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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    I just received an job offer. Whether I go or not, I choose to see it as my beneficial driftwood.

    Songs I have been listening have extremely beautiful rhythms and sweet feelings that my feet can't help tapping the floor to match them. I love music. I listen to music every day. I do my writing accompanied by music. I have access to unlimited songs and instrumental music. I like husky voices. I like light and sweet voices. I like mellow and allowing voices. I like crystal clear voices. I enjoy rhythms. I enjoy lyrics. I enjoy emotions singers express. I enjoy their singing skills.

    I have been practicing the prosperity game through which I know more clearly what I desire and what are their feeling-places. I like beauty. I have my own preferences of beauty. I pick a grey colored night table upon which I lay the combination of a sand clock and a butterfly-supported crystal ball. They look good together. The desk is burlywood, with a drawer and a cabinet on the left, and is a good couple of that grey-and-white swivel chair. The chair can be reclined to let me sit more comfortably. I like moving it around in the room. The sofa or sofas in the living room color like spring, fresh and lighthearted, covered by quality leather. The black cute fan heater warms the bathroom up and pruifies the air. The big screened TV allows me to watch textures, shapes and colors in a clear way. I can clearly observe the details of what's on the screen. For example, I can look at the subtleties of dresses models wears. Clothes are efficiently washed clean, dried and ironed by the washing machine, the drier and the iron. They almost look pristine. The small sized vacuum cleaner not only cleans up the beds and sofas, but helps get rid of mites. It's nice to keep the beds and sofas healthy and neat. The new hair dryer doesn't hurt the hair at all, it can help create smooth hair, and it dries hair fast, only needing six to eight minutes. The coffee machine is extremely easy to operate, on days when I am not out in the cafe, I can use it to make coffee of a lovely taste at home. The two layered, oval-shaped side table is put beside the white sofa chair, serving me extremely well when I sit comfortably, resting or reading books, or writing on my phone, by accommodating the coffee cup, the notebook or books.

    I appreciate the prosperity game for letting me know more clearly that I like electronic products, and I just like buying many of them. I like buying smartphones, pads, notebooks, computers, mobile hard disks, USB flash disks, and earphones. I like the freedom they offer to me. With them, I can do so many things wherever I go. I listen to music on the road. I can do my vibrational work in the form of writing on my laptop when I am sitting in the bullet train. I can watch dramas on my pad when I am in the cafe. I can store as many as possible desired materials into them. I can operate several apps/software simultaneously on my phone, pad or laptop. I can persistenly play the prosperity game on the excel in the hotel room with my laptop. I can watch wonderful fashion shows wherever I go. And they are all extremely efficient. They start up fast. They operate any software smoothly and efficiently. They offer high qualiy vision and sound effects. They are light weighted and therefore easy to move around.

    I like the prosperity game that allows me to know that I can make the best of beauty in shopping. When the functions of certain items already satisfy me, my final choices of them can be dependent upon their beauty. I would like to buy working-well and beautiful physical objects, while in some of them, beauty is actually the no.1 factor. For example, clothes are mostly about beauty. I like buying beautiful to my eyes t-shirts, shirts, coats, suit jackets, jeans and shoes...
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    A belief is a thought I keep thinking.

    I am always loved, supported and guided by my Inner Being. My Inner Being knows where I am, where I want to be, and is forever calling me toward where I want to be through my path of least resistance. I like molding my thoughts. I like cultivating new, beneficial thoughts. Everything I desire is already mine, held firmly by my Inner Being in my Vortex. I never need to earn them. I just need to allow. And I have been practicing the art of allowing. I know what kind of working environments I want. I know what kinds of working relationships I want to create and maintain. I know I can do a lot of things, already known or unknown. I know I want to do what I like. And I want to be good at it. So the desired job has already had a quite clear image. The working environment is lighthearted. I co-created with colleagues (and customers) wonderfully. I like what I do and I am good at what I do. I let Infinite Intelligence flow through me into my working. I am appreciated and well paid.

    I like cute people. I like lighthearted people. I like loving and allowing people. I like people who are funny. I like people who are persistent in their dreams. I like people who are kind and friendly. I like people who appreciate. I like people who respect others. I like people who genuinely praise. I like people who are confident, responsible and talented. I like people who like what they do. I like people who make the best of where they are. I like people who teach and guide in aligned states. I like people who is calm and patient. I like people who naturally like connecting with people. I like warm people. I like happy people. I like people who focus upon positive aspects of things and people. I like people who tell stories of wellbeing. I like people who focus upon the answers and solutions. I like forward looking people...

    I like enhancing convenience, neatness, aliveness, beauty and wellbeing of my life. I like finding the feeling-places of what I desire. I pick the white shoes that match my coat best. I walk ourdoors accompanied by beautiful music that comes through my earphones. Soon, I arrive at the cafe, getting a cup of fresh ground coffee, and walk upstairs with my laptop. I do my vibrational work in the form of writing in the cafe. I like the lighthearted atmosphere in this cafe. I have abundant coats, jeans and shoes to choose and wear. I like those two short fluffy coats, I like that black knitted dress, I like the long down jacket, I like that dark grey, leisure-style suit jacket. I like that black, plaid suit jacket with a pocket on the chest. I have different sized bags for the pads and laptops. I deliberately choose them, so they look good to my eyes. After doing something on my computer for a while, I would lean backwards on the swivel chair and move around in the room as my rest. The TV, the washing machine, the clothes dryer, the hair dryer, the fan heater, the water heater, the air conditioners, the iron, the stove, the microwave oven, the rice cooker, the sweeping robot and the oven bring so much convenience and efficiency in our washing, cleaning, drying, cooking, bathing, working, studying, and resting. They provide us a space with the perfect temperature. We feel warm in the winter, and cool in the summer...

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    I typed "Korean r&B" on qq music app, and immediately about one thousand songs surfaced, and soon I created a mostly beautiful song list. I like rhythms of these songs, and they serve me really well as the bgm of my thinking and writing. I feel blessed to live in this world full of wonderful songs and instrumental music. I have easy access to melodies all over the world. I like sweet songs. I like frisky songs. I like soft and gentle songs. I like calm songs. I like sexy songs. I like powerful songs. I like jubilating songs. I like sad and beautiful songs. I like voices of different textures. I like traditional and modern musical instruments. Music is my wonderful companion.

    What my mom made this morning was yummy. She cooked vegetable fried rice cakes and an fried egg. I can easily feel the deliciousness of abundant food and drinks,whether made at home or bought in cafes or diners. Recently I ate a lot of fried sweet potato chips with the plum flavor, because they feel really good on my tongue. I know what I like eat and I can easily buy them.

    The prosperity game has been expanding my imagination. By practicing it, I get to sense the feeling-places of a lot of things I think I desire. I feel great ease and convenience. Life is easy for me. A lot of activities of mine are supported by modern technology. I can do many things easily and efficiently by having electric appliances and electronic products. I can have my hair washed and dried in the hair salon. Or I can wash my hair at home and then use the hair dryer to quickly dry it and keep it healthy and smooth. When I don't go out to the cafe, I can still make quality coffee by using that easy-to-operate coffee machine. With the automatic dish cooking machine, I get to eat yummy fried vegetables easily at home. And therefore I have more choices in terms of cooking. I can cook with my hand or just put ingredients in the machine. With the abundant assistance I get, I can spend much less time on housework. And I get to live in comfy, neat, warm in the winter, cool in the summer, fresh, lighthearted and beautiful spaces. I get to easily take the world of Internet with me wherever I go. I listen to music through my phone. I listen to abe when I am waiting somewhere. I watch interesting stories on the pad when I am in the bullet train. I do vibrational work, explore youtube and watch movies on my laptop in the cafe...

    I am healthy. I am clear-minded and energetic. I wake up early in the morning with a fresh mind. I do the brushing and washing efficiently with my hands. I enjoy breakfast and the fresh ground coffee. I listen to music. I walk fast on the road. My fingers are extremely flexible. I fly my fingers on the keyboard when I think and write. I watch people and things that are cute or beautiful.
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    My body keeps evolving. Pure Positive Energy is powerfully flowing to every part of my body. My hair is lush. My eyes let me see the world clearly. My ears allow me to enjoy abundant beauty of music. My tongue feels different flavors of food and drinks. I breathe easily. My heart automatically pumps. I walk a lot. I walk fast. My flexible fingers assist me in brushing, washing, typing, writing, holding, pulling, pushing, folding, ripping, and uplifting...

    I am connected with Unlimited Abundance. I have access to unlimited beautiful music. I like playing resonating songs as bgm when I think and write. I am open to many genres of music. I listen to pop, jazz, funk, R&B, and songs that emit the ancient feeling. I often tap my right foot on the floor to match the rhythm. My mindbody loves music. I have been expanding my knowledge and imagination by doing the prosperity game. I often search items on a big shopping website, and then pick the one or the ones that look or feel most attractive to me. I collect items in my imagined space and I can visit them whenever I want. This afternoon I found three ornaments that can be put on different tables or shelves. A green, ceramic rabbit, a bronze kerosene lamp and a rectangular old-fashioned radio. I don't have very strong desire for most physical objects, in this sense, I can play this game in a lighthearted mood, because I don't take score too soon, I don't need certain physical thing urgently.

    I like living a fulfilling life. I like purposefully focusing upon things that work well for me. I like telling stories of my wellbeing. I like noticing things in my life that are worth appreciating. I spend some time exploring the world and doing the prosperity game. I collect pictures and information of objects that I think I want. I get clearer about my preferences. I listen to music and I love it. I have been following several stories and I keep curious about their further development. I appreciate the scripts. I appreciate the actors who wonderful portray their roles. I like the amazing cinematography. I can easily sense which parts impressing me most and so later I can repeat these parts. Already, many things fulfill me. And, there are unlimited future things that will fulfill me. I may not figure out them now, but I can feel the resonance when we meet at the right timing. I like knowing this. I like reminding myself that my Inner Being is always calling me to these things, the work, the relationships, etc.

    A belief is a thought I keep thinking. I like loving and allowing people. I like people who are willing to help. I like people who are stable and calm. I like people who are genuine and kind. I like people who appreciate. I like pepople who respect. I like people who genuinely praise. I like people who are confident, responsible and talented. I like people who are happy. I like people who are lighthearted. I like people who are funny. I like people who are cute. I like people who hold the vision, who like Jesus, focus upon the vortex version of things and people. I like people who are persistent. I like people who don't care what others think of them. I like people who are clear-minded and inspired. I like people who focus upon the bigger picture, who are solution oriented. I like people who are forward looking. I like people who make the best of where they are. I like people who enjoy what they do. I like people who are deliberate, purposeful. I like people who guide and teach in alignment...

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    A belief is a thought I keep thinking.

    I am connected with Infinite Intelligence and Unlimited Abundance. I had a good sleep and I woke up early this morning with a fresh mind. I was walking to the cafe. What do I like about you? Why do I love you so much? What are your positive aspects? I ask myself these questions regarding the cafe. I like its atmosphere. It is quiet, neat, convenient and spacious for me to enjoy my time. The space seems to belong to me, because most of the time, I am the only one on the thrid floor. The girl brings me drinking water and fresh ground coffee, and I like sipping them from time to time. The wifi in the cafe is stable and fast, and I can freely surf online, visiting all kinds of websites. I explore desired videos on youtube. I search products on jd to help me do the prosperity game. I listen to music and watch dramas online. I am widely supported to do these things in a lighthearted mood. Because, I am healthy and clear-minded. I provide my body with delicious and nutritious meals. I have warm and neat clothes to wear. I have free time to spend on things that satisfy me. I choose to deliberately focus upon things that feel good to me.

    The green ceramic rabbit looks alive and beautiful. It is seated well on the end table. The bronze kerosene lamp, as well as the radio, reminds me of life scenarios one hundred years ago. The bluish green sofa, consisting of a chaise lounge and three square chairs, looks fresh and lighthearted. The bigger white sofa chair with a reclined back is a wonderful place to relax the body. Or read, with coffee on the two layered, oval side table. The wooden hat tree in the bedroom is also light-colored. The color combinations of the house lighten me up.The clock on the wall is cute, cartoon-like, in contrast to the painting of a fairy crane flying with its wings wide open. The kitchen is full of embodiment of convenience. I see a coffee machine, a blender, a dish cooking machine, a multi-functional rice cooker, a microwave oven and an electric oven. It's easy to make a nutritious meal, a fresh sour and sweet smoothie, a cup of hot palatable coffee with them, just needing to push some buttons. Life is easy and beautiful in this house, as well as in the cafe.

    I like knowing desired relationships. I like cute people. I like funny people. I like loving and allowing people. I like patient people. I like happy people. I like people who are lighthearted. I like people who respect. I like people who appreciate. I like people who genuinely praise. I like people who are willing to support. I like people who are confident, responsible and talented. I like people who enjoy what they do. I like people who receive and give in alignment. I like people who hold the vision, who focus upon the vortex version of things and people. I like calm people. I like people who are persistent in their dreams. I like people who can stand in others' shoes and share the happiness or offer aligned suggestions.
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    My body keeps evolving. Pure Positive Energy is always powerfully flowing to every part of my body. Every time I feel good, every part of my body gets better. My body works really well for me. My mind is clear. My body is firm, strong, flexible and multi-functional. My eyes see clearly. My ears hear clearly. My legs move efficiently. My taste buds are sensitive. My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon my wellness. I sleep well every day. And when I sleep, I let Source Energy fully flow to my body, to my hair, nose, ears, tongue, mouth, thyroid, throat, skin, lungs, heart, blood, blood vessels, kidneys, liver, spleen, stomach, bowels, gall bladder, pancreas, ligaments, tendons, bones, and the rest of my body.


    I like feeling abundant. I am connected with Unlimited Abundance. I like stories. Stories excite my mind. Recently, I find satisfaction in certain genres of stories which I didn't enjoy previously. I see people's different reactions to the same thing as interesting. I feel the actors' acting skills, and appreciate those doing a good job in portraying their roles. I highlight the most beautiful parts, the most hilarious parts, or the cutest parts of movies and dramas in my mind so that I can repeat them and enjoy them again later on. The villains may be welcomed by me because the actors demonstrating wonderful acting skills, and I appreciate their mastery. Sometimes, I would have enough leisure to care about the actresses' wardrobes. When the dialogue doesn't seem important, I may choose to focus upon the actor's face, for she/he is really good looking. Stories make me feel alive.


    I like knowing that I am always loved, supported and guided by my Inner Being wherever I go. I like knowing I can allow all that I need and want through satisfying ways. I never need to make needy cases. Abundance flows to me continually. I am used to enjoying my solitude, while still having enough willingness and energy to co-create with people. I take good care of myself. I deliberately arrange my daily activities. I know my priorities. I care about how I feel and apply different processes to enhance my vibe. I treasure my unique preferences and keep doing things that please me. I mold my thoughts on subjects like body, finance, etc. There is nothing more important than that I feel good. I know what kind of physical spaces I like and I attract them wherever I go. I like making the best of where I am and making the best of the materials I've obtained. I like being solution oriented. I like receiving in my alignment. When I receive in my alignment, that is a happy experience for both parts.

    What do I want? Why do I want them?

    I want a job because I want to live a fulfilling life. I want to have more things that interest me, that make me eager to get up early in the morning. I don't feel bored. I am curious, interested and active. I do what I like. I am devoted to doing things that please me. I get into the Vortex and let wonderful ideas flow. I receive satisfying impulses to act. I act upon them immediately. The channel between me and Source is wide open, and both my mind and my body benefit a lot. I want a job because it can flow money to me. I like money because money can buy so many things I desire. With abundant money, I can buy things that make my life easier, more beautiful, neater, more convenient, comfier, and more efficient. I have great freedom in buying what I desire.
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    It is a sunny day. I was walking in the sunlight with the company of music. The air fresh, the street neat and orderly, traffic police guiding people, I chose to focus upon my wellbeing. My brown boots feel warm to my feet, while the gloves warm my hands. This morning, after I efficiently brushed teeth, washed face, and applyed cream, I ate sweet potato congee my mom made with the pressure cooker. I enjoyed it and remembered that my body was making the best of it. My body is supporting me every day with its every part. I am healthy. I am clear-minded. I am flexible. I am energetic. I apply my hands efficiently. I move around freely. I enjoy the subtleties of music and food...

    I can watch what I like on my smartphone, or laptop, or computer. I can order classic coffee, or vanilla coffee or American coffee in the cafe. I can listen to Korean songs, or Chinese songs, or English songs, or instrumental music. I can read Abe books, or listen to Abe clips on youtube. I can write an appreciation list, or find better feeling thoughts on a specific subject. I can re-read the contents of my prosperity game, or add new information into the list. I can walk to the cafe, or take the bus. I can go to that famous lake whenever I want. I can take the bus or the subway there. I can sitting on the bench, quietly looking at the lake and the mountains across the water. At supper time, I can make simple porridge at home, or eat hot spot full of vegetables in the diner. I can watch cute videos of the twin boys, or I can re-watched videos of my nephew I shot when he was very little. I have great freedom in when to sleep, I sleep late when my mind keeps fresh, and choose to sleep early as my eyes are closing down...

    I am practicing the prosperity game. In the process, I feel relaxed, totally comfortable. I have abundant choices on abundant subjects. Life is extremely convenient to me. I am supported by electric appliances and electronic gadgets. I take with me the whole Internet, with my smartphone, or laptop. The map app quickly helps me find my way, offering clear guidance for me. I allow abundance to come to me in my co-creating with people. I feel happy in giving out gifts. I like buying nice things for my family members. I like inviting them to dinners. I like buying furniture and machines that are multi-functional. I like having abundant storage space of physical objects and digital objects. I just bought a USB flash disck that allows me to store lots of videos. I treasure beauty. I like putting beautiful ornaments in their right places. I am abundant in objects that look beautiful to my eyes. I like that ceramic green rabbit, that elegant long-neck vase, that antique bronze kerosene lamp, and that green-and-white, foldable mini wooden bar.

    I feel blessed to know abe and abe teachings. I like knowing that I am always loved, supported and guided wherever I go. I am always in a safe and comfortable place, mentally, physically. Pure Positive Energy is powerfully flowing to every part of my body. Every time I feel good, I let Source Energy fully flow to every cell of my body. There is nothing more important than that I feel good. My body keeps evolving. I let Source Energy flow through me into abundant activities. I like thinking and writing with a clear mind. I like sensing the rhythm of music with my ears and my quiet consciousness. I like watching cute videos of the twin boys. Their contagious giggle puts a smile on my face. They are so curious about life. I like knowing my Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like, regardless of what is. I like knowing my Inner Being persistently focuses upon my wellness, happiness and abundance. I like knowing my Inner Being ONLY focuses upon the wellbeing of people I care about. I see my family member as healthy, happy, knowing what they like and spending time on what satisfy them. They are loving. They have hobbies. They laugh. They sleep well. They live in wonderful environments. They are loved, supported and guided always. Our Inner Beings always call us to our wellness, happiness, abundance, solutions, answers, relief, and the path of least resistance. There are things in our lives that call and energize us every day.
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    Still, I am sensitive to music. I can easily tell whether this song I am listening is beautiful to me or not. And often a specific part of the song would resonate with me or excite me most. Beautiful songs can be found in any genre of music. For music, I am totally open because there is no danger in listening to a fully new song. If it is not melodious, I just need to stop the listening. Last night, I was listening to abe, and during that recording, Abe stressed a sentence: I will know it when I see it. This totally applies to music, regardless of the vivid words describing the music, only when I am actually listening, I can say I like it or not.

    When I look at his face, I can't help commenting: Brilliant! To my eyes he has a really handsome face. I know whether someone's appearance looks beautiful to me or not when I am looking at and seeing his or her face. One good thing is, many people like actors are beautiful in my opinion, which benefits me a lot because movies and dramas played by actors I like are usually more attractive to me. I would pick movies and dramas to watch just because they have my favorite actors.

    I will know it when I see it. After some consideration, I decided to go back home though I was still experiencing the bottleneck. I didn't know whether it's a right decision or not, but now that going back to the hospital was easy, it's safe for me to go home. What happened blew my mind. As soon as I got hom, I found strong desires to go out, to play with my nephew, to think and write on my computer. Wow! I didn't predict that the change in the environment could make such a difference. My mind and imagination then were limited by the routine activities in the hospital, while as my mind came to face the actual vivid environment where I had great freedom in moving around, and where I have dynamic interactions other people, a lot of feasible ideas came up and I immediately acted upon them. Energy moved fast. What a journey! I felt much more alive. I broke that bottleneck. I enjoyed communication with people. I took good care of myself. I knew it's what I liked when I was in the at-home situation. I liked being at home, experiencing the freedom of moving around and new ideas popping up.

    Looking back, I know more clearly what I like. I like being independent. I like being self-reliant and resourceful. I like being sure of the power and adaptability of my body. I like having abundant mental and physical energy. I like persistently focusing upon Vortices of my family members. I like doing vibrational work in the form of writing. I like knowing I am connected with Infinite Intelligence and Unlimited Abundance. I like my mind being excited by stories. I love music. The cafe plays music and sometimes the song would catch my attention and this way, I get to look for, find and enjoy a new song that resonates with me.
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    When I look at the actor's face, I can't help commenting: Excellent or brilliant. For my eyes, he has a uniquely handsome face. I like every part of his face. My liking his face enhances the fun of watching his dramas. He did a good job in all the three dramas I have watched. I expect to more episodes of his recent drama. Plus, he looks good in different kinds of clothes, in school units, in suits, or in sportswear. I remember him wearing an unbuttoned khaki, leisure style, suit jacket over a white, round-necked t-shirt, walking gently toward his beloved girl, with a smile on his face. That, is a beautiful scene.

    It's a sad but extremely beautiful song, especially when the singer hits the high notes. 井胧's 丢了你 attracts lots of listeners, not just Chinese people but also foreigners. It seems the chorus really resonates with a large number of people. And one reason of its popularity comes from the singer's wonderful singing skills. When I find a new singer because of a song, I usually would get more than one song to loop for some time, because the singer often has at least several beautiful songs.

    There are unlimited possible combinations of textures, shapes and colors that could be seen as beautiful. Unlimited. Fashion shows are the congregation of a lot of beautiful elements--models has beautiful body shapes, their makeup is purposefully designed, and all the clothes they wear are thoroughly made. I see beautiful and cool suit jackets. I see beautiful and elegant gowns. I see beautiful, ethereal, fairy-like dresses. I see beautiful, futuristic, rare suits. I see beautiful, shiny, eye-catching, bead embroidered skirts. I see beautiful, fresh, spring-like dresses. I see beautiful, stately gowns. I see beautiful, fluffy, and cute coats. I see beautiful, exquisite overcoats...

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    My mom prepared my breakfast and supper. I ate rice, steamed jujubes and pickles as my breakfast. On the table were two bowls of vegetables and a crab, which I can eat at supper. As for lunch, I often eat sweet-and-a-little-spicy rice cakes and sweet potato chips of plum flavor. I get classic coffee or American coffee in the cafe, sipping them when I am watching or writing on my laptop. Yesterday, I receive the usb flash disk to store videos, audios and other files.

    My eyes perceive beauty. But I don't have strong desires to own beautiful things mainly perceived by my eyes or take pictures of beautiful objects. A long time ago, when I was in a good mood, it's always so easy for me to find beauty both in reality and in the Internet world. What please my eyes change as time goes by, and I rarely hold onto any specific beautiful things though I can re-visist them as I like. I take great satisfaction in beautiful images and sounds. I am abundant in beauty my eyes and my ears perceive. In a drama I recently watched, the girl had a crystal-like, beautiful voice. The boy is extremely handsome. They make a good couple to me. I can easily remember their faces in my mind's eye. I have several song lists I am listening to, which are all beautiful. I don't know what they are telling, because most of them are sung in foreign languages, but I like their captivating tunes, and my foot would tap the floor to match the song I am listening. The twin baby boys sit face to face, giggliing and leaning forward to hug each other, and I see this as a cute, beautiful scene which easily puts a smile on my face.

    I am satisfied with where I am. I am satisfed with the cafe and the house. I like sitting in the cafe, accompanied by coffee and music. I like exploring my inner world. I like doing vibrational work. I like watching stories. I like searching useful information such as pictures and functions of certain objects. Where I am is safe, neat, beautiful, comfortable, convenient and abundant. Resources like cold water, hot water, electricity, natural gas are available to us 24/7. Electric appliances make our daily activities easier and comfier. The developed delivery system allow me to eat or drink whatever I like within 20 minutes. I often order milk tea through the system. The transportaion system is also developed too, and can easily take me to wherever I want to be...
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