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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    Yes! And that is grammatically correct: "I am going places."
    The Cambridge Online Dictionary defines it as this:
    to be likely to be successful in the future
    and this: 可能获得成功

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hands in the Clay View Post
    Yes! And that is grammatically correct: "I am going places."
    The Cambridge Online Dictionary defines it as this:
    to be likely to be successful in the future
    and this: 可能获得成功
    Yes. And in most cases, it would equal “你前途无量。” 你=you, 前=forward 途=journey 无量=unlimited. So I could say it in an abeish way:

    There are unlimited positive possibilities unfolding before you.

    Language is really interesting and beautiful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenny Lee View Post
    7. I am blessed to know wonderful people such as WellBeing, POE, HitC, Marc and so on. I am inspired by them on a daily basis.
    1. I am thrilled to see someone who is doing the "work"--not for show, not for approval--just 'cuz it feels better to do the "work" than not do the work.

    2. I delight in my awe in watching someone explore something different despite the fact it would be simpler and easy to continue do the "same ol', same ol'."

    3. I am inspired by the spirit of adventure of one exploring new territory in hopes of finding something that feels better.

    4. I love someone discovering that feeling better feels better and that feeling better is reason enough.

    5. I delight in the exquisite interplay of finding one's balance, taking a step, checking in with guidance, re-orienting oneself (if necessary), finding one's balance again and venturing forth. It's intricate and delicate and sensitive and an art.

    6. My heart leaps when a traveller feels her way to relief here and then contentment there and then happiness over here and then joy over there and more joy over there. Joy in little things, relief in big things. Happiness in big things, contentment in little things. The dance of feeling and adjusting, feeling and adjusting.

    7. I ride along as the joyful momentum begins and sweeps us along--each to our own Vortices.

    8. I am overjoyed to have placed myself in such illustrious company.

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    * Now I can absolutely feel that living a continually joyful life is possible. Now I can absolutely feel that having great ideas and inspirations one after another is possible. I am in this state of being now. It’s possible to be like Tesla and Da Vinci, who continually have great ideas and inspirations and amazing abilities.

    * It feels so good to release the guardedness. It feels so great to accept and allow all kinds of things, to respect everything’s value, and to embrace challenges/contrasts/problems, knowing their existence is indispensable to my joyous creation.

    * As my interests and desires expand, things that I didn’t like before now become interesting and exciting and inspiring. I immensely enjoy one of Bear Grylls’ programmes, in which 13 men need to stay in a deserted island for 4 weeks. I love this programme. I really enjoy watching it without any uncomfortable feeling. I appreciate all the participants. I learned a lot from this programme, from them.

    * I know that many wonderful thoughts are not based upon the knowledge that I learned before or my past life experiences. I know I get all kinds of new thoughts and inspirations when I am in a receptive mode. So I don’t need to limit my ability to answer other people’s questions, assuming that I can only have answers originaing from learned knowledge and my personal history. I can tune in and then let the totally new wonderful perfect answers come out of my being.

    * I now have new attitudes toward guardedness, hoarding, fearing of losing and so on. I am confident that I can always find wonderful things to appreciate and enjoy my life, so I don’t need to guard anything, hoard anything, or fear of losing anything. Because all of these attitudes have a vibration saying that I am focused upon the unwanted.

    * I am always abundant. My abundance is lying in my alignment with my eternally evolving Vortex, with Who-I-Have-Become. I’m doing really well now.

    * I am doing a great pre-paving about joyous adventure. I see human’s great potential in many areas by watching Bear Grylls’ programmes. I see the strength of human body and the amazing power of human’s love for self, family and life. I want to experience joyous adventures in many ways. I can challenge my physical condition and see how great my body can behave. I’m glad to have new desires.

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    Oh my. WB, I'm so thrilled to see your reply. I've already read it for several times.

    Thank you, I love your answers in "Abraham-Hicks Teachings and You", and I've got so many wonderful and amazing tips and inspirations from you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    And thank me, for attracting you here.

    Yes, Do-The-Work is one of my golden mantras now.

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    Focus Wheel

    I want to feel happy in social circumstances.

    0: I have already enjoyed some of the social events, such as meeting with my dear friends, talking about things that I am interested in.

    1: I have already enjoyed some of the social events in which we are focused upon eating delicious food and chatting about random things.

    2: So delicious food and interesting topics are two elements of social circumstances that attract me. And many social events involve food, so at least in many social circumstances I can find something to eat and appreciate.

    3: I also like walking, and so if walking is the primary element of the social event, I can accept it too.

    4: I am now very interested in music and singing. And therefore it’s possible for me to sing with other people. I can encourage myself to sing my favorite songs in front of other people. And I can enjoy the songs that other people are singing. So if I take part in a KTV event, it’s possible for me to enjoy it now.

    5: It’s alright that I don’t find very interesting topics to talk about or communicate with others. I accept this, and choose to find other things to appreciate. I can appreciate the generosity other people show to me. I can cultivate the willingness to talk to other people. Having willingness feels better than boredom.

    6: I know that there are people who can find joy in all kinds of social events. They are more focused upon people rather than the topic. They enjoy interacting with other people. They feel good among people. They are open to other’s suggestion and words, seeing them as useful information and usually remembering them.

    7: I don’t need to limit myself to a particular personality. If there are people who can easily and fully enjoy social events, then I also can.

    8: I can see being talkative as an experiment and just practice it in social circumstances. I do this because it’s fun. It’s fun to change my personality traits.

    9: I can deliberately get to know other people, and find some ways to build a multi-beneficial atmosphere. For example, I can collect other people’s preferences, and then provide them with their favorite food when I invite them to dinner. It feels good to know other people and willingly do something to bring pleasure to other people. I’ve already do this for several times, for example I had prepared a birthday present for my dear friend.

    10: I can stand in a calm and neutral place, and then see what other say as important elements that I may use in creating wonderful stories in the future.

    11: I’ve already got a lot of knowledge and experiences to become much happier in social events. I just need to remind myself and practice more.

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    Hello friends! I thought I would post here today

    Happiness is...

    Watching my grandfather apply the Abe teachings and get tremendous results

    Seeing him tell his friends about Abe, and watching his joy and alignment with his IB

    Seeing a shiny sparkly clean home after cleaning for hours ITV

    Feeling appreciation for this forum

    Feeling joyous knowing the perfect unfolding of everything in my life

    Setting my intention to appreciate everything presented in my life

    Milking every bit of it!

    A delicious bottle of Kombucha that was given to me for free

    The sun shining outside upon all the trees

    Appreciation of the Abe playlist I clean to

    The pre-paving into my future that creates the perfect path of my liking

    Understanding what I'm doing and how I'm getting it

    Knowing I really do love and respect myself, and agree with my IB

    Trusting the wonderful surprises of universe!

    Much love powerful creators!

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    Hello, Cole, I'm so happy to see you here. I've read your post twice, and it is inspiring to me.

    Happiness is...

    Learning and understanding new words from my Abeforum friends. I now know XO means hugs and kisses, and I'm gonna use it soon.

    Knowing that there are genius creators in every country. I am happy to know that one can make full use of what he or she gets to create beautiful things or experiences. I didn't see Vietnamese as a pleasant-to-hear language, but now my attitude changes. It depends upon the guy who uses it. Every language can be spoken or sung beautifully by some people. It is about the voice, and how people manage his or her speaking or singing style. I am glad to know this, because it expands my appreciating range. I have more songs to enjoy and appreciate. I can enjoy Thai songs, Vietnamese songs, Korean songs, Russian songs, Chinese songs, English songs and so on and so on and so on.

    Writing in a lighthearted tone. My writing attracts some readers to watch the TV programmes that I say interesting. Sometimes people would say that my description is more interesting than the materials that I describe. I am happy to know that this kind of writing becomes much easier because of my better-feeling state.

    Finding the most appropriate words to describe my feelings here and now. I begin to absorb wonderful words and sentences and proverbs through all kinds of channels--through reading books, watching TV dramas, listening to other people...

    Enjoying any food that is coming into my body, knowing it is really beneficial to my body in the sense of keeping my physical body alive. Yes, even so-called junk food can keep us alive, providing energy to us. So, I appreciate my breakfast, lunch and supper. I appreciate vegetables. I appreciate every cup of water I drink. I appreciate every cup of coffee I drink. I appreciate every snack I eat. I appreciate every chocolate I have.

    And, Cole, XO, Thank you for your words; I love them.

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    Life treats me very well.

    Life treats me very well. I can get pleasure from a lot of "small" things. Music can make me happy. An idiom appearing at the right time can bring me joy. A new way to fold my clothes excites me. Observing my flexible fingers feels good to me.

    Life treats me very well. I live in a beautiful town where I can walk outside frequently. I had spent a lot of time sitting on the bench, watching the sunlight playing with the river. I was amazed at the flickering light, and it quickened when I fully focused upon the river. My visual sense changed then, and I became friends with nature in my unique way. I use my visual sense to enjoy the beauty and aliveness of rivers, lights and trees. I got so much comfort from nature in the past years. Thank you, my beloved river. Thank you, my beloved tree friends. Thank you, lights of all kinds.

    Life treats me well. I practiced and I got amazing results. I used my eyes to fully focus upon the chosen objects, wanting to see what I can find. I had no particular expectation. Then, one day, after I took off my glasses, I saw a magical scene--the light of all the street lamps was greatly magnified. Was I living in a fairy tale world? The whole city was so beautiful with all kinds of magnified lights. This experience didn't go away, it lasted and still exists. I know how powerful my focus can be. I know lights and trees are not what I thought them to be before. From then on, they became important reminders for me.

    Life treats me very well. I have been stubborn in many areas since I was very young. And this stubbornness has helped me a lot on my life journey. I am blessed with it. It makes me easier to be true to myself.
    I love my stubbornness.

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    I was walking at the playground near home a while ago.

    It felt good to remind myself of my true nature--unconditional love.

    I appreciate my sister very much, because she gives me the opportunity to become more unconditionally loving.

    I breathed deeply when I was walking circle after circle. My mind works really well when I am walking in a safe place.

    I am an allower. I decide to be a mastery allower. I am stubborn in this desire. And it's the prime time for me to focus more on this desire.

    My sister is a loving person. She is kind. She cares about others' feelings. She cares about me. She is always willing to support me in many ways.

    Our misaligned interaction is from long-practiced pattern, especially in a family context.

    I have mixed feelings these days. I got irritated by you easily, my beloved sister. But this has nothing to do with you. It's my own doing. I did this. I take full responsibility for my feelings.

    I decide to allow. I decide to be more unconditionally loving. I decide to respect you more. I decide to see you through Source's eyes.

    My dear sister, you will absolutely make me more compassionate. I know you will. I am glad to have you as my sister in this lifetime. Thank you for your company and support in so many ways.

    My dear sister, I know you are a magnificent being. You are a free soul. So you can love whatever you decide to love. You can do whatever you want to do. You can express whatever ideas as you like. It's your freedom. I choose to see you as a kind, wise and mature person, not needing my suggestion or reminding. You can handle your own things very well. I believe in you.

    I am stubborn, and I know you know this. So I expect to shift our interacting mode soon. I've made up my mind, so I won't give up on it. I believe things will go really well for both of us. Dear sister, you are my angel, and I appreciate you and love you, from the bottom of my heart.

    Everything is alright for both of us.

    All things are working out for both of us.

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