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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    I like being independent. I like arranging my daily activities based upon my preferences. I like knowing that I am always loved, supported and guided. My Inner Being is always with me wherever I go. There are unlimited ways for what I want to come to me. I feel great ease in my life. I notice that wellbeing dominates in our lives. I like knowing my Inner Being is always calling me to where I want to be, and I like looking forward.

    I have been playing the prosperity game for some days. I have already written a lot of items on my excel sheet. I can easily remember them in my mind's eye. They enhance my feeling of freedom. They provide great convenience for me. They make my life easier and comfier. They look beautiful to my eyes. They enhance the beauty and neatness of what's in the house. They support and accomodate me well, moving me around. They make me more easily access to unlimited Internet resources. They create splendid sound environments and sound effects for me. They warm me up. They make yummy smoothies. They allow me to store a large amount of digital materials. They soothe my feet. They dry my hair faster and better. They refresh me. They excite my tastebuds. They take me to see new views. They make my travelling easier...

    I like being unconditionally aligned. I like feeling unconditionally abundant. I like feeling unconditionally happy. I like feeling blessed. I feel blessed to be interested in stories. I have found three ongoing stories to enjoy. I like the state of positive expectation. I expect to know their new development. I like knowing that I am an extension of Source Energy. I like knowing that nothing serious is going on in this physical realm. I like knowing I am worthy of all goodies. I like knowing I just need to allow my goodies. I never need to earn what I want. I like knowing my Inner Being ONLY focuses upon our wellness, happiness and abundance. I like noticing that it's easy for me to find physical wellbeing in all of us. I like focusing upon the Vortex version of people and things. I know, I like cute, happy, lighthearted, funny, calm, solution oriented, laid-back, passionate, allowing, loving, friendly, genuine, confident, willing and skilful people. I like co-creating with people in my alignment. I like having lighthearted conversations with people. I like getting others' sense of humor. I like watching cute kids and getting affected to laugh. I like focusing upon positive aspects of people. I like her braveness, her beauty, her care for her family, and her persistence. He is warm, easy going, happy, willing to help, confident and funny. I like her tender heart, her goofy personality, and her holding onto things meaningful to her. She is nimble and versatile, she likes turning ingredients into delicious snacks, she knows how to make clothes, she cares the wellbeing of her family members, and she is a wonderful grandmother and mother. I like his determination in finding fun in his daily life. He has found many ways to enhance his satisfaction. All wholesome ways. He attends to his vegetables thoroughly. He is naturally good at growing vegetables. Inspirations flow to him easily. He reaps pleasure by taking this activity. I like chewing upon the aspects I want to experience with other people. I am sure lots of aspects shown in movies and dramas are the opposite of what I want. But I still thank them for letting me know more clearly what I like.
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    I am in the cafe, sitting before my laptop, a cup of hot milk tea on the wooden table, and I begin to explore the world of traditional musical instruments. I am familiar with sounds of guqin, pipa, guzheng, and bamboo flutes, but as for ruanqin, it's my first time of searching it. I found a piece of music played mainly by ruanqin, also including piano and drum. It is elegant, flowing like a winding, unhurried stream. It is beautiful. I am willing to quiet my mind to fully feel its rhythm. I am in love many genres of music. I like pure instrumental music, I like solo singers' songs, and I also like bands' music. I am living in a world full of mesmerizing music.

    I have been practicing the prosperity game which lets me know clearly that I am already satisfied with where I am most of the time, and I've already got a lot of things I like. I just had a delicious lunch with the cheese sausage and fried sweet potato chips of plum flavor. I like abundant textures and flavors I felt on them. My body made the best of them, turning them into nutrients. I woke up this morning with a fresh mind, and kept energetic the whole morning. Abundant mental and physical energy are flowing through me. I feel comfortable, warm, and lighthearted. I remember some truths. Pure Positive Energy is powerfully flowing to my body. Pure Positive Energy keeps flowing powerfully to my teeth, gum, skin and fingers. I feel comfort in remembering that Source Energy is powerfully flowing to all of us and is forever calling us toward what we want. I like noticing wellbeing dominates in our lives. We live in a neat, safe, convenient, abundant and beautiful city. We live in comfy, multi-functional houses. We have harmony with people around us. We do things that please us. We have fun with each other. Our bodies work wonderfully for us. We have access to abundant resources.

    I feel abundant in convenience. I easily get delicious meals without needing to cook. I have access to unlimited songs on netease app, qq music app, and youtube. I walk and listen to music. I think and write with the company of music. I have a computer, a laptop and a smartphone which allow me to do a lot of things wherever I go. I take the laptop to the cafe, because it has a unique atmosphere for me to think and write. I have three pairs of earphones which provide me with satisfying sound quality. When I am at home, I can buy bubble tea on my phone, and usually it will come to me within 20 minutes. When I am in the cafe, I can walk directly to the neighboring famous bubble tea shops and get what I like. When I want to exercise, I can walk for five minutes to the nearby stadium, and walk together with a lot of people on the track. If I want to go somewhere, the bus stations and the subway station are all within minutes' walk. Other than food and drinks, I buy most things online because the online shopping is so convenient.

    I feel abundant in beauty. I have a way to enhance the beauty of my objects of attention. When I imagine who make them thoroughly attending to every part of their creations, the dresses, the electronic gadgets, and other items all become more beautiful, more attractive to me. I don't need to search and get the so-called truth, because the enhanced appreciation is what I want and what I've alredy got. And then, there are some objects of attention that immediately catch my eyes with their beauty. My eyes just love them, praise them and want to watch more of them. They can be a dress, a cat, or someone's face. Nothing is more important than that I feel good, and I would continually focus upon these beautiful objects, including songs whose beauty are perceived by my ears.

    I feel abundant in efficiency. For some parts of my life, I like to spend less time, and thanks to the technology, electric appliances have assumed a lot of tasks on my behalf. I appreciate the fridge, the washing machine, the water heater, the rice cooker, the microwave oven, the sweeping robot, the hairdryer, the air conditioners, the blender, and so on. I feel abundant in ease and comfort. I am often in a state of comfort and clarity. I am supported by where I am, whether I am at home or outdoors.
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    A belief is a thought I keep thinking.

    I woke up with a fresh mind, mom steamed a sweet potato, a zongzi and an egg as my breakfast. They were nutritious. I slept late last night, because the mini table arrived and I felt comfortable using my laptop on the bed. I have abundant choices in abundant life areas. I can stay at home or go to the cafe and I choose the latter, for the cafe owns a delightful atmosphere. I like knowing that we are all connected with Infinite Intelligence and Unlimited Abundance. Our Inner Beings are always calling us to answers, improvements, solutions, relief, wellness, happiness and abundance. When we sleep, we are fully aligned with Source Energy. Pure Positive Energy is fully flowing to my body, to my skin, teeth, gum, fingers and so on. Our bodies keep evolving. Wellbeing dominates in our lives. We see. We hear. We move freely. We speak. We brush, wipe, wash, type, write, sew, hold, carry, and bend. Our bodies are flexible.

    I like playing the prosperity game. I like finding the feeling-place of owning things. I feel free. I can easily take what I like with me, wherever I go. Abundant contents that satisfy, please, and excite me are available to me wherever I go. When I walk on the road, I can watch a cute video on my phone and put on a big smile in the watching. I sip fresh ground coffee and do my vibrational work on my laptop in the cafe. I wechat with my sister who lives far away. I follow new interesting stories told in the form of dramas. I easily find melodious songs to enjoy on my phone. I can eat whatever I like. I have abundant physical places of their unique personalities to visit. I feel comfortable. I feel relaxed. I feel comfortable from head to toe. And I use some equipment or visist some places to enhance my comfort. I get my hair washed and dried by hairdressers. I lsit in the swivel chair, lean against the seat back, move around and have fun in this simple activity. In the evening, I unfold the mini table and put my laptop on it, eager to begin my delicious night time. I get my feet massaged by an ingenious instrument. I feel alive. I feel appreciation. I genuinely appreciate the beauty showed to me in so many forms. I have intimate relationships with quality, beautiful clothes. I can easily remember them in my mind's eye and immediately get satisfaction from my remembering. I appreciate designers and makers who create items I like. I appreciate their devotion, creativity and craftsmanship. Their minds and hands work wonders. I appreciate the cuteness, the beauty and the loveliness in people and things. I feel secure. I know I am supported, loved and guided. And I enhance my security by having Plan-B. I am abundant in satisfying Plan-Bs. I like having abundant to give out. I like giving out in my alignment. I like interacting with people in alignment.

    I like focusing upon my wellbeing. I like feeling worthy. I like noticing the evidence of my blessedness.

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