you really love your job?" And I was able to say truthfully that I really love my job, I have a lot of fun doing it, now! The universe has flipped components into place one by one, till I have manifested an ideal situation for myself, and I really appreciate that!

    Have a super sparkly night!

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    Today, I didn't meditate for all that long, but I was able to reach a very beautiful, serene place. That beauty and serenity seemed to flow through me, and I myself feel beautiful, serene, confident.
    I'm thankful for this connection, and how magical it feels!

    It's been consistently warmer than average, this winter, sometimes VERY much warmer than average (today was about 63F, by Wednesday it will be about 70F). LOVING that!! I am enjoying this manifestation as long as it manifests!
    Have a wonderful night!

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    I'm happy to be able to enjoy my moments of peace and quiet. Me time. When I feel so free and relaxed. The feeling of being in the right place at the right time, enjoying that very moment in the now and simply feeling good and calm and so relaxed.
    I love to be able to enjoy myself my way. I love to get to do the things that I enjoy the most.
    I and happy for my personal freedom, total independence and privacy. I love my own space, my den, my happy bubble.
    I love how I feel when I align and feel so to spend time with myself, feeling my Inner Being, hearing and feeling its vibes clearly and strongly.
    I love that I have been spending so much time with my favourite people. I'm getting the easy opportunity to do so. Effortlessly. I love that I have easy access. I love that I'm more than welcome, always. I love having another beautiful house where I feel at home totally. I love all the things that I get to enjoy there. I feel seriously good that I have attracted this lovely thing into my physical reality and I get to bask in it everyday, with so much ease and comfort. So grateful. Means so much.
    I am happy to have access to important information and facts. I love how the Universe has, over all these years, always made sure that this particular thing, of me being curious and wanting to 'know' stuff, has always been met. As in , I have always known what I have wanted to know, whenever. I like the thrill it gives me. I like how it feels to me. I like how my job is simply an extension of that where I am fortunate to know stuff often before it filters to others all over. I enjoy that kick and each day there's something new for me to know. A new genre to get immersed in. Always giving me so many interesting things to think about, to delve into, to just know. I love that.
    I love how I feel when adored and cutesied and crushed on hard! heeh. I love that warm fuzzy feeling I get inside me to see my object of attention bubble with love and adoration for me the moment he lays eyes on me! I love the super cozy warm hugs I receive after a long day. I love the excitement I feel every single day to meet him and be with him.
    I love receiving loving phone calls in the middle of the day, out of blue. I love to be remembered, thought of, missed. I love staying connected. I love to feel special. I enjoy the attention so much.
    I'm so happy to have met only kindness and sweetness wherever I go. At times when I feel like i'm developing an unnecessary wobble about an issue, I still try and feel as better as I can about it, however much I can. Less bad, a little better. Drawing strength by thinking of all those endless times when I did it. When alignment triumphed over all odds. When I was surprised in so many ways by the Universe to witness an outcome I could not have even imagined.
    And then I like to stand back and watch. And think pfft why was I even getting so worked up? Why did i even think I could forget my own creative power? I should really spend more and more time just realising and accepting how powerful I am, how much power of deliberate creation I hold. It is all about me. Oh isn't it just amazing to KNOW that!

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    My observations and discoveries are making me feel happy~
    * That striving for excellence in my LOA practice is wonderful, I feel comfortable and smiling with that~ and in any area of life, competitiveness or even comparison are counterproductive (causing self-dislike), superfluous, unnecessary, proving nothing.
    As for comparison~ it's not even good for figuring out what's excellent! We can find out what excellence looks like by looking around, considering, and making our plans to go for it, if we so desire.
    We don't have to compare our progress with others, we don't have to compete, we don't have to convince.
    Trying to convince others of our excellence or mastery is a sure sign of not having reached excellence or mastery~ at that point we're only on the beginning steps, when we feel the need to convince~ we're wanting to convince ourselves.
    And that's a perfect time to stop and show ourselves kindness, understanding, patience, forgiveness.
    I like the thought of quietly practicing expansiveness until I FEEL inside, with certainty, that I've reached it!

    * That beautiful thoughts are the key for a beautiful life, able to make a life that seems pointless into something wonderful, a life that seems full of uncertainty into a shining life, a life of boredom into a lovely, full life... any life can become rich and full and lustrous just by focusing consistently on beautiful thoughts and feelings.
    Beautiful thoughts and feelings give us a beautiful interior to live within.

    * Limitlessness to me means having confident expectation, happy faith and unconditional trust that Source, the Universe and I will always work together to attain anything superb, magical, wonderful, blissful, joyous that comes to mind. Whatever makes me sing and feel rather giddy and laugh and makes my soul give a deep sigh with a radiant smile, that's what we're meant to create for me!

    *Abe has been saying this stuff all along!!

    I have been finding my Stars Hollow!

    Good night!~

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