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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    Pure Positive Energy is powefully flowing to me, to every cell of my body. What I think, how I feel and what manifests are always a vibrational match. My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like, regardless of what is. My Inner Being knows where I am, where I want to be, and is forever calling me toward where I want to be. My Inner Being has its opinion of anything I am thinking here and now.

    I see a field of corn poppies. Most in the state of full bloom, while some are buds. They stand upright there, slim and graceful. Translucent petals are naturally dyed into red, pink, orange and white. As the wind blows, they slightly sway and touch each other. They have a simple structure, a yellow center and several petals, with leaves lying low on the ground. But they look fresh, beautiful and lively. I really like them. They flourish in the spring. Flowers are usually pretty and welcomed by fashion designers. And there are unlimited ways and materials to create flowers on dresses. New colors can be applied to any flower. Corn poppies can grow green and blue flowers in this world of fashion design. Bright red roses can by made by dyed feathers. Golden water lily can be embroidered by silk thread. Daisies can be made by white and yellow beads. Infinite ideas can visit designers, as to creating captivating flowers on dresses, just like any other object. As a totally new area to my eyes, I see almost every dress in the fashion shows as beautiful. I may get amazed at their color combination, but find it hard to describe the reason with words.

    When I remember the corn poppies with appreciation, I feel good, and every cell of my body receives Pure Positive Energy, the Liquid Love. When I pat the puppy on the head and rub her tummy, I feel good, and my eyes, ears, teeth, gum, heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, bones, fingers, ligaments, tendons, stomach and bowels all receive Pure Positive Energy, the Liquid Love. I like having a healthy body. I like feeling clear-minded and energetic. I like doing various things with my two flexible hands. I like seeing beauty with my eyes. I like walking fast through my legs. I like enjoying food and drinks. I like having a efficient thinking mind. I like putting on the earphones and enjoying melodious songs. I like noticing the many actions I do every day through my body. I brush, wash, don, take off, walk, type, open, drink, eat, listen, speak, and watch.
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