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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like. When I know what I don't want, I know more clearly what I do want.

    This noon, a past memory popped up, I stood in a far place, looking at the memory, and know extremely clear that I like being independent. What a shift! There was a time I felt dependent upon my mom. I like being independent, self-reliant coupled with many other positive emotions such as satisfaction and appreciation. I am always loved, supported and guided. All kinds of cooperative components are powerfully flowing to me. I receive abundance. I receive answers. I receive solutions. I get interested in more life aspects. I co-create with other people more readily and happily. I let Pure Positive Energy flow through me to outside objects of my attention.

    I want to live a fulfilling life. I want more of my time filled with positive emotions. I don't like boredom. I don't like worry and fear. I like feeling fresh and eager about what's before me when I wake up in the morning. I like deliberately molding my thoughts. I like purposefully looking for things that interest me and milking them often. I treasure subtle inspirations coming in my mind and choose to act upon them no matter how trivial they seem to be. I listen to beautiful music. I watch programs my mind, eyes and ears are all fully engaged. I like crouching before the puppy and brushing her short hair on the head. When I think about beauty, some pictures would easily visit me, such as a field of blooming corn poppies. I can also intentionally re-picture the ring and the poetic watch I found on the website of Van Clear & Arpels. I again began to observe a lot of human creations. I like observing those artisans' hand moves when they work.

    I don't like illness and weakness. I like health and strength. My body is flexible. Every part of my body works well for me. I feel clear-minded and energetic. I do a lot of things with my hands every day. Pure Positive Energy is powerfully flowing to every cell of my body. I walk fast and I can walk a long way without rest. I sleep well. When I sleep, Pure Positive Energy flows to every cell of my body continually for five to seven hours.

    I want to frequently hold the vision, knowing I am always guided by my Inner Being toward what I want through my unique path of least resistance. I focus upon now and the future. My past has benefited me, putting a lot of contents into my Votex, and I can purely appreciate it without any regret. And it's clear to me, when I care about what pleases ME and do things bringing me pleasure, I feel no need to compare myself with any other people, and I am busy enjoying life. And when sometimes I start to think about what other people are doing, I feel extra bad which is very beneficial guidance. Glad to know comparison is not needed or is only worth a little time. Through practice, I will treasure my unique path and unique Vortex more and more.

    This noon I visit a beautiful building and finished some file filling on behalf of my brother. They gave me a box of moon cakes. It contained a brochure that told me this black box could be used as a tissue box or a small lamp. They do put ingenuity in it; it is a pretty, multi-functional box.
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    The government is doing its best to enhance our life quality. Infrastructure which the government has been continually working on is impressive. Well-built roads, coupled with trees and flowers lining on both sides, lead to towns and villages. I like focusing upon the Vortex version of the government and people working in the government. It is an efficient system and organizer. It cares about the well-being of all people. The living environment is getting better and better. I like holding the vision regardless of what is. Already, I have harmony with people working in the government. I appreciate that it becomes easier and quicker for me to finish related processes and many of them can be done online now. During this pandemic, the government and its people are so devoted to creating a safer environment for us. They, doctors and nurses were working so hard and I fully appreciate them. Supported by them, we did get a mainly safe and comfy environment almost wherever we went. They are lovely people who are willing to work for the well-being of all.

    When I feel good, the channel between Source Energy and cells of my body is wide open, and every part of my body benefits. Every day, I spend lots of moments in a good mood, and thus every cell of my body receives Pure Positive Energy. My body is powerful, healthy, flexible, multi-functional and adaptive. I feel that actually I don't need medicines any more. I am glad to have the above knowing, which enhances my appreciation of things that satisfy me. Because when I do pleasurable things such as interacting with the puppy, every cell of my body nenefits, every part receives Pure Positive Energy.

    I like focusing upon positive aspects of things. I would like to enhance my ability to appreciate, to focus upon positive aspectives, because I know it can make me a good salesperson which I may become in the future. I like my smartphone. It is Honor pro 3.0, and I especially like that it can last for a long time after every charging, really convenient. I like where I live. I feel totally satisfied with where the house is located, it is near the subway station, several bus stations, and a big shopping mall consisting of many shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities. The exact location of the house has some distance to busy roads on both sides, and so in the evening it is very quiet, only crickets chirping outside the window. For me, fast WiFi at home is important. I surf online at home for several hours every day on the computer or on the phone. About a three-minute walk away is a middle sized super market where we often buy condiments. Walking for about seven minutes, we can arrive at the stadium and when my nephew was little, I often took him to play with his scooter or sands in this stadium.
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    On the bus, I was watching something on my phone, thought where I was still had some distance from home, but still, I looked outside and immediately saw the familiar stop, and quickly went down. I remembered several similar experiences in which I would be prompted to raise my head and look out, though my mind felt I hadn't arrived at the destination. My Inner Being knows where I am and where I want to be, and is calling me toward where I want to be through my path of least resistance. Because I was in a lighthearted mood, the intuition was clear enough for me to act upon on time and benefit.

    Indeed, Source Energy is powerfully flowing to me, to every cell of my body. Every time I feel good, every cell benefits, directly receiving Pure Positive Energy. I like this recipe. So, when I was watching with strong appreciation a croissant being made, my teeth, my gum, my kidneys, my heart, my liver, my lungs and my blood vessels receive Pure Positive Energy. When I searched with great interest some Chinese phrases online, my hair, eyes, ears, ligaments, tendons, and bones receive enlivening liquid love.

    Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. And I received one from a real estate company. My father brought a box and some pomegranates. And this evening, my aunt and my brother gave us some more mooncakes, and new fruits including apples, kiwifruits and grapes. The living room is full of beautiful boxes--obviously mooncake producers care about the appearances of their products.

    Beauty is one theme of the videos I recently watch. And just now, I enjoyed a video of a girl cutting fruits into beautiful shapes and then placing them beautifully. What she did seems unnecessary, some may ask: What's the point of spending much time peeling and carving apples, melons and kiwi fruits? The point is, their work becomes much more fulfilling and there lies unlimited potential of creation in fruit cutting--there are unlimited patterns the knife can carve on a fruit. People want to have something new and creative to work on, while repeated moves are tedious. It's a very subjective thing, and for me, I can easily see the positive aspects of this job. Always, there are people going beyond norms and I appreciate them and their wonderful creation.
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    My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like, regardless of what is. A belief is a thought I keep thinking. My Inner Being is always supporting me, and guiding me to what I desire, without any regret about the past.

    The puppy looks at me with her big round bright eyes, and I know she enjoys my touch. I often brush her hair, and sometimes she licks my hand. Whenever I interact with her, I feel good, and therefore my teeth, my gum, my heart, my liver, my blood vessels, my kidneys and my bones receive directly Pure Positive Energy. In a word, patting the puppy benefits every part of my body.

    Recipe is an interesting concept and reality. Usually recipes are scientific, having clear reasons for every step and the quantity of the ingredients. It can be applied to any other area, because there must be at least one reason for every action we take. For example, I come to the cafe in the morning instead of staying at home, because it offers a better atmosphere for me to be active in a pleasing way. I listen to Zhang Bichen's sad ballads, because though a bit melancholy, they are quite beautiful and putting me in a state of appreciation. I have been trying my best to feel good and lots of things I do, for the good feelings they bring to me. And of course I expect to manifest what I want, by following the recipe. For, what I think, how I feel and what manifests are always a vibrational match. And the thing I want to manifest definitely feels good to me.

    I have been honoring my feelings. My emotions directly denote my unique preferences. When asking myself "Why do I do it?" the answer could be fairly easy: because it feels good. Why do I keep watching videos of food making? Because the watching feels good to me. They put me in a very focused state, I don't want to miss any move of those artisans and I am immersed in appreciation. This kind of creations look beautiful to my eyes and feel interesting to my mind.

    Taking emotions into consideration, It becomes easier to explain many seeming unnecessary human behaviors. They may look unnecessary, but they feel good to humans, so people continually do them. Because feeling good is the natural pursuit of all.
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    A belief is a thought I keep thinking. My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I want, regardless of what is. Everything I desire is already mine, in my Vortex. And the most important recipe is what I think, how I feel, and what manifests are always a vibrational match and I want to feel good.

    Music manifests in my life. Today, I have been looping Zhang Bichen's songs. She has a beautiful voice and she knows how to sing emotional ballads. One song after another, I listened to them when I was working and walking. I played them as bgm today and enjoyed them fully before I slept last night.

    Recently, I couldn't help remembering those videos I have watched. Pastry would pop in my mind, and then the whipping machine came as well. Actually those videos contained a lot of knowledge and wisdom that now is available to all. There was one video featuring fruit cutting, and after I watched that, I cut my apple and kiwi fruit with more interest and deliberateness. I also changed my way of using the knife. These programs also enhance my appreciation of physics and chemistry--both play an important role in arranging the ingredients in order to get what we want.

    I like watching how small candies with cute patterns come into being. It's so satisfying to watch the candy maker pull and stretch the sugar dough again and again. Though no one explains the reason to me, based upon my observation, I conclude that this move is to make the dough softer and more malleable. Then, as it hardens, another satisfying step begins. The candy maker would knock small candies down from that much longer candy, with the scraper playing out refreshing dings.

    I like watching these creators pay attention to things that may easily be forgotten otherwise. I feel high quality throughout their whole process. I watch them wash fruits, dry them, carefully cut them into desired shapes, bake-dry them, and then decorate white chocolate with them and create pieces of beautiful quality chocolate that can be sent to family and friends as gifts. The watching calms me and also persuades me to treasure and enjoy more simple actions like washing dishes.

    My watching may not be different from others' observing and appreciating a painting. Both contain very desired elements. I like watching people make something in a neat environment, their hand moves are zoomed in on, and they don't talk, all sounds coming from their hand moves.

    I feel blessed to be interested in music and the creation of certain objects. My life becomes more fulfilling because of them.
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    What I think, how I feel and what manifests are always a vibrational match. My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like, regardless of what is. My Inner Being knows where I am and where I want to be, and is forever calling me forward through my path of least resistance.

    I met a white flower, six petals and six yellow stamens. With a very simple structure, it emits serene beauty. As I visited it again in the late afternoon, its look changed, all its white petals leaning inward to the center, like it's time for it to rest after the sunset.

    Sometimes innocent, sometimes frisky, full of energy, the puppy jumped a bit to feel my palm with her head and then raised her head to rub her nose on my hand. What a companion in my working place! The girl cares about her dogs, she buys quality food, snacks and toys for them. She often checks whether they have enough water to drink. And she takes them outdoors for walks from time to time.

    I had a good laugh watching uncle roger commenting the BBC girl's cooking egg fried rice. I never saw anyone drain already cooked rice, and this was the first time, such a jaw-dropping scene. When the water came through the colander, it already meant the rice was not fit for cooking this dish.

    I was walking home, accompanied by Zhang Binchen's songs, and looking up some Chinese idioms in a dictionary. I felt eager to learn and collect more beautiful idioms.

    It's like I own the third floor of the cafe with the temperature I like. A cup of fresh ground hot coffee and a mug of drinking water are on the wooden table before me. Through the glass wall, I see lush trees and busy streets. I lean back against the seat back, and easily get onto youtube, beginning to watch a man make chocolate donuts. Relaxed and satisfying!

    Every time I feel good, every part of my body receives Pure Positive Energy. So, when I have fun with the puppy, my teeth, gum, fingers, lungs, liver, heart, kidneys, skin, blood vessels, and ears receive Pure Positive Energy. When I watch funny videos and laugh, my skin, my teeth, my gum, my blood vessels, my heart, my liver, my kidneys, my stomach and my bowels receive Pure Positive Energy. When I enjoy watching someone make a cake, my hair, eyes, ears, bones, ligaments, tendons, skin and brain receive powerful Pure Positive Energy...
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    A belief is a thought I keep thinking. My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like, regardless of what is. What I think, how I feel and what manifests are always a vibrational match.

    It is gratifying for me to watch people skilfully cut fruits. Looking at people knead the dough, roll it into a ball and frost the bread after baking it is satisfying. It is pleasurable to remember those translucent corn poppies swaying with wind. Observing the cute puppy's curious eyes is enjoyable. Every day, I open eyes and immediately see lovely objects. Both in my reality and of course on the Internet.

    I like imagining that the Liquid Love, Pure Positive Energy flows to every part of my body, to my fingers, to my ears, to my heart, to my lungs, to my blood vessels, to my bones and skin, to my pancreas, to my stomach and bowels. When I do things that please myself, I allow Pure Positive Energy to powerfully flow to every part of my body. When I look for and find what satisfy my eyes, my teeth, gum, skin, pancreas, kidneys, fingers, ears and the rest of my body all receive Pure Positive Energy.

    Today, I am still looping the girl's songs. They serve me really well as bgm when I am working or writing. At times, I would stop to feel every element in the music, to sense the rhythm and to discern the instruments. I am so pleased to know that when my ears hear beautiful sound creation, my teeth, my gum, my hands, and the rest of my body all receive Pure Positive Energy.

    I have been paying extra attention to how artisans move their hands. I would intentionally observe moves of their fongers and I know actually this itself is a way to enhance my flexibility. So the watching benefits me in multi-ways. And I like that where they work is spick and span, and the neat environment together with their superb skills, bring my eyes great pleasure. I don't know exactly the role this watching will play in my future life, but my feeling tells me it's meaningful and beneficial to me and so I value it.

    My Inner Being knows where I am, where I want to be, and is forever calling me forward to where I want to be. Who I Really Am never regrets. Who I Really Am is always forward-looking. It comforts me when I notice that I have allowed new things and experiences to come to my life from my Vortex. New songs. The new job. New artists and artisans to appreciate. New beautiful and artistic contents to please my eyes and mind. Continual interest in learning and accumulating new words, both Chinese and English. A new more proactive attitude toward life: I have been purposefully looking for and finding and milking things that satisfy me.
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    My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like, regardless of what is. Who I Really Am is always forward looking. One of the most important recipes in my life is: what I think, how I feel and what manifests are always a vibrational match. I like firmly holding onto this recipe. Source Energy, Pure Positive Energy, is powerfully flowing to every cell of my body.

    I was exploring Jackey Cheung's songs last night. Lying on the bed, letting music flow to me, I got great satisfaction. In a mellifluous and a little husky voice, he mainly sings tuneful ballads. I like his deliberateness and superb singing skills. I feel blessed to easily find songs that captivate me.

    I have two buddies and they are an interesting duo, one is placid and the other is frisky. The contrast between these two dogs often amazes me. The black one, the puppy especially likes me touching her tummy.

    Pure Positive Energy is powerfully flowing to all of us, to every plant and every flower. To every cell of our bodies. My cells receive Pure Positive Energy all day every day. Source Energy is energizing and refreshing every part of my body every day. Every time I feel good, every cell of my body receives Pure Positive Energy. So, when I enjoy music, I let in powerful Pure Positive Energy. When I search idioms in the dictionary with interest, my teeth, gum, blood vessels, pancreas, heart, liver and kidneys receive Pure Positive Energy. Liquid Love is flowing throughout my body. My body is working extremely well for me. I am healthy, energetic and flexible.

    There was something special about the dictionary, and as I looked closer, I discovered the reason: every word in this dictionary was written in a poetic font 楷体. My eyes were captivated by the beauty of calligraphy. Every character written in 楷体 is attractive to my eyes.

    My eyes see beauty, my ears hear beauty, my mind perceives all kinds of beauty. As beautiful as a spring blossom, this girl having deep-set amber eyes, looks exotic to my eyes and where she stands is full of bright colors. Usually, we living here don't apply so many vivid colors in decor, and the cafe I am in now is mainly black and brown. So the different attitude toward colors another country holds refreshes my mind and I like deliberately observing their preferences for colors. Other than that, I also notice a lot of turkish women like wearing floral dresses and showy scarfs.

    I like learning more about business. We sell clothes whose loyal customers are mostly youths. Obviously they need to look good to the buyers' eyes. And they do. When I think about them, my Inner Being holds its opinion. They have a huge market. These clothes are cool, beautiful, cute, fashinable, and unique. More and more people find and buy them. They write positive comments on the website. And loyal customers continue to buy our new clothes.
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    My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like, regardless of what is. Who I Really Am never regrets. Who I Really Am is always forward looking. My Inner Being knows where I am, where I want to be, and is forever calling me toward where I want to be, through my path of least resistance, or my path of feeling better. I am living in a world that has profuse enjoyable creations.

    Pure Positive Energy is powerfully flowing to every cell of my body. As I observe the Turkish costumes with amazement, my teeth, gum, ears, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas, fingers and bones receive Pure Positive Energy, the Liquid Love. When I found a diva who has a dulcet voice, and began to enjoy her songs, every part of my body receives the Liquid Love, the Pure Positive Energy. My body keeps evolving. My body is becoming more and more energetic, flexible and multi-functional.

    Two yellow butterflies with black edges are fluttering above flowers. They actually are circling each other while another one just passes them indifferently. Along this alley, I find at least five flowers and easily know my perences for them. I like the lily-white flower with yellow stamens most; it is simple, open and refreshing. This flower fully opens in the morning and closes up in the evening. I feel very glad that I can easily appreciate the beauty of flowers, for lots of shop owners would put their flowerpots before the shopping windows.

    I like exploring colors, shapes and states, which are mainly seeable by my eyes. I like light-colored immaculate kitchens. I like watching the artisans make candies with sophisticated patterns. There are always comely flowers of any color, white like the lily, and showy like the corn poppy. I like the unlimited shapes the malleable dough or pastry can make in the process of baking cakes or bread. It is gratifying to imagine me playing with the dough or the pastry, lengthening and straightening it as I like, and also finding ways to dye it. I especiallly like imagining myself stretching the sugar dough with both hands, helped by a clean metal hook or not. In the world of making what we eat, there are unlimited inspirations waiting for us to receive and implement and enjoy.

    I like getting better at appreciating. I can easily appreciate people who are talented. I appreciate singers who are good at singing. I appreciate the dexterousness abundant craftsmen demonstrate. I appreciate people who creator wonderful color combinations. I appreciate courteous people. I apprecaite friendly, nice people. I appreciate people who do me favors, and so I appreciate the girls in the cafe who keep the space tidy and make me hot coffee. I appreciate my mom for making me breakfast. I appreciate the bus driver for taking me to where I want to be. I appreciate the puppy who is always so cute and fun to watch. I appreciate the newly open milk shop where I bought a delicious ice cream this noon. I appreciate Zhang Bichen and Jackey Cheung for singing so many tuneful ballads. I appreciate my nephew with whom I have created a lot of lovely experiences. I appreciate the dictionaries I have been often visiting these days...
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    What I think, how I feel and what manifests are always a vibrational match. My Inner Being ONLY focuses upon what I desire, what I like, regardless of what is. Pure Positive Energy, the Liquid Love, is powerfully flowing to me, to every cell of my body.

    I came across a man in a Turkish drama, he was just standing in a patio, expressionless, quietly listening to the report. His demeaner and posture captivate me, and they fit the role of a young contemplative king. I don't know the history, nor do I know the actor, but I feel the way he handles the role is worth watching. Obviously he is a wonderful actor whose artistry amazes the audience. I like exploring new areas in my life.

    When I was in the cafe last night, I witnessed a cute harmonious scene. Two teenagers sat together happily playing a video game on their phones, a boy who came with his sister was quickly attracted by them and began to sit next to one of them and began to single-mindedly watch them. These teenagers didn't mind at all, and the boy got closer and closer. Soon he was dragged away by his sister, but a few minutes later he went back and started enjoy his watching again. For me, this was an interesting trio, every one enjoying their time.

    A baby girl came to our working place yesterday afternoon. She was cute, chubby, frisky with smiley eyes. I held her in my arms and she was totally excited about the dogs on the floor. Her eyes just traced their whereabouts and then burst into giggles from time to time.

    I watch the craftsmen make fruit tarts. When I am searching for words to describe their moves, I remember the word meditation. Watching them cut fruits is like meditating, the mind quiet, the eyes focused, and the heart sweet. It's so gratifying to see the watermelon and the orange get cut and reveal their showy insides.

    This singer can hit very high pitches in the singing. She has a crystal like voice. I enjoy her songs. Glad to know that when I feel good listening to her songs, every part of my body receives Pure Positive Energy. And of course when I "meditate" by watching a fruit cutting video, my ears, teeth, gum, heart, fingers, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas, and bones all receive Pure Positive Energy, the Liquid Love.
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