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Thread: 365 happy days challenge :-)

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    PJ i do the same when I exercise
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    Anne, happy belated birthday! I love your profile pic ~ it looks like bliss!
    How awesome that your mum & sister are on the forum, too! I have a few family members who are into Abe, but they're not in here.
    Great idea ~ I actually did the 100 happy days, earlier in the year, on Facebook. It was a lovely exercise, then one of my sisters did it, too.
    Alright, so ... today, I am happy for:
    hearing my son giggle heaps & have fun. I love seeing him live in joy & he has the most infectious laugh!
    having a pretty cruisy & enjoyable day, really. Things fell into place easily, I spent time with some of my favourite people, I had a few moments of enlightenment where Abe teachings & wise whispers from the Universe sunk in ...
    sleep ... I'm off to bed soon!
    the company of my pets.
    my beautiful home, quiet street, peaceful & friendly neighbours.
    lots of yummy food!
    That all about sums it up, really. I'm very grateful for the day I've had.

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    It is soooooo lovely to come here today, and to read all the lovely, appreciative posts of yours

    I love to share this appreciative energy with all of you.
    I love that my mom (Elisabetta) and my sister (Marbella) joined in on my thread :-)
    I love that I am part of a loving, appreciative family.
    I love that currently I get the best osteopathic and Reiki treatment I could ever wish..., which seems to heal much more than the minor current "issue".
    I so much love, that I am attracting great healers and great health into my life.
    I love the feeling, that 50 years old is just the beginning...of something better...and better...and better....
    I love, that Christian just called me for lunch...well prepared by him in his very skilled and delicious ways

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    Such a good-feeling thread!

    I love the weather today
    I love the beautiful clothes I wear today
    I love how at ease and empowered I feel
    I love how cozy my cats are
    I love the fun tv-shows we saw today

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    I love how easy my mood was at work all night

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    YAY! I love that I have so much goodness to chew on! (Hi to everyone who chimed in!)
    I love that my day just started!
    I love that it's a bright and sunny day today!
    I love that it's beginning to get colder!
    I love that I had such a good time meditating today!
    I love that I felt this: "Inside me is a vast field of contentment"
    I love that on the heels of contentment, glee came to me!
    I love the way glee feels to me!

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    I love that it's the week-end and I don't have to clean the house since the new cleaning lady came in yesterday

    I love that I had a great half an hour run this morning, with beautiful weather

    I love PinkJoys avatar, so funny and cute

    I love that we had so much fun dancing together in the living room earlier today - DH, DS, DD and me

    I love that I saw on the Abish books thread that Juhi/Skylark loves Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen, as I'm a big fan too and have all their books (so does my mother Elisabetta, and Anne loves them too, I believe)

    I love that I was going to order some books recommended by Skylark as I'm pretty sure I'll like them but that I ordered a Kindle instead and will get those books on it once it gets here

    I love that I have achieved the kind of financial abundance I have long dreamt of, since I started working on my money vibe four years ago

    I love that I had a great phone conversation with my mom today

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    Hi, everybody and hi Marbella!
    I love that I had a great phone conversation with my daughter Marbella today!!!

    I love that I bought a "kindle" 3 weeks ago and that I get in minutes every book I want to read!


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    Hi Everyone! It's great to read everybody's happy lists!

    I love that I am putting some baked beans into the crockpot to slow-cook before I go to bed tonight so that they will be ready by lunchtime tomorrow and preparing lunch tomorrow will be really easy!

    I love the many cats in our neighborhood, and especially the black-and-white cat named Little Girl who lives across the road and always conveniently walks by to say hello every time we return home and park our car!

    I love the tall, beautiful redwood trees in our area!

    I love that when I found myself feeling angry about something earlier today, it occurred to me to try to work my way up the emotional scale about it in my journal (which I don't have that much practice with yet), and I eventually got up to at least "pessimism" on the topic, with little flashes of contentment and hopefulness mixed in! I love how Abe says that if you move any notches at all up the emotional scale (even if you don't get all the way to the top), you are accomplishing exactly what you need to do, so I succeeded!

    I love how I then spontaneously got into a space of appreciation about a lot of things later in the evening!

    I love my partner and how loving, smart, supportive, and creative he is!

    I love it that I am not the only one who stands up and walks in place for exercise while working on their computer, Lemon-Up!

    I love it that you love my avatar, Marbella!

    I love my Kindle too, Marbella and Elisabetta, and how this way I can carry an entire bookshelf full of reading material with me wherever I go, all in one little device! In fact, I love that Amazon has come out with Kindles in different colors this year! Since the application space on my Kindle is now running low, I am considering getting another one in pink (or maybe asking for it for Christmas)!

    I love all the marvels of technology available to us in this day and age!

    Anne, I love how I, too, have been thinking of turning 50 as a good thing, as a kind of graduation to a new next level, and yes, only the beginning of something even better!

    I love all the entertaining TV shows that my partner recorded for us to watch and that we got to watch together!

    I love the continued beautiful weather today!

    I love how I got some important things accomplished today that I feel good about!

    Goodnight, Everyone!

    - Debbie/PinkJoy

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    Yes, Debbie/Pinkjoy, turning 50 is something very special. I feel young enough.... and old, for everything I like and desire :-)

    I love the sexy morning I enjoyed with my partner today
    I love, the meditation we shared later on.
    I love, that I now have some Me-Time with my Cat Smiley and my laptop ...enjoying my connection with all of you here on the Abeforum

    I adore my new cozy blanket filled with soft and fluffy downs...warm and cozy and comforting in the colder season, which has just begun

    I love, that we have been to a great concert yesterday in a very nice location nearby

    I am very much looking forward to our planned walk along the river Mosel, which we are going to do after lunch. I love, that we have selected a very nice destination, where we will be able to enjoy a local drink and a snack sitting outside on a terrace with a beautiful view over the Mosel

    I love, that it is 11:11 right now, and that my mate is preparing a lovely chicken for our lunch.

    Debbie/PinkJoy, I love, that you love cats, too!!! They are so adorable, and I have also already connected with quite a few cats out there in addition to my own two super cute and intelligent kitties

    I love, that I received two very precious birthday cards - very pretty and selected with care

    I appreciate very much, that I have already done my daily yoga exercises, which are making me feel flexible and strong in my body.

    50 is a great age :-)

    Celebrating with all of you


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