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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    Love myself, love life

    There are so many things that I can appreciate in my life.

    I appreciate that my parents provide me with such a wonderful place to live.

    I appreciate that I am living in a safe city with beautiful tree friends.

    I appreciate that I have plenty of free time to do many wonderful things.

    I appreciate that I can have delicious breakfast every day.

    I appreciate that I can go out for a walk as I like.

    I appreciate that I found an amazing cafe where I can reading, writing and thinking freely.

    I appreciate that I can easily go to a famous tourist city and enjoy myself there.

    I appreciate that I found Abeforum and learned a lot here.

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    It is a sunny day, so I go out for a walk. It feels so good to bask in the sun, and communicate with my tree friends, watching their happy dance.

    I breathe deeply when I am walking, and find the feeling of ease. Oh ye, I find it and I want to maintain it. I love the feeling of ease. Obviously it is easier for me to find it when I am walking in the sunlight. I am blessed with such a wonderful day. Thank you, sun. Thank you, my tree friends. Thank you, the feeling of ease.

    I arrive at my favorite cafe in this town, and order a cup of hot coffee. I find a comfy chair and relax my body there. Through the big window, I can directly see my tree friends waving their hands. It's a perfect place for me to think and write and rest. I appreciate this cafe from the bottom of my heart.

    I put my notebook on the table, wanting to write something. I have just read HitC's thread of telling a new story, so it seems a great idea to write some good feeling stories. I'm glad that I'm good at using my native language to portray life experiences. I quickly find a great story to put on the paper. A warm and beautiful story about my elder sister. I am amazed at it after I finished it. Maybe I can show it to her.

    This morning is really inspiring. I love it. I appreciate it.

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    I appreciate that I can watch and enjoy and contemplate upon Andrew’s performance. He gets me think a lot. One can impress the audience with such amazing performance. I love the variety in this world that gives me unlimited opportunities to enjoy all kinds of great creation.

    I am glad that I am good at writing. I am good at using words to express my opinions. Language is miraculous, beautiful, and powerful. I love exploring language. Language is always evolving and incorporating new words on a daily basis. I am willing to learn new words and new usages of language. Thank you, language, for all those wonderful things you have done for me. I appreciate and love you.

    I am proud of myself because I have been continually improving my English ability since 2008. I used various materials to teach myself English. Then I could listen to and understand many teachings in the spiritual area. And I began to think and write in English. English has played a very important role in my life since then. English, you’ve done so many amazing and beneficial and transforming things for me, and I really appreciate and love you. I also love and appreciate myself for the persistence in learning and improving my English ability.

    I so appreciate and love abeforum. Every day I visit abeforum, learning and finding something to ponder. I am collecting useful and inspiring data in abeforum—tips about money, work, relationships, etc. I know these tips are important for me, and will absolutely influence my future in positive ways.

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    I take a nap in the noon and then wake up with a refreshed mind. I want to drink coffee and I want to write stories and I want to enjoy music.

    An inspiration comes to me--I can go and buy the coffee back and then write stories in the living room with the music flowing all over the place. I immediately act upon this inspiration, putting on my sneaker, I walk out of the door.

    I walk in a very fast pace, and soon arrive at the shop which is full of snacks and drinks. I buy two kinds of coffee and some of my favorite snacks. I know I will have a delicious afternoon, because all of these amazing elements--bright lights, beautiful music, delicious coffee and the pleasing process of creating stories.

    I come back home. It is quiet, no one is here except me. I turn on the loudspeaker, letting the music named Parkour Creed flow out. I clean the wooden table, putting my notebook and fountain pen on it. The hot water from the electric kettle and the ground coffee mix and become a tasty beverage.

    I lean against the chair and contemplate upon the concept of language--it is such an interesting topic for me. After a while, I begin to savor the coffee. I love its hot feeling. I love its scent. I love its flavor. I can add to it a snack--a loaf of jujube bread. And I do. Now I am enjoying an simple but satisfying afternoon tea.

    I don't need to enjoy my afternoon at the cafe, because I can
    also have a great time at home.

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    Love the songs that have been giving me good feelings.

    Love the happy vibration the male singer brings to his song. I can feel his high energy in this song even though the lyrics are not that happy. I am proud of myself because I attracted this song long time ago, and it still works very well in terms of enhancing my emotional state. Thank you, Hu Ge. I love your song.

    Love the genius creation of the Universe. There are so many beautiful and charismatic actors and actresses. I love their appearance. I love their great performance. Thank you, actors and actresses, for providing me with so many wonderful characters/roles.

    Love the fact that I get new knowledge and ability every day. I begin to use emotional words and sentences to find the feelings that I desire. I know I can master it if I insist on practicing. I love the process of finding the most appropriate words to reach for the feelings I want. I use words which describe emotions such as passion, and I also use analogies. I write about passion, and find a warm feeling in my chest. I think it is a feeling of being blessed. I am so glad.

    Love writing. I love writing. I keep on writing things that I am really interested in. I write about movies and dramas. I write about the Internet popular words. I write about my inspirations. I write about music. I love writing. Writing new things feels so good to me. I am a passionate writer.

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    1.Yesterday my cousins came to my home, and I felt they were very beautiful and loving. I mean they care and love each other, and this makes me think of my sister and me, my two aunts, and other cousins of the same origin. I am glad that all of us have this kind of love between biological sisters.

    2. I come across a very funny thread talking about laziness, and several posts there are just hilarious. They make me laugh loudly.

    3. I visit abeforum to watch hilarious pictures, and oh my, there are so many cute pics about animals. There are a lot of cute and cunning raccoons “harassing” human beings. Haha. They bring me great pleasure.

    4. I’m glad that I live in a big house, thus I can walk from one room to another room. I have a walk in the house and this is my own version of physical exercise that helps me a lot. Thank you, our house.

    5.I so appreciate Abe’s emphasis on sleep time and waking up time. It is so useful for me to say that “life is calling me, so I can get up early” at night. This sentence is in my consciousness and really calls me to get up early. I’d say thoughts and words are extremely powerful. I’d say intention is very very powerful.

    6.I so appreciate our electric kettle. I just drank a cup of delicious coffee using the hot water boiled by the silver-and-black colored kettle. You support my family every day. Thank you, our electric kettle.

    7.I so appreciate our thermoses. I use them in every season, because I love drinking clean hot water, or use the hot water to make coffee. They are good assistants in my life. I appreciate and love you, our two red thermoses. Thank you.

    8.I so appreciate that I combine things together to make new usage from them. Simultaneously using the computer and the loudspeaker in my bedroom that lets music out, the table and the chair and the light in the living room, and a cup of coffee and some snacks, I create a perfect afternoon tea for myself. More pleasing than sometimes in the café because at home I can choose music as I like. So thank you, my computer, my loudspeaker, the table, the chair, the light, the electric kettle, the coffee and snacks.

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    Appreciation and pivoting and…

    * I appreciate variety very much. It gives me many perspectives, and therefore I can live a more abundant life.

    * I appreciate that my mind and heart are more open now. I now can accept things such as competition and no.1 and so on.

    * I so appreciate that Abe’s teachings about unlimited resources and the false premise of deprivation greatly change my attitude toward something. Everything is about focus and match. So just focus upon what you want, even it is about being the no.1 in a test. Don’t worry, you will never deprive anybody of anything, everybody can set the same goal, the result will show you who matches the no.1.

    * I so appreciate that I am genius in providing useful tips to other people, and really uplifting them. The positive impact upon people I communicate with is very obvious these days, because I have directly seen many positive responses to my suggestion. And there is one person who recommends me open a center to uplift other people. I appreciate these wonderful responses.

    * I so appreciate the power of intention and thoughts. After I say to myself that my answers and replies to other people are perfect in the moment I am writing them, so I will not second guess them. I see them perfect, I see them beneficial to the people I communicate with. And it is really true. People are getting wonderful inspirations from my answers and replies.

    * I so appreciate that I have the ability to direct my focus and therefore create more satisfactory environment for myself. I am making full use of what-is. I now rarely fear about my future. I release a lot of fear because of managing my focus/attention.

    * I appreciate that thinking and exploring ideas bring me a lot of pleasure. I soften my previous opinions about writing. Now I can write in a more free and lighthearted way, knowing that many people want to see what I write. I am now willing to set high standard in some areas such as language abilities.

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    * Now I can absolutely feel that living a continually joyful life is possible. Now I can absolutely feel that having great ideas and inspirations one after another is possible. I am in this state of being now. It’s possible to be like Tesla and Da Vinci, who continually have great ideas and inspirations and amazing abilities.

    * It feels so good to release the guardedness. It feels so great to accept and allow all kinds of things, to respect everything’s value, and to embrace challenges/contrasts/problems, knowing their existence is indispensable to my joyous creation.

    * As my interests and desires expand, things that I didn’t like before now become interesting and exciting and inspiring. I immensely enjoy one of Bear Grylls’ programmes, in which 13 men need to stay in a deserted island for 4 weeks. I love this programme. I really enjoy watching it without any uncomfortable feeling. I appreciate all the participants. I learned a lot from this programme, from them.

    * I know that many wonderful thoughts are not based upon the knowledge that I learned before or my past life experiences. I know I get all kinds of new thoughts and inspirations when I am in a receptive mode. So I don’t need to limit my ability to answer other people’s questions, assuming that I can only have answers originaing from learned knowledge and my personal history. I can tune in and then let the totally new wonderful perfect answers come out of my being.

    * I now have new attitudes toward guardedness, hoarding, fearing of losing and so on. I am confident that I can always find wonderful things to appreciate and enjoy my life, so I don’t need to guard anything, hoard anything, or fear of losing anything. Because all of these attitudes have a vibration saying that I am focused upon the unwanted.

    * I am always abundant. My abundance is lying in my alignment with my eternally evolving Vortex, with Who-I-Have-Become. I’m doing really well now.

    * I am doing a great pre-paving about joyous adventure. I see human’s great potential in many areas by watching Bear Grylls’ programmes. I see the strength of human body and the amazing power of human’s love for self, family and life. I want to experience joyous adventures in many ways. I can challenge my physical condition and see how great my body can behave. I’m glad to have new desires.

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    I love and appreciate my mother, because she inspires me to be more unconditionally powerful.

    I love and appreciate my sister, because she inspires me to be more unconditionally patient and calm.

    I love and appreciate my father, because he inspires me to know more about the subtlety of human beings' emotions.

    I love and appreciate my grandma, because she inspires me to feel natural about physical aging process.

    I love and appreciate my brother, because he inspires me to become more allowing.

    I love and appreciate my friends, because they inspires me to enjoy the interpersonal relationships more.

    I love and appreciate Abers here, because I love what they are flowing out. Sometimes it is curiosity. Sometimes it is amazing wisdom. Sometimes it is great humor.

    I love and appreciate all the people I had encountered, because all of the them contributed to Who-I-Am-Now and Who-I-Have-Become.

    Thank you all. I love and appreciate all of you.

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    Positive aspects of my mom:

    * Mom acts funny from time to time. We would look at each other’s eyes and then burst into great laughter. Very funny scene, isn’t it?

    * She is very energetic, loving doing a lot of things. I am happy that she has a strong body.

    * Mom cares about some elders in my hometown. She would bring them goodies and money from time to time. I appreciate her kindness very much.

    * Mom becomes soft these years. I appreciate her softness.

    * Mom cares about our wellbeing. She tries her best to provide a wonderful living environment for us. Much better environment than the environment she had when she was a kid. She has great love for us.

    * Mom is good at cooking. I’d say she is a genius cook. She cooks better than many restaurant cooks. I appreciate her wisdom and abilities. She is summoning and flowing Energy wonderfully on the subject of cooking.

    * Mom smiles a lot. It’s easy for me to see her smile.

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