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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    Easy and fun

    I was using an app to access materials I wanted. It was free, but limited the time I could use it every day. It was enough most of the time. Then, one day, I wanted more time, so I thought why not found another one? Why not? So I quickly searched online, and did find another one.

    Some time later, I began to think: why not find another one? Then more ones? So I searched and tried, some failed, and one worked. So I got 3 apps for me to access what I want more easily and longer.

    The day before yesterday, I thought: Why not find another one? I can better use all of them according to my own preferences. Am I greedy? No. There is no greedy in this Universe of unlimited abundance. Bogus thought. So I found another one, but this one was a bit different. It had step-by-step procedures that seemed complicated. I thought: why is it so complicated while so many other apps were so easy to install and use? Boom! Just because it seemed a little bit complicated, I just gave it up? Was this what I wanted? Just explore and receive easy ones without needing to exercise my mind a bit? That's not true, I had searched and downloaded and figured out how to install and use more complicated softwares with passion--and there was absolutely clear satisfaction and the feeling of accomplishment. It's an easy task for me. Just several mintues' effort can bring me a wonderful app, wasn't that a wonderful thing? So I read and quickly figured out how to use it. And it worked very well. For now it is the one that works best.

    Just a small thought shift, the result is different.

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    I got out of my bed, and felt much better. I visited a forum, and found out that there was a reply to my thread. From an online friend that I hadn't interact with for some time. I immediately read her reply, feeling very happy for her expansion. She said I was like a magical being who predicted her future growth a year ago. I received a strong impulse to reply to her, and shared some of my new understandings about parents-children relationships. I also explained my state of beingwhen replying to her--I just wrote to her out of inspirations, in a good-feeling state. I was not exactly sure what would happen to her. The second day, I received her words, and once again, she said, I felt like knowing what's going on in her life, and it's just amazing.

    My mind began to bring in more events to give me and her greater clarity how the Universe works. I clearly explained the states of being I was in when I interacted with her, and suggested she immediately act upon her inspirations or impulses from good mood, because it was very benefical to herself, and usually beneficial to related others.

    I was inspired to reply to her 3 times in 3 days--during which I was expriencing obvious emotional ups and downs. I made the best of the time after that, because after inspired writing, my energy would raise to a higher place and so I was eager to do more things I want. I listened to Abe. I listed positive aspects. I milked every lovely thing happening during these days, reminding myself there was still so much evidence, clear evidence of how I was allowing wellbeing in by my deliberate effort. And her reply and my inspired writing were absolutely very important ones--because it helped me get onto high-flying place. And I knew how important the airtime of high-flying energy was. When I was in a much lower place, I was still reminding myself, repeatedly, these interactions, appreciating that they brought me more good-feeling airtime, which were moving me closer and closer to what I want.

    What a journey! I got back into alignment. I got back to a much more stable place. I resisted the temptation of jumping into action, but to find any way to soothe myself, to combine different processes together to feel better and better, to appreciate and milk, in a general and calm way, those lovely things that were still coming to me through my PoLR, responding to my energy shift.

    Manifestational shift comes soon. I feel proud of myself. But I won't tell the details of the contrast. Clarity has been got, I choose to move on with greater clarity and higher trust in these Laws.

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    Some new thoughts swelling my heart

    I find out I am very confident in my English abilities, and I just express this confidence in almost every conversation with others, if we are talking about English. I pondered it, and knew confidence was such a personal thing, and people who do better than me now may not be as confident as I am. They may even feel dissatisfied with their English levels. Interesting. I soon knew personal confidence would be influenced into self-beating, in some situations, if it is only based upon what-is.

    I remembered a statement from Abe, talking about becoming more confident without obvious reasons. I feel confident in this area, and it feels good, meaning my Inner Being adores my confidence, agrees with my perspective. Seen from my Inner Being's perspective, I've already been a master in this area in the Vortex, in the Vibrational Reality. And the way to that, every piece about it, for the physical me to get closer and closer to my desire is crystal clear to my Inner Being. If I take steps according to my feelings, it's an assured thing, and it can be easy and fun. It is easy and fun when I take inspired steps.

    When you are crystal clear about the end result, and the never-ending PoLR to it, you would also have confidence in yourself or any other one. Because it's sure, it's crystal clear; because whenever this path is missed or unrealized, immediately another or more wonderful paths light up--never in any lack.

    Seeing this big picture of such clarity, even as a physical being who primarily focuses upon sense perceptions, could have absolute confidence in him or her self, and beloved others. Never-ending easy steps toward everything we desire. Then it is even not about confidence, it is knowing, and therefore enjoying the journey with this knowing.

    I can't see clearly what's in my Vortex, but combining my personal confidence in a particular area with Abe teachings, I get better understanding about my relationship with my IB and my Vortex. In areas that you are sure or confident, you don't feel hurry, because you know the easy and fun steps are always there for you, how to achieve what you desire is crystal clear. So you can set aside it as you like, and involve in something that is more interesting to you now.

    The more we trust our Vortex, trust the never ending and personally designed paths, trust the already existence of what we desire, trust our emotional guidance, the more "blind" confidence we could have.

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    In ups and downs, my body still worked well, so I could easily carry out needed and desired physical activities. When some discomfort appeared, "old news" would pop in my mind, so I let myself loose from it.

    In ups and downs, the Universe still responded to my purposeful effort, bringing me lovely things, including high-flying experiences.

    Those high-flying experiences came from subjects that I'm often passionate about, that I have already bulit pure strong positive momentum. So as I felt better and better, I could jump onto the beautiful plateau through these portals.

    Sitting on the warm bed, I was watching some lovely videos with a big smile on my face. One after another, I was immersed in a world of mutually appreciating and loving, and happy interactions. My heart was filled with sensible sweetness. I realized, once again, this subject that had brought me so much pleasure and inspirations, was supporting me, energizing me, and curving my lips almost to the ears. What a gift! What a gift I created for myself! By frequent enjoying and appreciating. By making it pure. By thanking it.

    In ups and downs, I still easily found another better app that gave me greater freedom to search and enjoy what I liked online.

    I milked, milked, and milked these experiences. I appreciated, appreciated, and appreciated my persistence of feeling thankful for many things, that kept on attracting wellbeing of different kinds. Incrementally, downs shifted--they were not that low, and I came back to a more stable place...

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    I was watching that house-rebuilding TV show again. The most impressive part was the scene that a mastery carpenter showed his marvellous art with his selectively chosen tools. I was captivated by his focus and dexterous movements.

    At first, I thought he used too many tools--one of my sometimes active thoughts, thinking the less tools one needs, the better his level of mastery is. I soon shifted this limited opinion. I kept on watching: He was creating a wooden tearoom of traditional Japanese style. He was using different tools to carry out different tasks and achieve different functions and effects, based upon the connecting method of 榫卯 that has been existing for thousands of years. He only used one metal part to connect two wooden structures, and all other connections were finished by the delicately designed tenons and mortises of different shapes. Using his tools, he created an extremely beautiful and elegant tearoom. I was in strong appreciation of this artist, this mastery carpenter, of his focus and flowing, beautiful body movements.

    I was reminded of many concepts and attitudes, such as presence, mindfulness, going with the flow, one with what one is doing here and now.

    I began to imagine what I would feel if I were him, lying on the floor of that tearoom. Turning around my head, observing this creation from different angles, vividly remembering how I thought about it, how I made it more and more tangible the way I visioned, knowing why I made this edge thinner... Joy and a strong feeling of accomplishment surged in my heart. What a blessing to enjoy my creating! What a blessing to observe such a magnificent tearoom created by myself! What a blessing to have something I am so in love with and so good at...

    I became "him". Joy and Appreciation and Love for Life were active in my body. In appreciating other people, in standing in other's shoes with my present feelings, I brought myself high-flying energy. And once again, I re-activated the importance of being fully immersed with something I like doing.

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    The architect was building a warm air ventilating system. At first, it seemed very complicated, but after the clear explanation he gave to the audience, it became very easy to understand. It's a creative combination of metal roof, wooden blocks, extractor fan, and concrete foundation, based upon their specific attributions. Wow! The first one who invented this, might have it because of purposeful experiments, or because of inspirations.

    I re-watched it, feeling strong appreciation of what I saw. My thoughts began to extend: I thought about combinations in other worlds, such as in cooking. I tried to stand in those architects' shoes, and decided that if I were them, I would primarily take every case as a new case, get into the receptive mode and create something new, instead of using those already existing designs no matter how marvellous they are. Because, new ideas, new combinations, play such an important role in diligent thinkers' life. Following old pattern, depriving self with the creative exploring and receiving process, would soon cause feelings like boredom. One reason is that, the momentum of creativity in these people's Vortex is very strong, and they have been, at least for some time period, in the creative mode, so less creative mode feels obviously bad. Strong desire, and not allowing it, when focusing a lot of time specifically on it, causes a big gap.

    I have been used to thinking and exploring and pondering, and getting new ideas from my thinking process. I can feel when I become sloppy, not deliberately finding something or some thoughts to ponder, to explore, to milk, to relate to other things, I would soon feel bored, and uncomfortable. I'd keep my mind excited about something often. Being excited and inspired to explore is part of my purposeful life; feeding my mind with new things is part of my purposeful life. Sometimes, I forget, and then out of discomfort, I remember again.

    For me, TV shows that are usually mind-exciting and thoughts-provoking are TV programs related to designing multi-functioning and beautiful things with limited conditions, or adventure in extreme situations. When I'm watching them, I can feel these creative designers and adventures' unique and wonderful perspectives and attitudes toward people, things and life experiences. They open my mind, and plant some new seeds in my heart. I'm so glad that there are people creating TV shows like this. I'm so glad that there are people who are really thoroughly explaining to you the whys and hows, so it not only makes your application of their tips easier, but inspires your own creativity if you ponder and feel them.

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    Four of us had a lovely morning trip yesterday. My mom, my nephew, my niece and I, with a green pushchair.

    The past few days were really busy, 3 adults to take care of 2 babies, both robust toddlers, curious about everything. I was really making the best of what-is, such as consciously resting and relaxing my arms after holding them for a long time, breathing deeply when feeling overwhelmed.

    Taking them outside was not an easy thing, so at first, I didn't feel that good about this idea. But I quickly shifted my thoughts, thinking: Why not having a wonderful family trip, instead of seeing it as a task? So when we began to walk on the road, I offered some general thoughts:

    It is a sunny day with comfortable wind, and therefore a perfect day for a outside trip.
    It is good to come together with my family like this, and create a lovely life experience for all of us.
    I'm glad to see my nephew and my niece have a good time outside.
    I also can see trees and flowers, and feel the comfort of a spring sunny day.

    So I felt better and better. Finally, I enjoyed this one-hour trip very much. My niece was in the pushchair, looking around with great curiosity. My nephew was walking with my mom, because he insisted on walking by himself. We walked to the public stadium and then to a nearby park--there, I enjoyed observing the fresh green maple trees with abundant red flowers.

    When we were on our way home, my niece became the one who was in the pushchair. After a while, I saw a specific kind of flowers blooming along the walkway. I pushed the baby carriage near these flowers, softly held between my fingers the green stem of a flower, and showed it to my nephew. He had known flower pictures on the sheets, and when real flowers were in front of him, though having very different shapes and colors, he still immediately called out "hua(花)." As for me, there was a lovely story about these flowers, so I felt very good to see them again.

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    Walking along the river with my friend, I found irises again. I crouched and got closer to these delicate purple flowers. About a week ago, I was showing them to my nephew before an apartment building. I milked that experience several times, so I could easily remember the details of that scene--still vivid and lovely.

    I stared at them, and no doubt, once again, I felt strong appreciation of their beauty. In closeups, the combination of their colors and the arrangement of those petals made me awestruck. And I acted upon my impulse of taking pictures of them.

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    Figure out how to post pics

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    It is a sunny day with comfortable wind. My dear friend and I meet in a familiar square. We walk across the square and arrive at the road near the river. It is spring, so, along this wide road are abundant green trees and colorful flowers.

    A pleasing scent is floating in the air, triggering my curiosity, and I ask my friend, "Where does it come from?" She says it's the scent of camphor trees. Oh, I see. Then, I also see a lot of fallen leaves from camphor trees, red, slowly moving with the wind. It is a beautiful scene that is worth shooting. I take out the phone, click its camera, and begin to take pictures of the road. My friend is walking in front of me, and I accidently include part of her legs in some of my photos. When I stare at them, I think they are poetic.

    Soon, we rendezvous with several big and tall cherry blossom trees, blooming in such magnificence that many people are observing them with cameras in their hands. We join them, appreciating these beautiful flowers, and look for the best angles to photograph them...

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