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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    A beautiful, short vibrational journey about friendship
    I enjoy solitude very much. Sometimes, when my friends call me out, I would immediately feel hesitation, even though I know I can have a lighthearted and pleasing time with them. I think itís because I can easily get these feelings by myself and they can be more pure. But I also know I donít want to end our relationships because we have been dear friends for almost 20 years. So many lovely things happened and are still happening between us.
    One day, I had some conflict with my parents, and it felt uncomfortable because I wanted clear and lighthearted relationships, but what just happened felt sticky and dramatic to me. I didnít want that at all.
    It didnít feel good, and I began to soothe myself. Some memories kicked inóI remembered that I was needy and felt sticky too in the past. I was not justifying the rightness of these human behaviors. Itís just, we are all human beings and sometimes we just get OOTV. Not a big deal, and not wise to be a perfectionist that wants 100% good feeling relationships, because it will easily backfire. And after all, I know these things happen much much less now, and thatís why my negative emotions feel more obvious and intense. After a while, I deliberately remembered the lighthearted part of them, and the lighthearted interaction between usÖ I felt much better.
    Then a message from my dear friend came to me. It would have been seen as a sticky message if I didnít do the vibrational work. But the timing was wonderful enough that I interacted with her in love, in understanding, with the reminder that our friendship has been genuine, mutually appreciating, and lighthearted for the most part. I held the thought that my friend was primarily a lighthearted and confident girl. So her feeling expressed in the message was temporary. She would feel better, maybe very soon. Finishing our interaction, I was still purposefully remembering those times we played together, such as walking and chatting together, climbing mountains.
    We met each other the following day, and before we met, I already felt her good feelings through her speaking tone. Good news! And then we had a pleasing walk together.
    Many thoughts about relationships were coming from these experiences. And I knew I was getting clearer about what I wanted and what was in my Vortex on the subject of relationships. I felt a little overwhelmed when contemplating them, but I reminded myself to be easy. Life unfolds, I will know better, and I will move closer to what I really want.

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    One or two weeks ago, I thought: Wouldn't it be nice to talk about English with my dear friend who says she is interested in it?

    One thing I knew before and now know much better is: If I wanna teach something, I would like to attract students who are really interested in what I teach. Teaching someone who is kinda forced to learn doesn't feel good.

    I have been following the latest Abe teachings, not only to enhance my understanding about LoA, but also to learn about life in more specific ways. So I listen to Abe addressing different life subjects such as education, even when they seeminlgy have nothing to do with me. I am now an active freedom seeker and usually only learn what I want to learn, which makes Abe's opinions about education strongly resonate with me. Meaning: If I try my best to persuade somebody to learn what I teach, I would experience obvious discomfort within myself.

    To be true to myself, being stubborn is very helpful. So it's easier for stubborn me to hold to my own standards, even though most people would think I am wrong or too ideal.

    There is huge difference between the above two different teaching and learning experiences. This morning, my friend asked me whether I could help her with her English, I was so eager about this, and the answer was a quick and happy "yes." We met in the cafe I went to often before. We were immersed in the teaching and learning interaction in such a focused way that soon two hours passed. WOW! It felt so good to co-create with someone based upon the same interest. It absolutely makes a perfect match when one loves teaching and sharing and one loves learning and improving.

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    Great benefits of observing and describing physical environment

    I would deliberately get familiar with the surroundings wherever I go. I observe trees, flowers, and shops and roads that interest me. I purposefully observe in a specific way, and then write about them--usually vividly describe them and also express my feelings towards them. I can put them into my scripting, because they must impress me in a positive way if I choose to write about them.

    When you know how to use the surroundings to feel good, then observing and describing of this kind can create wonderful environment for yourself even when you are in a dark and dirty room. You could adjust your eye focus, or close your eyes if you can, not to so negatively influenced by what is before your eyes. Imagine you are walking in that familiar road that you walked a lot before. And because you had observed and written and repeated your walking experience before, you now find you can easily activate this memory--you walk slowly, the wide and calm river is on your left, with fishing boats floating on the surface. You feel lucky, because that proud and energetic white dog is walking to you, with his tail waving left and right. You can't help putting on a grin. Then your eyes are attracted by the flowers on your right. Spider flowers--amazing representative of abundance in nature. Abundant in colors. Abundant in shapes. Abundant in buds, petals and leaves. Now you are in awe. You feel strong appreciation of beauty in nature. Complex and exquisite beauty.

    With the clear intention of using remembering to feel better, you know you have achieved your goal--feel better here and now in the room. You are amazed at the power of remembering or imagination or visualization or writing in your mind. But you know you pre-paved it when you were observing and describing trees, rivers, flowers, animals, etc. That's why you can easily activate those memories or create similar scenarios to feel good, because you have been practicing it, and it already get strong positive momentum.

    When you feel good by doing so, you may receive specific impulses to do something. Follow them. If not, make your own decision to do what you want to do or what you think you need to do, because now you are more clear-minded and energetic, and therefore easier to do things such as learning new knowledge,contemplating Abe teachings.

    Imgaine the following scenario: You feel uncomfortable. You are unhappy staying in this little room. But you need to write a report in this place. You understand your state can't produce a high-quality report. So you decide to deliberately picture that broad and flowing river which usually calms you, after a while you feel much better, and you have more clarity about your report. At least now you are more willing to think about it, and more confident that you can finish it on time. Obvious benefit under this specific condition, isn't it?

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    I have been pondering my relationship with my friend, and I am amazed at the fact that we really have abundant interactions.

    Abundant, not just in amounts, but also in types.

    Several years ago, I was sitting with her in a cafe, discussing her essay. I didn't know Abe then. But it was a wonderful discussion I remembered since then. I thought: This is what true brain-storming is, even though only two people participate. I never felt the essence of brain-storming in school, but with my friend, I got it. Because I was truly wanting her essay to have a better quality. I saw it as my own thing, so I was fully focused upon it. She was truly want this too. And neither of us were guarded, wanting to prove or protecting something. So we were very open-minded and clear-minded. I would point out every place that was wrong or not inappropriate, and then we discussed how to improve them...

    When discussion like this happens in my life, time passes quickly. In fact, I forgot time, and when we noticed the time, we had already discussed for two or three hours. My focus was totally upon the content of the discussion--usually including a lot of new ideas. Awesome! This kind of interactions are really awesome, especially for a person who likes thinking and exploring, who likes new ideas and information. Face to face, going back and forth, alignment and open minds, and the same intention or interest lead to Full and inspirational and mutually beneficial discussion. I immediately knew I liked it very much. It felt so good to me. But at that time, I didn't know how to create it. But now I know repeating it on my mind brings it. Creating scenarios like it brings it.

    And also keep the above attitudes can make it more possible to happen. If the other one really wants something, and you are now interacting with him or her, you can adjust your thoughts a bit to focus upon what he or she wants in the purest form and also want this for them. Even when you are not interested in it, it still helps create a better interaction and may lead to an amazing discussion as both of you become more open and relaxed. After all, all interactions affect your vibration, and if you've already been in it, then it would be good for you to at least have the same intention as the one you are communicating with--generally speaking, he or she wants to feel better. Specifically speaking, he or she wants to do a good job, or to be a more loving mom, and so on. When you are in the receptive mode, specific ideas can come through your mouth which you may feel strange about, but they work well, they soothe.

    Lighthearted chat. Full and open-minded and exciting discussion. Soothing and allowing and uplifting and meaningful interaction. Focused, inspiring and effective teaching and learning...

    You have the freedom to make your own preferences about these interactions.

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    Attention naturally changes as I pay more attention to interpersonal relationships. I know vibrations like pity are still active within me, so I would feel uncomfortable when I see someone walking in a hard manner on the road. This is only one example. I immediately see the conditions instead of their possible state of being--sometimes their smile is very obvious, but I still feel the emotion of pity even though they seem very happy.

    I remind myself again and again what I mostly want is unconditional alignment. And these days, it expands to the intention of seeing other people through Source's eyes. After I deliberately shifted my thoughts about my friend, this intention became clearer to me. I began to focus more upon others' emotions instead of conditions, using imagination and scripting to decrease my pity vibration. Not for specific ones, because people who have those conditions that I don't think pleasing may not be bothered by them at all. I am doing these for myself, and at the same time, I know this new attitude would benefit others in some cases, because I choose to focus upon Vortex version of them, and their potentials for happiness and success and wisdom... It already worked well for me, helping me to become more lighthearted in more situations.

    My process is kinda standing in their shoes and creating a happy story in their life. Because I keep on writing scripts from a soft place, it's easy for me to write like this and really begin to create a new image of them in my mind. Happy image. Confident image. Self-loving image. Stubborn and uncomprimising and free image...

    I knew people and my relationships with them were in my Vortex, but at some point it's not a good idea for me to give them too much of my attention. But now, it's the right time for me to get closer to them.

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    Names and Writing again

    I get to know many flowers' names. Not in the way of learning them by directly reading books, but by observing in my reality and knowing their names this way or that way.

    My observation of flowers becomes more focused and specific. I look at their petals, their colors, their leaves, the proportion of different parts within one flower... Looking like this ususally puts me in awe of the abudant beauty and the magnificent combination they show to me.

    I take in their vivid images, and then it's time to know their names. When I am in the receptive mode, I can easily know their names by searching online by simple key words, or reading them in an article, or hearing them in an audio story.

    Then, these names become vivid, full of life. These names/words contain vivid images and unique impressions within them. Now I can put them into my writing. When I do so, I can feel the natural beauty, the unique visual beauty of the flowers active in my consciousness. I can still imagine them without knowing their names, but it's different from writing about them using their names. Because...

    Because by knowing their names, I can easily combine them with all kinds of other elements in my writing, to produce specific atmospheres or feelings. I can easily read and modify the writing to milk or fine-tune these atmospheres or feelings. And because of the focusing power of writing, those scenarios become part of my memory that is easy to activate next time.

    So, obviously, flower names are very meaningful to me. Recently I find another way to better know them. I begin to read and memorize related botany terminology in passion. I know I can more quickly get flower names in large quantity by observing and using terminology to describe them.

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    I was sitting in the cafe. I began to find things that match “Things are always working out for me.” I wrote about my friend. I wrote: It’s such a genuine and long-time friendship that is so abundant. We are purely hoping the best for each other. We can behave like kids in front of each other, such as making funny noises, saying things that adults rarely say. We have Full, Open-minded, focused discussion and teaching-and-learning. I believe that she is a confident and lighthearted girl. I see clearly that she has the ability to focus upon something positively and for a long time period.

    When I was writing like this, I clearly felt strong positive feelings like love and joy. These feelings are absolutely on the first rung of the Emotional Scale. When I wrote something and meant it, and the emotions were so high, I understood, on this subject, I was totally in sync with my Inner Being. Always, forever, my Inner Being has these attitudes and perspectives toward my dear friend. When I did feel like this, when I molded this relationship to the present state, I move to the place of Who I Really Am in terms of my relationship with her.

    And I can clearly make the correlation between my specific vibrational work and these thoughts and feelings. Because, for several weeks, I have been consciously doing vibrational work about my relationship with her. I held the vision of her being lighthearted and confident. I sent her long and genuine messages in a soothing way. I repeat our happy interactions again and again. I repeatedly see our friendship as purely genuine friendship…

    That’s why I would write thoughts like that and truly meant it and then got those love and joy feelings…

    Life experience teaches. Life experience teaches. Yes…Life experience teaches.

    I am still sitting in the chair, savoring my thoughts, savoring my deeper understanding of Abe teachings.

    Take my time. Take my time. I can, I can mold the clay of any specific relationship if I really want to. I say to myself, the grin on my face expands, seeming like my Inner Being is smiling when I think like this.


    The purpose of life is joy. I don’t need to find what I want from strangers. Look what I’ve found in my dear friend? I find fulfilling, inspirational, open-mined, new-ideas-filled interaction with her. I find kid-like behaviors in her and in myself when we walking together…

    I feel strong appreciation of myself. I am so glad that I began to see her through Source’s eyes, and decided to genuinely interact with her that night. What delicious fruits I reap now! She is mostly a lighthearted, understanding, genuine, confident, and focused being. We have known each other for 18 years, and we hang around together a lot. So it must be a very amazing Vortex relationship between us. Here and now, I am so glad to know this.

    A mutually loving, joyful, fulfilling, mutually uplifting, happy relationship between us. And this is also true in my relationship with many others.

    Thank you, my dear dear friend.

    Now I am joyful with tears. Such high energy comes to me when I think about these Vortex relationships. And their unfolding potentials. And the concept of soul mate.

    In our essence, I and her are soul mates. There is not any negative aspect in our relationship.

    Only love. Pure love. Joy. Fun. Appreciation. Always positive expectations of each other.

    What a wonderful, amazing relationship!

    Thank you, my dear friend, for letting me know all this.

    Thank you, so, so, so much…

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    A new smartphone came to me. Again, something came to me with such ease, saving me the time and energy and money to think of searching and choosing it. I didn't use it immeidately, because I wanted to spend my time and energy on other things. I procrastinated it.

    One day, my old phone had a problem, and therefore I began to explore this new phone. Soon, I knew it had so many positive aspects and extra benefits for me. This knowing inspired me to use it and get familiar with its functions. And a little while later, I also found the solution to recover my old phone. So now I can still use my old phone as a mini computer to access all kinds of Internet resources.

    There was still another step to take to use this new smartphone. When I went to get a new SIM card, the local telecom service provider automatically designed a package that was more beneficial than my previous one. I quickly accepted this new package that was clearly explained by the customer manager.

    There were things that I didn't want to think much about, that I was not interested in exploring their details and hows, continually coming to me in very convenient ways. Related people would throughly or even happily do those analyzing, searching, designing and combining and then present the very satisfying results to me, waiting my "yes" or "no".

    When I was walking back home, the interaction between that customer manager and me was still active in my mind, and I knew it was such a wonderful personal experience for me to get better understanding of ideas like business, co-creating at its best, mutually beneifical relationships, etc.

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    A cup of hot coffee.

    A desk and a comfy chair.

    A big window next to the desk, through which the sunlight could brighten the whole room.

    A smartphone that can easily access abundant Internet resources.

    A notebook, and severl fountain pens--black, red and blue.

    Lovely experiences come from the dynamic combniations of them.

    Can sit in a comfortable position, with my eyes closed, feeling the warmth of the sunlight on my face.

    Can sit in a comfortable position, with my eyes closed, using the smartphone to listen to Abe teachings. Fully focused. Listen with my whole being, with my mind and my heart. Word by word, sentence by sentence, feeling the resonation happening within my body. Usually enjoy one clip twice without stop.

    Can sit with my back upright, pick some lovely scenarios of my life, and write them in a very detailed way, feeling the vivid images active in my mind again. Grab the red foutain pen and highlight something that is relatively new that I want to emphasize.


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    A sunny day. Sunny in the comfortable and warm sense.

    A sunny day. A list of lighthearted songs. A lovely walk on a beautiful road.

    A combination that usually brings me pleasure.

    Rainy days just passed. Writing some lovely thoughts on the notebook, and now, what's next?

    I planned staying at home longer. But I am reminded of the delicious choices in front of me. Choices that are unique in sunny days. The natural beauty is more obvious in days like this, so I can enjoy the shining colors of trees and flowers. I can feel the aliveness of the blue sky, the green river, and the busy roads...

    Making the best of the present conditions. Blue sky and warm sunlight are present. Then I open one music app and find that it is a great idea for me to download some lighthearted songs that I already know the names. I may have a long walk, so the sneakers are more convenient...

    A delicious walk soon ensued. With the sunlight shining, with the trees vibrating, with the music enhancing the lighthearted atmosphere, with my flexible body working so well...

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