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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    Happy Because of Others' Happiness
    I have been replaying a loving and happy scenario in my mind these days. This inspired action has something to do with one of my new changes--I become more sensitive to good feeling visions and scenarios in my reality. I would describe and milk impressive ones in my mind or notebook in a detailed way on a daily basis. My eyes become a more intelligent camera, ignoring pictures that don't feel good quickly, but staring at beautiful pictures longer and recording them better. In my reality, there are abundant beautiful pictures--static or dynamic--for my eyes to observe and chew on. The loving and happy scenario I mentioned above happened in a small restaurant near my home--in fact, I had written about it before in this thread.
    After a lighthearted walk, I went to this restaurant to enjoy my night snack. During Spring Festival, not many people come out and eat at small restaurants like this, so it was quiet, only having three or four customers there. And they took the food and left soon. I ordered dumplings at the counter; the smiling woman (the restaurant owner’s wife) went to the kitchen. Father(the restaurant owner) and daughter still sat there, watching a funny TV show together around the counter. I knew this TV show which was created by the most famous comedian here. I saw big, big smile on their faces. I felt happy too. It was so natural for me to feel happy because of their happiness that night.
    I picked a seat, and relaxed my body. In this quiet place, I had nothing to think about, and I already took off my earphones before I entered this restaurant. Laugh came from father and daughter-- usually father laughed first, and then daughter burst into contagious laughing. I was feeling their laugh with my heart--I focused the majority of my attention on my chest where my physical heart rested, and then listened in a very focused way. I was in love. I was in love with their laugh. I was in love with their happy togetherness. Father and daughter sit together, and share the same interest in a funny show, and laugh loudly. It's a beautiful, loving, impressive scenario for my eyes, for my ears, for my mind, for my heart. My eyes recorded their smile, their faces, their positions. My eyes knew the show was displayed on an old-fashioned small TV set. And my heart understood in many, many relationships and interactions, physical stuff such as clothes, beautiful furniture, advanced equipment are irrelevant. What matters most is the perspective of the observer, the vivid and genuine feelings and atmosphere of the observed.
    I was very happy, because I truly, fully enjoyed their happiness, as a spectator. I was very happy, because I knew better what kind of togetherness and interactions I wanted to activate more in my airtime.

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    Both can be really delicious, Slow and Fast.
    High Flying, Moving Fast feels good. Slow-paced, focused, quiet molding the clay feels good, too.
    In slow-paced living, there is special deliciousness. In quietness and undivided sole focus, abundant elements become prominent, both obvious and subtle elements.
    There are people, especially artists, creating in this atmosphere.
    Singers listen and feel the music, listen and feel their own voice, then mold and master their singing. Even when what they are singing is a sad song, you can still feel their love for the song, their devotion to singing. You can feel abundance in their varying tone; you can feel great beauty in their croon.
    Writers choose, pick, feel and modify every word they put on paper, according to their specific intentions. It's a delicious, slow-paced, molding the words. Different from a nonstop inspired writing, but has its own attractive flavor...

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    I was just guided to a problem.

    A problem letting me say to myself: What? I've just manifested it weeks ago.

    Then, I began to laugh at myself: Conditional again.

    I decided to look at this problem closer, and then found out I was using this software in a limited way. In fact, by using it the other way, I can have more benefits. So obviously it is a useful problem that lead me to more desired things.

    I was in the receptive mode to access the other new way of using this software. And before that, I was deliberately moving up the ES on other subjects. And the immediate result was this.

    It's good I can edit my words freely here and now.

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    It's so natural for me to express unusual talents in front of my niece. When I hold her in my arms, I would hum, dance, talk and laugh. And then, I begin to tell fun and lighthearted stories. She is such a wonderful audience, responding to me with high-pitched laugh and talking.

    I know some Abe teachings about the immense NP focus upon a little baby. I am not thinking and exploring these specific teachings a lot, but just enjoying new changes around us.

    No fairy tales. I am telling her my own stories. It's a lovely way to express my happiness and my love for her.

    I would tell her: Aunt went out, not knowing there was fierce wind outside. The wind was R~E~A~L~L~Y BIG. HOOOO.. HOOOO...It was blowing like this. If you go out and feel really cold, just go back home, putting more clothes on. Also put on your scarf and hat.

    I stared at her eyes, continuing: But there are other ways for us to be comfortable. We can buy a hot beverage, and then walk and drink. That's a clever idea for aunt. How about it?

    She began to make happy and loud sounds. When she was staring at me and talking, I kept on telling my little stories. Obviously she was fond of my storytelling. Her face, her laugh, her sounds were clear indicators. Now that she was happy, I decided to keep it longer.

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    Imbuing Creation with Positive Aspects
    I have been pondering creating that contains negative emotions and/or specific OOTV elements--such as physical violence in a novel character. I've got some new ideas. My experiences--such as enjoying the beauty of sad songs, appreciating angry burst that an actor superbly expressed in a drama--let me know clearly if there is something for me to appreciate, I can enjoy and create things relating to negative emotions and/or OOTV elements. But if there is no specific positive aspect for me to appreciate and enjoy, I would not try hard to persuade myself to create or like something such as a character in a movie/drama/novel, because these creations are still different from reality. In reality, sometimes I would try to go general and find positive aspects of some people, even it means I would say to myself--Seen from the big picture, they are all Pure Positive Energy. But for creations like movies, dramas, novels, and songs, if there are no positive aspects that I like, I would not go general like this, because I could easily pick better ones.
    If the author write nothing to show one character's love towards the other one, obviously or subtly, then no matter how he/she expresses that there is great love between them in other situations, still there is no trace for readers to find this kind of love in the novel. If readers imagine great love between the two characters, this love would be their totally new creation. We may find many other positive aspects in this novel such as author's magnificent ability to create an atmosphere, his/her sense of humor, but if readers' major intention is to find sweet, inspiring love in a couple, they would not find it. Calling it a love story is not accurate. In a very specific sense, there is no positive aspects to enjoy and ponder in terms of mutual love. “He must be in deep love with her/She must be in deep with him, it's just he/she keeps all her love in the heart, never showing out.” Readers can imagine like this, but as an author, this logic is not beneficial at all. You can describe the love in a very subtle way--and there are many readers liking this, because reading stories like this resembles treasure hunting. But subtle description doesn't mean no description, however subtle, when you find the trace, it is there, it truly exists, in the form of words...When those readers find the love they like, they can appreciate a novel that has many aspects not appealing to them. They can ignore them, and sometimes even deliberately make themselves like these aspects--One aspect is enough to trigger great love and appreciation for the whole novel within them...
    However, as deliberate creators, they key is not to search and ponder what the possible readers or audiences or customers like most, but to create something that rings her/his bells. When it is something that is assigned to them that is not attractive at first sight, then at least imbue the creation with some positive aspects to their personal liking. These positive aspects could be: Beauty, Meaning, Inspiration, Clear explained knowledge, Magnificent skills/abilities/performance, Creativity...

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    Unlimited Soothing Ways
    My niece cried hardly last night. Not about hunger. I didn't know what happened. I didn't think I could figure out the true reason with my logical mind. I grabbed a small quilt, and my sister put her on it. She was clothed by this warm quilt, still crying. There was only a little unease within me, but I quickly let it go.
    Cry is a natural way for a baby to express emotions. No matter what, she would go to sleep, sooner or later. No big deal. No serious thing was going on.
    She opened her eyes when we moved to the fridge. She was staring at the nameplate on the fridge. I was saying to her: "You want to talk to it?" I was softly shaking her, and then humming in a soothing tone, like singing a lullaby, even though it was totally new and simple melody coming to me then. Her eyes began to close. I was shaking her, gently patting her with my right hand, and still humming. She was asleep in my arms. After a short while, it's my sister's job to hold her and place her in bed.
    I forgot how soothing physical touch such as patting, hugging can be, but now I remember. I forgot how soothing sounds or songs from soft love can be, but now I remember. For this, I so thank my dear niece. She reminds me so many wonderful things. Things that I can offer to myself, and also offer to others when the timing is right.

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    * I am Source Energy embodied in a physical body. I am.
    * I know this is a world based upon Energy and Vibration. I have clear and daily experience to prove this knowing.
    * I know, again and again, how unconditional lightheartedness turns things around for me. No matter what the contrast is, when I deliberately feel better and better, when I get into the good feeling mode, things just shift to my personal liking, or I receive the solutions or answers.
    * My emotional set-point these days is much higher than before. I’ve already built a better feeling vibrational atmosphere/basis, which means I continually attract lovely experiences, which means very dramatic things would rarely happen to me now.
    * There are easy and fun ways for me to move forward. Drama is not what I want now, even though sometimes I found it attractive. Moving forward in an easy and lighthearted way is more beneficial to me now.
    * I can move forward in a lighthearted mood, savoring every step on my journey, in whatever speed. Other’s opinions about the speed has nothing to do with me. If moving slowly and savoring things in a deeper way is to my personal liking, then I move slowly, no matter how fast others are going. If moving fast and receiving one inspirations after another in my creative process is to my personal liking, then I move fast, no matter how slow others are going.
    * I am balancing fast and slow, inward and outward, and so on, based upon my own personal preferences, according to my favorite schedule. I can listen and savoring a song repeatedly. I can write out my inspirations and quickly let go, moving forward to receiving new ideas to write.
    * Life becomes fuller and fuller nowadays. I am deliberately focusing and thinking and listening and milking and scripting and relaxing…Things to my personal liking, pieces that I’ve put into the Vortex, continually and automatically come to me. I found new and better and free ways to access desired resources online. I attracted amazing and inspiring songs to fully enjoy and ponder and learn from…
    * It’s very easy for me to find lovely people and lovely things in my surroundings now. A clear indication of my much improved emotional set-point.
    * I have been continually receiving new ideas about many things. About more expansive creations that include emotions such as sadness, anger. About delicious molding the clay/honing the skills in a quiet and focused and slow-paced way. About new soothing methods. I know, I know, these new ideas will become very detailed physical experiences in my future. I will absolutely apply them in creations. I know how important and useful they are. I know receiving them and milking and extending them are great pre-paving…

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    I hear better.

    I was watching an Abe clip. It was a video, so I could see Esther and the HS's face. After a short while, I knew I had heard this conversation before, but this time, I understood it much better.

    HS thought he usually failed at relationships, and the deal braker is kids--He do want relationship, especially long-term relationship, but he doesn't want kids. And the other one finally wants to have kids, so the relationship begins to go an undesired way.

    I didn't hear well last time, mostly because I agreed with this HS in his preferences, and I also had a rigid thought about relationship--The ideal relationship was The Relationship with The One; just one-perfect-relationship-in-this-whole-lifetime. No wonder, when the HS hinted that he failed at relationship because of all those not ending well relationships, I easily accepted what he said without a clear comment such as, "No, you are not failing."

    While, this time, I remembered a really wonderful thing--everybody changes, shifts, expands as time goes by, and this is much truer for deliberate creators. What is a deal braker for me now, may become a passion in the future. The other one may share the same passion with us now, but he/she may lose the interest in the future...

    Even both parts are continually in alignment predominantly, the changing difference in desires, preferences, perspectives may still lead to physical separation. Not living together would be the inspired and aligned choice for both. While living together, being a couple that others may appreciate and see as a perfect match would be mutually detrimental...

    There are so many possibilities in human relationships. Talking a lot about the deal braker (deal braker is something unwanted), highlighting deal braker in relationships, is blinding oneself the most important fact: Deal braker is a condition—and means an unwanted condition, and just like other conditions, it can and may very well change in ourselves and in other people. Relating the deal braker to a perfect relationship we want would easily backfire.

    Nothing is more important than the relationship between we and WE. When we take care of this relationship, then even when we have a lot of relationships on our journey, these relationships would feel good, meaningful, clarifying, beneficial, and They Are All Successes, not failure. One long-term aligned relationship is wonderful. Lots of aligned short-term relationships are wonderful too. The key is always the vibrational root of these relationships.

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    Fun Step 4 Experiences

    Weeks ago, I found a cute and funny web series. I watched it and preserved almost every episode both in my computer and in my phone to better re-watch them in a convenient way.

    The day before yesterday, I found it was gone from all the websites. What happened? Maybe something to do with the influences it shows upon people in some ways.

    The funny thing was I immediately remembered I had most of those episodes in my computer. But as for the ones in my phone that had hilarious comments flying on the screen, I was not sure. I took out my phone and found out they still existed. Those hilarious and precious flying comments were still there and immediately triggered me to laugh.

    And also, I can still watch the rest episodes because of something I manifested weeks ago.

    So I can continue enjoy the good feelings and inspirations from this web series because of the action I took and the thing I manifested before.

    I feel I am really taken good care of by the Universe, in so many things.

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    Training on Ear Focus

    I feel that some of the contrasts happening around me have been deliberately brought to me for the purpose of enhancing my ability to focus under all kinds of conditions in a shorter period of time.

    I deliberately enhanced my ability to enjoy my solitude. Now, it's very easy for me to feel good in solitude.

    And then, I deliberately enhanced my ability to focus upon my own things when sharing the same physical environment with others.

    And now, I become more proactive in creating good feeling experiences for myself when other people are talking something that doesn't feel good to me.

    I care less and less about their opinions of me, so I would naturally move myself away from them, not joining in their conversation, in many cases.

    It's easy for me to control my eye focus. It's more difficult for me to control my ear focus when my mind became much quieter. I accepted the change, so I deliberately used music players and earphones a lot to create a better hearing environment. When the contrast is intense, I would increase my time of listening to music, lying or sitting to rest with my eyes closed, sleeping , walking, etc.

    Before a new shift happens, I would deliberately block a lot of information especially others' opinions and conversations happening around me, and fill my ears with things that feel better.

    It's a predictable pattern. Other than pre-paving, this is my way to take the POLR, to make the best of what-is, to deliberately use my personal preferences that are available.

    When others are talking, I leave and take my niece with me because she is not happy in that sofa. I am sitting in front of the computer, put on my headphones, and beautiful music comes. I look at my niece from time to time, and change her physical position, letting her look around better with curiosity. At the same time, I am enjoying music, and softly patting her according to the musical rhythm.

    I block undesired information. I enjoy myself by listening to music. I offer a favor to my niece. I become more selfish and that feels good to me.

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