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Thread: Delicious Driftwood

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    Thumbs up Delicious Driftwood

    Ah, my first thread on the forum (well... besides the introduction thread lol), how exciting!
    Hello there! This is sort of like a dedicated BoPA, where I look back at the end of the day and appreciate every indicator I can that things are working out/aka I milk the things that wedge themselves through my crack... so to speak. (was that a severely immature joke? yes. could I help myself? no.)
    P.S. I hope this is readable. I stopped double-checking for grammar and spelling mistakes half-way through, and my train of thought can get weird while doing "journaling work"... Moving on!

    So, why am I creating this thread?

    • I want to feel accustomed to celebrating my successes, no matter how seemingly "small" or "big".

    • I want to feel more pride and appreciation for myself as a creator.
    • I want the feeling of my creative and "manifestational"(?) juices flowing to be more normal, to feel like joy and eagerness; to feel as Source feels about creating and manifesting through this human extension. Easy, simple, and totally fun. I've noticed that as my desires and dreams have expanded, there's been resistance to allowing these higher vibes/energies to flow. It's been feeling overwhelming and akin to anxiety rather than excitement and eagerness for what's to come, maybe even fear depending on where I am on the scale (like some "fear of success") and I'd like to deliberately shift that.

      • (Hmm...You know what? One point goes to me for noticing that... Good for me for noticing that it's about perspective, that I don't have to see this feeling as something negative, but as the indicator that it is, letting me know that Source feels differently, and I'm reaching to align with that feeling, to keep up with my expansion!)

    • By putting this in a public space, there's a more keen desire to be consistent with this practice/game.
    • I want to put more intentional attention on the "1 thing going right out of 9 things going wrong" (and I have to admit, there's a lot more going right than wrong, so that's good!)
    • Finally, I've noticed there's a sense of "being weary in well-doing", and that's so silly and unnecessary. Feeling weird because things are working out for me and there's no drama? I mean, really??
    • Basically, I want to feel more empowered and confident in the knowledge that "I did that", "Oh, I did that too", whether the manifestation is seemingly "positive" or "negative".

    Alrighty, let's begin!

    Today's Driftwood...

    • A call from a temp agency that I haven't connected with in months about an available position that I didn't accept last year (which I will be interviewed for tomorrow!)

      • So, the funny thing about this... Is that I made the decision that I wanted to quit my current call agent job a few weeks ago. I started on a 2-week notice recently and had already decided when I'd send it, new job at hand or not. And yes, I have been doing rampages on why I do appreciate the job I have, and I admit, in the bigger picture, it's not bad at all. 9 hour shifts, 3 days a week, and I'm getting the hang of being an on-phone customer service rep, my "stats" aren't that bad at all. However, I just know so much what I would prefer to do, and I've decided I want to do any and everything I can to line up with that.

        • The ultimate Vortex Version?: Ultrapreneurship (entrepreneurship but on Elon Musk or Richard Branson's level)
          But from the perspective of "I am where I am"?: Non-phone, work at home typist/data entry position

      • I've been rocky about this because of the Peanut Gallery (who wasn't supposed to know about the decision but overheard my conversation with my manager on Monday, heh) telling me to rethink my decision to quit altogether, stop being so childish and mature already and keep a job for once in my life.

        • (Fun fact: I've never kept a job for longer than 3 months... Quite the rascally rascal rep, eh?)

      • But I had already made up my mind and just "mhmm'd" and "okay-okay'd" my way through the conversations about thinking this over, and just keep the job until at least Fall.
      • Literally, the next day I got a text from a number I didn't recognize asking if I'd be interested in learning about a position for data entry that pays $5 more hourly than I currently make, and would still be $2 more than my eventual raise after being on the cust rep job for 6 months! Now, I did re-think if I wanted the position because it meant leaving behind my 4 days off to work full time and boy did I/do I love that, but I saw how it truly is my path of least resistance to what I am asking for:

        • Income increase (while I work on shifting my perspective of money and abundance and align with more "nontraditional" manifestations, like "out of thin air" lol)
        • Less commitment (It's Temp-to-Permanent, so after the contract, I can move on to something else, which is more my style.)
        • I get to continue to work from home (After the 4 weeks of training at the facility which is thankfully under 40 mins away on the bus)
        • Email-based (as far as I understand all I'll have to do is type up work orders, there's no call-center role unless I continue to work for the company after the contract)

    • A meaningful conversation with my friend

      • This actually piggy-backs on the last driftwood. As I asked my friend what he would do if he were in my position: Keep the PT, 4 days off gig or get the new FT position?

        • Ik, ik, "wait why are you asking the Peanut Gallery for advice on what to do? didn't you just say you ignored the PG's opinions a second ago?" Well, normally, I don't do this, but, I was still hanging onto the 4-days-off aspect of my job because we've used those the 3 consecutive off days to hang out at his place, and since he's moving soon, I was feeling hesitant about reducing our time to 2 or even, honestly 1 and a half days, since he's not exactly a skip and a hop away.

      • Now, why did I bring this up as a reason I call this driftwood? I've been feeling into my thoughts and feelings around the Vortex Version of my social group (...which is very small right now lol) and asking myself how do I want my friendships to feel? What do I want hanging out with and talking to "good buddies" to look like? Even with the couple that I have, a part of me hesitates to call them best friends, and feels obligated to keep a certain "emotional distance" and only recently I've been inching closer to being 100% authentic with them (aka being Aquarius-level-weird-and-goofy). But I want to change that, I want to experience friendships that feel like "home", that feel like I can be completely comfortable playing and talking and being honest with one another.
      • So my driftwood was the fact that after sending him basically "text essays" about the situation, (despite how long this post is, I rarely send those) he responded with a surprisingly supportive and encouraging essay of his own stating it'd be wise to take the new position and that we'd ofc still find time to hang out. Evidence of my increasing (He's one of those people whose responses are short and simple--he even included an emoji at the end! ...Yes, it sounds so silly caring about an emoji but he rarely uses them so it felt especially heartfelt lol )

    • The waitlist for an apartment complex I've been interested in since December is filled up...

      • Now upon the first glance, that's a "Bad Manifestation"; the reasons to justify that perspective are obvious and could go on and on but that's not the point, is it?
      • But I'm taking that as driftwood to keep up with my Plan A, the preferred manifestation of living in my own HOUSE, not an apartment.
      • This is driftwood to keep up the focus, keep up with the expansion of living in my own place with plenty of space, plenty of romp freely, sing and laugh at the top of my lungs, to have plenty of room for all of my hobbies, to enjoy a space that's truly my own, where I can live and play by my own rules.
      • It's good, this lets me keep my focus on feeling my house, imagining it, feeling into it, to be true to what I really want without thinking, hm, maybe I should settle for a little bit less, maybe I'm asking for too much...
      • I'm taking it as my IB saying "no sitting on the fence on this one, babe. You want a house, right? Then let's get that house! you deserve it! Huzzah, more freedom! Huzzah, more independence!"

    • A wonderful comment left on a work-in-progress story
      • Nothing makes a wannabe-best-selling writer feel better than someone leaving a comment that strokes one's ego and confirms that, yes, I am a d@mned-good-writer.

        • I will admit, there's a slight sense of resistance towards positive comments and praise due to "lack of accomplishments", "there are so many unfinished works and I want to finish them but I haven't been inspired to work on them like a proper productive artist/writer."

      • Now, despite that ^^^ I know that it's still driftwood. Driftwood that writing is fun, and when I'm in my flow, I love it, and I love sharing it. I love the fun of communicating with other artists and writers, I love how moments like these can lead to fun conversations and bounce ideas off of one another.
      • And driftwood to love and appreciate my gifts and talents, my unique ways of playing with words, language, enjoy how it feels to be in the flow, to feel from the end of being appreciative of the end of one project to another, feel into the flow, don't try to rush it and make it happen by force, breathe and feel into the FUN, THE JOY of writing and creating, and it'll write/manifest itself.

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    YAY! The thread is up! We're back in action, baby!
    So, while I waited for the thread to be approved, I kept a list of the things to appreciate and will now go on a fun rampage of what's been going on lately.

    Driftwood on... 03.18.2021

    • A great Zoom interview with my new position's team manager and the call center leader

      • I'm glad that my answers during the interview were appreciated. I like that what I typically think of as being too "wordy" was actually praised as being thorough. (All a matter of perspective, ain't it? )
      • I really liked how I looked during the interview lol I'm feeling more in alignment with seeing myself as photo/videogenic!
      • I'm so glad that the manager and call center leader were so down-to-earth and relaxed. It made for a very easy and chill atmosphere.
      • I'm glad I was able to make them laugh a couple of times!
      • I liked that after my introduction (the age-old "Tell Me a Little About Yourself" speech) the manager said, "Wow, that was great. I'm wondering if we even need to do the interview after that."
      • I liked that I asked them good questions. I like that I put thought into what I ask people about themselves or projects or whatnot and get them thinking in a way they hadn't expected. (Classic aquarius-brain-picking lol)

    • I had fun chatting with my new & old writing pals

      • It's been months since I last talked to my writing pal, T. Our last conversation was on Christmas, and I completely missed that they sent me a 'well wishes' message in February. So I'm so glad that when I sent out a quick hello and well wish of my own, they were online, and we were able to play catch up!
      • I love how we were able to flow into a groove of conversation and silliness that felt like no time had passed.
      • I love that S--the person who left me that wonderful comment on my story that I mentioned before!--sent me an invite to join his server and meet his other writer friends--including a writer whose works I love~
      • I love how easily S and I were able to chat with one another as if we've known each other for years and how we ended up brainstorming an entire story premise so quickly together! It was so much fun and came out absolutely delicious and full of drama and suspense and twists that we loved to milk and gnaw on like dogs on a bone lol

        • I love co-creating with others. I love it when another artist and I ride the same or similar vibes and have fun bouncing ideas off one another and expanding our creativity together. I look forward to doing this more, particularly on a "professional standard" as well.

    • Speaking of new friends, I love how my social circle is growing before my eyes

      • It feels good to enjoy more conversations. It feels good to get involved with the fun others are having and enjoying how they welcome you with open arms.
      • It feels good having a laugh with others and knowing that I made them laugh. (God I love being funny and witty lol)
      • It feels good knowing I am bringing out aspects in others that I have activated within myself. So when I'm feeling happy, and humorous, and creative, then I am activating that within others and get to play with that version of them. I'm glad that what I'm getting from others is up to ME, and even when we're not on the same vibes, if necessary we will zig-and-zag for the optimum experience. (Or they'll challenge my alignment to see if I'm as in alignment as I claim to be lol)
      • I know that this will reflect "IRL" as well--meaning, I will be soon enjoy more physically-close friendships where we go out to play, where we enjoy talks over lunch and going shopping, or chilling at each others' places, gaming and watching TV, with talks about hopes and dreams sprinkled all over lol
      • For now, I greatly appreciate how the Internet makes creating new friendships so much easier and faster. I'm making friends from all over the world, all from the comfort of my home.

    • I appreciate free snacks lol

      • Mom brought me some chips and soda lol She does this quite often, but I just want to make sure I'm enjoying this so I can continue to enjoy it lol
      • I also appreciate how our neighbor-friend brings us free things as well, I greatly appreciate him for doing that for us. He doesn't have to, he just wants to because he cares about us. I appreciate thoughtful, giving people like him. (Which reminds me, many thanks to my older sister who has gone grocery shopping for us a number of times before!)

    • I appreciate how good my skin looks
      • I joined the Curology free-month-trial-bandwagon a month or so ago and I am loving it. It's cleared up my skin so well, and it feels so soft and smooth! I love how easy the application is, and how straightforward the process has been. Also, I love how it's a regimen I really like keeping up with! I look forward to washing my face now lol Looking forward to getting my full-sized products soon!
      • I appreciate how my acne body wash has gotten rid of my backne. I don't even remember when I used to feel those little bumps on my shoulders and back! And I think it cleared up a lot of hyperpigmentation as well, but again, I can't even remember what it used to look like so :P
      • I appreciate my neighbor friend for bringing me coffee grounds--I've been using them for DIY coffee body scrubs and I love how soft and smooth and good smelling my skin is after use. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of long-term results await!

    Driftwood on... 03.19.2021

    • My last day on my call agent job

      • It went by so easily and quickly!
      • Well...I did work half the hours, and most of my time was eaten up due to IT issues But the calls I was able to take were easy and very enjoyable! Those kinds of calls make the job worthwhile, and I can see how some people enjoy tolerate doing it for 6--9 hours a day. And I wish those who have that kind of attitude all the best.

    • Got the new job!

      • Got the official call from the agency telling me congrats, the company wants to go forth and I start orientation next week.
      • It feels like it's a part of enjoying the feeling of moving forward, expanding, allowing more.
      • I know I am where I am, and as I move into the kind of play I am looking forward to (as an ultrapreneur) I am appreciative of the expansion I am allowing, one of feeling into maturity, of financial independence, and taking care of myself. And this job allows me to feel into that, allows me to feel more open to allowing more money, to allowing more options, and feeling more abundant. It's not about the paycheck itself, it's about aligning with that feeling of abundance being here, and flowing in, and I know that this is part of that journey. So I"m excited for it and know it's opening more gateways and rivers of abundance for me.

    • I received a lovely compliment on my voice

      • During one of the calls I took on my last day, a customer told me at least 3 times I had a really nice presenter's voice, and that "I should be on a game show or telling the news or something." I joked back that I'd look into the possible career change, but hey, I do have "voice acting" in my Vortex! And I've been choosing to focus on my voice being perfect as it is in its own way. So I appreciate this driftwood that my voice is naturally beautiful in its own way, and that I can align with its unique beautiful tones and nuances.

    • Pizza~~!

      • It's always a great day when we order pizza, haha, but it's a real treat when we order from a certain place that's near our local Walmart
      • And one thing about this place is that I love how they treat customers to 3 delicious, flaky, buttery rolls when you order a salad.
      • The other is the quality is always wonderful whenever I order from there. It's so great when a restaurant has consistent quality!
      • It's a place that I want to tip lol And that's awesome, to feel inspired to tip out of appreciation rather than motivated by guilt and obligation. And I'm looking forward to feeling more giving towards other companies and services that I appreciate as well.

    • Seeing more dollars in my bank account

      • It feels good seeing the numbers rise. It feels good feeling open to options, feeling open to decisions and possibilities of where these energies can flow and how I can newly focus on what I do want. To have different ideas for how I could spend money.
      • In and out...I'm breathing in and out with that...In and out, in and out, never running out, never overwhelmed. To feel perfectly at ease as the numbers go up and down, as I ride the vibrational currency waves, I feel at ease with either direction, just knowing it's always there for me, and I always have enough. I always have what I need in the moment taken care of.
      • I know I've got easy passive income, consistent cashflow, and graceful abundance all lined up for me, and I"m getting into alignment with it. I know I"m getting into alignment with the state of being that finds it fun and easy and natural to be wealthy via all sorts of avenues (money, stocks, crypto, gifts, etc.) and to enjoy investing and playing with those currencies... and in the meantime, while I'm moving into that direction, I do enjoy seeing more dollars in my bank account on "payday".

    Driftwood on... 03.20.2021

    • It's fun seeing likes and positive replies on my YT comments lol

      • I used to have notifications off on YT, so I had no idea when someone liked or responded to a post unless I checked up on it.
      • But it's been fun lately since I mostly just leave comments [I think] that are funny or helpful to someone asking a question.

    • Clarity that allowed me to make wise purchases on Amazon and Walmart

      • I like feeling responsible with my money.
      • I like feeling like I'm getting precisely what I need at prices that I feel good, where I feel at ease getting what I desire to obtain and knowing there is plenty of money in my bank account after the spending/investment
      • I like feeling guided to purchases, and feeling like it's going to enhance my physicality or mentality.
      • I like having fun shopping, I like enjoying looking around for great deals, I like finding products that pique my interests and that I feel have launched a rocket of desire within me. It IS fun to enjoy wanting something new, especially when you can just look forward to it and know whatever is necessary to enjoy it in physicality is already done.

    • Reviewed and signed E-Docs for my new checking & savings acct with a credit union
      • ssdf
      • I also really like how personal it is. I liked receiving the email and reading that my "Financial Service Representative" had papers ready for me to look over and sign. Even though I know it's just another way to say "a front-facing bank agent", I think it has a wealthy ring to it! I also really enjoyed talking to him some days ago when initially setting up the account, and I appreciated how he took time to explain the credit union's educational loans as well as how to build credit. It actually encouraged me to prepave getting my own credit card. And maybe I'll align with using the other birthday "gift" from the bank which was signing up for a Rewards Card with 10,000 points!

    • My hair was very soft and moisturized after the belated wash day
      • A reminder of how thankfully low-maintenance my hair is lol. "She" doesn't need much. Just regular moisturizing, and I would like to be more on top of that.
      • I'd like to treat her more, I'd like to have a regimen where caring for my hair and body feels so natural and fun. I want to enjoy this body, it's my 3D vehicle, and just like I know I'll take care of my luxury car, and treat it to weekly hand-washings, and vacuuming and detailing, etc., I want to take care of my body with the same attention and appreciation.
      • It looks like fun when I see other people do it on YT lol So I know there's a way for me to enjoy caring for my body with the same ease and grace.
      • I'm getting the hang of it, things are coming to me that I enjoy, like my skincare routine and coffee scrub, so I know more answers are on the way.

    • As always, it's a pleasure chatting with T & S, and I had a lot of fun sharing the ideas that S and I discussed with T!
      • I greatly enjoyed sharing the story idea S and I created with T [in the server of all places, lol so others can see it if they wish oms lol]
      • T's reactions were great fun to watch in real-time and I'm looking forward to the inspiration and fun of writing out this story, I'm looking forward to being able to share it within them later and say "Look! It's done!" And yes, bask in more praise and appreciation for my writing But more than that, to enjoy the feeling of completion and moving on to the next thing. The feeling of "Ah taht was fun, now what?" To enjoy the feeling of creative momentum, and keeping up with it!

    Driftwood on... 03.21.2021

    • All Amazon items came earlier than expected at the same time!

      • Who doesn't like getting their packages early?
      • And as far as driftwood, that can be seen as luxurious, can't it? The wealthy often (read: always) get their service and products faster than "average consumers", don't they? On top of that, the driver actually handed me my packages instead of leaving them on the ground by the door as they normally would. That feels like an added luxury, especially in these times lol

    • My body feels... different

      • I've been experiencing days where I wake up and my stomach [and calves lately] feels a little sore and tighter, as if I exercised overnight... and at first, I'm all "Hallelujah, a miracle!" and then the feeling goes away and I'm like "oh, it's still flabby never mind lol"
      • One thing is for certain, it would be wise of me to leave out keeping score of where I am vs where I want to be for now and continue to feel good about my body as it is and know it IS changing
      • However... I am going to play with the assumption that my body is toning itself and leave medical insight out for now We're on the leading edge, the body toning itself overnight sounds bat$#!^ crazy to the PG, so I'll keep this to myself for now and enjoy the ride...maybe play more what if? games concerning my body and health! What if my body does tone itself at night? What if my body has always been able to do this? What if my cells have everything they need to shift to their Vortex Version with very little effort on my part?

    • Did some cleaning and discovered how well a product I bought on a whim works very well!

      • Honestly, cleaning and keeping house isn't a top priority to me lol But I've already determined that part of my maturing and enjoying my independence is to enjoy taking care of my space. (Even when I do get that maid service that's in my vortex to help me care for my big house lol)
      • Anyway, I was very pleasantly surprised to find a cleaner I bought months ago and never heard about beforehand worked better than my usual go-to cleaners and helped allow me to reduce the cleaning effort and time that would've been necessary to get rid of dirt and grease.
      • I know that allowing products that make cleaning easier can also allow it to be more fun and I can pick up habits of keeping things tidy and enjoy doing such. Similar to how buying rubber gloves for when I wash the dishes has made that a more enjoyable task. I can allow more products to come in that allow me to enjoy the benefits of cleaning and enjoy the process--then my maids won't have to do quite as much deep cleaning

    • An insight

      • I love new pieces of wisdom and knowledge that feel so good to me. I love getting ideas and thoughts that feel good and bring me to a place where I look at Creation and Reality with different eyes.
      • In this case, it's the insight that I can always choose how I feel in and about any given moment. In fact, I do!
      • I was taking out the trash and looked around the parking lot of my apartment complex and had the thought about "Ugh can't wait for my life to change. These current Life conditions are so boring. I want to do something fun and exciting." Then I had the thought, the reminder, that Now is whatever I make of it. Now isn't fun and interesting because I'm doing something exciting like traveling to Disneyland or going on a cruise (both of which are on my to-do list), I can choose that where I am and what I'm doing here and now is the best thing in the world if I will focus on it as such if I will find the aspects of Now that are fun and interesting.
      • Rather than look at unwanted (boredom, waiting for something to happen) just look at what is already here and aligned with wanted! (Ain't it just hilarious how we hear the same thing over and over and then one day you really understand what it means after the 99,999th time hearing/thinking it?)

    Well, that's all for now! Boy that felt, good. It's challenging keeping up with milking the small and big stuff, and purposefully finding things to appreciate, but I like this. It's getting me into the state of one who finds this to be so easy and fun, and knows things are always working out for me, easily and naturally.

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    Hello, hello! I'm so happy to say that the driftwood has been bigger and better recently!! Ah, and the best thing is how It's feeling easier and more natural to notice these good things and to milk them! To take pride in myself for what I've created and to look forward to what's to come, without feeling like I need to rush anything because it's slow in coming. I like feeling how it's all coming at the perfect time in the most delicious ways.
    Oh yeah I've noticed some typos and incomplete thoughts in past posts Ahaha, hopefully I was more thorough in proofreading this one, but if not, all is well lol

    Driftwood on... 03.22.2021

    • One of my mom's friends invited her to travel to the Caribbean with her and her family--"on me" she said!!

      • I have been doing some "focus wheels" and visualizations for my mother to prepave our delightful separation as I become independent and do my own thing, and one of the phrases I've affirmed has been along the lines of: "I'm so glad Mom is living her best life--living abundantly, having fun traveling and being surrounded by good friends who love her." Well, here's a delicious piece of driftwood!
      • (And ofc she wants to bring me along lol So I may get a piece of this action too, we'll see! )
      • And the funny thing is that although this could definitely be called a "castle" manifestation, for us at least, it doesn't feel like it...Like, we both noticed how normal it felt. When my mom finished the call and told me about the conversation, neither of us were shouting or feeling hyped up and bouncing off the wall excitement, at all. It was just, "Alright, cool! Let's see what we have to do and start planning." lol

        • And with that realization, I also want to practice feeling how good it is that it feels normal and easy, rather than telling myself "I should feel even better about it, I SHOULD be more enthusiastic about it." But that's really conditioning from mass consciousness, I think... It's fine to be happy about things happening, but that over-the-moon-screaming-like-crazy response isn't a match to someone who's used to being a creator, someone who's used to the flow of that which others would call miracles. So I appreciate feeling the ease of it and how things are falling into place easily so this trip can happen because this is how someone who's used to traveling and enjoying wonderful gifts/opportunities feels about such manifestations.
        • One of those things that fell into place was that my mom still had her documentation requesting her birth certificate that she signed last year and it's still good until August, plus she had an envelope and postage stamp handy to just slip it into the office mailbox! Moving right along!

      • And I'm so appreciative of my mom's friend for doing this because there was a time where it seemed like she was being pressured to fall out with my mom despite their friendship, so I'm happy to see her come back with such a loving and fun invitation. This is the kinda friend I wanna have! Or even be that kind of friend! Someone who can say "you know what? Let's fly to NYC or Korea and have some fun...On me!"
      • Speaking of friends...

    • Had a lot of fun interacting in a live stream in S' server

      • It was great watching S and her friend work on their comic, they're so talented, writing and drawing-wise!
      • It was also a lot of fun reading through some interesting manga that someone else in the group brought up and scrolled through lol
      • And I loved how we enjoyed one another's sense of humor and showing each other jokes and videos to make one another laugh
      • With it being my first time interacting with S' friends, it felt really good to hear at the end that they were so happy I came on and chatted with them. It really was a great time, and I look forward to playing with them again!

    • Free drinking glasses

      • Again, free stuff! What's not to love?
      • In this case one of the apartment maintenance crew members was going around to different tenants asking if we wanted some glasses. (I was so confused at first, thinking he meant reading glasses lol)
      • They were very pretty Red Lobster drinking glasses I don't know how he got a box full of them, but hey, I've been asking for new glasses and plates and such for the kitchen.

    • I'm glad my mom is enjoying her abundance

      • So, I've been working on being more "positively passive" towards my mom's spending; aka pivoting an old belief that she's being irresponsible with money when there are bills to pay. She's been purchasing some clothing and accessories for herself lately, accumulating store credit, and not checking her bank account balance as she makes the purchases. Normally, I'd start having flashbacks to experiences in the past where it seemed like we were in a tight spot because of her actions, and then worry and disagree with her choices. But recently, I've remembered that this is all about ME and MY FOCUS. I need not worry about what another person is doing, I need not put my nose in places where it doesn't need to be, and I can only elicit from another what I'm focused on and beating the drum about.
      • With that in mind, I've decided to really feel and accept the affirmations I've been saying about her, and to see this as part of her abundance. Part of her enjoying her wealth and knowing that all is well. To decide that this is good and that she knows what she's doing, and that she is guided by her Source like the rest of us, and since things are always working out for us, I need not try to figure out how this is beneficial or detrimental, just let it be and trust it's okay, that nothing is truly creating an unwanted situation except my focus on unwanted.

    • Glad to see the new kittens
      • One of the community/apartment complex cats had her second litter of kittens recently. I've heard about them but haven't seen them until today. They're all snuggled up on the floor of an unused car. I'm going to leave the tabasco sauce out of my pie with negative what-ifs, and instead, I'm going to continue to focus on the fact that a maintenance crew member/neighbor said he wants to adopt her and her kittens, and trust that works out.
      • I appreciate the cats, and I appreciate how so many of the residents appreciate them and have done something to enhance the cats' well-being.
      • I'm looking forward to the assistance of a neighbor who has access to a stray cat hotline to set up an appointment in the future to have mama cat spayed. The apartment managers have been very lenient with the cats since there aren't too many of them, and I'd like to assist in keeping the peace so to speak lol

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    Wha--only one of the paragraphs is colored in the last post...? Oh well, still getting the hang of this!
    Anyways, yesterday was a reflective kinda day, so definitely a great opportunity to appreciate the "smaller things" and insights.

    Driftwood for... 03.23.2021

    • I'm enjoying this time off from working
      • I reeeaaaaally like sleeping in
      • I really like resting in my bed until I feel like getting up
      • I like waking up "naturally", sleep when I want, and wake when I'm inspired to
      • I really like doing what I want to do all day long~
      • I really enjoy feeling what's the most fun thing to do right now, knowing it's all up to me; no other obligations, no motivations to do something to get something (money)
      • I like playing video games, and writing, and listening to music, meditating, cooking, playing with the cats, dreaming...
      • I like spending my time journaling and visualizing and thinking...
        • and the PG may see it as such a time waster and nothing getting done, but ever since I decided, as one HS said, "To get happy forreal" I've noticed how much better I feel overall, and I've come to know that no amount of busywork-action can ever replace that. And it happened because I enjoy thinking and analyzing and playing with my life story.
        • As Abe said before, I'm here to remember I'm a Creator and enjoy the journey of alignment, not simply think of something I want and get over there immediately.

    • I was able to align to letting go of what others say a little bit faster
      • I've noticed that I'm able to release something someone says when they're OOTV and not take it so personally (and not hold grudges for so long and give the cold shoulder for half of the day, haha)
      • Being able to be ITV regardless of another's vibration is very interesting and I know I want to be good at that, I know I want to be so strong and sturdy in my vibration that I feel that way to the PG--'I don't care what you think about me, human-personality, because I KNOW what your IB/Source really feels about me!'

    • When the maintenance guys came to my building to unclog the toilet line, it was just the people to the left of us having issues

      • OK, a very "better you than me" kind of scenario, but we milk blessings wherever we find them, right? Plus I've gotten to reflect on multiple times that being in this specific apartment has been a blessing over the years.
      • Our apartment has hardwood floors where the apartments on either side have carpet, which has attracted a bed bug or two over the years.
      • We have a view of the pool area. We have more counter space than the apartments on the other side which have the advantage of a full-sized fridge but much less counter space! I can't even begin to imagine cooking in such a space.

    • I enjoy seeing angel numbers

      • Another thing that is fun about YT comments is seeing the number of likes and comments line up to make a fun number like 111 likes and 1 comment, haha!
      • Numbers are fun indicators of alignment
      • They're easy to spot and fun when they come up one after another after another in all sorts of ways, from time, to phone numbers, to social media, to totals when I go shopping.

    • Got a call from my financial service agent to wrap up setting up my checking and savings account
      • One step closer to the $150 birthday bonus lol All I have to do is sign up for direct deposit once my training starts!
      • It's still fun having a dedicated bank agent to talk to about my account and bring up questions about using the bank's services. Very different from my other bank/credit union where I speak to whatever agent is available.
      • I'm really going to feel into how membership to this CU is a reflection of abundance, and to milk the services and rewards available to members!

    • I tried a new recipe that turned out delicious!
      • Made congee (rice porridge) by combining three different recipes into one and it came out hearty, tasty, and oh so filling!
      • In fact, it was so good that I fell asleep within 30 minutes of having it for dinner Maybe I'll see how my body responds to it if I eat it for breakfast instead, which is common in Asia.
      • I really love trying new foods, and I love it when they come out delicious and become a staple in my diet!
      • I'm glad I'm such a good cook aka I can read directions and follow them well enough that the results are satisfactory lol
      • I'm glad cooking is actually very easy, all I have to do is follow the instructions, I don't have to reinvent the whisk or anything
      • I love how different cultures have different interpretations of foods for different times of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.)

    • Insight about my dreams/"goals"
      • Thoughts about my dream talents and goals came to me, and how I wasn't feeling up to speed with them.
      • I came to remember that the discomfort I have is simply Source saying "Yes, yes, yes!!" and the human extension is not letting it in for whatever reason.
      • I like remembering that my POLR is my IB knowing how to get around my beliefs and resistance and lead me to what I've asked for.
      • I like that my driftwood of allowing more of the artistic and creative natures I'm asking for is attracting people who are doing what I want to do, and my job is when i notice them appreciate them and their creative focus.
      • I like knowing that it is done, it's not a matter of getting there and doing anything to make it happen, it's a matter of relaxing and enjoying the ride, enjoying the anticipation for what's to come.
      • I like knowing that what's to come is all up to me, it's my own decision, based on what I am expecting. So if I expect success and a career, a lifestyle that is joyful and passionate, then what am I worried about? I attract what I expect, no questions asked!

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    Another pair of reflective days! Both started off a little rough, but things smoothed out quickly and the rest of the days were pretty great, haha.

    Driftwood on... 03.24.2021

    • New neighbors
      • They seem nice!
      • I helped the mother's sons put their laundry in a wagon a neighbor lent them; they're the roughhousing type but their mom seems like the type to make sure they help the complex keep the peace and will guide them to the park or somewhere else when they want to be a little louder and rougher than normal so I appreciate that lol
      • I like that our apartment complex has been attracting more and more positive tenants and people
      • I like that those who have moved in a while back and acted "out of sorts" eventually calmed down and matched our vibe of peace
      • I like that our apartment complex specifically has this vibe, it does feel different from the other 2 buildings and I appreciate it

    • Truly felt the relief of deciding "I Don't Care"
      • I practiced feeling into I Don't Care... I don't care what others think, I don't care what that old programmed self thinks or believes, I don't care how things "normally work", I don't care....I don't care, I don't care...
      • I don't care about the old thoughts and programming that surfaces
      • I don't care about what has passed
      • I don't care about how things work out--they just will
      • I don't care how people respond to me being myself
      • I don't care... I don't care... I'm not going to stress myself, I'm not going to overthink anything, I'm not going to micromanage and psychoanalyze everything...
      • I don't care about what doesn't feel good, I don't care about what doesn't feel fun and enjoyable
      • I don't care about what doesn't feel natural and in alignment
      • I don't care about what seems irresponsible to others while it's fun and uplifting to me
      • I don't care about the mass consciousness logic of how things work, I know my IB knows things that are beyond old ideas and processes

    • I love discounts!!
      • I love that I noticed discounts for things that I enjoy arriving in my email inbox
      • I love services like afterpay that assist me with enjoying making payments for things I enjoy
      • I love how different services have their own unique ways to assist me with saving money, whether that's percentages off, BOGO, or point accumulation
      • I love having fun with money, I love feeling in control of my investing, I love being focused on where I place my money energies, I love seeing what I put out come back to me as gifts, services, objects, etc.
      • I love feeling good about money, I love knowing that money is here to serve me and be of benefit to me
      • I love the feeling of convenience that comes with money, I love that money is a physical representation of ease, easy access
      • I love the feeling of plenty, I love how saving money enhances that feeling...not that I'm holding onto every penny and trying to save it for a rainy day, but it's just a fun excuse to appreciate, it's a fun excuse to choose to feel good, it's a fun excuse to love
      • I also love a good free trial offer lol

    • Tons of fun talking to T!
      • isn't it the best when someone reaches out to you first? lol
      • It's always a nice feeling because it makes me go, "Aw, they had an insight to something and their guidance said, "I" would be the most fun person to share the thought with!" How special~ lol
      • I love how silly our conversations can get
      • I love how we get each other
      • I love how we have fun talking about niche topics and can totally relate to one another
      • I love how encouraging and supportive we are of one another's hobbies and careers
      • I love how we've been able to expand our conversations into more every day/mundane things, feels good when you can talk to someone about everything and nothing

    • My friend Z asked if I can come over this weekend
      • So far, I feel like I'd have to move it to next week though...but I'm def going to see him before I start this new position!
      • I love visiting him, we always have a blast

    • I appreciate his friendship

    • I appreciate knowing that someone finds me fun to be with and always looks forward to our rondezvouses

    • I like how literally a week or two after my last visit he asks can I swing by again lol

    • I like how our days together have evolved into something mature and comfortable

    • I like how when I come over we talk about anything and everything, from our everyday mundane things to our dreams and aspirations

    • I like helping him with his script-project; I like how easy it was for me to help develop his idea further and enjoyed him praising how much of a genius I am lmao

    • Also, these trips to his place truly remind me how excited and ready I am for a car...

    • I'm ready to just pull up at his place or any event or restaurant or whatever whenever I want.
    • I'm ready to ride in style, I'm ready to love my car, I'm ready to adore my car
    • Well with all those "I'm ready's I should mention I'm also enjoying doing so in my VR's lol
      • My Mercedes is soooo cute, and classy, and feels good to drive in
      • I love learning to care for something so it continues to look good (aka white/light grey car with white leather seats)
      • I love abundance, it allows me to take care of myself and my belongings with ease
      • I love how Mercedes-Benz has offers for their members to keep their cars clean, and pretty, and efficient

    • Received great inspiration from The LOA-Man's thread that led to me creating a thread of my own
      • I love paradise-on-earth's consistency with keeping up with the abe material and making the quotes accessible for us all to read and re-read for fun and understanding

    • I love the questions people ask that bring perfect answers to me
    • I love gaining insight
    • I love when I see things more clearly than before
    • I love when things click in my brain
    • I love when I read something that makes me go YES! I GET IT NOW!
    • I love that there's so much wisdom and knowledge accessible to me at all times thanks to technology
    • I love that teachers like Abraham and channelers like Esther are here willing to teach, to remind me of the orchestration of Life, of who I am, and my power

    Driftwood on... 03.25.2021

    • You know when you hear a song that's so good you listen to it a hundred times in a row?

      • Talk about milking!!!

    • It wasn't even the full song--it was a mashup someone made off of the snippets the original artist leaked over a period of months about his new song and it's sooo good that I couldn't help but attempt to body roll my way around the house lol

    • I love that feeling!

    • I love manifesting songs that feel good to me

    • I love songs that feel fun

    • I love songs that check all my boxes on what makes me move and groove

    • I love finding new songs that I want to listen to over and over again, it's a fun manifestation of alignment that you just don't want to let go of, but you know it's only a matter of time before it's old hat and it's time for new!

    • And I love when I'm in the groove of finding one song I love and then when it starts to get old, I find another.

    • Gosh stumbling upon music that fills me with joy and fun and interest is such a delicious treasure hunt

    • I love music

    • I love listening to music all day lol

    • I also love and appreciate the artist btw I don't actually follow him like a fan, but I've seen content featuring him, and I appreciate his personality--very down-to-earth and unafraid of being himself; very brave and inspiring!

    • OH! And also, the official song dropped tonight! Yay! I must say I return to the fanmade version as well, because it's so interesting how different producers can have different visions for the same song

    • I've been considering getting into makeup and dressing up for more creative expression lately
      • I appreciate the videos I've found on YT that are aligned with the looks I have in mind for myself

    • I appreciate the videos and advice on the Internet available to noobs like me

    • I appreciate T for dropping products and brand names for me as she promised!

    • I appreciate fashion

    • I appreciate how diverse fashion is; outfits and colors and textures for all sorts of creative moods and cultures and identities

    • I appreciate how I have a natural sense of style and it's fun to visualize outfits I'd make by playing with different sites and collage software

    • I appreciate the guidance I'm receiving about the kind of looks I might appreciate replicating and experimenting with

    • I appreciate the fun of makeup and fashion as a way to enjoy the body as a canvas

    • Free food!

      • Mom got some chicken tenders this morning and let me have a couple, even though when she asked if I was hungry I said no, haha, and enjoyed that with some home fries for dinner

    • I love when friends and family are in a giving mood

    • I love being a happy recipient lol

    • I love food lol

    • I love how food is such a mood changer

    • I love how rich and fun of an experience eating is

    • I love how I can hook up food with my own spices and ingredients after I've received it from a restaurant

    • Insight on expectation...

      • As I noticed yesterday while listening to Abe and writing in my other thread, Allowing my Genius, it's all about EXPECTATION. But something really hit me about that today...

    • It's easy to explain (for example, see, I was about to say "It's hard to explain..." but that's an expectation! An easy-to-miss one at that! And since I don't want that reality where explaining this concept is difficult, I deliberately shifted to it being easy instead.)

    • I've noticed that expectations are so automatic and natural to us, in fact, they are our natural responses/reactions. Our expectations and reactions are one and the same, and until we change our expectations/beliefs, how we respond and react cannot change.

    • And really, that's the thing we do, isn't it? Continuing to choose the same expectations day in and day out without questioning or "challenging" them.

    • And THAT'S what people mean when they say we have subconscious thoughts that hinder us.

    • But there's NOTHING subconscious about it, we've just become so used to choosing that thought, that perspective, that way of seeing things, that it's automatic, we don't think about it, it's part of our "identity" our natural thought cycle.

    • It's not until we slow down and really notice how we think about

    • (God, it's so funny having revelations about things you've heard again and again for years I've been feeling so amped up about this and now that I've explained it, my mind's like, "...Duh!" )

    • Oh yeah, paid the rent!

      • I like that we've gotten better and better at paying the rent and late fees for the month (only late bc closest payday is the week after rent is due)
      • I like that we always have it, and I appreciate our managers for being so chill and compassionate
      • I like that I've learned all you really have to do is communicate with those you are working with as far as promises and obligations (rent, car notes, etc.) and I've grown to have the expectation that they will do whatever they can to assist you--they don't want you to fail, they want you to succeed and will find ways to help
      • I'm looking forward to rent and paying for living conditions and necessities to be second-nature, little to no thought put into it
      • Heck, I'm even looking forward to seeing if I can have rent be put on auto-pay! Ik this place I live at doesn't have that option, but wouldn't it be nice to be so certain and comfortable with my wealth and abundance that I have that option?
      • Or even better, to live somewhere that's all paid off, no monthly fees besides garbage and electricity and such lol

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    Greetings, greetings! Back at it again, five days later! Hey, there are 222 views as I type this! What fun evidence! Alrighty, let's get the ball rolling again.
    Driftwood on... 03.26.2021

    • Got an update about the orientation call I was waiting for all week
      • I was waiting for a call this (now past) week to know how to move forward with my new position, but I guess the previously assigned agent forgot or got busy lol
      • But I got an update from another agent who previously reached out to me, who said she'll be the one to contact me
      • I appreciate clarity
      • I appreciate that things are always working out for me even if it doesn't seem to be according to plan
      • I appreciate people being cooperative components to continuing clarity
      • I appreciate people who stay on top of things so that things run smoothly
      • I appreciate being in the know
      • I appreciate people who do their best to keep things clear and concise for those they are co-creating with
      • I appreciate having a staff that is focused on assisting me with having a smooth transition into this new job
      • I appreciate assistance
      • I appreciate people who are taking care of things in the background
      • I appreciate the assistance that may not be "seen" in my reality but are done for my benefit
      • I appreciate non-physical's assistance in bringing guidance and keeping things in alignment in our co-creations

    • Woke up with a delicious vision about a story chapter I'm working on
      • It's always so fun allowing inspiration for one's creativity
      • I love when I allow insight
      • I love feeling inspired
      • I love feeling the ease of creativity
      • I love being TITITO
      • I love when I get a glimpse of my alignment in such a tactile way
      • I love being tuned into my art
      • I love being in the receptive mode
      • The receptive mode is so delicious and so chockful of information and wisdom
      • I love being in a space of receiving said info and wisdom
      • I am looking forward to more guidance and inspiration for this project
      • I love seeing my ideas and projects expand and grow
      • I love solutions to my questions
      • I love receiving answers that feel so good and where the action comes so naturally

    • Had fun sharing the idea with T & S
      • It's always so fun sharing one's inspiration with another
      • It's always fun receiving validation--because IITV, validation is simply RECEIVING A REFLECTION OF WHAT I ALREADY KNOW AND LOVE [ABOUT ME]
      • It's always fun hearing back what I already know and think to myself
      • It's always fun to hear feedback that aligns me even more to solutions and answers to my creative questions
      • I love people who know how to think like a writer, like an artist
      • I love how my writer friends are so insightful into how to make an idea even juicier

    • Had the place to myself for most of the day
      • I like how good it feels to enjoy living space all to myself
      • I like pre-paving how good it feels to have a living space that's all my own
      • I like pre-paving how I want to enjoy my living space when I receive it
      • I appreciate knowing I could feel better about it, feel juicier about it, feel more eager about it
      • I appreciate these times I get to analyze how I truly want to feel when I live by myself

    • Sat thought a talk Mom had with one of my nieces that brought up many teachings to mind
      • Not going to get into what it was about, but the conclusion Mom and I came to was the reminder that no matter what another person is experiencing, it's THEIR experience
      • We cannot create for another and words don't teach
      • If someone wants to live big and wild and in ways that may not be necessarily our cup of tea, that's their experience, it has nothing to do with anyone else
      • Our job as observers is simply to see them in their Vortex Version
      • As my niece lives her life and expands, I trust that she does / will know the connection she has with her IB and trust her own guidance
      • I trust that no matter what happens to any of us, we're truly safe and sound and looked after

    Driftwood on... 03.27.2021

    • Got clarity about my Curology shipments lol
      • Lol I was a little shook seeing the total price for my next shipment, and upon reviewing the incoming box, I saw there were some products in there that I didn't actually want
      • So now I have clarity on what's on the way and what will come after this box
      • I appreciate that I am in a place of abundance where I was able to pay for it
      • I appreciate the feeling of consistency
      • I appreciate the feeling of having what I need
      • I appreciate the feeling of plenty
      • I appreciate the feeling of money in the bank
      • I appreciate the feeling of KNOWING I can afford something, especially something I want that feels like a treat
      • I like my Curology set, I like how much it's been helping me see and move into my Vortex Version of my skin
      • I appreciate the assistance I"m receiving from these dermatologists and their products

    • I love my hair shape and volume~~!
      • Ugh I looooove when my hair is big and fluffy and my roots are loose and are like type 4 hair it's my favorite look and I've been trying to figure out how to make it "do that" and now I know what happened lol
      • I love it when I love my hair
      • I love it when I discover something about my physicality that delights me
      • I love when I appreciate my physicality
      • I love when I can look in the mirror and admire this body
      • I love loving my body
      • I love loving my appearance
      • I love the feeling of "beauty"
      • I love being aligned with how Source sees me
      • I love being in alignment with my body
      • I love seeing my body as Source does
      • I love feeling cute
      • I love feeling happy looking at my body
      • I love focusing on aspects of my body that are easy to love
      • I love feeling appreciative about my physicality
      • I appreciate having a body
      • I appreciate having a body that is healthy and beautiful in its unique way and looks and feels better and better each day

    • I'd just like to appreciate the signs and symptoms of alignment and awareness of Non-Physical
      • I like how I'm able to see so many forms of energy--or what some teachings call chi/life force
      • I like that I've adapted a more positive outlook on my "eye floaters"; especially once I realized that the type I experience aren't dark and murky, but clear, like cellular strings
      • I also appreciate remembering Floco Tausin's novel, Mouches Volantes - Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness which I bought like a year ago and have to finish reading; it's so insightful on non-traditional spirituality that I'm noticing connects to other teachings
      • I like seeing the pulsing tunnel in the air
      • I like seeing the little dots and white orbs
      • I like seeing the energy waves passing over me when I lie in bed at night
      • I'll always remember when I saw the "smoke" in my sister's basement, it was beautiful and entrancing!
      • I like how naturally this happens, I don't have to meditate for it to happen, I just sit outside and let my vision relax and energy is there for me to observe and appreciate
      • I like the idea of being open to more experiences with energies
      • I like when I get little twitches and itches and sensations when I come across a thought, letting me know I'm onto something
      • I appreciate myself for being aware of these things and for focusing upon them
      • I wonder how this/these experiences will continue to expand and evolve

    • Shared cat pics with Discord friends

      • I'm glad they appreciated the video and picture!

      • It's fun seeing people appreciate and compliment my cat, calling her cute and a baby

      • I like adoring the beasts
      • I like feeling the love and appreciation that flows naturally through me when appreciating cute beasts
      • I appreciate pets
      • I appreciate beasts that choose to play with me
      • I appreciate beasts that are pleasing to the eye and easy to love
      • I appreciate how cats [usually] do their own thing and don't care about pleasing their owners
      • I appreciate how wonderful teachers our pets are
      • I love watching my cat be so playful and sweet

    • Insight [went into details about it on my Allowing My Genius thread]

      • Life is simply a reflection of me being in alignment with me

      • When I love and appreciate and am in alignment with me, all aligned aspects of me comes to play, which can be beasts of the planet, can be smiling children can be fun and witty conversations

      • I like feeling more wisdom flow through me
      • I love remembering how easy and natural all of this is
      • I love how each insight releases more and more old programming
      • I love knowing that all my reality is is a reflection of how much I love and adore and allow me to play
      • I love knowing that I am here to enjoy the body as a channel of my / God's plan, and desire to create

    Driftwood on... 03.28.2021

    • Fun listening to comedians and creatives
      • I didn't expect to find myself in a rabbit hole into the world of Drag but here we are
      • The Drag Kings and Queens are so crazy creative, I love how they show the power of makeup and creativity like movie makeup artists, it's amazing to me
      • I love discovering so many different personalities that delight me and I find fun and endearing and hilarious to focus on
      • I love being guided to people who make me laugh so easily
      • I love people who find the humor in things that many may not find so funny
      • I love how there's humor in so many things
      • I love how there's so much wisdom and love in jokes and "ribbing"
      • I love being guided to artists that remind me of where I truly am as an artist
      • I love being guided to designs and art pieces that remind me of how delicious and fun art is

    • Having fun being guided to ways to enjoy my money
      • I'm enjoying the idea of building my credit
      • I appreciate that there are so many options for me to choose from and I'm so glad that the easiest and most applicable to me and my desires are coming forth
      • I like feeling certain that I can keep my promises of payments
      • I like feeling financial confidence
      • I like feeling capable
      • I like starting off with this fresh slate of "no credit" lol
      • I like looking into reasons to have fun building my credit and seeing how I can expand and enjoy money and abundance in physical forms more
      • I'm looking forward to allowing an abundance that allows me to enjoy premium credit cards like The Platinum Card from American Express or
      • I'm looking forward to moving into a reality where enjoying perks like these are normal and fun

    • Got a different side of a musical artist

      • There was a singer/rapper that had a lot of negative press in the past and I never really kept up with her life since I didn't listen to her music

      • I always like seeing a true side of celebrities, being chill, and having fun

      • I liked seeing how "regular" and down-to-earth and artistically cultured she is
      • I love seeing the real[er] side of celebrities
      • I love remembering that no matter the title or salary or influence on the world, people are people, extensions of Source just like me
      • I love how people can change their minds
      • I love how people can focus and align and interact differently with their world

    Driftwood on... 03.29.2021

    • Helped mom get her birth certificate

      • Enjoyed how a past experience of getting my bc allowed me to show her a POL to get hers

      • I'm glad that things are always working out no matter how things appear

      • I'm glad that options are available for so many day to day things
      • I'm glad I was able to be a cooperative component in creating an easy transaction for her
      • I'm glad that she stayed relatively cool-headed about the process
      • I'm glad that afterward she thanked me and did a quick rampage of appreciation about the situation!

    • Discovered a word that describes [a large part of my] "genius" desire in a nutshell
      • Multi-hyphenate, noun: a person, especially a celebrity, with several professions or skills
      • I like how that makes allowing so many of the things I desire to be and do and have to seem easier

      • I like that (somehow) having a definition and examples in the world allows me to relax on how it's going to come and know it's coming perfectly
      • I like that I'm aligning with more evidence of what I'm asking for
      • I like that I'm aligning and noticing more of my Source's guidance
      • I appreciate others who are living a lifestyle similar to this
      • I appreciate that there are so many beautiful talents and skills for us to choose from

    • Insight [had it a while back but forgot when exactly]: I've been dragging old hat things from the past about "fear of standing out"
      • I like coming to these conclusions so that I can better focus and understand myself
      • Now I know how I prefer to focus
      • Now I know better, how my IB is focused on my Vortex
      • Now I know how I'd prefer to feel
      • Now I know how I'd prefer to focus and see my Vortex
      • Now I know what that thing/Knee Jerk Story is that flared something within me that wasn't in alignment with Source
      • I'm looking forward to standing out in my alignment
      • I'm looking forward to enjoying my own unique spotlight
      • I'm looking forward to finding it easy and natural to be myself
      • I'm looking forward to and enjoying the idea of basking in my success, basking in my accomplishments
      • I'm looking forward to basking in my IB's knowing reflecting in my reality as praise and appreciation and fun and inspiration with others

    Driftwood on... 03.30.2021

    • Had the energy to properly tend to my hair lol
      • By that I mean I broke my streak of just doing a lazy pineapple and calling it a day
      • I'm proud of myself for taking the half-hour it took to put my hair in braids lol
      • This is how I want to keep up with my low-maintenance hair, she doesn't need much after all
      • I like how good it feels when my hair is moisturized and soft
      • I like when my curls are smooth and juicy
      • I like it when I like running my hands through my hair
      • I like when I like my hair enough to play in it lol

    • I realized it's okay if I don't see my friend this weekend...
      • So I wasn't exactly able to calibrate in a way that I felt certain about seeing my friend Z as I had hoped
      • But I am enjoying the visualization of visiting him all "glo-d up" lol
      • I do love the visual of driving to his place in a new car
      • I do love the visual and feeling of driving to his place in a car that feels beautiful and efficient
      • I do love the visual of visiting when I want because I'm financially independent; there's no hurry on my part to go back home because I'm wealthy lol
      • I do love how this experience of "not seeing a friend/getting what I want" inspired this feeling
      • This has just been contrast to point me in the direction and feeling of what I do want; that feeling of I can do and be and have whatever I want whenever I want

    Alrighty, we're all caught up again! Wow, just one more day of March left. I'm proud of myself for keeping up with this. It's been a great help to continue to find reasons to feel good and appreciate and take notice of how things are working out for me. Looking forward to the rest of my day and seeing what April has in store!
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    Oooh, what's this? Another update? So soon?

    Driftwood on... 03.31.2021
    I honestly do not remember much about yesterday... lol but here's what feels relevant!

    • I'm consistent with this thread!

      • It's so nice to be actively, deliberately involved with something
      • It's so nice to have an action/desire/intention that I enjoy focusing on
      • It's nice to see evidence that I am a productive being
      • It's nice to be actively focused and improving and expanding something that I find fun, beneficial
      • I like feeling aware of my productivity
      • I like that productivity is simply focusing on something and enjoying the journey of its expansion without agenda so to speak--without trying to force it to be something, but instead being open to the flow and unfolding
      • I like the feeling of flow and movement
      • Productivity is a feeling of release, I've noticed--it's my energies moving forth, leaving that old place of old and moving into the new
      • I like having a different interpretation of productivity, of improvement, of expansion
      • I like having easy ways to focus on a project and watching it grow and enjoying the inspired actions that are a match to feeling like things are moving ahead perfectly-- like I"m aware and open to the unfoldment that is going on behind the scenes

    • Enjoyed the momentum I had while revising a story chapter

      • I love when it's so easy to see where I could "say/write something better"
      • I love when I'm in alignment and appreciative of the expansion and unfolding of a project
      • I love when I appreciate that "it's not done yet--" I love when I'm appreciative of the unfoldment journey
      • I love when I see what could be seen as stalling as simply letting things get juicy, simply getting ready to be ready for that delicious "AHA!"
      • I like writing a lot--it's such a delicious action of flowing creativity, of imagination manifesting in something as simple as letters on a page/screen, and yet an entire scene plays out in one's mind
      • I love it when I love my writing--I love when I'm in tune with my IB and recognize my genius and brilliant channeling of my own energies and ideas
      • I love the delicious cocktail that comes in the form of writing stories--I love that I get a front-row seat to an amazing performance that unfolds just for me, and I have the ability to share with others
      • I love that my ideas and energies trust me as the perfect vessel to allow this idea to unfold deliciously
      • I love when I'm in a flow with my writing and the revisions come easily and new details come in that challenge / invite me to find a word or sentence or paragraph to brings even more clarity, even more richness and drama and feeling into the scene
      • "Find a feeling word" -- that's literally the "job" of a writer! To feel into the words and choose words that are a match to what we desire to manifest on the page

    • Insight: lower the resistance to feeling the "Bigness" of my desires / Self

      • I've noticed that as much as I (silly-human-ego lol jk Source too ofc!) love the idea of being bigger than / big as Life, being a powerful Creator and able to experience anything I wish at (technically) any moment I desire to there's still a feeling of it being outside of me and difficult and far away from where I am
      • So I've decided to let go of the overwhelming that is normally associated with that word/lifestyle
      • It can be easy, it can be natural, it can be simple
      • I get what I expect, and if I'm expecting something that's outside the norm to be difficult and uncomfortable and lonely and scary and, well then that's what I'll get!
      • So what I'm turning towards is the feeling of normalcy
      • What I'm choosing is to feel the ease and the simplicity of expansion, of more, of increase
      • What I'm choosing is to feel relaxed and knowing that I can handle whatever is aligned with my desires/Vortex
      • What I'm choosing is to feel relaxed, feel easy, feel comfortable, feel knowing
      • What I"m choosing is the feeling of "I got this", the feeling of Knowing I'm never given more than I can handle
      • What I'm choosing is to know I'm capable of expanding and allowing more and more each day, in every way
      • What I'm choosing is my POLR to what I've asked for and trusting the guidance I receive along the way
      • What I'm choosing is words like Big, Grand, Huge, Dream, Luxurious, are JUST WORDS--the feeling behind them, the intention/meaning underlying them is up to me
      • And I want words and similar expressions to be familiar and normal in my vocabulary
      • I want it to feel normal and easy when I talk about myself and my desires to use words of praise and worthiness
      • I want pride and joy to feel normal
      • I want my power, my knowing, my creativity, to feel normal, easy, fun, relaxing

    • Got some cleaning done for the bathroom

      • I'm proud of myself for taking time to give the bathroom sink and shower drains a quick cleaning--it's a chore that's been long overdue, haha
      • I'm appreciative of this device known as the drain snake lol It's been so helpful in making cleaning and upkeep so easy
      • I like that was doing such a great job yanking hair out the shower drain with my new snake that I popped the drain grate off--and I haven't been able to figure out how to do that since I moved here!!
      • I like knowing that my water will go down the drains faster and easier now, they weren't actually problematic before, but as I've said in the past, getting into a groove of regular maintenance for my home is becoming more important to me!
      • I like that when I'm inspired to take care of my home, I follow it
      • I like how much better things look and work after they're cleaned
      • I like the feeling of knowing I'm taking care of my things and ensuring that they work properly
      • I like tools that allow cleaning to be easy and more effortless
      • I love this contrast showing me how much fun it's going to be to hire maids! Looking forward to more guidance on how to prepave for that experience!

    • I like how good my voice sounds despite not doing any vocal exercises

      • I usually have an up and down consistency with following my Voicercise exercises, which I know have been an easy way for me to allow a more natural and harmonious voice
      • And being in that plateau of going without them, I'm impressed with the way my voice sounds when I sing
      • It's not belting for the world to hear, and I'm probably not even singing in my "true tone" (or whatever appropriate term) but it sounds nice, doesn't make me feel like I'm scratching someone's eardrums lol
      • I like how easy it's been to go from high to low notes
      • I like how I've been fairly on key while singing along to songs
      • I like how my throat feels at ease, with no strain or tension
      • I like that I'm learning to like my voice
      • I like that when I hear myself in a recording, speaking or singing, I kinda like it, I don't shy away or cringe while listening
      • I really like thinking back to that client's compliment on my voice on my last day on my bank agent job adn remembering it has great potential to sound as beautiful and smooth as I desire it to be

    Driftwood on... 04.01.2021

    • One of the community-apartment-cats I hadn't seen in a while came back!

      • My mom and I were getting a little worried about this black cat we've been watching over for a year--it had been a week or two since we last saw her
      • But we decided not to fret if the "worst" had happened (she's a stray and we live by a busy intersection, so if she wanted to call it quits she knew where to go)--there's no such thing as death, and beasts get to decide if and when they want to croak too--and left it at that
      • So what a surprise and delight to hear mom tell me she finally saw the cat when she took out the trash!
      • Lol she said that the cat told her vibrationally that she's been living "on the other side of the wall" (there's a stone wall that separates a good chunk of the apartment building's parking from buildings beside one of the main streets) and I don't blame her
      • I'm glad the cat is expanding her horizons and getting in where she fits in since she's gone through a LOT of fights over the months, hopefully, her new hideout allows her to be around cats that are friendlier!

    • Enjoyed treating myself to a pizza, breadsticks, soda, and grocery store trip lol

      • I find it so hilarious how whenever I treat myself to something as simple as a pizza, I can feel resistance and something akin to overwhelming about treating myself to that, but have no qualms about some other things I've bought like a console controller or beauty products
      • Anyways, I do love these experiences of doing something because I want to do it
      • I do love these experiences of "instant gratification"--I want it, I got it
      • I am looking forward to more of this
      • I'm looking forward to more ease and knowing and clarity and fun around enjoying my money and enjoying doing and having things for the fun of it
      • I'm looking forward to this being regular to me
      • I'm looking forward to enjoying the KNOWING that I have the means to enjoy what I desire
      • I'm looking forward to enjoying the knowledge that the means to the end isn't always money, but, still enjoying it when it is, and expecting the perfect means to come to me, no matter what it is

    • Enjoyed the convo I had with Z

      • I liked our conversation about what's to come in the future of theater
      • I liked that he put out his idea about audience interactive-films
      • I like that he got my ideas about 4D theaters
      • I like that we had fun talking about good horror movie recommendations
      • I like that he reminded me of a film I used to watch over and over again which reminded me to pay attention to Guillermo del Toro--I had checked out a book co-written by him months ago but didn't pay much attention to it because I haven't been inspired to read like I used to right now...

    • Had fun with friends on Discord
      • It's always a pleasure to have silly conversations with people who you get and who get you
      • I love these opportunities to bask in humor and surprises and delights that come with language
      • I love the feeling of inclusion, the feeling of harmony with others
      • I love how the flow of one joke or one idea to another can really keep going when we're in alignment
      • I really love the reflection/validation of how funny and witty I can be
      • I really love the feeling of alignment and co-creation I can have with others

    • Received inspiration to follow a YouTube ad for a free ("just pay S&H") resistance band

      • I really love that I've had "buying a resistance band" in my vortex for a few months now and finally followed it for this deal
      • I really liked how in addition to the band, I added an offer to enjoy the fitness brands' video library for $1 a day for 30 days!
      • I really like the idea of getting back into exercise
      • I really like how I'm not rushing myself to do the actions for the results, but knowing I want to be in alignment and be ready to enjoy the movements
      • I really like the idea of enjoying exercise, enjoying the feeling of my cells responding to the movements, and how trying new things with the body causes all sorts of fun changes in emotions and physicality
      • I like knowing this is more about how I feel than what I do, so even as I move into actions that seem to be the only reason the body changes, I know that my alignment is doing most/all of the heavy lifting!

    ❗❗❗TMI ALERT❗❗❗

    • But for the past 2 years now I've been in a routine of spitting slight mucus while doing Inner / Loa work...

      • Like as I clean up my vibration, my body is literally cleaning itself!
      • It's so....interesting to say the least As I said, it's only been a couple of years, and I can remember exactly when and where it started... (in the middle of an IT support class that I wasn't paying attention to and was busying typing rampages or something on my old laptop)
      • It's been a very funny physical indication of what's going on... old gunk rising to the surface, literally
      • I'm looking forward to how this experience will continue to unfold into something else... perhaps a physical sense of deep clarity and emptiness?
      • I like this reminder that vibration and physicality go hand in hand, what happens in 3D is always reflecting back to me what's going on non physically

    Alright, that's all I've got for now! I like that I can find the little things and milk them because in the end, the "Big Stuff" is really comprised of enjoying the momentum of one "little thing" at a time. Ta-ta!

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    Oh me oh my, an entire week has gone by (hehe that rhymed!) Anywho, howdy-hoo~ (I don't know if that's an actual phrase but it popped up in my head, haha) Back with another update! Got a bit of writing to do on this one!
    Driftwood on... 04.02.2021

    • Good talk with T about writing and motivation

      • I'm proud of myself for how I handled a situation where my friend was "venting" to me without getting stuck in the negatives
      • I like that I was able to turn the conversation around to encourage her and remind her of what she's already accomplished as a writer, even if I used a little self-deprecation in the mix lol (And I appreciate the encouragement she sent back to me)
      • I like that we were able to move the topic to something more hopeful, like looking into writer-support-groups for amateur/hobby writers
      • I like that I was able to connect to a positive way to handle this situation---it's been a while since someone has looked to me as a "shoulder to lean on" and I was stumped for a moment on how to put a more positive/"wanted" spin on it without saying something as generic as "Well, it'll get better, sis, just keep the faith" (which is true but y'know, that would've been an empty sounding quantum leap answer for her)
      • I also like that I was able to help her reconnect with a writer to assist her with her story ideas!
      • She admitted on our server she had ideas but no time or energy to write them out and wanted to know if any of us could assist her, or hook her up with another writer who she could pay for their service.
      • It took like 3 hours lol but I was able to dig up a satisfactory candidate after searching through Google and Twitter, and guess what? She already knew the writer! She just had no idea they were open to commissions.
      • And I'm guessing they agreed to help her since she sent me a "Thank you" later on!
      • Feels good being of assistance to another person!
      • Feels good being focused on solutions and answers rather than the problem.

    • Money in the bank
      • I appreciate the money that came in from my final payday from my bank agent job
      • I like the feeling of convenience and availability
      • I like the feeling of knowing I'm able to do be and have more
      • I like feeling secure and comfortable
      • I like feeling free to decide how I want to enjoy my money
      • I like the feeling of the money being my own to enjoy for my own purposes
      • I like the feeling of financial independence
      • I like this feeling of security
      • I like this feeling of enjoying the range of options available to pick and choose in the world rather than feeling overwhelmed
      • I like feeling used to this, I like knowing what this feeling feels like in my body, so I know how to tune to it, and bask in it a bit more

    • Grocery shopping via Amazon and Walmart
      • I love the availability that online shopping affords me
      • I love how I have options of where I want to get my things
      • I love how accessible things are in this day and age
      • I love how much of a breeze shopping online is
      • I love looking over the difference of prizes and options of items
      • I like that I have the option of groceries being delivered to me
      • I'm all for more efficient laziness

    • Got my full-sized Curology products!

      • I am still greatly appreciative of this brand and its prescribed cream
      • I love how much this stuff has helped my skin
      • There have been some minor setbacks while I waited for the package (got my very first skin tag...) but I'm ready to move back into the direction of clear, healthy skin

    • I appreciate the insight I gained from the I Don't Care thread (wrote about it in my AMG thread)

      • I'm appreciative of being guided to the right place at the right time to gain clarity to a question in my craw
      • I love how there are individuals who are the perfect channel for solutions to come
      • I love receiving the cooperative components in my equations
      • I love

    • I was asked if I grew a few inches lol

      • I don't really have a strong need or anything to be taller, but at times I do pretend I'm taller and imagine what being a couple of inches taller would feel like
      • Today when I got up from my desk and walked past my mom on the way to the bathroom she sounded surprised and asked "Did you grow?"
      • On one hand she was lying down when she asked me that also I've walked past her hundreds of times while she's chilling on the couch or pull out bed so something must've been somewhat different if she asked today out of all days lol

    • I got complimented twice in less than 5 minutes lol
      • I went to the apartment office to pick up a package and one of the apartment managers was there and said I looked cute and as I headed back to my apartment building an assistant manager I'm friends with stepped out of her apartment awnd was headed in the same direction and also told me I look cute and that I always do lol
      • i enjoy these ladies kind attitude towards me
      • I'm glad I interacted with them from an ITV place
      • I love feeling good about myself and enjoying the reflections of self-love and appreciation
      • I like that I'm liking my physicality more and more, that when I look in the mirror or go outside I know that I am focusing through a uniquely beautiful and wise body

    • Insight to a different attitude towards drawing

      • I like that the thought was simplified to instead of focusing on drawing masterpieces, it's to enjoy the basics so much that I know how to draw confident, strong, clean basic shapes that's all drawing is anyway
      • To draw environments, characters, items is all just a matter of simple shapes
      • To enjoy being brilliant with the simplicity of it all
      • To enjoy putting colors and shapes together that feel and look good t ome
      • To break it all down to the point that it's so easy, that it's so simple, that it's fun to build up on
      • And there's no pressure because I'm having fun with the basics, the foundation that I know whatever comes next is just going to be even more fun and enjoyable adn pleasurable to focus on

    Driftwood on... 04.03.2021

    • God, did I mention how much I love online shopping?

      • Got my Walmart groceries! (awaiting late-night Amazon delivery as well as an overnight shipment)
      • Also, an I mention how much I love the substitutions Walmart creates in place of unavailable items?

        • I was supposed to get a 6oz box of raspberries but they were out so the preparer substituted it for a 12oz at no additional cost! Talk about abundance, get double for the same price!

    • I'm liking the things I'm re-discovering things that may be fun on my journey of enjoying my physicality

      • I like that I'm enjoying the driftwood of ways to enjoy the body, to enjoy movement, to enjoy the stamina and power this body is capable of
      • I like that I can see myself doing things that would require strength and endurance as FUN
      • I like that I'm enjoying the evidence of ways to align with that

        • like cute gym equipment designed specifically for women by women
        • great-tasting meal replacement drinks and protein shakes
        • fashionable athletic wear
        • simple products for isolated body part exercises
        • services available at salons like body wraps and detoxes and muscle stimulants
        • the possibilities are endless!

    • I like that I took time to prepave my new job position and the training ahead

      • I really could have just ended the day/night going with the flow and decided to create my experience by default
      • But no I decided to put my energies forth to create on my behalf
      • I decided to pay attention to my expectations
      • I like that I'm deciding to take time to really pay attention to my expectations about different subjects
      • I like that I'm recognizing that I'm only getting what I expect, and if I want to have fun and enjoy something that many may not think of as fun, I have to set that idea within myself and agree to it

    • An Afterpay promo allowed me to get not $10 like I originally planned on getting, but $20 off a purchase!
    • I was feeling OOTV at first because I was trying to help someone use my referral code so they get money off their purchase, (and I get my credit ofc) but the link kept redirecting to some sort of error page
    • However, right after I'd given up and decided to just log in as normal, I saw that there was actually a NEW promo that offered a larger discount for the referred friend and a larger credit for me!
    • Lovin' these doubled manifestations lol
    • Things are always working out,even when it doesn't look like it! Turned out way better than expected too!

    Driftwood on... 04.04.2021

    • I love the continual insight I'm gaining for my story!
      • I love the momentum I'm gaining for this writing project of mine
      • I love how the drama and tensions and juiciness keeps amplifying with each idea
      • I'm loving this story more and more
      • I love seeing ideas transform and evolve
      • I love being in alignment and keeping up with my creativity
      • I love being in alignment and allowing the brilliance that's been waiting to play to come forth
      • I love how clear these ideas are when they come to me
      • I love how good it feels to come across a delicious plot twist or a really good piece of dialogue
      • I love digging into the meat and bones of emotions in stories
      • I love intrinsically knowing how my audience will be affected by my plot, by my flow, by my pacing, by the words I choose, by the characters I create
      • I love being moved by the words and thoughts and ideas that flow through me
      • I love being impacted by my imagination
      • I love feeling my power and brilliance expressing itself through fun mediums
      • I love that feeling when I know I came across something I'm going to milk and ponder over for hours if not days
      • I love that feeling when I know I allowed something truly delicious to come forth
      • I love knowing I"m in the receptive mode
      • I love becoming more and more accustomed to being in the receiving mode

    • I greatly enjoyed the insight I got about sleep thanks to Kablerj's post in the thread Sleep (How much?)

      • I stayed up til 3 am...and it wasn't because of the "insomnia" end of the Staying Awake Stick
      • It was just a pleasant flow of attention being on things that I found fun and felt no need to end for the sake of rest
      • Which sounds absolutely crazy according to the PG's statistics (even to me who can enjoy sleeping in for 10 hours easily)
      • I haven't felt this in a while, and I liked it
      • I liked the feeling of being awake and wanting to stay awake
      • I liked knowing that it's not sleep for the sake of sleep and following an old regimen, it's about alignment, and if I'm in alignment and enjoying myself, then it's all good, I'm not at a disadvantage enjoying the time I spend awake while others are sleeping
      • I was in a groove of sorts, and I enjoyed it, so I let it flow until I felt a natural, easy desire to wind down for a bit
      • And you know what? When I woke up, I wasn't all that grumpy or grouchy! (I admit, I did try to see if there was a way to stay in bed longer, like seeing if I should order an Uber at 7:30 am instead of leaving the house to catch the bus at 7:00 am)
      • And throughout the day, I was relatively energized for someone who only slept for 3 hours!
      • So, I like the brilliant idea that I came across in that post:
      • I'd like to play with that more
      • I'd like to experience that more
      • I'd like to enjoy that sort of reality
      • I'd like to leave behind the expectations of how or when I should rest
      • I'd like to trust my biology's rhythms more
      • I'd like to explore what it's like to genuinely follow my bliss and joy and alignment as long as I can without worrying about what's the responsible thing to do
      • I'd like to enjoy more of my alignment and bliss throughout the day
      • I'd like to "get more" out of my 24 hours a day
      • I wonder what it'd be like to sleep less, to leave the belief that I need sleep as science suggests I do
      • Not to say I completely do away with sleep, but it's more of a rest, I'm not craving it and trying to hold onto it as long as possible and curse the world when I have to leave my bed
      • I enjoy it when it's the next logical step when I feel aligned to do so

    Driftwood on... 04.05.2021

    • I love that I came home to a sweet message from T!

      • Isn't it wonderful to see someone telling you about how great their day was?
      • I'm so glad that she's found some people who share her interests
      • I'm glad she re-formed her relationship with an old friend
      • I love this easy 180 she's experienced in under a week!
      • Funny that just a few days ago she was telling me how down she was about herself and not being understood by other writers!
      • And it's so cool to me that she wanted to share this with me, she didn't have to lol
      • I like that I'm getting more used to being happy for others
      • I'm proud of myself for deciding to bask in the love and joy others are experiencing

    • I had a pretty good first day!

      • Didn't do much because of IT difficulties Which was a blessing and a curse
      • I appreciate the great IT teams that they have that worked on mine and others' issues
      • I'll admit it, I was doooooozzzzzziiiiiing ooooffffff at times (remember that 3 hours of sleep? heh), but no one caught me
      • Today was a great moment of contrast, to align with what I do want, to really feel into what it is I'm asking that's underlying the "be focused doing something throughout the day" and "make more money"
      • A day of contrast of knowing I do like being focused, I do like time flying because I'm interested and having fun rather than staring at the phone wondering how can 5 minutes last an entire hour
      • I'm allowing myself to just take this day by day and enjoy it for what it is, something to do, an experience
      • I'm allowing myself to enjoy what this experience is bringing me
      • I'm allowing myself to enjoy it, to enjoy the peace in the environment
      • I'm allowing myself to enjoy the ease of having a cubicle for 2-3 all to myself lol
      • I like the trainers and the workers in the background lol
      • I like how relaxed and laid-back the energy is
      • I appreciate the break room usuals: vending machines and a coffee maker lmao
      • I appreciate the fries I got from a burger joint down the street that were hot, crispy, and filling! (wish I had gotten some more salt on them tho!)

    • I'm quite certain I got a few double-takes during my commutes to and from work

      • It can seem terribly vain/controversial to actually enjoy someone staring at you, but hey, I enjoy an appreciative glance as much as anybody else who's connected and know they look and feel good
      • Nothin' wrong with tootin' one's own horn--Source does it all day everyday!
      • I just love where I am now--I really like leaning into liking myself
      • I really like this 180 I'm experiencing with my relationship between me and my body, me and my personality, me and my Self
      • I really like owning who i am, I really like feeling stable in myself, I really like enjoying being physical, I really like when I have fun being a human
      • I really like when I can see and feel the beauty I am, the creator that I am, the unique brilliance that I am

    • Speaking of the bus, I had no idea riding the bus is FREE
      • I haven't stepped foot on a public transport vehicle all of 2020 so I had no idea about the changes made to the Metro
      • I have no idea what riding the light rail must be like, but hey, if that's free too, I could look into exploring the town a bit more!

    Driftwood on... 04.06.2021

    • Appreciated what mom shared about a conversation a relative had with her son

      • I like how he's an example of we need not be worried that our children are too young to understand something
      • Children are wise and more connected to the natural wisdom of Source than Mass Consciousness really understands
      • I like that he took something that could've been seen as negative and saw it as a tool, something to help him understand himself and how to play the game of Life from his unique vantage point
      • Nothing like clarity!
      • I'm glad that he took the information his mother gave him as a piece of his POLR to feeling comfortable with himself and how he interacts with others and Life in general

    Driftwood on... 04.07.2021

    • A colleague I chatted with the day before offered to drive me to the bus stop!

      • She said she was going in the same direction to go to a gas station anyway
      • I love surprises and delights like this
      • Unexpected POLR for more ease
      • Universe-orchestrated acts of kindness are so delicious
      • And I greatly appreciate how clean and tidy and cute her car is! It was a very enjoyable ride not just company wise,but transportation style as well
      • Did I mention she has the same first name as my mom? Oh it's the little things

    Driftwood on... 04.08.2021

    • I'm actually enjoying the training

      • I like that I'm finding it fairly simple to keep up with
      • I like that though it's repetetive, there's enough variance of actions to take that I'm not completely mindless and bored while doing it

    • My resistance band came in!

      • I'm looking forward to how it works as part of my POLR towards my Vortex Version of fitness and enjoying movement
      • I'm looking forward to enjoying its use, and how it seems to be different from standard resistance bands in that I can adjust the length so that I can also use it to stretch

    • I liked that a man on my homebound bus playing his radio

      • Sometimes you just gotta love the public transportation culture
      • I liked the kind of music he was playing--nothing too loud and disruptive

    • Got a pizza~

      • We know it's a good day when you get one of your fave comfort foods
      • There was a moment of contrast concerning the Customer Service at the chain pizza restaurant I went to, but when we took it home, it was crafted well and tasted great, so you know, all's forgiven lol
      • But it reminded me to segment intend as much as possible
      • Prepave that ordering the food is easy, prepave that the people who cook it are ITV and crafting it out of respect and appreciation for customers, prepave the ride to the restaurant will be easy and safe, and prepave that interacting with the workers will be pleasant, and ofc prepave that the food will be delicious

    • My mom shared some familial info that left me thinking and feeling towards the Vortex Version of one of my nephews

      • I know the info came up so that I can focus on what I want in my pie when I think about him
      • I know it's not about fixing any issues, it's about aligning with wanted
      • I know that those around him want the best for him as well, and I trust that they will follow their IB's as much as possible so they can feel peace and well being no matter what
      • I know that those [of us] on the outside looking in mean well
      • I know that the intention to help comes from a place of love and support
      • I know that the intention to find closure is from a place of asking for alignment
      • I know that conversations can be had from a loving and compassionate place
      • I know that conversations seen as "difficult" or "sensitive" don't necessarily have to be
      • I know we all go through experiences that bring us to where we are and puts plenty of data in our Vortexes, and
      • I know he's a good kid, a brilliant being, a loving soul
      • I know he means well, we all do
      • I know we all just desire to feel better
      • I know we all really just desire to move through love and appreciation
      • I know we all truly wish to be cooperative components to one another
      • I know he has a bright future ahead of him in all aspects of his life
      • I know that his experiences have brought so much into the Vortex, the Consciousness of the Masses
      • I know that at the end of the day, everything is experienced for our benefit, for our expansion
      • I know that nothing ever really goes wrong
      • I know that contrast is a part of the experience of expansion and gaining wisdom, and I know that the bigger the contrast, the bigger the asking, and the bigger the asking, the more delicious the solution
      • I trust that his solution is ready for him
      • I trust that he'll listen to his IB and come to figure out how to align with himself
      • I trust that his IB knows how to process his data and create something beautiful for him in his Vortex
      • I trust that his IB knows how to guide him, knows how to speak to him, and I trust that when it's time to listen, he will.

    Driftwood on... 04.09.2021

    • After a week of training at my new job... I can pretty honestly say that so far...I kinda... like it Well this is new

      • Ok not really, I liked my work-study positions back in college as a library assistant and it front desk clerk
      • I appreciate that I can do something that feels relatively easy for good pay
      • It feels like an upgrade
      • I like the people
      • I like that it's a quiet focused position
      • I like that it's something I can do for hours without complaint or wishing time would go faster, or thinking of ways to get out of going lol
      • I honestly don't know if I'll be doing this the entire 9mo contract, but what I like is that I don't mind it, I don't feel like I'd be forcing myself to do something I really wish I wasn't doing
      • I'm glad I've allowed a crack of Least Resistance towards money and "earning" that feels good
      • I'm looking forward to how this momentum continues

    • I actually exercised today!!

      • After much prepaving, and the occasional physical discomfort later, I had a moment of "screw it" when I got home from training and did the old tried and true 1hr long Callanetics session I've been sitting on....even though I was shaking a little by the time I finished, I'm very proud of myself for getting through it
      • I'm certain I'll find a flow to this
      • I've done it before and I can do it again
      • I'd like to find a way to do it everyday as I've done in the past
      • The results I allowed were awesome! So much toning done within a few weeks

        • Tight stomach, higher bust, rounder buttocks, slimmer thighs, hipbones! Gosh I was so surprised when I woke up one day and felt 'something poking me'...Turns out there are a few discomforts to adjust to when aligning with a toned body besides the exercise burn, who knew?

      • I'm willing to intend on similar/better results, and look forward to welcoming the summer with a Bikini Ready Bod!
      • And of course, it's more than just a physical physique I like, it's about enjoying movement
      • There are things I'd like to try out that I know I'd better appreciate if I'm one who enjoys feeling the strength and flexibility of my body

        • Dancing, softball, aerial & pole fitness, adult gymnastics

      • And I'm going to take this exercise routine as part of my POLR to those activities

    • I had a very delicious feeling of the importance of recognizing TRUE abundance and leaving money out of the equation

      • Ah, I was in a flow about this at work so the Knowing feels different now...Not as fresh and exciting lol
      • True abundance is knowing that manifestations and creation has NOTHING to do with dollars
      • The empires, the relationships, the careers, the creative expressions, the physical body, the leading edge creations don't come about because I have the money to do it
      • Believing I need the dollars/physical resources first is putting the last thing as first... so to speak.... it's like trying to say Things Become Thoughts... "I need the dollars before I can allow the miracles" (which are actually perfectly natural and are nothing more than evidence of alignment/synchronicities).
      • But ultimately I'm opening up to manifesting without the thought of "having the dollars to do this or have that or experience whatever"
      • I'm opening up to all sorts of wacky and mysterious ways the Universe grants my every desire
      • I'm opening up to thinking more like Alice, let it be as silly and incomprehensible as the universe can muster
      • Don't try to jam "logic" and "predictability" into the equation--let it be, it's done, ENJOY HOW IT COMES ABOUT
      • Enjoy that it's a surprise and delight--AND DELIGHT, I need not be afraid of not knowing the next step when I already know I'm going to really like it!
      • I'm opening up to enjoying surprises, enjoying delights, enjoying detours, enjoying the seeming distractions
      • I like that I'm opening up to creating and manifesting like a God--I expect the best results and trust my energies to bring it to me in a way that is fun to me, I expect the journey to be one that's delicious all along the way, so much so I don't feel a need to glance at a clock and say "Yeah yeah that was fun but where is my stuff?" I know the stuff is on the way, and I'm looking forward to the how....

    • In a similar vein, I had a great insight to the vibration/energies behind the word "expensive"

      • Usually, it's in the vein of something out of reach due to believing there's a lack-filled (ha!) gap between where the person is and the desire
      • A belief that between Here and Now to where the "Castle" is "not enough money"
      • But as I stood on the bus stop for these past days and watched all sorts of cars pass by and allowed myself to appreciate the ones that caught my eye, I realized it need not have anything to do with a price tag
      • Expensive really just means something made with much love, care, attention, a creation that the maker intended to be respected, appreciated, something that matches the vibration of one who knows their worth, appreciates beauty, sees brilliant craftsmanship when they see it
      • Without a price tag, something "expensive" is really just something that is held as valuable, something created with high-quality materials, created with the most efficient and intelligent methods, created by someone with an eye for uncommon style, created to stand out
      • I'm still feeling into this. But I really like moving in this direction of toning down words and phrases that make things seem out of reach, and bring them to a more vibrational place

    • All in all, I just feel different

      • I've noticed I'm less and less resistant to my desires and goals
      • I've noticed that I don't cave in to the old habit of feeling the overwhelming energies of "trying to figure things out"; I let it pass, and decide the feeling is simply me shifting, it's simply the slight turbulence as I move out of the old vibration and into the new one
      • I like releasing the human need for drama--the up and down kind, the bi-polar kind, the create by default kind, the hope things work out instead of knowing it's already worked out for me
      • I like the "New Drama" so to speak--which isn't drama in the old human sense, but really, the adventure of allowing things to get better and better
      • The delicious fun adventure of seeing how the universe conspires on my behalf and creates one surprise and delight after another, after another
      • The delicious anticipation and eagerness for what's to come next, knowing it's going to be good
      • There's a lot less rushing when I think about my desires
      • There's a lot less fighting for my limitations and arguing with myself about how I need to earn and prove myself
      • There's a lot more "ordering" going on -- telling my Universal Manager, my energies, what I want without that old feeling of "who am I to command the universe?"
      • I like that I'm noticing the resistance that comes up when I order the energies to show me more evidence, to show me more of what's in my Vortex.....I like that I'm aware of this inner shift... I like that I don't allow it to bother me
      • I like that I'm allowing negative emotions/uncomfortable sensations to be my friends, little messengers that mean no harm, they're simply letting me know "Things are happening, breathe and sit tight!"
      • I like that I'm catching more glimpses of feeling how delicious being here is meant to be,like when I was younger, and the world was a big fun playground I couldn't wait to explore

    Gosh looking back so much of this doesn't really seem to fit the definition of "driftwood" but at the same time it does, it shows me where I am vibrationally. It's not just about the Big Stuff and the relationships; it's the momentum of one blessing/IITV moment after another. Consistently feeling good, and appreciating the buttons as they roll in.

    Whew, okay that was a lot of typing/pasting tonight... I don't know if it all makes sense, I don't feel like revising my "journal trance state" writing lol It's just a flow and I want to let it be in its pure state. Hope it's legible enough for you lurkers hehe
    Until next time!
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    So, I know I've been absent as of late for my threads.... And it's not because I've fallen out of interest in keeping up with them, but rather, my intentions of focus as of late have changed....

    I've done a fair number of rampages and deliberate focusing during these weeks of training and they've brought some great insights to the surface..... And every time I try to think about how to bring these insights onto my threads, I can't lol like the insight just leaves, and my head is clear once I sit down and start typing for my threads under the same intention and purpose as the other posts....

    So I think I'll update both threads via a combination of Delicious Driftwood & Allowing My Genius. I'll quote pieces of the trains of thoughts I had and milk them, so it'll be like the quotes I find and chew on in AMG, and I'll do a lil' rampage on them as I do on DD! That made sense, right?

    Alright, here are a excerpts of the rampages, they're not dated, I just had a file called "Momentum" that I typed in whenever I felt inspired to.

    I love my rockin' bod
    I love this representation/this reflection of me being a deliberate creator-a strong, firm, knowing creator, a beautiful, sensual creator, sensual, I'm playful and tuned into my energies, I'm tuned into the underlying vibrations
    I love this slender, fit, toned, curvy body
    I love how I can shapeshift into anything I desire, I just have to match the vibration
    I love being a match to the vibration/the role/the act of a beautiful, confident woman
    I love being a match to the vibration/role/act of a confident, independent, genius entity
    I love being a match to the vibration/role/act of a goddess, of one of god's creations, as a creator, as a creating(?)
    I love being a match to the vibration of a healthy, successful happy being
    I love being a match to the vibration of one whose life works out in all sorts of beautiful ways
    I love being a match to one who loves surprises and delights---because they're always good they're always beneficial
    I love being a match to one whose life moves with the current of well-being, success, joy, well-being
    Love being a match to one who loves and appreciates the abundance that is all around me, the abundance of nature, of beauty, of assistance, of servants, (yes it's all my energy, others ask for my assistance as well sometimes) love, peace, well-being, growth, fun, adventure
    I love being a match to one who loves the sense of adventure, not knowing quite what is going to happen to make my desire come to fruition, but loving every step of the way, knowing it's beneficial to me
    I love being a match to one who eats delicious foods that are good for the body and that taste delicious and that are fun to make or order and are created and given with love and respect
    I love being a match to one who finds energies flourishing and rushing to me in delicious quantities and qualities, money floods to me, expensive, luxurious experiences are mine to enjoy every day in all sorts of ways
    Love being a match to one who lives a magical life---things come to me, the solutions are available and fun and are easy, people who match my love and zest for life come to me to play, I feel the love and appreciation flowing through me, and I enjoy the excuses to allow it to flow
    I love being a match to one who knows her worth, who knows herself as a goddess
    I love being a match to one who enjoys life

    I love being a match to one who feels good about herself
    I love being a match to one who knows life is good and is meant to be fun

    I love how I really felt that this is all just about being a vibrational match. This isn't about the human efforts and actions to get or do these things, this is about being in a vibration that lines up with these experiences, that allow these energies/experiences to flow to me. Or rather, allow me to be aware of what's already been flowing to me.

    You know, it feels different saying "Being a match to the vibe" rather than just "I am that person" on an affirmation level, you know? Rather than saying "I am a beautiful confident woman", I said "I love being a match to..." It's just a different approach to the same thing. To be a match IS to be that expression, that being, but saying it differently feels good to me. Feels like there's less pressure, less resistance...

    And it does kinda feels in the same ballpark as "Shape-shifting"; but that we're doing it all the time--not the Hollywood sci-fi interpretation, but our vibrations are shifting all the time. And whenever our vibes shift from one place on the EGS to another, the shape of our reality, from a cellular level to an "Outward-external-earthly" perspective has changed too...

    I love syncing up with this life, syncing up with this vibe, I love knowing that's all I'm doing, that's all the rumble strips are telling me, I'm lining up, and I'm getting better and better at staying here... In this vibe, in the vortex

    I really like how I've been gentler with myself about feeling "Uncomfortable sensations/negative emotions". I like that I've been feeling into and understanding it's really just the feeling of getting into the vortex, aligning... My favorite mental analogy has been with airplanes; there's a little turbulence as the plane changes altitude, and there's no need to fret for your life, or go off on the pilot about how terrible he is at his job, it's just part of the process, the physics, of traveling by aircraft. And this sensation is more alarming to first-time or infrequent fliers than seasoned travelers. And as I become accustomed to this feeling, and know what it means, then I know there's no need to give it much attention. In fact, I can appreciate it, because it's letting me know I'm moving in the right direction, and am calibrating my position so I'm in alignment with my POLR and destination.

    I do love this flow I'm getting into
    I do love this flow of enjoying money, enjoying my energies, enjoying more, enjoying the in and out, expansion, contraction

    In and out, that's the natural flow of life, that's the natural flow of energies,
    It's not in and out with sadness, it's with joy! Because after expansion there must be contraction, that's the flow, that's how the order is kept or whatever lol
    Feeling better about that
    Because after every contraction there is certainty of expansion again

    I've been enjoying the flow of ways to enjoy my money. I've been focusing on increasing my experience of earthly-currency with some information about building credit, and have purchased some supplements and body-enhancing products that are paths of least resistance towards the health and body I'm reaching for. I actually got them from the office yesterday as I write this, and I'm excited to continue to focus on the wanted experience and manifestations of my physicality as I enjoy the products and their intentions. I'm also excited for enjoying the benefits of this credit course, I had some resistance every now and again about it, because of its cheesy interface lol But there is a FB showing exceptional results and improvements in people's financial lives, so I'm planning on sticking with it and expecting fun experiences of my own with high credit scores and tools available for those who enjoy watching their money grow.

    I've also been enjoying the realization that this ("earning" then "spending" money) is a natural process, a natural occurrence... In and out... In and out, flow in and out. It's natural, it's yin and yang in action, it's balance and harmonization in action. Energy in, energy out.

    And contraction doesn't equal loss or lack, it's equivalent to...Hmmmm...

    Inward... A time of recollection.... A moment of reassessment

    A moment to look over that moment of expansion and decide what happens next.... That's all

    There's nothing wrong with contraction (spending/investing my money/energy... Letting go of something that was in my experience)

    So with every contraction.... There is a moment to savor
    To savor ((ooh head tingles! Either I'm onto something or my hair is growing lmao))
    This is a moment to savor, to milk, to enjoy....
    Enjoy that money was used, that energy was sent forth for my benefit... Energies sent forth to manifest something, to conveniently connect me to an experience I asked for

    Contraction. A moment of something leaving my experience is a moment to savor what was there, appreciate it in the vibe of the data I received and getting ready for what's to come, getting ready for the expansion, for the growth

    Contraction... Energies that left me are going out to create in my name, in my favor, my benefit
    There's never a moment of "lack", there's never a moment of not having, there's never a moment of need, there's never a moment of not enough, there's never a moment of wanting out of [the feeling of] lack...... That's all made up by screwy human logic, which creates the experience of "abundance of lack" since there is only abundance, as Bentinho points out. Every contraction is a moment to savor, a moment where something delicious just happened to bring in something else, to keep the flow going, and if I see it as negative, if I see it as something of lack or not enough, then that's what I'm going to experience...Otherwise, it's in my default

    So that's how I see those times of money spent, people moving out of my life, whatever else, they are moments to love and appreciate what I did experience and to love and appreciate what's to come...What's to come, how I expand, the wisdom and Knowing that I allow in....

    That's all... Nothing stressful...
    Money spent is money that is allowing me something I've asked for
    Money used, energies invested is in my well-being nature, in my flow and abundance and flow of expansion and more,
    So thank you to the money that went forth towards my experiences of abundance and prosperity

    Not much to say about this, it says it all lol. But yes, I love that realization that In and Out is natural... In is a moment to appreciate myself as a creator, appreciate being in the receptive mode, to enjoy the data I've received from the experience. Out is a moment of what's next? A moment of moving on, knowing something equally if not more delicious is coming.
    In and out.
    Money, people, things, ideas, experiences in and out.
    It's all just "That was fun, now what?" "That was fun, Now what?"
    It's all just "the better it gets", "the better it gets", in motion.

    They're just moments. And they're as long or short as I choose for them to be.

    That's the excitement, that's the joy.... The coming into my power, remembering, and having fun getting there, knowing that's what I'm doing... I'm never going backward, I'm never losing, I'm never moving backward or being less... I'm excited and feeling good about the journey of allowing more, enjoying the journey of figuring it out, that's what I'm doing... It's exciting how I'm figuring out how to tune into that reality, how to tune into that desire, and through the negative emotions/sensations, I'm moving in the direction of that solution, I'm never moving backward? It looks like it, but I'm always moving forward

    I'm excited to line up with my Alice in Wonderland life, I'm excited to line up with my reality where anything and everything can happen for me, miracles are normal, magic is my life...I move in flow, synchronicities, I move like Moses, seas part for me, mountains move at my command

    I love living up to this knowing, this conviction, I love these experiences, this wisdom that continues to show me how powerful and grand I am
    I love loving myself
    Not just in the human sense of beauty and intelligence, but I love loving that I am here, choosing and focusing on physical reality for another game of creating/creatorship

    Lol I was really feeling how we're here to live beyond comparing our "mediocre crappy lives" to one another, and how that which is considered to be miraculous is meant to be natural, manifesting day in and out.

    But yes, I am loving knowing what's going on in the big picture. It feels good getting into a groove of feeling and knowing why Source loves this experience so much lol It feels good to align with seeing the way Source does, to see what has been as data and information that has led me to where I am, and knowing what's coming next need not be some big surprise.

    Life is a box of chocolates, the kind with vibrational labels telling you exactly what you're going to get based on how you feel. Nothing is up in the air anymore, I have no reason to feel uncertain anymore, I'm aware of how this game works, and the more I line up with this innate Power, Knowing, Self, the bigger and grander experiences I can create.

    I love feeling in the receptive mode where anything and everything is possible
    I love this receptive mode, of being connected to myself, being connected to all the answers, all answers, which are within, within my records, my knowing, my wisdom, infinite intelligence, that's what I am, that's what I have access to infinite intelligence about everything in physicality, solutions that are here at the same moment I have the question....
    I love knowing this, I love getting my power back, I love loving who I am, I love loving where I am, I love loving and appreciating who I am, I love loving where I am and where I am going

    It feels good to be in control. It feels good to be attentive to my thoughts, to my flow, to my vibes... It feels good to know that's what creates, it feels good to be present, and here with my creation, my self, it feels good to be present, grounded, sure, knowing, confident, it feels good being aligned with all of me, integrated with my aspects.
    It feels good to be here, it feels good to love earth, it feels good to love. It feels good to flow love wherever I am, it feels good to flow appreciation wherever I am. It feels good to know wherever I am is here, is now.... It feels good to know there is no out there, there is no over there, there is no time, there is no then, there is no soon... It's just now... Now now now
    Now now now
    Now I'm happy
    Now, happy
    Now, joy
    Now, passion, now well-being
    Now health, now fruition, now success, now, now now
    Now appreciation
    Now creation, now creating
    It's all here, I'm' master of my own creation, my domain

    I'm glad I'm releasing resistance to the idea of I create my own reality--as in all of it is in my hands. I'm glad I'm releasing the uncertainty of how much is my job and I am "allowed" to be specific about versus what is meant to be the Universes' job...

    I love that I know that I'm never in the dark, all I have to do is line up with my IB. All I have to do is feel better. And everything I need to know in the moment is available.

    I love being in the world knowing and appreciating abundance, I love how it feels to be aware that it's always here for me, all around me, is me.
    I'm abundance. My ideas, my wisdom, my intelligence, my experiences, my vision, my presence has no limits. I'm abundance, that's why I'm/Source is expanding, that's why I'm experiencing. I'm abundance, I'm spreading out, I'm expanding, I'm becoming more, learning more, gaining more, enjoying more, creating more, I am abundance itself

    I've always heard this come up in teachings but it never clicked as it did recently. The true abundance is in the expansion of Source as it/I experience and learn and grow and ask for more...And the fact that every time I ask, it is given, every kind of reality, every kind of experience, every kind of manifestation--outside of human's perception of abundance (money, stocks, cryptocurrency, material things). Abundance is the natural expansion of Source, the eternal growth, and the creativity of All. It's the fact that as an extension of this presence in physical form I can experience and manifest whatever I want and add to the delicious data and wisdom of Source, and continue the flow of More, of asking and creating/receiving.

    there's no waiting...It's all up to me
    There's no wondering when, it's all up to me
    There's no hesitation for the right time, it's all up to me
    There's no wondering how, it's already taken care of
    There's no wondering if it's going to work out, it already has

    What with being in human form in this time-space-reality, there's a belief around buffers of time. Logical timing of things. Linear timing of manifestations. But really, the only buffer is while I am OOTV, while I am getting back into the Vortex, while I am working on lining up with the receiving mode. The moment I'm lined up, it flows, automatically. So the hesitation, and wondering when, and negative what if's are all on me, that's all that creates the experience of waiting and believing there's a linear time that I'm waiting on before something manifests.

    I like that I am willing to imagine and create beyond normal ideas and boundaries, I like that I'm willing to investigate the reality of manifesting out of thin air, I like that I'm willing to investigate the realities many gurus have ventured into... Of instant manifestation, mystical experiences.... I'm willing to learn how big my brain is so to speak, to see how far I can create and experience. Beyond a white-picket-fence-beautiful-mansion life, how grand can I make this reality? How powerful am I? That's the true question. Not how do I pay bills, get more money, have sexy lovers, etc....This is about how do I know my true nature, my true worth?

    I like that I came to that conclusion. I feel like that's the bigness and grandness Abe's been talking about. Beyond living comfortably by society's standards, this is about being on the leading edge and being the weirdo that sees and imagines things that don't seem logical, close to present reality. This is about, like Neville Goddard once mentioned, that "hunger for the Word of God". Once you know you can create anything you desire on this plane, once you've shown yourself, again and again, your unwavering power and dominion over your reality, you'll feel a drift from wanting things for the sake of survival and I'll say, shallow/"love in all the wrong places" reasons (acceptance, proving something to others, what the PG says is successful) you'll want to create out of exploring what else can I create? What can I invent? What is on the leading edge that I can create? What revolutionary clay can I mold? I know I'm taken care of on a "basic level" (house, car, money, things that represent security and convenience) but what else does this world have to offer that hasn't been tapped into? And that's tapping into the my truest intentions for playing on Earth.

    Dare to know my value...Dare to feel that good about myself...Dare to expect the best of myself....Dare to love and adore myself....Dare to be extraordinarily confident and sure of myself.

    I can create out of nowhere, and it's not being overly vain or boastful about myself, I'm simply daring to experience more, I'm daring to be, do, and have more, I'm daring to see all this reality has to offer. I'm daring to live life fully and adventurously and deliciously.
    I'm daring to be me, to be the god I know I am, a god does what I[t] wants, a god decides what I[t] wishes to experience or not with zero hesitation.

    I'm daring to experience laws outside of human ideas....I'm daring to live adventurously, knowing I cannot get any of this wrong, knowing I am always safe and protected, and that all is well for me.

    I'm daring to dare to live big, live proudly, live boldly, I'm daring to be all that I know myself to be, I'm daring to play and enjoy myself

    Kinda had Indian mystics and yogis on the brain (Autobiography of a Yogi, actually), but yeah, with them in mind, it gave me a moment to challenge, consider, ponder what I can allow to manifest if I just... allow. I don't know what caused one man to allow the manifestation of infusing whatever scent one can imagine onto any object or person, or why another knows how to be perceived as invisible to the human eye when he chooses, or how another can manifest coins or sand in the palm of his hand, but those kind of experiences are ones that fascinate me. They're seen as big and magical, impossible, prophetic. Not to mention when asked about their "abilities" they all turn to say it's simply God working through them. There isn't any human ego boasting or inflating going on. And while the PG,(maybe even some of the yogis themselves, who knows?) will see this as being humble and meek to a greater outside power, there's really simply an alignment with their IB going on. There's an inner knowing that they are that which is called God. They are allowing their Larger Self, Non physically Focused Self flow through them. They found a way to line up with it just being an experience that's available to them with ease. And perhaps their "powers" are attributed to leaving behind earthly desires and purely desiring God, and justify it with living in huts and eating simple plant-based meals, but all that's going on is inner union with Source. They found their POLR to this knowing and it works for them.

    And knowing that those kind of manifestations are possible, it makes one wonder what else is there for us to experience and what kind of contrast brings up these types of occurrences within people.

    *was reading the quote concerning a mechanic's connection to non-physical mechanics guiding him*

    So I can turn this quote around for me...There are artists, writers, singers, dancers, creatives available to me, available to play, without judgment, without concern for if I'm right or wrong, good or bad, willing to play with me and my ideas....
    And when I'm ootv I'm not aware of them...I'm not aware of my nonphysical friends when I'm ootv
    I have access to adept, intelligent, wise, brilliant, outside-the-box thinkers and creators who want to play....I have non-physical friends who want to play with me, I have attention focused upon me and my ideas and success, I have support in heaven and on earth, ready and willing to guide me...

    I'm willing to line up with them..I'm willing to line up to my infinite intelligence, my wisdom, my friends, my guidance....I'm willing...

    I get frustrated with art, with drawing, with writing, etc., because ootv I'm not in the receptive mode and cannot hear them as I'd like to... As I know they're speaking to me, guiding me, here for me, cheering me on. ootv I'm unaware of this...It feels far away....

    But it's good to know they're here...It's good to know I have friends on the other side, it's good to know I am supported, it's good to know that I am taken care of, it's good to know I am supported and loved in all areas, in all dimensions...It's good to know I'm not alone in this, I have guidance, I have teachers, I have friends who see me as successful, who see my vision and know how to get there. I have blueprints available to me, I have guidance, I have plans and support and resources ready to be used and received by me, it's only me that can distant them, that can block access...And I do that thinking I have to earn it or I'm not ready or worthy of right credentials or whatever....And it's not about human credentials like classes/certificates/degrees/word of another's mouth...My credential is being in the receptive mode in the rm I'm ready for it all and that's all it takes, not being a professor or expert by earth standards, it's by being in the receptive mode, that means I'm ready/she's ready, let's go!

    I get frustrated because my genius, my brilliance is right here, ready and willing to be a part of my reality, ready and willing to be received by me, but I'm blocking it with some bogus KJS!
    That's all that's going on! A KJS about how hard it is, about how long it's taking, about worrying who will like it, if I'm doing it right, how long it'll take to learn to figure it out....It's nothing of the sort! In the receptive mode, I'm ready for all the brilliance that I am, I'm ready and willing to play, I'm ready and willing to allow and channel my genius, my brilliance....

    Writers write through me, artists create through me, my aspects of genius in different areas flow through me when I'm in the receptive mode, and it's that simple, it's that easy, it's that fun, it's that simple.....That's all there is to it....So when I'm in the receptive mode, I'm ready to play with my writer friends, I'm ready to channel that vision perfectly, deliciously, joyfully, passionately, delightfully....It's that easy

    When I'm joyful, I'm ready for it all. There's nothing missing when I'm happy, when I'm joyful, that's the mode, the state I'm reaching for, relaxed and allowing, happy and allowing, certain and feeling good about myself.

    It's so nice feeling the truth, the pure wisdom that comes in knowing the receptive mode. To know that this is what we're reaching for, this is the sweet spot that allows everything to unfold perfectly is such a game changer. To know that once I'm there, everything is done, ready, manfiesting before my eyes...Takes so much--all--of the guessing and wondering out of the equation. There's no questioning when one is in alignment, there's no effort, it's easy, simple, graceful, natural, fun, joyful...

    And to know it's all just a new story away has been wonderful. I like knowing it's simply a matter of watching what I say to myself, paying atention to the thoughts play when I think about my desires. All I have to do is follow thoughts along the lines of "I got this. It's done. It's all good. I see the end, I feel the end, it's coming together perfectly."

    So what is the feeling, the words I love to feel?
    >>> that cozy feeling of safety and well-being...The safety and coziness of knowing all is well...The coziness and fun and well-being of my being....The coziness of being in control, nothing is up in the air, nothing is uncertain for me, it's all done, it's all ready for me, it's all good, I'm the decider, the creator, it's up to me, not anyone else...It's all me, the coziness of knowing it's all me, it's all good....

    What a comfort...It's me...It's me...That's all, me! When I'm happy, the world is happy, when I'm aligned, my energies move perfectly for me, when I'm ready, everything is available to me, I'm available to me, I'm ready to align with me and all I have to offer.

    What a comfort to know I'm not underneath anyone or thing...Everything here is for my benefit..Everything has a yin/yang, a benefit for me, and if I choose, a limitation....

    What a comfort that I can plan my life to how I want....What a comfort that nothing needs to be up in the air or unknown...It's all up to me, and I can surprise and delight myself all-day

    More than an experience like a "random major windfall"--lottery, a million dollars being deposited in the acct out of nowhere, a will from a long-lost uncle or something--what am I reaching for?

    I'm reaching for freedom. The freedom that I can do anything at any time, to know I am completely free, this (Life) is completely my own doing, this is completely my own environment to create and shift to my benefit, nothing happens out of the blue....So expecting money is expecting ease and convenience, it's expecting simplicity and well-being, it's expecting access to anything I desire, it's expecting what I desire, to be there, to be available, to be ready for me and be ready to receive

    ....What I'm reaching for is the receptive mode, to be open and ready for fun, to be ready and willing, that is really a sign that I'm ready for big, I'm ready for fun, I'm ready for more, I'm ready, that chunk of money is me saying I'm ready for adventure, I'm ready for more fun, more zest, more interest, more excitement, more deliciousness, I'm ready for more...Now do I love where I am? Ofc I do! Where I am is all there is, I am where I am, and so long as I love where I am, it's going to get better...It's going to get juicier, it's going to get more fun and delightful...

    This is about being in alignment with my being, being a god in physicality, in planes of reality, knowing who I am, exploring with knowingness, exploring with certainty, exploring with positivity

    This is beyond being an exemplary-model-human, this is being a being who knows who I am, knows my power, knows what reality is, knows and loves and accepts and appreciates my energies.....This is beyond being a model human this is about being an entity of my own, creating to my own likes and dislikes....This is about being my own unique being....This is about feeling into myself, feeling into my being as an entity.....This is about loving and accepting myself as I am, as a thought of God, as an extension of that which is source...

    This isn't about living life like a normal human, aspiring for grand jobs, careers, etc.... That's def part of it, part of creating as a human on earth, but this is about expanding my experience here, this is about expanding as a god on earth playing human...I'm playing human, I'm acting...I'm undercover lol

    As a god, I know I need nothing of this earth
    That's what I'm here to realize
    I don't need anything of this place, I don't need to earn for my manifestations, I don't have to earn my own energies, I don't have to earn my manifested energies (things, people), this is all about me, this is all about me and my alignment, me and my imagination, this is all about alignment with my bright imagination

    So even if I don't know the specific details of this human experience, I know how I want to live
    Happily ever after
    I want to live happily ever after...One day is magical, then the next, then the next
    I want to feel like a kid at Disneyland one moment, then a pampered kitten the next lol
    I want to enjoy the momentum of being a being who takes care of herself. I'm not really relying on some outside entity to care for me and see that things are taken care of, I'm making sure I'm taken care of. This little world of mine, this experience, this place of focus is ((oooh hey a hip twitch lol)) actually all me, I'm swimming around and playing in my own crystal ball so to speak in human terms
    I'm taking care of myself, and it's a question of do I love myself so much that I am willing to be aware of myself from more than the human perspective?
    Am I willing to let myself see as my non-physical does? Am I willing to care for myself? Am I willing to take the responsibility for this experience I've created for myself and dove into wholeheartedly?
    Am I willing to make this what I know I set out for it to be before I "Manifested here"? Am I willing to let it be the most delicious and delightful experience yet? Am I willing to remember who I am and play this game by my own rules?
    Am I willing?
    Am I daring to be myself in this playground? Am I willing to be myself? Am I willing to be this unique perspective I've created in front of others without hesistation? Am I willing to enjoy my world and those I bring into it?
    Am I willing to be responsible for, as Neville put it, my garden of Eden?
    Am I willing to leave behind human traits like grudges and judgments to create as I desire to?

    Am I willing to leave behind thoughts of not enough? Am I willing to let go of creating the abundance of lack and enjoy abundance for what it truly is?
    Am I willing to be the beautiful and creative genius I know I am with ease?

    Am I? Am I willing?
    Am I that allowing and in love with me? That creative and focused on me and that allowing of my true nature?
    Am I willing to let go of fitting into the constructs this world has, and to create according to my desires without shame? With full confidence and integrity within myself? Am I willing to let go of fitting in and being of this world and remember I helped create it and it's mine to mold? Mine to mold in the sense of focus, on the attributes about it I want to continue to see and appreciate

    Am I willing to let go of the idea of something or someone being more or less than? Of judging others and putting some up and others down? Am I willing to see this environment for the neutral playground it is?

    Am I willing to create what I want knowing there's more where that came from? And that every "End" is just another beginning?
    Am I willing to enjoy the unknown? Am I willing to enjoy picking what details I focus on and enjoying what details my delightful energies know to focus on and create for me?
    Am I willing to create and play so well and joyfully that I create my own heaven on earth?
    Am I willing? Do I dare? Do I?
    Do I dare to be that bold, that myself, that certain?

    Sure, why not?
    I did this, I created this, this is what I'm here for, to enjoy the fun and the adventure of this mystical crazy planet, an experience I've conjured

    I came here to dare to create
    I am here to play and create and manifest
    I'm here for me, I'm here to be and do and have for me
    I'm here for me, I'm here to be the god I am on earth
    I'm here to create my Eden exactly to my liking
    I'm here to know and experience being disciplined, a brilliant focused, and intentional creator and I'm here to enjoy how easy it actually is...I'm here to enjoy how natural and simple and fun it is....

    [...] So I have noticed that I try to say what is the "right way" to go about a manifestation rather than just enjoy where I am and expect improvement...I've noticed I try to jump to millionaire-status-thinking, nothing wrong with it! But there's also a piece that is enjoying the "Building credit process". Similar to the body. One part just wants to leap into the firm and toned form, but the other doesn't mind the pieces that have come along the way as a bridge to that, like supplements and protein shakes and exercises.

    And what I need to remember is the action doesn't matter one bit!
    It's not about a million in my bank tomorrow or starting "Small" (who says that's small anyway?)it's about how I feel as I focus on these things!

    So as I focus on building credit and helping my mom with hers, as I feel into the idea of having access to unlimited credit, as I think about positive credit scores, as I think about financial fun, oooh I was about to say "financial security" or "financial intelligence" but I got the impulse to say fun!
    Financially fun!
    Financially fun decisions...Financially fun expectations...Financially fun actions and opportunities, whatever I actually do or don't do doesn't matter, I'm just feeling good!
    I like the feeling I'm getting as I focus on these actions, whatever they are, whether it would be to buy a lotto ticket or save money, the action itself doesn't matter, so long as I feel good about it! And I like these building credit accounts, I like feeling confident about using these programs to enjoy more...

    What am I getting out of these?
    Feeling abundant, I can pay bills on time, I can save money, I can expect myself to be able to handle it, I am expectant of keeping my promises, I am expectant of access to more, I am expectant and looking forward to rewards, I'm looking forward to the ease and rewarding feeling of...Enjoying the flow of money in different financial areas...The fun of flowing money in different ways, enjoying the flow of money, enjoying the flow of ideas, enjoying the flow of actions, enjoying the flow, the better it gets, the better it gets, enjoying the flow of being responsible, being able to take care of myself, enjoying being able to do what I need to do to advance in different ways.

    You know something? By the last few excerpts, I found that I couldn't find it in me to write anything! And it's the same feeling I've been feeling about updating my other threads, but couldn't put into words at first---but now I know: it all feels old! ...When I'm in the moment of clarity I'm not able to access the forum, and by the time I have time to type out my reflections, it feels so old and dull! It's all old news! I don't wanna focus on them anymore, no matter how insightful they were when they first appeared! Fascinating... Hopefully the last pieces were clear enough on their own, I know my journaling style is pretty weird lol
    Alrighty, that's all I have for now. I'm not sure how these threads will evolve now, haha, maybe I'll get back into the previous flow, maybe I'll do something else. But all I know is I'm glad to have gotten this out of my system, even though it doesn't seem like much lol


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    Arrow Back at it!

    Well, well, well. Howdy, Abe gang! And Happy New Year to you all!!!

    So, I've recently come to a place where talking about my current experiences/thoughts doesn't feel so "old news"! It feels nice and present, Here-and-Now. And with that, there's no real point in talking about where I've been during my absence. I'll just take off where I am currently and go from there, yeah?

    Alrighty, let's drift!

    Driftwood on... 01/01/22

    New job that's a little over double my previous job's pay rate!!

    • Oooh, the power of a resume revision!
    • I'm proud of myself for the way I re-worded by job experience and lined it up to some very interesting opportunities!
    • It's so funny how RIGHT AFTER I uploaded the new resume, I got the job offer I'm currently pending training for, as well as at least 4 offers. Talk about instant manifestation.
    • I like that this job is email-focused as well, so minimal talking on the phone, woot woot~!
    • I like that the company is paying us the entire 8 hours per day salary while we await training/complete the compliances
    • I like that it's a work from home opportunity. I'm really loving just waking up in my home and working in pajamas and having access to my kitchen and bathroom all day lol
    • I appreciate how well the communications between myself and my recruiters have been. Very friendly and productive people!
    • I appreciate how the hiring process has been going along very smoothly for me
    • Now there is a a slight snag to me being officially on the project (as far as i know) and it's that one of my past employers has not confirmed my end date....which I'm not really all that mad about because...

    A part time job I applied for got back to me and informed me that after 3 weeks of sifting through hundreds of applicants I am one of the second-wave candidates!

    • This position was the reason I revised my resume to begin with!
    • I'm very glad that the application left a good impression on them!
    • It feels good making it to the second round, feels good knowing that my skills and my talents are wanted and can fit right into the perfect positions/jobs/opportunities
    • The perks the company offers is great, flexible-remote-focused hours, competitive salary with equity (that's new for me!), dental & vision insurance coverage, paid time off, a focus on using technology for creativity and passion--it's very inspiring to me, helps me have clarity on some policies I could have with my own businesses one day
    • Honestly, I have a quiet-as-it's-kept-hope that somehow things works out where I can get this job rather than stick with the full time job... I know, still can't stay put at one place for very long, can I?
    • I know that the hourly pay rate is the same, give or take a few bucks, and so I'm also breathing into some other opportunities to allow more abundance so I can enjoy the PT opportunity without concern about money/comparing it to a FT paycheck
    • And I know this is none of my concern, because my vortex knows everything I want and knows how to bring it to me, and I don't have to figure it out, just be in the receptive mode and naturally follow whatever impulse comes
    • So I decide to look forward to seeing how this shapes up by the time March comes around...because...drum roll~

    An online art school I've had my eyes on for a year or two now recently partnered with a college to provide accredited art programs!!

    • I'm currently enrolled and I'll be part of the first intake in March!!
    • God, getting that email in their newsletter last month announcing "Financial Aid now available" was INCREDIBLE! I had let go of trying to figure out how to pay for it out of pocket, figuring out what niche grants/scholarships I could find that could help pay for it...I didn't have to lift a finger to make it happen, and I wouldn't have thought of this being a possible solution! Things are just always working out for me!
    • I love that my college program will have all the same features as applying directly to the online school, so I won't miss out on any community events and they'll still have one-on-one/small group mentoring
    • I love that this gives me the opportunity to learn from individuals within the entertainment art industry
    • I love that this gives me the opportunity to learn and train in a specialized art career
    • I love that this is purely focused on developing my technical art skills.
      • (I was previously strongly considering getting a Bachelors at an art-focused university (because FAFSA is a big POLR for me at the moment) which would have been fine, but the thing with typical college education is the fact that your agenda is full of degree specific classes and other subjects that don't really matter to you--Math, Science, Computer Information, etc. So what a great change of pace! Because from the catalogue and program summary the classes will be fully focused on art subject at a time so that students can be totally focused on becoming competent in that area of study rather than juggle multiple classes that do/don't relate to one another.)

    • I'm looking forward to seeing how all of this comes together (work/money & school) so I can enjoy myself this year as much as possible
    • I'm looking forward to the co-creators I'll get to rendezvous with
    • I'm looking forward to the fun I'll have with my mentors, learning from them and getting real time constructive feedback so I can focus myself into the draftsman I desire to be
    • I'm looking forward to the equipment and software requirements making their way to me--YAY! I get to think about what tablet and new computer I want~~
    • I'm looking forward to aligning with the artist I know I am, and seeing how I allow my skills to flourish with ease and fun

    A media survey came in the mail that gave me free $2 and guarantee $5 should I fill out and send the survey back

    • OK big whoop in the big scheme of things, but this is evidence related to my decision to flow in the direction of truly knowing that abundance just flows I don't have to do anything to earn it, nor does any action I do as part of an exchange (after all, the economy is just one big energy exchange) have to be difficult.
    • It can be as simple as filling out a short survey; that's how easily it can come
    • I didn't do anything to "deserve" that free cash, it just came; and hey, satisfied with that and EAGER FOR MORE!
    • Looking forward to more experiences of money just flowing--no struggle, no effort, just there
    • Looking forward to more of this ease and abundant flow in increasing amounts!
    • Looking forward to this being a new normal for me!

    Mom received a scratcher ticket from one of her friends for a Christmas gift

    • Wasn't a winner, but hey, it was alignment with my allowing to be playful about the idea of scratchers/lotto/games being a flow of abundance!
    • I haven't gotten my hands on a scratcher card in Y E A R S (I never buy them, they're always gifts) so this was definite confirmation
    • I have been very inspired by Helene Hadsell's story. I saw her interview years ago, but I'm coming into a place where i"m understanding that I can come into the same vibrational allowance as her: winning is easy, it's automatic, it's fun, and it can be a constant in life if I choose, if I enjoy it.
    • I like the idea of getting into such a flow of knowing there's no competition except for me, and finding it easy to enjoy playing "games of luck" with the utmost expectation that it's the POLR for me to experience / acquire something
    • I also like that I've been hearing about people playing the lottery and winning by ear and via online stories
    • (Btw, my new favorite winning lotto story has been of a man who got a scratcher ticket, won a large amount, and during an interview where he was re-creating his winning experience, he got played another scratcher and won AGAIN. )

    Received an inspired thought that may be a small step on my my POLR to moving/getting my own space

    • With this new job, I'd really like more space for the equipment, like a designated workspace/office. And the idea that came to me recently was asking a friend if I can use his spare bedroom as an office, and maybe have a deal where I stay over his place during the week and then go home for the weekend, pretty much like I'm commuting to work
    • It's a nice idea, although I haven't felt the push to actually bring it up yet, but for now, I'm basking in the feeling that it's totally possible
    • I'm basking in the feeling that it's easy to have access to my own space, feeling the feeling of more and more adventure and independence in life... Even basking in the (almost absolute) certainty that my friend wouldn't mind.
    • He's already always up for me coming over whenever, and when I've stayed over for an extended time before, it was really chill and fun

    The thoughts/visualizations concerning my own space/house feel a lot more easy to play with and focus on

    • I did a quick rampage today, playing with the visual of waking up in a big house surrounded by greenery and water, with floor to ceiling windows, and room, room, room to spare, and it felt goooood.
    • i actually felt a sensation of 'relief' thinking about it
    • i really like this is feeling more normal and easy for me
    • I like that the thought of expanding into a house doesn't feel so far fetched, I like that my gap's bridge is closing more and more
    • Looking forward to more inspirations and ideas concerning where and what kind of new living situation I'm creating/attracting

    Discovered an acting teacher that is right up my spiritual/non-traditional alley

    • So, an acting teacher I interviewed with in November and at the time couldn't study with in due to financial reasons has placed me first on the waiting list and will let me know ASAP when a student drops out (Yay~) and in the meantime, I've come across actor and teacher, Eric Morris.
    • I don't know a lot about Eric and honestly am not familiar with any of his works, but goodness gracious, that guy's teaching material and ideology about life is directly aligned with so much mystical/spiritual information I've gathered over the years
    • I love how different it is
    • I love how though I haven't read much from his books yet, I love how he connects acting to how one naturally BE's in life; how he believes there's a connection to the sub/unconscious and imagination to create our best selves and thus reality
    • I love how he understands the importance of allowing ourselves to be without judgement, not trying to force positivity, and just allowing the negative to dissipate--just breathe and be in the moment...very zen
    • And I'm certain he's a great substitute while I wait for a call back about the acting class; in fact, I'm sure when I get to work with the previously mentioned teacher, I'll be in great shape to keep up with her and her students!

    Excited for getting Z's late Christmas/birthday gifts

    • Isn't it great having total clarity on what to gift someone besides money? lol

    • I love knowing he'll appreciate his gifts when he gets
    • I'm looking forward to doing this more for friends and family

    • It feels so good being in a position where I can gift others things. It's one of the reasons I really like prosperity.
    • I like the thought of gifting presents on birthdays or anniversaries, to treat others to things for the fun of it.
    • I like how this new job i have is helping as a cooperative component so that I can do this next week
    • i like seeing my 'Capricorn Venus' aspect at play 'Expressing love by supporting others' dreams and goals' ... Yep sounds about right!

    Knowing that my financial situation is turning around, and enjoying the evidence/stories of others who have been in a place they would rather not be in, and then aligning so that they reach wealth

    • So after my previous job ended a bit abruptly/faster than I expected (due to me deciding I do not wish to work on email AND phones, I'd rather be an email/chat only girl thank you) I've been on a bit of a roller coaster with my finances
    • I've been up and down, feeling guilty and irresponsible as I looked at my bank account and credit score... but now I know it's okay
    • There's no situation any of us have been in that thought and vibraitonal alignment can't turn around
    • There are plenty of stories of "going from nothing to something"--celebrities who went from sleeping in their cars, or on friends' couches to becoming successful in their career, and entrepreneurs who were on their last dollars when they received a thought that made their life do a 180
    • Being "down on one's luck" isn't a new nor unsolvable human experience; there are plenty of evidences around me showing me that I'm okay, others have gotten through the same or worse, and Now in the physical sense is old, irrelevant
    • I'm becoming more and more aware of my Vortex and the importance of my EGS; THAT dominates all
    • And now I'm in a place where I see how things can turn around action-wise (new job, pay bills, play catch up) but I also know that this is due to vibrational work that changes are happening, and know to make that my focal point more than pushing tables and chairs
    • I know the only excuse I am using to feel bad about it is because "others would be disappointed if they knew"
    • And I know what others think doesn't matter, and I know that overall, I'm not sweating it, and I know it's a temporary reflection of my old thought and belief patterns
    • And I know I'm allowing new thoughts and beliefs that benefit me, so I can expect to see changes

    Feeling so much more interested in life, myself, and my dreams... I'm easier on myself

    • I'm loving how I'm getting into alignment with the knowing that I can allow things to be as easy or difficult as I want them to be. It's up to me, not the default creations of life and others.
    • And I"m proud of myself for relaxing into it all being easy, to give up the effort, embrace the lazy creator that I am and enjoy taking the easy road.
    • I'm proud of myself for choosing to align with these dreams, as many and as "big" as they may appear, I'm choosing to know they can be as easy and flow downstream
    • I'm proud of myself for choosing to live big and wild and decisively align with thoughts and beliefs that allow this
    • I'm proud of myself for choosing to dare to love life as much as possible, and create as much beauty and wonder from my experience as possible
    • I'm proud of myself for remembering to really take to heart that I'M HERE TO HAVE FUN! And see to it that I create a delicious experience, beyond mass consciousness' ideals of what's considered normal or right (which is mostly mediocre to some degree)

    My insight pertaining to the oldie but goody phrase, Satisfied where I am, and eager for More

    • I'm getting so much out of the realization I had that when I meditate on that phrase, I'm focused on what's so good about now and am eager for MORE OF IT.
    • And not more as in "get more of it in the future", but eager to feel more into it, eager to expand that feeling, that experience, eager to heighten my awareness of it, y'know?
    • I'm satisfied with the peace I have in my home and am eager for more of it.
    • I'm satisfied with a body that feels good on its own, and am eager for more of that good feeling.
    • I'm satisfied with the clarity I'm currently receiving and am eager for more of it.
    • I'm satisfied with the expansion I'm noticing with my finances and am eager for more.
    • I'm satisfied with the Presence I feel when I focus on what I like about now,
    • It's kind of a "no duh, they said that a million times" realization lol But feeling something click and resonate deeper than before is always a delight!

    Ok folks, that's all I've got for now.

    Feels good being back! Hope everyone enjoys the beginning of another new year, a fresh cycle of creation.

    Hopefully I'll get back to writing here and my allowing my genius thread regularly, we'll see!

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