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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    A belief is a thought I keep thinking. My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like. Contrast helps me know more clearly what I desire. My Inner Being is guiding me forward through my PoLR.

    I wake up early in the morning. I rarely need a nap in the noon. I like having abundant physical energy to focus upon what I like. I like thinking about the Vortex version of my body. My legs are firm and strong. My fingers are extremely flexible and have unlimited potential to become more flexible. My eyes perceive beauty, order, cuteness and vitality. My eyes gain great satisfaction watching people deliberately applying their hands in the process of creating. My ears enjoy music and conversations. I am easy to please, music wise. My body is demonstrating high-degree alive ness. It is strong, malleable and adaptive. And always, I remember that to my body, the most important thing is doing vibrational work, or feeling good.

    I am expanding my thoughts on this business, though my main work is managing inventory. Purposefully looking for new thoughts about subjects in my life makes me more fulfilled. Positive thoughts about this business feel good to me, so itself is already a bonus. I know that this business is in our Vortices. Source is in on it and it has a huge market. More and more people buy our clothes. They like what they buy and write posts with photos to share their appreciation. Source is in on my role in this business. I receive more money in doing my work. I appreciate the clothing that looks good to me and to a lot of people.

    To bring more fun to my life, sometimes I play roles. I would imagine myself as the cook when he is cutting vegetables. I intentionally do so as my prepaving--if I want to cook in the future, this imagination and observation help a lot. I am never limited to observing and enjoying certain hand moves, because the world of unlimited artisans, or craftmen, is open to me, perceivable by my eyes. Satisfaction coming from this learning brightens my life and therefore I will keep doing it.

    I am satisfied with my present job and wants to have another job in my other time segments. Its contents must please me, satisfying me. My mind is eager to think about it. My knowledge gets used creatively. I often get into the Vortex and receive inspirations or impulses. Both my mind and my hands enjoy the activities it brings to me. I know what I desire, I have great clarity of what I want in relationships and I am usually in harmony with people around me while sometimes, the disagreement serves me well as the step1 that expands my Vortex. Like the artisans I watched, I know how to treasure every simple move of my mind and hands, which leads to a happier life for me, in every area. I let go of the propensity to see things as trivial, and instead see them as important elements that form a meaningful whole. I have applied this attitude to many scenes and so I know it can work everywhere. So, my job or jobs will be a happy subject.

    For every piece of knowledge, my Inner Being has its opinion, and this could be a wonderful basis for me to review what I have learned and to learn new knowledge.
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    I am glad to have clean and nutritious food to eat every day. I like food consisting of many ingredients such as pancakes. This morning, I bought a rice roll stuffed with six ingredients. After that, I drank a cup of hot coffee in the cafe. Again, my love and acceptance of its coffee comes back. My mom cooked the lunch, and I savored the crab. And at supper, I get three kinds of food, congee, an ear of sweet corn and a mom-made bun stuffed with pure vegetables. The moment I eat the food or drink the coffee, cells of my body move actively to make the best of elements coming in. A lot of physiological activities happen within my body automatically. Recently I get opener to food and I have enjoyed two ice creams which I rarely ate in the past few years. I found a milk shop to get delicious ice creams. I also ate many pieces of Hami melon this noon. This year is the year I eat most fruits. My stomach and bowels work extremely well for me that I dare to eat anything I choose, knowing it will be wonderfully process.


    Chemistry, recipes and laws are interesting. Following them, A turns into B. New changes happen because of them. Most of them incur the exact or highly similar results as they say. Part of my life is to follow them because there is no need for me to create anew or experiments to add new. Because they are not the parts I have passion for creating, that I want to be inspired and original. Learning knowledge about them is easy, because I just need to abide by the laws, no needing to reason or ask why. I can purely appreciate the present knowledge about them and feel happy for the great convenience and efficiency. For now, cooking belongs to these parts. I am more than willing to use recipes provided by wonderful cooks.


    As the man is making the pizza on my phone, I can't help becoming a commentator, vividly describing his every move. It's like a positive knee-jerk response. My voiceover brings about greater satisfaction. And I clearly know it's a superb way to learn something new.

    Unconditional Alignment

    I like knowing I am an eternal being. I like knowing death is re-emerging into Pure Positive Energy. My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like. My Inner Being focuses upon our Vortices. There is nothing more important than that I feel good. Step 1 lets me know more clearly what I prefer and it can be quite useful. I like deliberately feeling good when it seems that I should worry about this or that. I like collecting simple statements and objects of attention that can easily make me feell better. I like remembering the puppy's innocent eyes and her warm fluffy paws. This morning, I saw lantana flowers and was again amazed at its delicate shape and color combination. I like living in the world full of Internet resource and I never feel lack in music I like. The cafe plays an important role in my life, for I spent quite some time in it. I appreciate girls working there.

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    A belief is a thought I keep thinking. What I think, how I feel and what manifests are always a vibrational match. My Inner Being knows where I am and where I want to be on every subject, and is forever calling me forward through my path of least resistance. My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like.

    Colorful candies with a cute smiley on the front are created massively. I like the fact that these artisans have sufficient conditions to turn their beautiful ideas into seeable and edible sweets. Their counters are extremely clean and equipped with all needed tools. Their flexible hands, orderly, display all kinds of moves. They roll, pull and stretch, wash, stir, cut, press, sprinkle, paste and draw. Satisfaction wafts through my body when I watch the process of their creation. It is a pleasure to find more contents for my eyes to enjoy.

    The Vortex version of my body is extremely healthy. My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon my wellness. I have abundant physical energy to do a lot of things every day. I walk along the river and breathe fresh air. I come to the cafe and enjoy the hot coffee. I sit before my computer and watch artisans' work. I do my work in a lighthearted mood. I shake the puppy's paws. I listen to music and look up new words on a dictionary when I am on the bus...

    I appreciate the unlimited resources I have access to. Some of them let me clearly know what I desire, what I like. News about wars and refugees let me know I like security and stability, I prefer that people live together in harmony, and I want people to have wherewithal to do what they like, not needing to worry about money or time. News about femicide shocks me and let's me know clearly that I want people to respect and like each other. I am glad that men in my family are respectful and caring about their family members. Some vlogs of people who contracted diseases inspire me to treasure my health more and to more diligently tell stories of my wellness, and to often remember the relationship between positive emotions and my body. The life some people live offers me new perspectives of my present life. I appreciate the neat and comfy physical spaces I am in. Every day, I eat delicious meals and drink cooling beverages. And I like that I am living in a city full of trees and flowers, and days ago, I just observed lantana flowers in appreciation of their delicate structure. I like flourish economy, people happily busy and the streets safe, neat with people walking in leisure...

    The work I am doing is easy. I use office excel. I had made complicated financial statements when I studied in the campus. I know I can easily pick up the abilities I had demonstrated before. For now, this small working unit is not in need of complicated financial data. But it is enough to inspire me thoughts related to management. My relative is sensitive to fashion and clothes he chooses are welcomed by many youths. The marketing is fully online marketing with a website full of information. The customer service is outsourced. We are responsible for receiving the orders, packing up clothing for the delivery guy to come and send. And the two boys would keep clothes in the warehouse in shape, tidy inside and outside. I like knowing that Source is in on this business. I like knowing more sales are in our Vortices. More customers are in our Vortices. And more remunerations is in my Vortex.

    One who is in alignment is more powerful than millions who are not. I like thinking about the vortices of my family members. I see them alive, active, happy and healthy. I see them smiley. I see them supported and blessed by Source that creates the whole Universe. I see relief is always at their fingertip. Their vortices are full of cooperative components on very subject of their life. They keep following what they like. They have fun in life. They enjoy food. They have their own hobbies. They have access to very beneficial medical resources. We love each other. We share housework willingly.

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    I was really focusing upon artisans' hand moves. Interesting, how much satisfaction the watching has brought to me! I watch them make garlic bread, candies, chocolate cakes and croissants. I am sure I will get bored if I make the same cake many times a day. But as an audience, I get to watch abundant creating processes of different characteristics. Making candies is very different from baking cakes. Comparatively speaking, creating handmade candies is more satisfying to my eyes. I may apply my hands like they do in the future, with this attitude, I put myself in their shoes and imagine myself following their moves. What I observe affects me. The emotions I am sure that are caused by the observation are appreciation and satisfaction.

    I want to have another job in my other times. It satisfies and pleases me. Its contents interest me, exciting my mind and moving my body. New mind contents continually come to me. My eyes keep on watching and/or reading what I like. I am good at what I do. I am often inspired. The required bodily moves are quite satisfying. Source is in on it. I am inspired to use wonderful materials, or ingredients, and in alignment, I enjoy the whole process of creation. So most of the time, I am in a fulfilled state. What I think, how I feel and what manifests are always a vibrational match, and thus more things and experiences putting a smile on my face would come to me in different life areas. Looking for and finding more satisfying contents for my eyes, ears and mind is so worthwhile. I am getting to know myself better and better. It's lucky that a lot of things I enjoy easily come to me.

    Where I am is satisfying. I am living in a safe, neat and beautiful place. I eat well and sleep well. I feel energetic and clear-minded. I have harmony with people around me. I feel eager about life, having a things-I-want-to-do list in my mind. I enjoy music daily. In the morning and evening, after a lighthearted walk, I go to the lovely cafe and spend hours there...
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    A belief is a thought I keep thinking. What I think, how I feel and what manifests are always a vibrational match. My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like.

    One who is in alignment is more powerful than millions who are not. Mom made buns, dad took them and gave me some mooncakes one of which was coconut flavor. I asked my mom about the eye surgery, she held a lighthearted attitude and so there is no hurry about it. My sister went to an island in Spain, spending her leisure time at the beach. I like seeing my family members happy and healthy. They are interested in life, and I can easily list their hobbies. We all live in safe, neat, convenient and abundant cities. Source Energy is powerfully flowing to us all day every day. Our Vortices are full of resources and cooperative components. We are forever being called toward what we desire. Our Inner Beings forever focus upon our wellness. I like telling stories of our abundance, health and happiness.

    A belief is a thought I keep thinking. Step by step, telling new better feeling stories is worth my time. In the past few days, I was immersed in the beauty of craftsmen's creation. I can keep watching them bake cakes, cut fishes, and pull and stretch candies. I also care about the tools they use, feeling happy every time I see a new tool or equipment. I know observing like this also enhances the flexibility of my body. Like dancing, I am attracted by the elegant flow of human bodies, and in cases like the above, mainly the flow of human hands. I began to appreciate every single move human hands can display, which helps me enjoy life more.

    Hold the vision, and don't take score too soon. Source is in on this business. Source is in on my another job. There is a huge market for the clothes. All cooperative components are already in my Vortex. I like noticing the uniqueness of these clothes. I like noticing that people of different age buy them. The blue jackets are fair popular, as well as the green hoodies and the lightening t-shirts. Everyone online can visit the website full of detailed information about them. Customers spend time posting photos and positive comments on the website. More and more t-shirts, shirts, jeans, vests, hoodies and overcoats are getting sold. More profits ensue. I have been deliberately expanding my thoughts about different life subjects, which makes my life more fulfilling. Listing satisfying things lets me know more clearly what I currently desire, what kind of activities my mind and my body want to involve in.

    I want to use "extreme(ly)" in my thinking. Now that I have freedom of thinking, why not think about extreme scenes and feel how they touch me? I am extremely healthy. I am extremely eager about life. I am extremely clear-minded and energetic. My hands are extremely flexible. I see extremely beautiful scenes. I listen and enjoy extremely beautiful songs. I feel extremely abundant. I meet extreme cuteness on a daily basis. I have extremely new interesting subjects to explore. I have extremely harmonious relationship with my family. I eat extremely delicious food. I rest and sleep in extremely comfy spaces. I breathe extremely fresh air. I interact with an extremely adorable puppy. I feel extreme deliberateness in the singer's singing. The transportation is extremely efficient. Some movies, dramas and videos are extremely funny, making me laugh loudly. I am extremely versatile. My eyes can easily perceive extreme beauty wherever I go. I easily find extremely interesting objects of my attention to excite my mind. I get extreme satisfaction in moving my hands deliberately. I feel extreme high quality in purposefully sensing every lyric the singer sings. I feel extreme appreciation of the abundance I have access to, such as the abundant cultures all over the world. I perceive extremely magical structures in nature. I find extreme convenience of taking the bus--there is precise information about its coming and going. I feel extreme adoration when I shake the puppy's warm and fluffy paws.
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    A belief is a thought I keep thinking. My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like. What I think, how I feel and what manifests are always a vibrational match.

    I am interested in life. Yesterday I got interested in countries that were strange to me. I wanted to know more about Moroccon, and finding a documentary, I began to collect information of this country. Other than the documentary, a vlog focusing upon gourmet food led me to having a clearer picture of this country, its cities and people. It's easy to see people in traditional clothes there. People there value showy colors. Fresh fruits, spices and snacks are abundant. A traditional instrument musicians there often play is like Chinese instrument pipa. Narrow alleys are all over the places, creating surprises at turns. One thing led to another, the documentary featuring music inspired me to search songs played by traditional instruments and I enjoyed Wu Ji played by a bamboo flute and an ancient zither.

    Though nowadays a lot of products can be made by machines, people keep on finding new ways of creating with their hands. Adept, the girl is coating the cake with a layer of chocolate with a scraper. She is making a bull-shaped cake, and I like watching her skilfully use the blender, piping bag, scraper, oven, whisk, knife, and of course most important, her hands. I get satisfaction not only from watching her hand moves, but also from remembering the creating process in my mind afterwards. Every step has its reason, due to physical changes or chemical reactions. For example, put the hard chocolate in a blender to make it soft and malleable. Such as add some ginger when cooking fish, for the purpose of making the dish smell and taste better. High efficiency is demonstrated in these reasonable steps. With the clear reason, every step, every move, is scientific, not superfluous. Understanding of it can be applied to every part of our life. I have been scientific in most of my waking time. I do most things for the goal of feeling good, the reason for what I do are mainly that I want to feel good, though sometimes I would watch stuff seeming dramatic.

    So, I listen to music because it makes me feel good, it pleases my ears. I watch people adeptly create something, because it makes me feel good, it brings me satisfaction. I sit in the cafe with the company of hot coffee, because it makes me feel good, it offers me a comfy atmosphere to do abundant things on my smartphone. I look for positive thoughts about my job, because it makes me feel good when I think about it...
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    A belief is a thought I keep thinking. My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like. My Inner Being is always calling me toward where I want to be. There is nothing more important than that I feel good. One who is in alignment is more powerful than millions who are not.

    I want to have another job. A job that is satisfying and pleasing. A job that is financially rewarding. I like finding its feeling tones. Things that make me happy and satisfied are worth exploring. Recently, I have been interested in watching others' creation single-mindedly. I watch people making hamburgers and care about every move their hands display. This, is a wonderful attitude for me to learn something new. I am ready to learn new and practice more. One thing is for sure, I like feeling interested in something, whether it is related to a job or not. With the same degree of focus, I watched a documentary and two vlogs about Morocco. This kind of interest and concentration is something I want to experience in my new job. Source Energy that creates the whole Universe is in on it. I will be movitivated by it to be more deliberate and conscientious in my daily creation. It is quite beneficial to have a vision, even a vague vision, for it helps me better manage my energy. Actually, I am clear that I want a job that is creative, that keeps offering new contents.

    I like focusing upon the Vortex version of my body. I like knowing that everything I desire, everything, is already in my Vortex. I am healthy, clear-minded and energetic. I naturally wake up early in the morning. I am eager about life. I know what things I want to do and I do them. Every part of my body functions well. They automatically work for me. The cooperation of my eyes and hands are superb. I do a lot of things with my flexible hands. I feel satisfied in observing other people move their hands beautifully and efficiently. My body is making the best of air, food, drinks, medicine and medical treatments. I am inspired to eat, drink and exercise. I feel the flavor of the morning coffee. I eat mom-made buns stuffed with vegetables. I appreciate the abundant milk tea I have access to. Listening to music, sipping coffee, at the same time I am writing something on my phone. My body is really multi-functional. Most of my body feels comfortable, painless, not numb. It's interesting to list all painless parts to notice my wellbeing. My hair is good, my neck is good, my bones feel good, my fingers feel good, my eyes feel good, my nose feels good, my ears feel good, my mouth feels good, my throat feels good, my vocal chords feel good, my skin feels good, my tendons feel good, my ligaments feel good, my spine feels good, my heart feels good, my lungs feel good, my liver feels good, my spleen feels good, my kidneys feel good, my stomach and bowels feel good, my finger nails feel good, and my feet feel good...

    I like focusing upon positive aspects of things and people. Actually it is easy for me to discern attractive objects from plain ones in terms of what my eyes see. I may not focus upon this feature of things, but whenever I redirect my attention, I can easily tell my thoughts about their colors, shapes and attractiveness as a whole. My eyes like beauty, cuteness and neatness. The puppy is cute. The lantana flowers are beautiful. The kitchen counter of those cooks is soothingly neat. So, it would be very helpful for me to deliberatley find positive aspects of how things look, when it's hard for me to immediately feel their attraction. I can ask myself a series of questions: Do I like its colors? Does it look beautiful to my eyes? Is it cool? Is it unique? Does it have attractive patterns or shapes? I do have preferences on them. Previously I didn't see them as important, worth my effort to clarify, but for the purpose of living a fulfilling life, this is something I would like to do.
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    A belief is a thought I keep thinking. What I think, how I feel and what manifests are always a vibrational match. My Inner Being knows where I am and where I want to be, and is forever calling me forward through my path of least resistance.

    I want to live a fulfilling life. I like looking for and noticing things that fulfill ME. ME not any other people, not necessarily what the mass like. I keep on finding beautiful songs as bgm. I am now playing Mamamoo's music. For some music, it's better for me to put down all other things and immerse myself with the rhythm and feel the indescribable beauty, and I don't need it to be lighthearted, for it can be sad and extremely beautiful. I feel blessed to live in the world full of enchanting music.

    Last night, I watched a candy-making video. Candies the man made were simple, but still I finished the whole video, witnessing sugar, water and edible pigments turn into rainbow candies. I like the flexibility of his hands and also the wonderful functions of those machines and tools. I am satisfied in single-mindedly watching the physical creating process and listening to the natural sounds from every step. It's so good that a lot of people prefer sophisticated creation to simple creation. They want to use more elements, they want to come up with unprecedented designs, and they are willing to carefully tend to every detail. I liked watching dance videos. And now I turn my attention to food making videos, both creative and beautiful to my eyes.

    I like superb acting skills and rich characters. Rich means the personality is complicated. I noticed that one actor used a few facial expressions in different scenes. And sometimes, actors can't cry naturally, putting on a twisted face but with few tears. I wanted to find a drama with a complicated role and the actor really knows how to portray it. When I watched a tribute to Tony Leung, I understood that if an actor held his attitude and skills of acting, the movie or drama would be more attractive. My preferences about what kind of movies or dramas to watch have shifted.

    I like opening my mind. I appreciate the diversity.I appreciate others' genuine appreciation of things. I appreciate the card game on TV, because it brings my mom pleasure. I am glad that many people find these clothes cool and comfortable to wear. They post photos and warm words to express their appreciation. And their positive comments are available to anyone online...

    Part of me likes exploring new things and that's why I began to watch vlogs about Morocco, because it looks exotic with interesting cultures. Some of the people there wear traditional clothes, in showy scarfs. Many of the buildings and houses are archaic, with lots of narrow alleys among them. The bazaar always attracts a lot of people, where gourmet and cheap food is abundantly offered...

    I like focusing upon the Vortex version of people and things. I want my family to be happy and healthy. I like focusing upon our wellbeing. I like that we all love in safe, beautiful and convenient places. We all have things in our life that satisfy us. We like one other and wish the best for one another. We have access to abundance of all kinds. My mom is a great cook and we like what she cooks. My niece and my nephew are in alignment most of the time. They are happy and frisky. In their alignment, all kinds of cooperative components flow to them. They keep on attracting what they desire, be it toys or fun outdoors. Source Energy, Pure Positive Energy, is powerfully flowing to them. Everything they desire is held by their Inner Being.
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    Today, the number of clothes we sell is satisfying. A lot of blue and pink jackets are sold out, as well as orange and red hoodies. I want this business to thrive. Source is in on it. More clothes will be sold. Customers will continually post positive comments. I keep on doing my part in a lighthearted mood.

    Mom made zongzi this morning and I ate one at supper time. It tastes good. I also enjoyed my morning coffee and evening iced lemon Yakult.

    I found a long list of Mamamoo's songs to play as background music. When I was walking or sitting on the bus, music and learning new words fulfilled me. I like doing several things at the same time.

    Things I appreciate become more. I like watching people create something. I like the process consisting many steps and using several machines or tools. I appreciate technology, and I feel amazed at the abundant machines and tools food making can choose. I am ready to learn how to use or manage new software, apps, machines and tools. I am connected to Infinite Intelligence, and I will learn with interest and efficiency.

    I feel abundant in wellness. My body works extremely well for me. I keep clear-minded and energetic. Source Energy is powerfully flowing to cells of my body all day every day. I wathe what pleases me. I listen to what satisfy me. I pat the puppy, and hold her warm, fluffy paws. I am efficient in work. I put on earphones and enjoy music. I visit YouTube and watch two vlogs about Morocco. I walk a lot. I am abundant in physical energy. Every part of my body is forever trying it's best to fulfill my desires. Feeling good benefits the whole of my body.

    Scientific management

    In scientific management, every step should be needed and efficient. Every step happens for a clear reason.

    I took a long walk after supper because I want to consume some calories. This is the main reason. But in the process, I feel good sensing the wind blowing at me. My body likes the sensation.

    I go to the cafe in the morning and evening, because compare to home, its atmosphere refreshes me more and I like doing different things on my phone with the company of hot coffee or Iced lemon Yakult which is my favorite in this cafe.

    I have been learning new English words, because I feel interested. Because I would like to have more word choices in my writing. Because it is also a wonderful activity to focus my mind.

    When I think about my family members, I like thinking about the Vortex version of them because I feel good in these thoughts. I like noticing their hobbies and deliberately think about them, because they are their well-being.

    I brush teeth because I want to create a healthier environment for my teeth. I wash face to make my skin cleaner. I eat to enjoy flavors and get nutrition my body wants. I watch some news, because my mind feels bored and want to get some excitement from dramatic stuff. Long-time news watching is not beneficial to me. So I would like to watch news in step 5 mode...

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    My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like, regardless of what is.

    A belief is a thought I keep thinking. I am good at my work. Easy to keep lighthearted when I walk. The puppy in my working place is cute and frisky. Yesterday, we sold many clothes. I like knowing Source that creates the whole Universe is in on this business. I appreciate these beautiful, idyllic, cool, fashionable, and cute t-shirts, shirts, hoodies, jackets, jeans, vests and overcoats. I am glad that more and more customers are coming. More sales, more profits and more remuneration.

    My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon my health, regardless of what is. My body keeps evolving. I feel totally comfortable. Source Energy, Pure Positive Energy, is powerfully flowing to every cell of my body. I especially like telling wellbeing of my life, knowing this kind of stories benefit my body. I wake up early in the morning, and I keep clear-minded and energetic throughout the day, not needing a nap. My eyes see. My ears enjoy music and conversations. My hands and legs are extremely flexible. My mind easily gets excited. I walk fast. I savor flavors of food. I hold the puppy's warm, fluffy paws. I sense the satisfying coolness on my skin. I purposefully occupy my mind with interesting contents. I like knowing that every time I feel good, the channel between Source and my body would be wide open, and every cell of my body benefits.

    I like finding the feeling tones of what I desire. My eyes watch and enjoy different kinds of creating process. The intentional deliberateness attracts me. The mindfulness these creators demonstrate interests me. I reap great satisfaction watching them do what they like and what they are good at. I especially like candy-making videos. I like how malleable the material is. I enjoy the tinkles when the smaller candies are being knocked down from the big mass. I liked seeing them well packed into jars and bags. My eyes perceive neatness of the environment, the beauty and efficiency of the hand moves, and the novelty of the color combination. I feel satisfaction. I feel appreciation. I enjoy....

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