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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    Moving Through Time, Age, etc.

    The more I follow the newest Abe teachings, the more Source's opinions on specific subjects I intellectually get and believe. This following has very obvious impact. Because it makes things related to these subjects more prominent in your life. In fact, you have to make peace with where you are in many cases, because Source's opinions are so leading-edge, that many people don't behave like this. Before, you might believe something as they did, so their behaviors were right and appropriate in your eyes, but now, your thoughts are changing, you are becoming more closer to your Inner Being's perspectives, so things that contrary to them become more obvious to you, more annoying to you, so much so that you begin to blame people who behave in the way that you don't like now--however it's not your Inner Being's focus.

    As a diligent learner, you learn and memorize and repeat Source's opinions about various things, even though they seem not so related to you. But as you begin this learning journey, they are now in your life experiences, you bring those things like education into your consciousness. It can bring you new interests, new ideas, new life experiences in a lovely way. It can also make you overwhelmed, because now you become more sensitive to areas that before you had no strong feelings, and you become more sensitive to undesired things in those areas, say, you may feel angry when seeing a mother repeatedly ask her kid to behave. Which means you have to be more focused upon unconditional alignment.

    So this following the latest Abe teachings is like active sifting and sorting, putting more things in your Vortex that you have to catch up if you want to feel good.

    But when you deliberately align with it, the wisdom and fun and expansion is so delicious. You would so happy seeing different thoughts and examples coming together to let you have a totally new attitude about something.

    You see little babies passionately learning to speak and walk and move their fingers in different ways. You feel happy for them. You listen to some mature and manly human voices that attract you very much, then you think maybe your nephew will have a voice like that twenty years later, how wonderful! He may become a tall and handsome and confident young man with an attractive voice--this is the fun and delicious part of moving through time, in terms of obvious physical change.

    I see the big smile on my parents' face. I see my father enjoying his dinner, really savoring it. I see how eager my mom is to make clothes for her grandchildren. I see my grandmother happily talking to my nephew. When one is happy, conditions like age don't matter at all. When one is happy, one is loving life, and no conditions are bondages for them at that moment.

    When one moves through time, mostly or usually in alignment, the delicious expansion and the greater freedom are so obvious. More lovely experiences in one's mind and heart. More knowledge, more skills, more abilities, more combinations, for one to use. More experiences of different kinds, so more lighthearted and confident in front of new and unknown things. More magnificent creations that contain ones' leading-edge wisdom and skills and so on...

    I remember that so many artists created amazing paintings, musical pieces in their 70s, 80s, 90s. Their creations continually became more abundant, delicate, beautiful...That's the benefit of moving through time.

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    Making the best of what-is/the present conditions

    I love the idea of making the best of what-is, and I continually attract TV programs that talk about how to use limited conditions to create magnificent results, such as using limited budget, food choices to still make extremely delicious dishes. Not easily lower one's standards, instead, to still achieve high standards by looking at things differently, by using conditions differently, by discovering new combinations, new aspects, new functions of present conditions.

    For example, if you feel you are short of free time, in fact you usually can find more free time than you think you have, to do things you want to do under present conditions. You can find more free time to think in the present situations. You can think when you are doing familiar housework alone even though there are other family members around you, because in situations like this, they usually won't bother you. You couldn't take other physical actions, but you can think, you have the solitude and a bigger chunk of time such as 30 minutes to do focused thinking. But if you complain about the housework you are doing, you are wasting so many valuable things like your good mood, your free thinking time.

    Of course, it's easy for you to do focused thinking when you are totally alone. But sometimes, when you are among others, you still have the solitude and freedom to think, because other people rarely demand your attention under those conditions. For example, when you are eating alone in the restaurant, you are enjoying coffee at the cafe, when you are walking on the road, when you are doing familiar things that need little of your attention at home--such as washing dishes in the kitchen, cleaning the bedrooms...

    Holding this attitude, you may find now the time of washing dishes becomes the time of delicious free thinking. In fact, it may be more effective and delicious than the thinking you do in the process of taking care of the kids playing by themselves--because, in the latter case, you still need to put some attention upon those kids, and they may still come to you for some reasons, and therefore your thinking process is interrupted.


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    In every moment, you have two perspectives active within you, about the thing that you are focusing upon or thinking about. One is your IB's, and the other is the physical you's or this personality's.

    Seems a simple statement Abe talk a lot. But has really comprehensive meanings and great importance. Usually, when something happens and triggers your emotions, there may very well be several differences between you and your IB. For examle, when you observe a conflict and feel really bad, it may be because: Your IB is not angry at the guy who you think is a bully. Your IB doesn't pity the guy who is beated...

    You can soothe yourself deliberately if you understand the relationship between your emotions and your IB's knowing - of course learning Abe teachings and listening to Abe adress different life subjects helps a lot.

    When you feel fear and dread, it means your IB is really not agreeing with what you are thinking now, and it also means the thought you are thinking has very strong momentum, you'd better get off of it or soothe yourself incrementally and patiently. Such as say things like: my IB is not agreeing with this thought. There are not limited ways to live our life. I don't need to follow the way that I don't like. My IB is guiding me through the PoLR, not the path of most resistance. My IB is always looking foward, and so I don't need to dig up my past and get into the specifics to get rid of the fear. I am glad to know in every moment my IB is holding steadily onto what I really want to be or do or have now, and I can move toward it bit by bit by feeling better, by reminding myself the meaning and the guiding role of my emotions...

    My IB konws everything about me, konws where I am and where I want to be on every subject, and is sending me the clear signal. What does this mean? Everything? Example: your IB knows when your period will come, and knows your preferences or resistance around this subject, and is sending related inspirations or impulses to benefit you. It seems trivial, but many trivial things together plays a really important role in our POA. When you get in the receptive mode, you would have an impulse to do something, for examle, to wash your hair. It seems irrelevant to your recent vibrational work, but you still act upon it. Then the period comes next day. WOW! Because you are thinking about your IB's knowing everything about you, you suddenly understand how you are guided in this "trivial" thing that happens monthly. You want to keep your hair clean, and you don't want to wash your hair in the first few days during the period. So the perfect timing would be a little earlier than the period begins. You did wash your hair often at a good timing, but you hadn't think about it like this before. And when you missed the timing, you did feel a little uncomfortable. IOW, catching the timing did bring you convenience and comfort. Your IB is sending you all kinds of messages about all kinds of things, "big"" or "small". When you miss the timing of several "small" things, it can have a big effect in terms of emotions and your POA. So when the impulse comes, and you are sure it comes from the positive receptive mode, just act upon it, not using your logical mind to talk yourself out of it, because your logical mind can't exactly know what would happen in the future, but your IB knows.


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    What!? Wouldn't it be nice if it didn't happen? I am not in a good mood to go outside now. But I don't want to say no too.

    No other choice, I have to practice PoLR. This or that. I pick one, and immediately begin to soothe myself. Not in an inspired mood, 100% sure, but do my best to feel better about my decision.

    I walked to meet my friend, keeping on soothing myself on the way. When we met, I already felt much better. Then the lighthearted atmosphere kicked in, because we often come together, walking and chatting in a lighthearted way.

    We began to walk. We visited a temple. We had lunch. We went to a bookshop, and randomly browse there...

    When I arrived at home, I could clearly feel that my emotion was much higher. NOT the first time, in fact this happened several times.

    Our interaction becomes a mutually uplifting experience. She likes hanging around with people. I am distracted from things that I want to dig in and fix because of habitual action orientation. We are not talking in a deliberate way, so specifically speaking, not all of the topics are positive, but the subject changes so fast and none of them are serious stuff, and therefore the primary tone of our conversation is light. We, as friends, are talking whatever comes in our minds. We are spending weekends together, with the key intention of feeling good--at least my friend asks me out with this purpose. As for me, no matter what it is, I still want to make the best of it to feel as good as I can.

    By continually appreciating our relationship, this relationship and my friend become a supportive, uplifting force when I don't feel so good from time to time. I have newer understanding about relationship after I decided to remind myself more of the vortex version of my relationship with some people like my parents, like this friend that I have known about 20 years. I become more mature in the way I like. With my parents, I reduce a lot of dramatic thoughts when something unpleasant happens, after all if I deviate too far away from the votex version of our relationship, I won't feel good, and it will influence me in many ways. At least I can incrementally move forward on this subject. With my friend, I've already known how my Inner Being feels about her. I treasure this relationship more and more. Before, I thought I could feel as good or even better when I am alone. But after I shifted my attitude toward this relationship, hanging around with her sometimes becomes a very beneficial and helpful experience.

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    Feeling good is a good sign, and feeling bad is a good sign.

    Feeling indifferent, most of the time, means the EGS is numbed--we don't know what we are actually feeling; we don't know where we are on the journey; life is not fun, interesting, and satisfying, but we don't know what to do. Not a good sign.

    True. So true! The more I listen to Abe talk about emotions and what they mean, the more I understand the importance of my sensitivity to how I feel now. The more often I begin to fine-tune my thoughts on a daily basis.

    When I speak to someone with an angry tone, the anger reminds me that's not what I want to flow to her, then in a short period of time, my tone becomes calmer and softer. After hanging up the phone, I feel the guilt and self-beating, because the angry conversation has happened, I might hurt her feelings. Then my job is to soothe myself, to release the guilt, to pre-pave better interactions in the future.

    There are so many thoughts and objects of attention happening every day, seen from a subtler way, my emtions are continually moving ups and downs, responding to my focus. Sometimes, just one situation would cause complicated emotional responses. So complicated--seeming good, seeming bad, seeming blessed, seeming I am unworthy--that I know simplicity is what I really want now. Breathing deeply, I decide to activate a familiar script to bring clarity to my mind. Only me in it, no other peope, no possibility to activate negative thoughts about interpersonal relationships; with warm sunlight; with bright and comfortable space in which I can freely move around; with lighthearted music filling in the space; with total free time for me to arrange... Then life becomes simple again, I can think clearly again, and I can approach that previousely complicated thing with a new perspective...

    Moment-to-moment alignment is more and more important to me now. Some desires become more prominent in my mind and heart. It's easy for me to appreciate. It's easy for me to feel clarity and resonance and full. Now I want to feel empowerment and invincibility more. I want to get closer and closer to the true knowing of "I can be or do or have whatever I want."

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    I expected a warm and sunny winter, and it becomes true. This winter has a lot of sunny, bright, and warm days, a fact that people talk about a lot. It kinda breaks people's prediction, feels like odd sometimes, and therefore becomes the reason for some diseases in people's mouth. They say, winter should be cold, so it must have some negative effects such as causing physical discomfort. But I remind myself that this is what I really want, this is my personal preference--I like a warm winter with a lot of bright and sunny days. And I thought about this desire, and I appreciate the weather whenever it is sunny, many times a day.

    Something I desire in a lighthearted way, no matter how big or broad it is, can become true with few contradictory thoughts. This is so true. I also remember Esther's story of manifesting rainy days. Then I ponder the statement--one who is aligned is more powerful than millions who are not. Seen in a specific way, when one can align with a specific weather, then this result can obviously affect a lot of people. At least, in sunny days, I can see so many people walking outside, playing in the park.

    Sometimes, when I think of this unique winter, I would have thoughts that say I should be more appreciating these sunny days, I should feel happier about them, but the fact is I appreciate and like them in a light way. Which of course reminds me the difference between strong desires and light desires. The manifestation of light desires causes light positive emotions. Desires and the manifestation of them and emotions respoding to the manifestation is a very personal thing, because definition and momentum of desires are very personal.

    There are so-easy-to-manifest desired things in one's life, and there are subjects that have strong resistance attached to them, all of which may play important roles in one's daily life. So conscious knowing of their momentum and the flexibility of one's mind and focus are very beneficial in the process of deliberate creating. The emotional ups or downs between segments, between situations, can still be obvious and big. When that happens, soothing thoughts like "It's understandable. I have built pure postive momentum about that segment, and I still have strong resistance about this segment. And the negative emotion that feels so uncomfortable now, is not only about my thoughts about this segment, but also related to the comparion between these two segments. At least I can purposely remind myself not to compare them, because comparion makes me feel worse. At least I can remind myself that I have already built pure positive momentum on many life subjects... And it's not wise to focus upon the comparion to beat upon myself. It's not wise to use those resistant subjects to fill in my airtime with more undesired vibes..."

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    He raises his little head, staring at me, emanating contagious laugh. His chubby face is immersed in happiness. His eyes are smiling. His cheeks are smiling. His little white teeth are extremely cute with his lips curving outward and upward.

    Hey! What happened? I smile and stare at him, feeling his happiness, until he turns attention to his toys.

    Some time later, he raises head again. He begins to "ha~~ha~~ha~~ha~~ha~~", while looking at me. I catch up with his laugh, emanating happy sounds too. Then again, obviously it's time for him to tend to his toys, so he immediately bows his head and forgets me totally.

    Alright, I lean against the wall, beginning to play with my thoughts. However, next time, when he "gi~~gi~~gi~~", I will still respond with my eye attention and my smile, because this is such a lovely thing.

    --A cute, lovely scenario happens a lot these days.
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    Walking on a quiet road in the sunlight, with trees on my left and a narrow river on my right.

    New songs continually come to me, and now I am looping a beautiful and lighthearted R&B. Part of my consciousness is resonating with it.

    My consciousness is also interested in my tree friends. They are waving hands; they are dancing; they seem very happy seeing me. Some familiar small birds are hopping from branch to branch, which causes shivering in those green tree leaves.

    One bird flies down, and starts walking slowly on the road. She is looking for food to eat. From time to time, she speeds up, becoming a running bird. I am amazed at her running speed.

    I raise my head, lightly appreciating the blue sky.

    A simple, quiet walking and listening and observing experience. That soothes me a lot in some days. Simplicity in nature soothes. Music soothes. Walking and moving forward physically soothes. Combining them together soothes a lot.

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    Non-resistant good feelings thoughts about different life subjects:


    * My body works very well for me.

    * Most of the time, I am clear-minded and energetic. When I feel tired, it's easy for me to get back to wellness through rest or meditation.

    * My heart automatically beats for me day and night, pumping blood and bringing oxygen and nutrition to every cell of my body.

    * My tongue and taste buds upon it and throat and stomach and bowels not only allow me to enjoy food flavors, but also to produce nutrition of various kinds for my cells.

    * I can walk fast in a lighthearted mode for hours and this is my reality for many years.

    * There are lots of magnificent co-creations happening within my body, and many of them beyond our comprehension. * I love the wonderful co-creations of my mind, my eyes, my hands, etc. In washing dishes. In typing and writing in a very efficient way through computer. I love observing my fingers quickly moving around on the keyboard, creating words and sentences and then articles on the screen.

    * My blood vessels--broad, narrow, extremely narrow--are stable and flexible, allowing blood to flow all over my body and bringing oxygen and nutrition and warmth to different body parts.

    * ...

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    * Beauty is everywhere.

    * Beauty is in music. Beauty is in music of different languages, from different times. Beauty is in unlimited combinations of musical elements. I am lucky to easily find beautiful music to enjoy. I just found a beautiful and mostly lighthearted R&B song list, and I have been looping it these days especially when I am walking.

    * Beauty is so easy for me to observe and focus in my vision.
    & Beauty is in my nephew's cute, smiley face.
    &Beauty is in the calm and clear river.
    & Beauty is in the manga I am watching with new perspectives--I see how devoted those cartoonists are to their creations. I see the stunning beauty in those characters' experssions. How amazing they can use simple lines to display one's sadness, happiness, depression so vividly, etc!
    & Beauty is in all kinds of flowers, in their colors, in their shapes, in the unique combination of their petals, stems, and leaves.
    & Beauty is in a specific scenario in a movie. Maybe it is: a young boy holds a book, reading it quietly. He leans against the wall; a gust of wind comes in, blowing the white, soft curtain toward him.
    & ...

    * Beauty is in stories. Beauty is in stories happening between me and trees, flowers, rivers. Beauty is in lighthearted comedies in which people are cute, giving others the benefit of the doubt.


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