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    A belief is a thought I keep thinking. My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like. Contrast helps me know more clearly what I desire. My Inner Being is guiding me forward through my PoLR.

    I wake up early in the morning. I rarely need a nap in the noon. I like having abundant physical energy to focus upon what I like. I like thinking about the Vortex version of my body. My legs are firm and strong. My fingers are extremely flexible and have unlimited potential to become more flexible. My eyes perceive beauty, order, cuteness and vitality. My eyes gain great satisfaction watching people deliberately applying their hands in the process of creating. My ears enjoy music and conversations. I am easy to please, music wise. My body is demonstrating high-degree alive ness. It is strong, malleable and adaptive. And always, I remember that to my body, the most important thing is doing vibrational work, or feeling good.

    I am expanding my thoughts on this business, though my main work is managing inventory. Purposefully looking for new thoughts about subjects in my life makes me more fulfilled. Positive thoughts about this business feel good to me, so itself is already a bonus. I know that this business is in our Vortices. Source is in on it and it has a huge market. More and more people buy our clothes. They like what they buy and write posts with photos to share their appreciation. Source is in on my role in this business. I receive more money in doing my work. I appreciate the clothing that looks good to me and to a lot of people.

    To bring more fun to my life, sometimes I play roles. I would imagine myself as the cook when he is cutting vegetables. I intentionally do so as my prepaving--if I want to cook in the future, this imagination and observation help a lot. I am never limited to observing and enjoying certain hand moves, because the world of unlimited artisans, or craftmen, is open to me, perceivable by my eyes. Satisfaction coming from this learning brightens my life and therefore I will keep doing it.

    I am satisfied with my present job and wants to have another job in my other time segments. Its contents must please me, satisfying me. My mind is eager to think about it. My knowledge gets used creatively. I often get into the Vortex and receive inspirations or impulses. Both my mind and my hands enjoy the activities it brings to me. I know what I desire, I have great clarity of what I want in relationships and I am usually in harmony with people around me while sometimes, the disagreement serves me well as the step1 that expands my Vortex. Like the artisans I watched, I know how to treasure every simple move of my mind and hands, which leads to a happier life for me, in every area. I let go of the propensity to see things as trivial, and instead see them as important elements that form a meaningful whole. I have applied this attitude to many scenes and so I know it can work everywhere. So, my job or jobs will be a happy subject.

    For every piece of knowledge, my Inner Being has its opinion, and this could be a wonderful basis for me to review what I have learned and to learn new knowledge.
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