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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    I love your thread Jenny! Love your pictures—yes, that IS a very poetic picture!

    Funnily enough, I was thinking about camphor and its distinctive smell just a couple of days ago. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tree though! So fun to rendezvous with it here on your thread!

    Peace to you!

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    Dear skylark, so happy to hear your wonderful story, and know once again how Universe is connecting us in so many amazing ways. Your reply reminds me that camphor trees are very common here, but maybe not so easy to see in other places. In spring, camphor trees have fresh green, dark green, and red leaves. And those red leaves begin to fall off--that's why the road would be partly covered by them.

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    In the past few days, I have been pondering the subject of mastery again, and again, and again. Many interesting thoughts come to me. I usually get knowledge and inspirations and information by this kind of exploring.

    My insterests expand to subjects like piano, pianist, conductor. My thoughts just take me there, from pondering, to being inspired to hit the keys of a very simple music toy resembling a piano, to searching videos of famous pianists' performance...

    Looking at the big piano consisting of so many keys, and imagining the unlimited possibilities a piano and a pianist can create--ten fingers, so many keys, so many possible hits the pianist can do in every moment. Think about the combinations, the abundant sounds the pianist can make during several seconds or even in an extremely short moment. This instrument itself can make a very abundant and full musical piece. The subtleties, the nuiances, the precision, the speed, the emotions, the feelings... All means unlimited possibilities and therefore inspirations and deliciousness and accomplishment and excitement, etc., for composers, for pianists, and for lovers of this instrument.

    I am amazed at how human body can do, when looking at the pianist's fingers doing all kinds of complicated movements upon the piano. There must be many nonphysical musicians enjoying the performing.

    I begin to think about conductors--I didn't know what they really do. But I soon have a lot of thoughts about them--mastery of conducting may very well mean great sensitivity to the generals and the specifics of the present concert; they are using body movements and gestures to make the performance stable in terms of fulfiling the key vision, to guide the musicians back to the lane when sensing some subtle discord, to still be flexible enough to let new inspirations flow out based upon now atmosphere--after all, it's a here and now concert with so many fresh elements, like audience and their reaction.

    What a conductor does? What kind of things a conductor should be keenly aware of?


    Thoughts continue, and I feel strong appreciation of the bigness and abundance of the world--mastery of playing the piano, or mastery of conducting, things like this seem to summon more Source Energy, and are involved with great creativity and extreme precision. Harder, and more challenging, but also very rewarding in terms of intelligence and feelings.

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    Pick a scene in what-is and vividly milk it

    I have been doing this for a long time, especially on desired interactions and relationships and togethernesses.


    My nephew was sitting on my lap and we were playing with the computer, primarily with the keyboard and the screen button. Responding to his curiosity, I had already taught him how some keys pronounced. He already knew where they were when I said "Y" or "T", and he would put his finger on the exact keys. It was a frequent and lighthearted game for us.

    The letter that he had been immensely interested in was "W". It must be that W's more complicated or longer pronunciation attracted his attention. I would repeatedly say "W" to him, and he was soon able to easily recognize its place on the keyboard.

    We all knew he was a very intelligent being, but we didn't know all the specifics. And this afternoon, as my sister-in-law came to us, I began to play this game with him again. She was amazed, not knowing he could do things like this, even though he did display his intelligence in many other ways. I liked sharing lovely things about my nephew, just like I loved hearing my parents and his parents telling me his new growth. I also told his mom how he learned these things out of his own strong preferences. She then mentioned his extreme passion for car wheels, with a big smile on her face.

    A lighthearted interaction and sharing I milked in my mind several times later. Not a high-flying experience. But absolutely one of my desired togethernesses. I had many experiences of this kind I could immediately re-activate, but I chose to vividly describe and milk new ones. New ones gave me fresh feelings, and also gave me a delicious opportunity to deliberately pick words to portray them in my mind or on the paper--a focused and full experience I was fond of.

    During the above togetherness, all of us were in a good mood. My nephew was mostly enjoying himself. I was purposefully sharing something lovely. And my sister-in-law was happy to find something new about her cute son. So, of course, I would like it.

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    Images and Words

    I stare at the dishes cooked by my mom. I focus upon their components, their colors and their shapes. I intake their vivid images. I choose words to name them, of course, in Chinese.

    One dish after another, I begin this observing and naming and discribing journey, while previously, I just took their existence for granted, rarely focusing upon them like this. My intention is to add some fun to eating experiences, and also find the obvious reasons to appreciate my mom. Appreciating her geinus cooking. Appreciating her mastery of every phase of the cooking.

    Then, it becomes easier and easier for me to write out those names, and at the same time, activate those vivid and specific images in my mind. Images and words combined together like this, make you more focused and full in this moment. It feels like I come back to that table, and those amazing dishes are just in front of me. And I can even get a vague sense of their tastes--vague, because I hadn't pay much attention to tastes, to exploring how to vividly activate tastes in my consciouness, but I believe it can be done. [Plus, when I write about them in strong appreciation, usually, I could see them soon at the table again.]

    This is not something new; I had written it some time ago. But still, this is such a good way to enhance the beauty and/or the deliciousness and/or the fun and/or the meaning of daily things that previously we ignored. And you can further extend your thoughts based upon what you see. You may see from these dishes what a good cutting job your mom is doing. Then, you may rendezvouse with a scene, in which your mom is so immersed in cutting vegetables, in such focus and mindfulness that you even feel a little confused. She usually doesn't behave like this in other areas, so obviously cooking plays a really important role in her life. Isn't it great that there is something so attracting her?

    By doing so, I'm also increasing my ability to visualize, because it becomes easire and easier for me to imagine more vivid pictures in my mind. However, most of the time, I still prefer writing--because many forms of writing already contain visualizing. These names you deliberately choose or create, now, have their own images. In my case, the images are created by my mom. Of course, the same name may mean very different images. After all, you can cut vegetables and meat in so many different ways, leading to so many different shapes and images.

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