Instead of trying to earn approval today I'm receiving my worthiness. I feel satisfied highly with yesterday where evidence of the new in my life was consistent.

I received that a current situation which is working out particularly well is a vibrational resolution of a past one which didn't. Of course it was never about starting over because my vibrational platform is transformed since that time in 2011/2012. Sometimes when I tell myself that I'm not starting over, as Abraham teaches that our vibration is always advanced from whatever cam before, my alignment with the new in the situation is tenuous but this time I am slightly surprised at the connection just because the change in me is so huge.

However as I settle into the similarities I feel substantial satisfaction. And this experience is letting me go back and re-write/re-right the old. I'm not there yet in seeing it totally differently but I'm aware of a change of energy for me around it and know that it will happen.

As I let myself play with the idea of their similarities I feel excited by some of the potential. I do see why I did what I did because it is helping me now.

I also woke up this morning knowing it was time to let go of some old wounds in family relationships. It feels as though this has just happened except I know the seeds have been planted for a long time. So what I mean is that the wound has long since gone. I was holding onto some desires that weren't my own. It is all working out perfectly and as much as it seemed a good idea to have others' approval, it now seems irrelevant. I no longer have to respond in the same way and I can choose an action that suits me now.

As all of this comes together I am ignited with an idea. Again not new to me as I received it a few weeks ago. However the validation and preparation for this idea that I've already achieved in years gone by escalates my belief in it.

I have a platform for success.