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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    * Technology brings me convenience of various kinds. Technology makes my life comfortable and easy in so many ways on a daily basis.

    * I so appreicate technology supported smart phones, Internet resources, and applications used on computers and phones. I can so easily enjoy music, movies, dramas, and books now. Just with one small phone, I can enjoy watching and listening and reading and writing at home, in cafes, on benches in parks or along rivers. I can still remember that I had a long conversation with my sister who was far away in a park with my smart phone, with the free Wi-Fi that is very easy to access outside.

    * I can easily find high-quality songs in the Internet world to download and enjoy and manage--I like making song lists based upon their core feelings. I can easily find wonderful, beautiful audio stories that are shared online, that are also created by the support of products like voice recording equiment. Using technology supported equiment, people are creating stories that emanate ancient feel, that bring you to a very different world than the modern world you are in now. Technology can perfectly combine modern and ancient together to create amazing music, stories...

    * I am glad to listen to Abe talk about technology when I am interested in it, when I want to know more about it. I am glad to open my mind more, and ponder and appreciate technology that is beyond human's control, like Source's technology which puts our planet in perfect proximity to other planets.

    * Technology is all over the place. I see its benefits in hair drier, in flush toilet, in tall buildings, in computers, in infrastructure. It feels good to only focus upon its positive aspects and benefits.

    * I am glad to know that with communication tools like skype, family members and friends in different countries can so easily talk to each other vividly. I benefit from these tools. My family members benefit from them a lot, too.


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    * I am lucky to easily have delicious food to enjoy on a daily basis.

    * I am lucky to eat Chinese food cooked by a genius cook--my mom.

    * I am glad to observe the beauty of those dishses under the bright light. Often there are beautiful combinations of colors and/or shapes in the plates on the table.

    * I am glad to reap a lot of pleasure from food. From its beauty. From its flavor. From its nutrition. And from its culture.

    * When I look around in my parents' kitchen, I see abundant elements in it. I extract from it wonderful things to ponder, to imagine.

    * There are stories and imaginations popping in my mind, about food, about cooking, about Deliberate Creation and Specifics.

    * Specifics are all over the kitchen and the cooking. Questions, like how to efficiently wash and prepare vegetables, how to cook this dishe and what processes are needed to make it really yummy, what kinds of cooking utensils are used in cooking this specific dish, etc., are well answered.

    * So food is far beyond its flavor and nutrition for me now. It brings me many delicious thoughts and imaginations, and interest in watching food related TV programs.


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    My tricks: Using a lot of words to describe bodily states and positions, Describing environment in a vivid way. Of course, the environment would make you feel good, at least relaxed. The bodily states and positions are comfortable to you.


    I am at home, by myself. It is evening, but the living room is very bright, bright like the daytime. I like brightness; I feel better in bright light, both in the daytime and in the evening.

    I am walking around in my house, nothing specific is in my mind. Then I walk to the sofa, deciding to sit down. I sit down and find the most comfortable position for myself. The sofa is so comfy and stable, and I feel so relaxed in it. Every part of my body feels light and alive. I cross my legs and put them on the tea table before me. My eyes are closed now, and music--the music has been playing for some time--becomes more obvious in my consciousness. It's a soft and beautiful song, which pleases my body, and causes resonance within some parts of my body.

    Beauty is surrounding me now. How amazing! How amazing that now I have nothing to worry, I have nothing urgent to do. I can sit like this, enjoying music as long as I want...

    I feel the impulse to get up, so I get up. I walk towards the balcony. Open the door, I walk onto the balcony. It's a beautiful night, with the full moon and some bright stars. The soft wind feels good on my skin. I observe the sky, find out that just a little while, the full moon is gone. Then it gradually comes out of thick coulds-- a poetic scene...

    Beauty IS surrounding me, absolutely. I feel blessed. I feel loved. I feel lucky. Because of the abundant beauty around me now. Musical beauty. Natural beauty. Free beauty... Life is beautiful. And I love this beautiful life.

    【The more you practice scripting, the easier you will get the feelings attached to specific scripts. That means you can spend some time--say, 10 to 30 minutes--scripting to feel better, and then you can use this better feeling to benefit you in many senses. Like you can use this better feeling and therefore enhanced clarity and physical energy to do what you think you should do now. After reaching to a better state, you may very well do it more efficiently, easily. That's the benefit different from manifesting exactly what's in you script that you can reap from scripting. 】

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    I've been loving these recent "non-resistant general thoughts" on the subjects of your life, Jenny Lee! Very inspiring! thanks for sharing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skylark View Post
    I've been loving these recent "non-resistant general thoughts" on the subjects of your life, Jenny Lee! Very inspiring! thanks for sharing!
    Thank you for your love, dear skylark. Yes, general, general and sometimes feeling like neutral thoughts, if practiced again and again, help a lot, especially in terms of having and maintaining a stable emotional atmosphere.

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    * New thoughts about stories come to me because of my focused and diligent pondering.

    * It's easy to express one's emotions or feelings or opinions about something on and on, but this is very different from interesting, intriguing stories.

    * It's easier to create dramatic stories that are full of revenge, twists, jealousy (to show "true love"), and many, many people love them. It's not so easy to create really funny, lighthearted stories that enhance your vibes, open your mind in positive new directions.

    * But there are still many wonderful funny and/or lovely and/or lighthearted stories in the form of movies, dramas, books, etc.

    * I see abundance plays an important role in them. Abundance in characters and personalities. Abundance in scenes/places/environments/events. Abundance in uniqueness. Abundance in coincidences, in surprising or funny connections between people and events.

    * Uniqueness feels fresh, feels new, and makes a story more attractive. In one episode of Jeeves and Wooster, there is an unique character named Todd, a poet, who is so different from most characters in this English drama. He is a passionate poet, spending a lot of time pondering his poems. Who chooses a very unique living style-he lives in a "quiet" forest surrounded by a lake and ducks and birds and trees and wind. Reminding me of Thoreau and Walden Pond. I see this character Todd as cute, lovely, very understandable while others may see him as strange. Uniquenesses and differences among human beings can lead to a series of funny misunderstandings, which usually are a key element in comedies.

    * With the intention of creating funny stuff, coincidences can be abundantly used--no need to consider their logic, because they are not in detective stories. Coincidences can weave scenes/events together in really maginicent ways, putting readers or the audience in awe and think--How imaginative the writer/screenwriter is!

    * ...

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    * I am lucky to know Abe teachings about sleep. I am lucky to know that when we sleep, all momentum including resistance stops, and our body can align with Source, can better replenish itself.

    * By knowing this, I become more willing to deliberately take a nap to release resistance, to get clear-minded and energetic again.

    * Knowing or not knowing this, dreamless sleep is still very beneficial, at least very beneficial to one's body. So I'm glad to see that my family members would take a nap if there is enough time. I notice it and milk it. I'm glad to see them use sleep or nap to enhance vitality. I'm glad to see that, in many cases, we are encouraging other family members to rest, and we are creating a better environment for others to rest. This is really something wonderful to milk, in a world that are so emphasizing working hard, being busy...

    * As I continually benefit from sleep/nap/rest, I am more willing to spend more time resting under some conditions--like among a lot of people, and there are clear contradictions between their conversations and attitudes. It's too late for me to shift the manifestations, so what I can do best for myself is take a longer nap/sleep longer after events like that. Usually after one-hour sleep and soothing, I will get to a much better state. Then I can easily focus upon other better feeling things.

    * Making better use of sleep/nap/rest is really very meaningful and beneficial in one's life. You can get clearer and clearer about how powerful positive emotions and sleep(non-resistant state) are.

    * Life unfolds, sometimes we feel really good most of the time, then we can sleep less. But when resistance is active within us, causing our body to feel tired or other kinds of discomfort, then it's the prime time for us to remind ourselves the importance of rest, the importance of relaxing our body and releasing tension within it--it's easy for us to forget this, that's why we should know this beforehand, and keep on remembering and reminding us of this.


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    * I've built positive, strong momentum upon music for several years. Music is one of my favorable and trustable companions.

    * Songs I love usually can interest me for a long while. Meaning: I can loop a song list for many days. I can loop a song for many days.

    * Stronger intuition about songs of specific genres ensues. I can easily click a song list among the sea of music, and find out it's the one I would like. I can get the conclusion by just listening to the first or the second song for about 10 seconds. Then I make my decision, beginning to download all of them.

    * Songs I'm not so familiar with, I would give them more time, listen and feel in a focused way, and then pick those that are most resonating with me. Songs emanating feelings of depression or extreme sadness, I would quickly let go.

    * I have my own ways to choose and savor music. Sometimes, I fully immerse myself in the world of music. Other times, I play it in the background to create a better environment for myself.

    * Beautiful is the word I use most when I think of music. I love the abundant beauty in the sea of music. I feel lucky to continually find beautiful songs and instrumental performances to enjoy, to be replenished.


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    Stories about music

    There are many Korean R&Bs I had enjoyed and have been looping. From time to time, I would search for new ones. Nowadays, I rarely memorize song names and their singers; I just pick them by searching and clicking and listening and downloading and then making a list of them.

    Among a song list consisting of 30 some songs, there is absolutely still difference--some are more resonating with me, and others, less.

    Weeks ago, I began to enjoy a song list, and there was an English song I liked very much, so I looked at its name and singer, and looped it. Days later, I began to play other songs, then another English song captivated me. I took out my phone to see who sang it. The result was--it's the same singer. Her voice was not that unique, but the style of her songs seemed such a good match to me.

    Of course I wanted to search more of her songs. She sang, and also wrote songs. I downloaded all of her songs--not so many, less than 10, feeling really happy that I had a new song list that was a better match, that I could definitely enjoy for a great while. In the following days, I always played her songs when I was walking.

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    Learning and Improving

    I received a book from my sister, and it was Persuasion written by Jane Austen. I had read the Chinese translation several times before, so I was familiar with the storyline. I took it back home, not to find some stories new and interesting in it, but to learn from it--I wanted to improve my English writing, and it was a wonderful book to explore. This time, I decided to pay more attention to the details.

    Turning the lamp on, I began to read it as soon as I got home. I randomly picked a page to start, and then, Focus, Slow Pace and Repetition was activated. I was reading, word by word, punctuation by punctuation, again and again. Some time later, I could directly memorize many sentences within those pages I had just read.

    'For now,' I thought, 'it's enough. Time to do other things.' With a feeling of accomplishment, I closed the book. I knew, this learning and improving method might seem slow going, but it wasn't. It was the best way for me to learn and improve my English (and many other things), because it was easy(easy, because I am a good focuser/I can often focus upon a subject for a long while), lighthearted, and also efficient. And what's more, whenever I wanted to explore what I read in that book, I could easily ponder them on my mind, not needing a book before my eyes, at my hands.

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