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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    Oh, I love this last post of yours Jenny! So, so astute! thank you for sharing your insights with us! Hugs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skylark View Post
    Oh, I love this last post of yours Jenny! So, so astute! thank you for sharing your insights with us! Hugs!
    Thank you, dear skylark, for letting me know my understanding is insights for other people. Really glad to know this and I just had some new thoughts about that quote.

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    Jerry and Esther have left their bus behind. They have found some other things that are working better for them, more efficient for them.They are finding more time to do other things they are wanting to do. And every now and again they find themselves justifying why they are no longer driving the bus. And part of it is because they loved it so much that it feels wrong not to love it equally as much as they one time loved it. Like once you appreciated something that you must always hold yourself in that same state of love and appreciation for it.

    We want them and you to understand that as long as you're appreciating something, it's the act of appreciating not the object of attention that you are appreciating that is important. You see.


    I am a voice lover. I am a sound lover. I still remember my extremely strong appreciation of so many beautiful human voices when I began to listen to audio dramas. I would attentively focus on every component, including the unique nature of human voices, their emotions displayed in dialogues or monologues, the background music, and sound effects appearing at times. I filled my notebook with my appreciation of them. During that time, I almost liked every drama I found just like my nephew, who is interested in every word coming out of our mouths at present.

    Two years have passed, after neglecting this sound world for some time, I want to pick and enjoy some dramas again. When I think of this world of voices and sounds, I immediately sense some guilt creep in as soon as I realize that so many voices I once so loved are not attractive to me now. How could I feel so indifferent to them now? To these voices, these wonderful voice-actors who had brought me so many good feelings?

    Then I remember Esther and Jerry's thoughts/justification about why they left their monster bus. It's easy to get into the justifying mode in order to feel better if we were in guilt. But now that I know better, I don't need to go down that path anymore. I don't need to feel guilty. I don't need to justify myself. Things are continually evolving. My preferences continually evolve and change. This is a Universal law. Take it easy. After thinking like this, I begin to take a new path of clearly updating my present preferences of audio dramas. I list the voices that I still like very much. I think about the desirable storylines. I imagine putting different voices together in my mind to see whether they would make a good match.

    In the past few days, I have been milking these new thoughts. I enjoy the fun of imagination. One of the results was:

    I rendezvoused with episode 1 of a "new" drama and I enjoyed it very much the day before yesterday. One thing led to another; I began to read the novel which was the origin of the drama. Just now, I searched on a related webpage and good news happened to me. Episode 2 of this drama just came out. In this specific sound world, often you may have to wait for several years for the next episode of a drama, or it just ended without an ending.

    So, again, I witnessed the power of my focus. I searched the information of episode 1--it came out about two years ago. It's good I can immediately listen to the sequel. It also reminds me of a lovely memory: I had been re-reading my favorite novel for some days before my brother's wedding, full of appreciation. Then on his wedding day, I found out the theme of the wedding had the same name with this novel. And its name in English would be: Being Here for You, Always.

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    About Multi-tasking

    Recently, my ability to multitask improves a great deal, so much so that I am willing to make the best of the sporadic times such as 20 seconds. Thanks to my nephew and my niece for inspiring/(forcing) me to become more multi-tasking in a primarily aligned state.

    I combine multi-tasking with my own preferences.

    I like undividedly focusing upon something wanted. Imagine that there are two kids who have different personalities and interests, and who may easily get into a fight after immediately hugging and kissing each other. And imagine that I don't do pre-paving about that and I have to keep them safe. With them rarely having long-term harmony, I am busy separating them, and getting irritated and then getting angry with their parents, etc.

    I dragged molding the energy, so things got worse to a point that I had to pre-pave about it. Obviously hoping that only us three staying together happen as less as possible(/pushing against what I didn't want) didn't work well.

    So what can I do?

    Having to make peace with where I am. Making the best of that very-possible-to-happen scenario. Focusing upon the time segments when they are enjoying their own activities respectively, when they are hugging and kissing and enjoying each other, and when they are sharing the same interest. These time segments still exist. Reminding myself that quickly separating them when they get into a fight is in fact an easy thing.

    And clearly noticing that the key thing that made me irritated was that I felt I was wasting my time by just looking at them with some negative expectations. Then my thoughts would brew into blame of other family members, and on and on. So why not directing my attention otherwise while still giving them some attention? For example, taking a notebook and writing what I want. By doing so, I would have much less time to feel irritated, to blame, to get into anger...

    I applied that. I began to be busy doing my writing--putting the paper at any surface that was convenient. From time to time, they would get attracted by what I was doing and my nephew would ask me to draw a bus for him. I would. I would quickly draw a bus on the same paper, and soon he felt satisfied and left to have other fun. When they began to fight for something, I would quickly put down my pen to handle that. Then I went back to my writing...

    I felt such a strong feeling of accomplishment when I was pondering my emotional ups and downs during that time period--because I was primarily in alignment. Because I was in alignment, no blame, let alone anger followed. This lasted for about 5 days. I knew I had greatly shifted my vibe. No yearning for avoiding situations like this. Instead, I got more leeway and willingness to have fun with them.

    It seems that I got busier, and had more things to tend to, but the multi-tasking helps me to put the majority part of my focus/airtime on what I want. By focusing upon what I want, I feel good, and by feeling good, my perspective of my nephew, my niece and other family members immediately shifts, while before, I would offer much effort to clean up my blame or anger, to no avail.

    So, multi-tasking is very beneficial in similar situations. And writing of course is a powerful way of focusing.

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    My father hurt his wrist. He lied on the hospital bed, and the doctor said the surgery might be arranged next Tuesday. I kept on soothing myself. I didn't feel that worried.

    Then my brother-in-law came and he said there was a better treatment and he knew someone who had already known my father's situation and she was confident she could treat that. So we left the ward.

    I immediately knew that would be a more natural and comfortable treatment. And I also quickly began to beat upon myself because I didn't know better. Then, I realized knowing everything was not what I truly want; in fact, my brother-in-law and the doctor were the co-operative component for both me and my father. Instead, I should appreciate myself that I continually care about how I feel.

    That doctor began to cut a big piece of cedar bark with a big pair of scissors. She cut them into 4 pieces. After looking at the picture, with the help of my brother and my brother-in-law, this thin doctor put my father's wrist back to its usual place in several minutes. Then she used the cedar bark, gauze and bandages to fixate it, asking my father to rest and telling him those bone fragments would naturally go where they should stay.

    I was amazed. In this world of PoLR medical treatments, I can see such big difference. You can wait in the ward, not knowing the exact time of surgery and the doctor would put something into the wrist, and...[Don't want to get into the details.]

    I realized that it's good that all of us still to some extent believe in Chinese medicine and lots of Chinese medicine processes and treatments are highly emphasizing the healing power of our body.

    I immediately remembered some healers I knew online, so I searched their posts and read them again. I didn't agree with their attitudes toward the Universe and life, but I am 100% sure that they are loving and confident healers. Yes, they are so loving and warm-hearted. As I appreciated them, my eyes were filled with tears and I knew that moment I was so aligned with my Inner Being's perspective of them. I like knowing there are healers like them existing. I like knowing a lot of people who are a match to them greatly benefit by receiving treatments from them. As for me, this is also some kind of pre-paving in the world of PoLR actions, for myself and others I care about.

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    New, new, new...

    I would say my interactions with my nephew are most high-flying ones. Every time, there is something new happen in the interaction. Playing with him, interacting with him, without interest or curiosity or passion for things he is focused upon, I would easily get into boredom or impatience or frustration or even anger.

    I mean "playing with him" or "interacting with him," not sharing the same space and doing things respectively. I often thought, we were really great playmates, because we share same passions like languages and words. That being said, I still had to stand in his shoes to ignite my genuine love of playing with him, otherwise words coming out of my mouth would lose their meaning and attraction.

    When I tell him stories, no matter how simple and easy these stories are, I tell them with full attention and clarity, without any "dealing with" vibe. By doing so, I have built stable positive momentum about a lot of new abilities, including storytelling. I rarely tell him those well-known fairy tales. I rarely tell him animal stories—in fact he has no interest in those animal picture books, and what he focuses upon most on those books are lights and lamps. He is more interested in different kinds of cars and gadgets of various functions.

    This afternoon, I had an idea of informing him about housework robots, like sweeping robots, mopping robots, etc. So I started telling him that there was a round, cute robot named sweeping robot that could help people clean the floor. He was so interested and I let him watched a video of testing three kinds of sweeping robots. I must say--they were cute. He was enamored by them. Then I also let him watch those mopping and window-washing robot. Considering his eye conditions, I stopped after 10 minutes.

    He felt bad, but after a while, we began to enjoy the stories I created with these robots, one after another. I knew how to make stories more vivid and interesting by adding details like their shapes and colors and moving routes and even personalities. There were unlimited ways for me to tell them:
    There was a guy who owned three sweeping robots--one, white; one, black; and the last one, brown. He decided to test them. The white one moved from the peripheries toward the center, and the black one moved randomly and no one could predict its next step, while the brown one liked walking straight. After the test, the owner found out the brown robot worked best, so he decided to keep the brown one and let go of the white and the black one...

    Then more ideas came to my mind, such as giving these cute round robots wings so that they also can fly to the table or even to the window. So now they become multi-tasking robots that can sweep the floor, cleaning the table and washing the window…

    I couldn’t tell this kind of stories when there were no sweeping robots except that my imagination reached that place, but now I can, because it's a new age where there are lots of advanced housework helpers. I rarely read children's books, but still I could tell stories that excite my nephew's mind and brighten his eyes. While many kids may find these stories boring, there are also kids like my nephew so happy knowing about things like taxi, ambulance, crane, and excavator.

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    He just had some water, and based upon my knowing, this could last for some time. I just changed his diaper, so this was ok too. I put my phone, some coins and a pack of tissues in the coat pocket. These coins were enough for us taking buses. As for other kinds of shopping, I could easily pay with my phone. With a light body and a lighthearted mood, I held my nephew's hand and soon we were in the outside. Wow! What a shining, smiley, cute face! After several indoor days, just walking on the outdoor road put him onto the high-flying disk.

    We walked slowly and this time he was not that interested in cars and buses passing by. He was focused upon the patterns of the bricks that made up the pavement. Minutes later, we arrived at the bus stop, and I already decided to let him enjoy the bus trip even though it's a very short trip.

    We got onto the bus, and he immediately got very excited, wanting to know a lot of things. He sat in his mom or dad's car often, but rarely took the bus, so he liked this new experience very much. He saw a girl holding a lollipop, asking me what she was eating. I told him. He stared at the lollipop for a while, and then saw the TV set hanging from the bus ceiling. It was not turned on, and he of course wanted to know what it was. I answered his question. It's a short trip, and we got to the destination. I promised him that we would soon have another chance to enjoy the bus trip.

    Again, we started walking on the street, slowly, with him looking around with full curiosity. After buying cake and puffs, we turned around the corner, deciding to go back home. How lucky! We saw one of his favorite vehicles--watering truck(?). As soon as he saw it, he rushed toward it, and I quickly caught up with him. I held his hand, feeling glad that it's red light at the intersection, so now this vehicle stood still for us to observe attentively. The water was dripping instead of spraying, but I knew as the traffic light turned to green, it would spray. So we waited patiently and both of us enjoyed the water spraying--I thought this driver was a considerate one, because he controlled the water flow thoroughly to not bluntly spray water onto the nearby cars.

    The truck went far away, I told my nephew he could easily see it again in future, and he quickly got excited again because we were heading for the bus stop. Before that, I let him take that cake bag for a short while. And we talked about bicycle mending as we saw a bike that was put upside down.

    What a fulfilling journey to both of us! After getting home, I also knew the vortex version of my arms became stronger, for I felt some tension on them.

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    When the desire is really really really strong, then a little allowing could go a long way. (1)

    I like pondering this statement. I had heard it in many Abe conversations and also read it in books like Astonishing Power of Emotions.

    I have many examples in which I finally fed up with a re-occurring situation (a strong desire), and then I really focused upon shifting it in all kinds of ways I could think of, and usually the better result would quickly come and could last at least for a long time, and when similar situation begins to raise its head later, I would be more sensitive and know how to shift it again based upon new what-is.

    The importance of step 1 moment.

    Your physical condition was A, and the Vortex Version of your body was B, at time point 1.

    You experience a step 1 moment in your body. You put something related to your body into your Vortex, at time point 2. And now the Vortex Version of your body is C.

    C is better, at least in some aspect, than B, even though B is already a purely healthy body. C may be stronger than B. C may have more flexibility on some parts...

    After the step 1 moment, you are able to allow a better than B body to be your reality. Before that, the best body you could allow is B. Of course, this is still a coarse explanation.

    In one Abe clip, Abe illustrated this statement with a vivid assumption. The HS said her husband was worried about his financial situation because his ex-wife demanded alimony from him. Abe said if he had 10 ex-wives demanding alimony from him, then there would be much more money put into his Vortex for him to allow and receive. Strong desire has very strong pulling power--pulling/summoning Life Force, Energy that creates worlds...

    Then ponder statement (1), more thoughts could be explored.

    The collective consciousness and the all-knowing about us of our IB and the timing

    I searched Abe clips on the subject of stock market, and I enjoyed them so much. Successfully playing stock market really requires alignment--mastery alignment, after all it relates to money and the stock market is so volatile that big changes could happen in a flash.

    The timing of buying and selling is so important. And the right timing requires higher level alignment—knowing/certainty/absoluteness…. In alignment, we can hear the impulse from our IB, because our IB knows the co-operative components and knows the trend while our logical mind couldn't figure out so many moving parts, especially a game that is so volatile. You have put your prerequisites in your Vortex, and so if there are more players in the market, usually it would be easier for your prerequisites to be met. It's possible that during a short time period, there are many transactions that could meet your prerequisites...

    Inspired by Abe clips as follows:

    Abraham Hicks. A stock trader wants to enhance his intuition
    Abraham Hicks Future Trading Stock Market how to play the market
    Abraham Hicks ~z~ Summoning Money

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    From The Astonishing Power of Emotions

    Example 28 -- My Husband Is Very Sick

    Words do not teach, but life experience does. And as you find a true relief, that's only possible by your deliberate directing of your own thoughts, you will radiate a different vibration that can influence the vibration of your husband. And with his desire, peaked at its highest ever level, due to the intensity of what he is living, then a little bit of allowing, as you and he both release resistance, can go a very long way.

    Example 31 -- I Never Have Enough Money

    No matter how many hours you or your wife may work, and no matter how much money flows into your household, you cannot achieve a financial balance until you first achieve a vibrational balance in your own being. And in the moment that you let go of the oars and allow yourself to turn in the stream, you will feel relief in your own body, and the financial relief will come close behind.

    When you‘ve wanted something for a long time, and then therefore amassed a considerable vibrational escrow on the subject, a little bit of relief goes a long way. In other words, if you can manage to get yourself feeling better for a few days, evidence of your releasing of resistance will begin to appear in some form of financial relief.

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