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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon my health regardless of what is. Every time I feel good, the channel between Source and cells of my body is wide open and every cell benefits. So doing anything that pleases me directly benefits my body, enhances my body.

    Today, I enjoyed life through my sense perceptions. I looked at the puppy and pating her on the head, feeling the warmth from her body. This afternoon, I bought a chocolate ice cream that tasted wonderful. I went on to qq music app, and listened to songs sung by Mamamoo, Blackpink and Mao Buyi. Though Mao's songs are often a bit sad, but he sings every lyric so mindfully and beautifully that I can listen to his songs with appreciation. Every part of my body works automatically for me. I feel totally comfortable, no pain at all. I am healthy. I am clear-minded and energetic. I like deliberately doing things that satisfy me and remember that this directly benefits my body.

    This job

    It is an easy, lighthearted job. The working relationship is quite simple. The girl has two dogs and I like interacting with them. Very quickly, I remembered how to apply excel. Actually I had made complicated financial statements when I was at the campus. It's easy for me to remember more knowledge and practices about office software. I only need to spend one hour doing my work. In a word, this is a job without any stress. And it's an easy way for money to flow.

    Another job

    I want to have another job, because first I want my time to be more fulfilling. I want to have something specific that calls me, brings out wisdom from me, and excites me with new ideas or experiences. Second, I want money flow to me through it.

    I didn't know whether I could do this job or not, but as I put my hands on it, I knew I can though I never did any similar job before. Whether I liked them or not, my school days helped me accumulate quite some knowledge and abilities. And my Inner Being knows clearly what I want that I can do, and is calling me toward it. I will be inspired to some action. Or something will happen to me, presenting me my desired opportunities and job.

    Where I am is alright

    My Inner Being never compares me with other people. My Inner Being is always calling me forward with appreciation of my past and now. I am unique and my Vortex is unique and I would like to often selfishly ask myself: What do I like now? What do I want now?

    Where I am is alright. A lot of elements in the here and now satisfy me. I have harmony with family members. I have a job. My body works well for me. I enjoy music and there are unlimited music awaiting me. I savor food. I deliberately reaching for better feelings in the form of thinking and writing. I feel comfortable. I feel ease. I like my time in the cafe. I easily attract enticing contents for my eyes to watch. I like the puppy in my working place. I love watching other people cooking in a mindful way. And I get satisfaction from vlogs about Morocco and Afghanistan. I also discover a funny prank show on YouTube.

    My Inner Being never regrets. Everything I experienced before helped create a more robust Vortex. I would like to chill more and see what's new comes from this chilling attitude.
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    Count blessings

    The girl made moon cake and I enjoyed one stuffed with durian. Today, my mom steamed buns stuffed with scrambled eggs. Coupling the buns was hot yummy congee. Other than them, I also ate several sweet ears of corn.

    Thoughts about human bodies soothe me. Source Energy is powerfully flowing to every cell of my body in every moment. I am clear-minded, energetic and healthy. I have abundant physical energy to do a lot of things daily. My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon my wellness.

    I have access to unlimited music. I have been listening to Korean girl groups' songs. I like playing them as bgm when I do other things. Lots of them are lighthearted.

    The puppy saw me, lay down, revealing her white tummy, and I softly stroked her. She was frisky and robust.

    The cafe awaits me every day. Ordering a cup of iced lemon Yakult, I often spend two hours here. Connecting to its fast wifi, I can do many things on my phone.

    I watched the baker make chocolate balls. It's a complicated and satisfying process. I am glad that there are people who are willing to devote their time to creating beautiful and delicious cakes or bread. I am mindful of every move of his hands. Artisans, craftsmen, know the beauty and satisfaction of using their hands.

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    My Inner Being knows where I am and where I want to be, and is forever calling me toward what I want through the path of least resistance, the path of feeling better. My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like.

    Wellbeing abounds. My mom cooked corn, crabs and self-made buns. I enjoyed them. I didn't go to the cafe this morning; instead, I sat before my computer and watched a story on the bigger screen, accompanied by a cup of hot white coffee.

    Life is lighthearted. The puppy eats well and plays happily. My nephew came yesterday, and enjoyed an ice cream and popping candies. The raisin toast I bought in the nearby bakery was yummy. And the cakes displayed in the cupboard looked beautiful, with deliberate designs. There are three buses taking me to the working place, so convenient! When I don't feel like washing my hair, I just go to a hair salon, getting my hair washed and blow-dried. My mom arranges her time well. When she has work, she would sleep early, get up very early and takes a walk to her working place. In her leisure time, she likes making buns, dumplings, noodles, zongzis, and pancakes. Or she would play mahjong with her friends. Or she would watch a card game on the TV that excites her mind. My father knows how to grow vegetables and this summer we get to eat a lot of fresh vegetables grown by him. He is a meticulous man who sometimes would spend a lot of time cleaning up the kitchen. My nephew, as always, is talkative, having unlimited stories to share. My sister went to Spain and it seemed she enjoyed her time there. And she saw whales. My brother is a wonderful realtor with a personality easily attracting people's trust. As a loving father, he often takes my nephew out for some fun or playing Legos in front of his son...

    Source Energy that creates the whole Universe is powerfully flowing to us. Our bodies are malleable. Our bodies are always ready to recover from any discomfort. Our bodies are strong and firm. Every time we feel good, our bodies benefit. Source is always calling us to telling stories of our wellness. Every part of my body works automatically in every moment to best serve me. Both my body as a whole and every cell of my body are multi-functional. I can do a lot of things at the same time. I like remembering often that an author recovered from an illness that was considered incurable by watching a series of humorous tv programs and laughing. That's the power positive emotions hold for my body.

    What I think, how I feel and what manifests are always a vibrational match. Following the recipe, water, sugar, corn syrup and pigments turn into colorful candies. I appreciate my job. Though the work seems repeated, I don't get bored. I can do more of it with satisfaction. I genuinely see these clothes as attractive. Some are cool. Some are beautiful. Some are cute. Some are fashionable. The market is huge. Already, a lot of people have become loyal customers. As the autumn comes, jackets, hoodies and overcoats would be more and more popular. Source is in on this business, more sales are in our Vortices. More clothes will be sold. More sales, more profits, and more remuneration.

    When I know what I don't want, I know more clearly what I do want. I like harmony among people. I like we respect one another. I like we willingly co-create with each other. We like being aligned step2. Together, we move forward. I appreciate people and can easily find positive aspects of other people. I like feeling independent. I know I am supported forever by Source. I am guided in every moment. I am never lonely. All kinds of cooperative components are already in my Vortex. I like knowing more and more about my unique preferences. I like being deliberate or mindful when I am doing anything, no matter how simple it is.

    Ask, it is given. Everything I desire is already in my Vortex. And I would like to find the feeling tone of any of them. My eyes want to see beauty and cuteness. My eyes enjoy the processes consisting of many desired elements. I see warm welcome from rustling trees. I see serene beauty from crystal blue sky. I see innocence in the puppy's eyes. I see extreme neatness and get great satisfaction from the baker's making a chocolate cake. His hands are like a magical wand, turning ingredients into an amazing cake. I like knowing more about what I want to see, hear, taste, smell and sense. Every day, I listen to music I like and eat what I like. I like coolness of wind touching my skin in the summer. I like smells from busy kitchens.
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    A belief is a thought I keep thinking.

    What I think, how I feel and what manifests are always a vibrational match.

    I am extension of Source Energy. When I know what I don't like, I know more clearly what I do like. All day every day, I am expanding my Vortex. What's in my Vortex feels good to me. My Inner Being knows where I am and where I want to be and is forever calling me forward through my path of least resistance, my path of feeling better. Who I Really Am never regrets. My Inner Being never compares me with any other person. I am loved, supported and guided. It has been 10 months since I came back home from the hospital. A lot have changed.

    I become more and more independent mentally and physically. I rarely need to ask for support. In fact, I complain nothing to my family and I didn't ask for their help once. I take care of myself. I reach for solution on my own. I keep on telling stories of my well-being. I look for and enjoy music. I find beautiful objects to please my eyes. I experience emotional journey as the stories go on. I have a good appetite...

    My focus, my attention, shifted totally. Fear and worry subside. Questions I asked often myself or family members began to take a back seat. They seemed like a dream. I lose desire to complain or seek empathy. I want to spend more time and words on things that truly please me.

    Caring less about what others think of me helps me feel more relaxed in relationship. When the other is in a bad mood, I don't take it personally, I treat it in a lighthearted attitude. I started to Co-create with other people more. I am get used to living in the house with my mom. From time to time, I play with my niece and my nephew. The relationship between me and my colleagues are quite simple. At times, I would focus upon the big picture of every family member. My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon their happiness, abundance and health. I see, in my mind's eye, they are smiley, they indulge in their hobbies, they eat well and they sleep well. They are good at their work. They keep following what they like. They respect and get respected. They have fun with people. They have harmony with people around them.

    I have been diligently exploring things that interest me. My mind get excites by many life aspects. I got amazed at jewelry and observed photos on Van Cleef & Arpels. I liked watching creating processes like the becoming of a diamond ring or the designing and baking of a chocolate cake. I watched a dancer's performance, fully feeling the flow of his moves in a very concentrated manner. I would watch a dance several time in a row. The beauty is hard to describe with words, but the appreciation is honest and visceral.

    My body adapts. Now I feel comfortable in a space with an air conditioner. I enjoy iced beverages. I savor both hot and iced drinks.
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    Her sleek ears upright, her eyes big, round and curious, the puppy was observing the surroundings, while the older buddy was napping. The girl cares about their well-being. Every day, they play toys, chase each other, eat goodies and rest. They readily accept and enjoy our touch.

    I thought it would be a good idea for me to have something to drink when I am writing, so I went to the familiar milk tea shop. The girl knew me well and as usual, I got a cup of iced milk tea with fermented sticky rice flavor. Fermented sticky rice is a half-drink my mom often makes at home. It has a slight flavor of wine. I don't eat much sugar, so I often buy beverages with half or three tenths sugar. It did turned out a good idea to have milk tea as my company. My body is very adaptive. There was one time when coffee in the cafe tasted too strong to me, but now I could enjoy it again.

    Mom made abundant breakfast this morning, and I ate an ear of corn, an egg, a taro and some porridge. I especially like the sweet corn which I ate a lot this summer.

    Music is in my life every day. Music is not something urgently needed by me, and I feel happy that I have great leisure to pick and enjoy music of different genres. Usually I listen to fast-paced music because I often play it as bgm when I am doing other things and moving my fingers fast.

    I have subscribed a series of channels on YouTube and they mainly show how cakes or candies are made. The arrangement of the purposely chosen scenes, the pace and the sounds brings great satisfaction to me. I like watching how separate ingredients turn into artistic beauty through human hands. My eyes and my mind like watching the hand moves of those artisans. I also appreciate the dings of hardened candies being knocked down into smaller pieces. I like seeing beautiful flowers or cute animals come to life when the baker pinches her piping bag. I sense obvious wellbeing: a lot of people have gone far beyond getting food to fill the stomach, and start pursuing beauty, scents and flavors in what they eat.
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    I feel energetic. I wake up early. I don't need a nap. I like this state of being. My body works well for me. I am flexible. I am extension of Source Energy. Pure Positive Energy is powerfully flowing to every cell of my body. Positive emotion is the best medicine for my body.

    I watched a bit of a Moroccan drama and what impressed me most was the color they were using in different areas. There are a lot of bright colors in their world. Together they ooze out a feel of passion, they seem expressive or love expressing, and feel fluffy. A lot of furniture and ornaments fulfill their houses. My eyes enjoyed the newness from them.

    I re-read a page of Dream of the Red Chamber this afternoon, but couldn't proceed to the next page, because I felt bad about the conversations on the page. The contents let me want to focus more upon others' positive aspects. I want to appreciate other people more.

    I am amazed at machines and gadgets. I like watching how food is made by human hands or mainly by machines. My eyes feel satisfied with the creating processes. Physical changes and chemical reactions happen. Separate elements turn into a whole that has a very different texture. Processes of creation are unlimited and are still being renewed. I know clearly the whole of my being likes new and looks for new, and therefore I know doing the same thing again and again such as in an assembly line would bore me soon. I like having new life contents constantly. Some vlogs interest me; on one hand they seem to follow the same formula, for example they cook, but on the other hand, the specific dish/product they cook/make every time is new or better said has new elements in it. So unlimited NEW awaits them. Seen from this specific angle, I do get in touch with new contents every day. I learn more about baking. I can list the utensils bakers use. I get to know how those colorful hard candies come into being. I am sure that such neat processes enhance one's desire for the products.

    Actually I rarely eat candies, but that doesn't prevent me from watching people make candies. I also watch jewelers create diamond rings. I would quiet my mind and feel every sound move the singer makes. Anyway, there is great beauty in movements.
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    My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like.

    Breakfast was yummy and abundant. I ate congee, corn and a fried bread stick at home. I especially liked the sweet soft corn.

    I enjoyed the instrumental version of Wuji(无羁). I adore the sounds coming from pipa, guqin, erhu and guzheng, the traditional instruments. I like the lingering charm they emit. I am glad that, like most creations, new musical pieces played by them can keep coming and coming. There is no end to music of any genre.

    I come to the cafe, usually I own the third floor in the morning, and so I am surrounded by spaciousness and quietness. I liked the hot classic coffee the girl makes. Sitting comfortably in the sofa chair, I remember the video I watched last night. In the video, the baker carried out a complicated yet clear series of steps to create a diamond wedding ring with its vermilion jewelry box, every part including "the diamond," "the box," edible. The process was a mixture of candy making and cake baking. The most impressive step was how the baker created diamonds with melted sugar and a deliberately designed mould. And I like the abundant physics and chemistry the process is purposefully using. Thus, lots of separate elements become beautifully shaped cake through human hands and some cooking utensils.

    In every moment, a lot of chemical reactions happen in my body. Cells and organs communicate with each other and support each other. It's such an automatic and intelligent system that I rarely need to pay attention to how my body functions. But I would like to appreciate it now. I appreciate its aliveness and smartness. I appreciate its complexity and order. I feel glad that my body works well for me day and night.

    A belief is a thought I keep thinking. I would like to tell new stories about this business. Source is in on it. A lot of customers are already in the Vortex. More remuneration is in my Vortex. More people find the website and purchase the items. They buy t-shirts, shirts, jackets, hoodies, vests and overcoats. They like what they buy. They look good in these clothes. They post photos and positive comments. They become loyal customers...

    I had learnt a lot of curriculums during my school years. I also gained many skills related to computer application and finance. I have already built momentum on many subjects and I can remember the learned knowledge and learn new about them. There are unlimited mixtures of knowledge and skills I can be competent for. Source is in on this thing I am pondering. I can feel happy that I am getting greater clarity. I understand that whether it is in work, or in afterwork life, to feel fulfilled means to continually have new contents for my mind to engage in. Before a specific thing may constantly satisfy this desire, I would like to be proactive, to deliberately look for and find these contents and my emotion serves well as my guidance. For now, I can see that I like thinking and writing, I like accumulating new words so that I have more choices in writing, I like music and I am quite open to different kinds of music, I like observing how something beautiful comes into being, I would also like to move my hands efficiently and I am willing to acquire new skills. I like stories and often watch stories in the form of tv series. I adore cuteness of creatures, babies and children. I am willing to be the step 2 to my nephew and my niece. I like harmony in relationships. I like aligned co-creation among people. I like focusing upon the Vortex version and other people. I like seeing the big picture of human bodies. I know how to make the best of my time. I have things to occupy my mind when I am on the bus. I like the atmosphere in the cafe, the atmosphere making me relaxed and focused in a pleasing way. I am willing to learn new knowledge. I like pleasing my eyes with beauty, neatness, fluidity and cuteness.
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    My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like.

    Life is interesting. I have been watching a Turkish drama with English subtitles. At first, my eyes couldn't catch up with the subtitles, but after a while, they adapt and I am able to easily watch and understand. So English becomes a wonderful bridge between me and videos spoken in other languages.

    I would think of the best feeling thoughts about my body. I wake up early and keep energetic in the daytime. My Inner Being is powerfully calling me to health of every bodily part. And because I feel mainly good in the past few days, every part moves forward and gets better. My teeth don't hurt anymore. And they function well. I expect them to get further better. The potential of human bodies is unlimited and I like expanding my thoughts about my body. My body is powerful. When I am very aligned, I can feel energetic the whole day, not needing much sleep. My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon my wellness and what's beneficial to my body. Positive emotion is most important. Focusing upon things that satisfy me, body related or not, directly benefits my body.

    The sound of flute feels clear and mellow, more lighthearted than erhu, and hears fairytale like. When it flows against the backdrop-my consciousness, I like tracing its whereabouts, and by immersing myself like this, I taste its beauty in a deeper way. Flute is friendly because it can easily make a wonderful duo or tri with other instruments, traditional or modern.

    Source is in on another job for me. I have been getting clearer about it. I know what feeling tones it has. I am deliberately looking for things that emit these feeling tones. Whether they seem related or not, what pleases me is important and I choose to milk them. This is the grid work. As I was walking home, I was thinking: if I want, there are unlimited subjects I can write about. I can write about every tree, describing their appearances and uniqueness. Every flower, how they look and whether they have strong scents or not. Every animal, their habitats and personalities. Even every dish-lots of words could be used to express my interest in gourmet food. I like the concept of unlimitedness. There are unlimited things I can think about and write about. The more interested I feel in life, the more inspirations about thinking and writing come to me.
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    My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like.

    I want health. I like total health. I like knowing that when I feel good because of doing something, every part of my body benefits. Following this recipe, when I have fun with the puppy, my teeth feel good, and my liver receives pure positive energy. When I watch cooking videos with satisfaction, Pure Positive Energy flows to my ears, heart, skin, kidneys and so on. When I sit comfortably in the chair, sipping coffee and enjoying its flavor, my fingers, my eyes, and my stomach get nutrition/Pure Positive Energy they want. This is the power of feeling good.

    This world is full of interesting cultures. Sometimes, I would be inspired to search about countries I knew little of. I wanted to know whether they were crowded or not, whether people there wear traditional clothes, what their color preferences are, and whether they have unique features on their faces that are different from other nations. People in some nations like wearing showy floral clothes, which is fresh to my eyes. And the house decor in some nations emits a feel of shiny fullness because people put a lot of furniture and ornaments of bright colors in the space. I sense the difference as soon as I lay my eyes on them, but it takes a little time for me to figure out the reasons for the difference. I feel a natural curiosity for things I don't see before, things that are new to my eyes.

    My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like. Source is in on everything that is related to me. Everything I desire is already in my vortex. I like feeling abundant. I notice every part of my body feels comfortable, no pain, no sourness. I easily and automatically breathe fresh air. Where I am, different physical spaces, are always neat and comfy. I have access to the computer and the smartphone. I have access to unlimited songs. I have been listening to songs sung by Twice, Blackpink, IZ*ONE, Red Velvet, Mamamoo, and also some instrumental music. I am open to abundant genres of music. I feel ease doing what I like regardless of what other people are doing next to me. I like this kind of freedom. Knowing that what I think, how I feel and what manifests are always a vibrational match, I care about finding abundant ways to feel the emotion that is the indication of what I desire. I adore the cuteness of my nephew. He is talkative and would suddenly tell me something funny. Looking at me with her big round bright eyes, the puppy lied there, revealing her tummy to me and asking me to rub her. She trusts me. She likes my touch. Delicious meals are offered to me every day. Sometimes I eat what my mom cooks, and other times I buy food outdoors, in restaurants or diners. Continually, I am interested in collecting new words and other data that excites my mind. I like having more word choices when I am writing. What excites my mind also include videos that show me how something is deliberately made. I get great satisfaction watching them.
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    When I feel good, the channel between Source and cells of my body is wide open and every cell benefits. So doing things that please me benefits every part of my body. Throughout the day, there are lots of moments when I feel good and therefore every part of my body receives pure positive energy. For example, when I listen to a piece of music with satisfaction, my teeth benefit, pure positive energy powerfully flows to my teeth, and my liver, and my kidneys, and my heart, and my bones, and my lungs, and my stomach, and my bowel. When I look at beautiful leaves of the tulip tree with appreciation, every part of my body receives pure positive energy, meaning my lungs, my eyes, my ears, my teeth, my gum, my bones, my heart, my ligaments, my tendons, my blood vessels, my neurons, and my vocal chords all benefit from the flow of pure positive energy. When I sense the coolness of wind on my skin and appreciate it, my teeth, my gum, my heart, my skin, my lungs, and my liver benefits. When I take out a biscuit of matcha flavor, munch and savor it, my teeth, my gum, my skin, my eyes, my ears, and my heart receive powerful pure positive energy. In a word, doing things that feel good to me is THE recipe for a healthy body consisting of healthy parts.

    My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like. Ask, it is given and everything I desire is already in my Vortex. I would like to find the feeling place of my desires. I like waking up naturally with a fresh mind and eagerness. I know there are things I want to do and can do. I like feeling ease and comfort. My eyes feel satisfied with what they see. My eyes see beauty. My eyes see cuteness. My eyes see unique shapes and colors. My ears enjoy what they hear. I listen to a lot of songs every day. I listen to kpop, and I listen to instrumental music. My mind, my eyes and my ears together reap great pleasure by watching processes of creation. How the craftmen move their hands is artistic. They are friends with the tools they use. I see both concision and beauty in their hand moves. So every day, I easily get wonderful food for my mind and body. I am interested in many things. I like exploring subjects. I like engaging my mind.

    I like creating with people in my alignment. I like focusing upon the Vortex version of them. I like knowing and remembering that my Inner Being ONLY focuses upon their wellbeing, their relief. I appreciate people. I like enhancing my ability to appreciate. All day, every day, I am supported by products and service offered by other people. The girls in the cafe keep the space neat and make delicious coffee. When I don't feel like washing my hair, I just go to the nearby hair salon. From time to time, I buy cranberry toast in the bakery within 5-minute walk. I often see people who work in a lighthearted mood. At home, my mom likes cooking and is good at cooking. I have mutuality with a lot of people though we don't have many dialogues. I like standing in family members' physical shoes and appreciate what pleases them. I feel good knowing that Pure Positive Energy is powerfully flowing to them. I am glad that every one of them have hobbies making them happy.
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