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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    Love myself, love life

    There are so many things that I can appreciate in my life.

    I appreciate that my parents provide me with such a wonderful place to live.

    I appreciate that I am living in a safe city with beautiful tree friends.

    I appreciate that I have plenty of free time to do many wonderful things.

    I appreciate that I can have delicious breakfast every day.

    I appreciate that I can go out for a walk as I like.

    I appreciate that I found an amazing cafe where I can reading, writing and thinking freely.

    I appreciate that I can easily go to a famous tourist city and enjoy myself there.

    I appreciate that I found Abeforum and learned a lot here.

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    It is a sunny day, so I go out for a walk. It feels so good to bask in the sun, and communicate with my tree friends, watching their happy dance.

    I breathe deeply when I am walking, and find the feeling of ease. Oh ye, I find it and I want to maintain it. I love the feeling of ease. Obviously it is easier for me to find it when I am walking in the sunlight. I am blessed with such a wonderful day. Thank you, sun. Thank you, my tree friends. Thank you, the feeling of ease.

    I arrive at my favorite cafe in this town, and order a cup of hot coffee. I find a comfy chair and relax my body there. Through the big window, I can directly see my tree friends waving their hands. It's a perfect place for me to think and write and rest. I appreciate this cafe from the bottom of my heart.

    I put my notebook on the table, wanting to write something. I have just read HitC's thread of telling a new story, so it seems a great idea to write some good feeling stories. I'm glad that I'm good at using my native language to portray life experiences. I quickly find a great story to put on the paper. A warm and beautiful story about my elder sister. I am amazed at it after I finished it. Maybe I can show it to her.

    This morning is really inspiring. I love it. I appreciate it.

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    I take a nap in the noon and then wake up with a refreshed mind. I want to drink coffee and I want to write stories and I want to enjoy music.

    An inspiration comes to me--I can go and buy the coffee back and then write stories in the living room with the music flowing all over the place. I immediately act upon this inspiration, putting on my sneaker, I walk out of the door.

    I walk in a very fast pace, and soon arrive at the shop which is full of snacks and drinks. I buy two kinds of coffee and some of my favorite snacks. I know I will have a delicious afternoon, because all of these amazing elements--bright lights, beautiful music, delicious coffee and the pleasing process of creating stories.

    I come back home. It is quiet, no one is here except me. I turn on the loudspeaker, letting the music named Parkour Creed flow out. I clean the wooden table, putting my notebook and fountain pen on it. The hot water from the electric kettle and the ground coffee mix and become a tasty beverage.

    I lean against the chair and contemplate upon the concept of language--it is such an interesting topic for me. After a while, I begin to savor the coffee. I love its hot feeling. I love its scent. I love its flavor. I can add to it a snack--a loaf of jujube bread. And I do. Now I am enjoying an simple but satisfying afternoon tea.

    I don't need to enjoy my afternoon at the cafe, because I can
    also have a great time at home.

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    1.Yesterday my cousins came to my home, and I felt they were very beautiful and loving. I mean they care and love each other, and this makes me think of my sister and me, my two aunts, and other cousins of the same origin. I am glad that all of us have this kind of love between biological sisters.

    2. I come across a very funny thread talking about laziness, and several posts there are just hilarious. They make me laugh loudly.

    3. I visit abeforum to watch hilarious pictures, and oh my, there are so many cute pics about animals. There are a lot of cute and cunning raccoons “harassing” human beings. Haha. They bring me great pleasure.

    4. I’m glad that I live in a big house, thus I can walk from one room to another room. I have a walk in the house and this is my own version of physical exercise that helps me a lot. Thank you, our house.

    5.I so appreciate Abe’s emphasis on sleep time and waking up time. It is so useful for me to say that “life is calling me, so I can get up early” at night. This sentence is in my consciousness and really calls me to get up early. I’d say thoughts and words are extremely powerful. I’d say intention is very very powerful.

    6.I so appreciate our electric kettle. I just drank a cup of delicious coffee using the hot water boiled by the silver-and-black colored kettle. You support my family every day. Thank you, our electric kettle.

    7.I so appreciate our thermoses. I use them in every season, because I love drinking clean hot water, or use the hot water to make coffee. They are good assistants in my life. I appreciate and love you, our two red thermoses. Thank you.

    8.I so appreciate that I combine things together to make new usage from them. Simultaneously using the computer and the loudspeaker in my bedroom that lets music out, the table and the chair and the light in the living room, and a cup of coffee and some snacks, I create a perfect afternoon tea for myself. More pleasing than sometimes in the café because at home I can choose music as I like. So thank you, my computer, my loudspeaker, the table, the chair, the light, the electric kettle, the coffee and snacks.

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    1. I so appreciate that I can get up at any time, at least before 8 is alright.

    2. I so appreciate that we have an electric kettle which helps us boil water every day. I can drink clean water and hot coffee every day because of this silver-colored electric pot. Thank you very much.

    3. I so appreciate that I live in a big house that has a kitchen and a wash room. I get in the wash room every morning, brushing teeth and washing face. Thank you, our beloved wash room.

    4. I so appreciate that there is a big window in the kitchen, and I can see beautiful trees through the window, and the wind can come in because of it. Thank you, our beloved kitchen window.

    5. I so appreciate that my computer works so well for me every day. I learn things by using it. I write and share by using it. I watch funny stuff by using it. I get so much joy because of my computer. Thank you, my beloved computer.

    6. I so appreciate that I have 10 flexible amazing fingers. Every day my fingers help me do a lot of things, bringing me convenience and pleasure. Thank you, my beloved fingers.

    7. I so appreciate that I have a strong body and strong legs and feet. I can keep on walking for hours without feeling tired. It feels so good walking on the street, along the river. Thank you, my body. Thank you, my legs. Thank you, my feet.

    8. I so appreciate that I found a very inspiring thread and many great posts in abeforum. They emphasized the correlation between money and the feelings of freedom and ease. They clarify many things on the subject of money for me. Thank you, abeforum. Thank you, the person who initiates this thread. Thank you, people who reply to this thread.

    9. I got a great revelation yesterday. I understood what the true feelings were if I shifted my money vibration. It won’t be very excited, it would be freedom and ease and confidence and not bothering. I am confident in my ability to have money, so I am not that caring about the present money in the bank account, even money there is lost, not a big deal, because I can quickly get other money. I buy things as I like, not wasting any time in bargaining or considering the price difference. I won’t invest money or try to manage money if I don’t want to no matter what others’ opinion is. This is my definition of having money. It brings me the feeling of ease and great convenience, and therefore I can more freely do all kinds of things that I love.

    10. I so appreciate that I now again can get up early. Because at night I wish I can get up early tomorrow. I know the thing tomorrow I would do first is to write appreciating list. At least this practice is calling me. So I can get up early. I can write as many appreciated things as possible, until I feel happy. Oh, I want to be a master of happiness.

    11. I so appreciate that self-talk is really very useful. When I tell myself that I want to get up early, and then I do get up early next day. It is amazing. I love and appreciate this kind of self-talk and self reminding.

    12. I so appreciate that I found a great Japanese drama which is very very hilarious. And I got a good loud laugh yesterday when I was watching it. I love it very much. Thank you all the people who contribute to creating it.

    13. I so appreciate that I get to know two people that I appreciate very much--Amelia Earhart and Tao Porchon-Lynch. Amelia Earhart was the first female aviator who flew across the Atlantic Ocean. Tao Prochon-Lynch is now 96 years old and is still teaching yoga all over the world. I appreciate them very much. They are the role models who break mass conscious rules and make their own rules. They are pioneers in different areas. They trust their own guidance and heart, not conforming to other people’s opinions of them. I respect them immensely.

    14. I appreciate my parents immensely, because they provide me with a wonderful environment to learn and grow. I have plenty of free time and free space to explore all kinds of things which not only nurture my spirit but also help me in many practical areas. Thank you, my parents, you are my perfect soul mates. I love you. I respect you. I appreciate you. I appreciate everything you have done for me.

    15. I so appreciate the American drama Elementary. I enjoy the process of deduction. And I also learn something about social skills. I think sometimes trying again and again to gain other’s forgiveness is the most appropriate way in some cases. I think Holmes is wise in doing so to recover his partnership with Watson. And I also can apply this if needed. It is not a brassy thing to do.

    16. I so appreciate that I have an Ipod. I can take it with me and listen to the music in it when I am walking on the street. Most of the time, the music is more pleasing than the mixed sounds on the street. Thank you, my Ipod. Thank you my brother for giving me this Ipod.

    17. I so appreciate the music world. I so appreciate the modern technology that can let us enjoy music in very convenient ways. Thank you all the musicians. Thank you, modern technology.

    18. I so appreciate those happy songs in my Ipod. They bring me great joy for many times. Thank you, all the singers. Thank you, all producers, instrument players, composers, and lyricists.

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    I am so glad that I have strong interest in language. I read articles word by word, exploring words' meaning, usages and emotions. This passion for language helps me a lot in many areas. I begin to think and say and write in a more deliberate way.

    I get 4 jobs because of my abilities in language. I was a translator. I wrote introductory articles. I taught kids how to use English. There are a lot of beautiful memories about these jobs. I kept on collecting and exploring new words in order to better do my jobs. I found great beauty in language, in words, in rhetoric. My interest in language and the related jobs enriched my life immensely. I so appreciate them.

    I am now also interested in Internet slang, because sometimes they are very lighthearted. I've already known and applied some popular Internet words. They can make what I write in a cuter way.

    I feel amazed at my mind's ability to master a language, and then begin to use a foreign language better and better. I appreciate every bit of the progress of my language journey. Life treats me well. I have passion for it, I get paid by doing related jobs, and I obtain much joy from it. Thank you, language. Thank you, Life. Thank you, my jobs. Thank you, my colleagues. Thank you, money from these jobs. I am blessed with you. And thank me. Thank me for my persistence in learning and exploring and applying language. Thank me for my serious working attitude and high-quality work outcomes. I love myself.

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    I appreciate that my period is very normal and I can calculate its time. It means my body is very healthy. I am glad to know this.

    I so appreciate myself. I am very proud of myself. I can now focus my energy in a more effective way. And I get to know more about the relationship between time (include air time of some emotion triggering things) and feelings. When something happens, I can choose to ignore or milk it for some time based upon the feeling(s) it causes in me. If a good feeling thing happens, I can milk it. If a confusing thing happens, I can ignore it for a while.

    I so appreciate that I feel safer and relaxed near my parents now. I’m so glad that my vibration about my parents greatly improves. I feel more ease now.

    I am so glad that when I treat my skin well with soft touch and massage, and when I draw my eyebrows carefully, I can immediately enhance my appearance, as if my face is satisfied and happy and therefore becomes more radiant.

    I so appreciate that I found a great guitarist named Chet Atkins just now, and I am enjoying his music. I am glad to know that there are endless musicians waiting for me to appreciate, and unlimited musical works I can enjoy. So good to know.

    I am so glad that I become cleverer in many areas including doing housework. I got a great idea of cleaning the dirty pot scourer yesterday.

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    Today is another sunny day. Weather in this town these days is amazing, and I can see the white clouds and the blue sky whenever I want to. Thank you, sun. Thank you, white clouds. Thank you, blue sky. I appreciate and love you.

    I’m so glad that I know Life is calling me and my desires are calling me, so I can get up early with a refreshed mind every day. I get up with general positive thoughts. And after finishing my delicious breakfast, I choose to sit down in front of my beloved computer and begin writing appreciating list. This habitual process greatly helps me. I love and appreciate it.

    I get new understanding about the concepts of weakening and strengthening that are derived from Abe’s ideas of ignoring and milking. I am so glad that I can manage my focus more freely, and therefore it’s easier for me to ignore temporarily things that cause me strong negative feelings, and to milk things that give me good feelings. Thank you, Abe. Thank me. I am proud of myself.

    I find my answers are often very helpful to other people when I calm my mind and release all kinds of judgment toward them. I myself also get a lot of inspiration and new understanding by communicating with them. I appreciate people who trigger my interest to say something. I thank them for bringing me more clarity. I am proud of myself because I can uplift other people by my own unique ways. Life treats me well, continually giving me new creative and pleasing thoughts. Thank you, Life.

    I can easily find cuteness in people around me. I want to thank the movies and dramas I’ve watched for this. By watching movies and dramas, I learn and know so much about human beings and their personalities and motives and feelings, including their peculiarities and “awkwardness”. I am absolutely one of them.
    Wonderful movies and dramas portray characters in an abundant way, and I get the chance to know them more deeply. So, I become more understanding toward those characters, and then toward people around me and people I know through the Internet. This attitude immensely transforms my relationships. I really thank these movies and dramas. I appreciate and love them.

    I appreciate that I was born to a loving family. My parents now are caring about and respecting and loving each other. My brother is very mature now, and being good at his work. My sister has found her partner and is in love now. I am glad for all of them.

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    Just now, I wanted to reply to somebody. I wrote for a while, and finally deleted all the written words. Because what I wrote seemed to prove that I was right and she was wrong. That's the thing I didn't want to do.

    So, I said to her that I felt sorry to analyze her.

    After a while, I felt joy. I still feel this joy now. Feeling good is really more important than feeling right. My emotion clearly tells me this. I appreciate this experience. I appreciate the person whom I communicated with.

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    Originally posted by Jenny Lee:
    "Just now, I wanted to reply to somebody. I wrote for a while, and finally deleted all the written words. Because what I wrote seemed to prove that I was right and she was wrong. That's the thing I didn't want to do.

    So, I said to her that I felt sorry to analyze her.

    After a while, I felt joy. I still feel this joy now. Feeling good is really more important than feeling right. My emotion clearly tells me this. I appreciate this experience. I appreciate the person whom I communicated with."

    Hi Jenny Lee,

    I love this post of yours :-) In true connection with another person it is hardly ever about "Who is right". Even if in some moments it seems important to us to express our point of view. That is understandable, as it makes us feel empowered.
    But the joy you describe in your post sounds much more delicious than that - and shows that you were/are higher on the Emotional Scale than on that level, where proving, that you are "right" feels empowering. Congratulations for that. It is good that you are joyfully connected to "Who you really are".


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