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Thread: 365 happy days challenge :-)

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    Beautiful South East Queensland!, Australia
    Good afternoon, lovely people!!
    Today has been great; many things to appreciate:
    beautiful weather.
    my son.
    great food!
    interactions with my sister & cousin.

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    Hello beautiful abrahamsters! I love that the time was 3.33 when I went into the kitchen last night to get a glass of water.
    I love that my boyfriend made the best most delicious breakfast ever.
    I love the dress I am wearing
    I love that the radio is playing all my favourite songs
    I love how empowered, confident and playful I feel.

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    hello 365'ers

    hi everyone

    I love that I am snuggly in bed after a great nite at work and have my delightful cat cheese here with me, and that hubby is waking up now just in time before I have to go to sleep

    I love that I am having more fun
    I love that I am more able to just be in the moment

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    in my vortex!
    hi everyone!

    I love that I have eaten good food today!
    I love that I bought the cutest clothes for my baby
    I love that my boyfriend is so sweet and kind
    I love that I'm feeling good these days
    I love that I have more energy these days
    I love that I have more confidence
    I love that I'm getting used to the fact that I'll be a mum
    I love to come on this forum and find so much peace, ease, love
    I love to snuggle in my sofa in front of the TV when I'm tired
    I loved to see my friends and have dinner with them yesterday
    I love knowing that I'm surrounded by amazing people

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    Beautiful South East Queensland!, Australia
    lemon-up, I love that you have a cat called Cheese!

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    Yay! I love that it is a Sunday today and hubby's home!
    I love that I went to my favoritest grocery store in the whole wide world--Whole Foods Market!
    Oh I so love the vibe of Whole Foods! I love that I can find everything under the sun there! I love how upbeat the folks who work there always seem to me--soooo helpful and ready to find whatever I'm looking for!
    I love grocery shopping!
    I love the ideas I had about writing today!
    I love being submerged in the world of words and books and stories!
    I love being a writer!
    I love that I cleaned my home today!
    I love the walk I took in the evening today--I love the crispness in the air! And the chill!
    I LOVE being all snugly inside my beautiful warm coat and then venturing out to enjoy the cold!
    I love coming back to the ready warmth and comfort of my home!
    I love that I am going to talk to one of my favourite people on the planet in a little while!
    I love that I have the idea for a reallly yummy dinner tonight!
    I love that my fridge's going to be all full up again!
    Ooh I love the abundance of food in my life!
    I love the idea about abundance I had--it's A BUN DANCE=Abundance IS FUN!
    FUN! FUN! FUN! I loved that I focused on fun today!
    I love that I get to chew on all the delicious things that everyone else writes!
    I love watching folks focus on things to appreciate in their day!
    I love Anne for starting this thread and for inviting us all to play!

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    I too am happy.
    I am happy to have my current partner and the potential for a long relationship together.
    I am happy I went back to college and have about 16 months left to finish my goal of basic retraining into a new career for the rest of my life. I am happy I have safe and peaceful housing today. I'm also happy I have applied to a very appropriate and private housing opportunity.
    I'm happy I'm getting money back from one application.
    I'm happy I'm getting payment for art sales online and I expect another very very soon as well.
    I'm happy I am progressing very well as an artist and am learning to work in multiple mediums successfully creating depth and detail using interesting subject matter.
    I'm happy I have food and money today and I live in a reasonably warm winter state on the west coast.
    I'm happy that many things are working out for me.
    I'm happy that I will get an elective surgery in just about two and a half weeks.

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    Good morning All of you

    I love to see you all here.
    I love to bask in your happiness.
    I love, that Emmy is here on this thread. Waving to you
    I love, that so many cat lovers are here on this thread.
    I love, that my two cats have been super cute again this morning.
    I love, that they both are great vibration readers. They like to share good energy
    I love, that I have a good job.

    I love that I feel in tune with this quote from the Ask and it is given Calender, which was displayed on my birthday:
    "Seemingly magical things will begin to occur as soon as you achieve that wonderful feeling of financial abundance:
    The money you are currently earning will seem to go further.
    Unexpected amounts of money in various increments will begin to show up in your experience."
    (Thank you, Andrea/Marbella for sending it to me )

    I appreciate, that we have a warm and cozy home, and that I get to take a hot shower now



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    Hello and good morning to you all...!

    I love that I've slept so very well.
    I love that warm water in my shower that runs over my body.
    I love the first cup of coffe in the morning and its wonderful smell.
    I love my selfbaked bagels for breakfirst.
    I love writing in the morning in my book of appreciation.
    I love that I'll meet with a very good friend this morning.
    I love that I can work this afternoon with my favourit customer.

    Life is good...wonderful monday to you all!

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    Happy EXTENDED birthday wishes starting from a few days ago fellow Scorp - Anne
    How lovely to read your family and extended (Abe forum) family playing together
    I appreciate coming across you good feeling thread and just wanted to say hi and birthday greetings Xxx

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