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Thread: Finding the feeling place to generate the vibration

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hands in the Clay View Post
    And it's that time of year again!
    I like that "looking forward, and looking back". & applying greater deliberateness .

    i'm glad you bumped this thread now is a beautiful thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    Original post of this thread:

    Steve used this thread of mine for formulating his question:
    What conditions do I "need to change"? -I find the EMOTION instead of the condition!

    ...and to go back to this roots, I answer with an outtake of Abe´s quote that inspired me to open this thread and work in this process.

    It´s as easy as "sitting down "and writing the words, until the feeling ensues."

    (Esther) says, “Well, I can find these emotions. I cannot change that condition, but I can find these emotions.”

    So, then she just sits and writes the words… the emotional words,
    until she feels the shift take place.
    And every single time, she feels the shift take place.

    JULY 26, 2014 LOS ANGELES, CA

    Hello, hello, how does she do this? Does she write the word she wants to feel?

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    She did write the word. (There's the story of her sitting down and writing the word "Fun" over and over again after Jerry croaked.) But the writing didn't conjure the emotion. The writing was simply a mechanism to help her focus on the idea of "Fun." As she focused on the idea of Fun, the LoA brought to her more ideas which matched that idea, because that's what the LoA does: it brings to us more which matches our focus.

    As she focused herself in this way and allowed the LoA to bring her those matching ideas, she eventually was able to conjure that emotion for herself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WellBeing View Post
    But the writing didn't conjure the emotion. The writing was simply a mechanism to help her focus on the idea of "Fun."
    This is so important for the understanding of the mechanism of the LoA and the quote above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hands in the Clay View Post

    If you want to be more "hands-on" about your money vibration, I suggest spending more time working on your resistance to your now than fantasies about what you want, because you've already created what you want and don't really need to "work" on that. You need to reduce the resistance you HAVE that's preventing what you want from showing up. And that means feeling better about money in all shapes and forms, everywhere you have negative emotion tied to money (for me, that included my past).
    I agree with HitC wholeheartedly! I think we all know plenty of people who are cheerful, optimistic, look for feel-good emotions throughout their day, daydream about having lots of money, but struggle financially.
    I myself had lots of fun trying to imagine how it would feel to have money, but it wasn't until I worked on releasing my resistance that things actually got better!
    (I'm writing this with a new diamond (actually a two-diamond!) ring awaiting me for Christmas morning from my lovely husband, a new laptop and all kinds of other new, cool electronics to enjoy, more $$$ in the bank than I ever dreamed I'd see, and an income that has gotten into a habit of increasing, for all kinds of weird, out-of-the-blue reasons!!)
    ME, the one who used to feel sheer terror even THINKING about my bank account or my bills!!
    The one who lived in 2 rooms and a bath with three kids~ back then I had no mate, no prospects, and no money at all!
    Now I can look at a person with plenty of money and the life they lead, and I feel an ease, I feel good feelings about it when I put me into that picture ~ it's getting to feel very natural, the thought of living in a mansion with a nice, competent staff to do yard work and housecleaning and all that for me!
    I'm still working on moving my vibration up permanently, on the subject of money~ I want to get to a point where I allow it to flow in all the time, more than I can spend, always more....!
    One thing I noticed is that Allowing, for me, meant letting go of the idea that I HAD to figure out "how" it was going to come to me! As in, "gee, I'd love to have more money, but HOW would it come to me? I can't see a way that it could possibly come to me, I can't Believe it's possible for me to have more money! There's just no way I could get lots of money coming to me in some endless flow." That was a BIG resistance spot for me (and there have been a lot of resistance spots on the subject of money for me to work through)!
    There are lots of ways a person could hold resistance, and lots of ways to release resistance, but the thing is to do that inner work to release it! If petting the cat doesn't work for you (it certainly didn't for me, the more I tried to ignore the problem, the worse the problem got), try moving up the EGS on the subject of money with one or two of Abe's processes.
    If you can't reach one of the higher, 'allowing' emotions, reach for feelings of Relief, and that will help move the energy along for you, things can begin to happen in the feeling of Relief! Keep reaching for a feeling of Relief around the subject of money.
    If something doesn't work, and you don't feel relief and you don't get your desired manifestation pretty quickly, move on and try something else. The manifestation is an indicator that your vibration has risen higher; so if the manifestation is not happening, it only means you still have inner work to do, you still have a vibration that is longing to be raised higher, into better-feeling places!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WellBeing View Post
    The Process is "How will I feel if this condition [your salary] were to change?" And I'm not pointing that out as a correction of the title but, as a way to help you do the Process.

    You know how you will feel if you were making what you would consider a "large" amount of money. You've imagined it. You've told yourself stories about it and how your life would be. That's the "feeling place."

    beautiful reminder thank you WellBeing
    ask and it is given (I asked)

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    I'm glad you found that helpful!

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