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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    Misalignment causes discomfort. Misalignment causes diseases. Feeling good allows the channel between Source and my body wide open. Every time I feel good, every part of my body gets better.

    Today, I took my nephew to the park. He enjoyed several recreational facilities. He kept a big smile on his face. He got a free blue toy hammer from a girl. Then, we shared pink marshmallow. Most of the time, I spent part of my attention on tracing his whereverabouts. He had a good time playing on the public ground with a lot of kids. He becomes more and more flexible. At the bus station, when I was browsing on the phone, he initiated conversation with a grandma and her granddaughter. He is cute, happy and funny. He is passionate about life. There are so many things attracting him, making him eager. In his alignment, he attracts abundant cooperative components.

    The more I feel good regardless of the reasons, the better my body gets. My mom is so busy. She is busy making dishes and snacks to give to relatives. I like fried spring rolls she made with minced lotus roots. She is good at cooking. She has been receiving inspirations on this subject, just like my father is receiving inspirations on growing vegetables.

    I have easy access to unlimited resources. I get onto youtube and can watch lots of videos showing how craftsmen work. I can watch lighthearted, beautiful fmvs of movies and dramas. I can listen to Abe. I can open netease cloud and listen to a Korean R&B songlist. I can click shopping apps, and make orders of things I desire. I can go to certain websites to see whether the interesting stories I have been following have updated or not. I can efficiently get what I desire, whether it's a beverage or a coat, because of the developed delivery system. I just bought a pair of black boots and a frame to decorate the damond picture.

    The better I feel good, regardless of the reasons, the better my body gets. Most parts of my body are working extremely well, while other parts are catching up. Pure Positive Energy is powerfully flowing to every part of my body. My eyes see clearly. My ears hear clearly. I eat and savor food and drinks. I move freely. I walk fast. My fingers are extremely flexible. My heart beats and pumps. I breathe easily. I feel comfortable from head to toe. My pancreas keeps producing digestive enzymes and keeping blood sugar in balance. My kidneys keep removing waste products and excess fluid from my blood. My stomach and bowels are wonderfully processing food and beverages.

    What would I think and feel when my body is totally healthy? Then, there is not a bit worry about my body. Then, actually, I may not think about my body at all. I want to spend my time in doing things that feel best to me. I may enjoy music. I may think and write, doing the vibrational work. I may watch contents that interest me. I may watch funny and cute videos. I may watch dramas. I may take a walk in the stadium, accompanied by music. I may watch craftsmen's work. I may deliberately enhance the momentum of certain subjects. I may watch fashion shows. I may do the prosperity game.

    My body keeps evolving. I like remembering that in the presence of Jesus, diseases just go away from most patients who visited him, because he KNEW and focused upon their wellness. I am connected with Infinite Intelligence; I am connected with mastery healers like Jesus. All things are possible for human bodies. Every cell is always moving toward extreme health and multi functions. The less resistance we have, the healthier every cell of our bodies is, and the more inspired we are.
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    I bought a cup of smooth coconut latte in Luckin. Then I took my nephew to the cafe where he picked cake of passion fruit flavor. He was eating the cake and I was sipping the latte. We spent a little time there with ease and pleasure, before we went to the park.

    I like watching making processes of objects. Youtube is full of these videos. I watch people make leather handbags. I watch workers make sofas. I watch craftsmen make jewelry. I watch artisans make pens. I am amazed at the unlimited cooperations between human hands and tools/machines. I find great satisfaction watching nimble fingers work on leather, cloth, metal and wood.

    I am interested in the variety of the world. I was watching the life of one of the most cold cities in the world. It's interesting to see its snowy views. It's interesting to know its difference from where I am. It's amazing how a lot of people, about 300,000 people, have adapted to such a cold weather.

    I can easily find beautiful songs to enjoy. I like listening to Korean pop songs, because they often have lighthearted tunes, and their lyrics won't distract me. Music plays an important role in my life. I am blessed to live in a world full of beautiful music.

    I like the stories I have been following. One of them is Ghost Doctor. Many parts of it are fun to watch. My perspective of one of the actors has shifted, and I begin to see him as attractive. And then I watched his another drama Law School. The dramas I watch recently has little relationship with romance, but I like them.

    As I was walking back home, I listened to Abe talk about physical healing. In the clip, Abe reminded me of the importance of focusing upon subjects that feel good. It's such a beneficial reminder.

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