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It feels very hard for me to do that.
Nevertheless, you can.
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It's because I'm not using my focus..
You ARE using your focus. You're just using your focus on what you don't want. You're using all this energy to reinforce how hard it is and how you're doing it wrong and how this is such a terrible time for you. (THAT'S the story you're telling, those are the thoughts you're supposedly "not aware of") The only answer IS TO STOP DOING IT. In the movie "I Heart Huckabee's," there's a scene where the two main characters are sitting at a park bench and they take turns whacking each other in the face with a very large rubber ball because it's sudden and forceful enough that it stops them from their normal thought process, at least temporarily. Their teacher calls this "Pure Beingness," and explains that it allows them to withdraw from ordinary human drama for at least the moment. Now I'm not saying that you should smack yourself in the face with a big rubber ball, but essentially they're describing the same thing we're trying to get across. You've got to whatever you need to do to STOP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING. You're simply arguing in the other direction -- that you've decided to stop doing everything else until you fix what you believe is broken because you believe that it's more important than everything else. You argue for why you simply can't do anything until you fix this no matter what we suggest. THAT'S WHY YOU'RE STUCK. If you have to hit yourself in the face with a big rubber ball to get yourself to stop, so be it. I just think there are easier ways to go about it.

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What does it mean if I'm struggling with coming up things to write about this?
It means that you've not practiced doing it. It means that you don't have momentum on this topic yet.
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Here's where it seem to me like you "should" already be thinking about kittens before you begin to do this.
The point of this exercise is to put your attention on another topic and allow LOA to start establishing momentum on that new topic. It doesn't matter where you start. If you wait because you think something should already have momentum before you're willing to start, then you never start.

Abraham tells the story of how Esther started writing the word "FUN" over and over on a piece of paper as she focused to try to evoke the feeling. It took her a while before she started to get a whiff of fun. You're essentially saying that Esther should have already been feeling the emotion of FUN before she started writing. The thing is that if she had already been feeling that way, SHE WOULDN'T HAVE NEEDED TO WRITE THE WORDS OVER AND OVER. The difference between you and her is that she didn't complain to Abraham about how hard it was and how she was never going to feel better and how she shouldn't have to write those words because she "should" already be feeling fun first. She kept writing even though it wasn't fun at first.

You know more than enough about kittens or bubbles to answer the basic questions that WB brought up. You know you do, you've demonstrated that you do. If you'd as much energy actually DOING what we suggest instead of arguing why you can't do it, you'd start to make some progress.
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It's interesting how easy it is for me to write about my issue, I guess that's because I'm already thinking about it quite a lot...
Exactly. What you're describing is MOMENTUM. Of course it's going to be easy to keep doing what you're used to doing. That's LOA in action. It takes some time to establish new momentum, that's just how things go. You've got to be willing to keep going even though you don't have the benefit of momentum at first.