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Thread: I manifested my dream body!

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    I manifested my dream body!

    Hello everyone!

    I haven't been on this forum for quite a long time. A couple of years back I didn't have any success manifesting my desires and I quit visiting this forum all together.
    Then just a couple of months back one my friends told me about the secret I had watched the movie quite a while ago but hadn't been really applying the teachings.
    Anyway I went out and bought the secret (book) and somehow this time everything clicked with me a lot better. I realized I didn't really understand the law of attraction the first time I saw the movie years back but now I finally understand! I understood the concepts of the secret well but I felt like something was missing. The secret said that you have to believe that you have what you desire before you can have it. But my vibration was far from the point where I could just believe I had what I desired so I did some research and found Ask & it is given. A lot of people call Ask & it is given the bible of the law of attraction and I have to say that I agree completely! This book is my favorite book of all time and it has totally changed my life and how I look at things.
    I truly believe that if you read Ask & it is given and truly understand what it says and apply the processes you can have anything you want in life!
    You never need to read or watch anything else to manifest anything you want in your life. Anyway I read it, and then I reread it and I read it again.. I still read in it every day and I keep learning something new every time.

    I guess I should talk about the actual manifestation part!
    As a guy I always wanted to be tall but had a lot of resistance going for many years towards that particular subject.
    But gradually by using the processes in the book I softend my resistance piece by piece. I want to say that the releasing of resistance didn't happen over night! It took time because I had a strong negative momentum going on. But bit by bit I slowed that negative momentum down and very slowly I started building positive momentum towards reaching my desire. This took a ton of practice and I made feeling good my highest priority over anything else. What happend as following that is really amazing. I grew from 5'10 to my dream height of 6'2 in just one month!
    I'm extatic! Not that I wasn't before the manifestation occured because that's the thing you have to remember. Get happy first and then the manifestation quickly unfolds!

    Have a wonderful day every one!

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    Awesome!!!! My congratulations, Positivevibes!!!

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    Thank you!!

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    Welcome back to the Forum, Positivevibes! Thanks for sharing your Success Story here with us.

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    Omg this is truly brilliant! Inspirational! Congrats

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    That is awesome ... Thank you for sharing!!

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    Beautiful ♡

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    Thanks everyone I appreciate it a lot I hope I can inspire people to go after what they truly desire!

    Hi sumr I thought I'd reply to your pm here so anyone interested can get the benefit. I am happy to share with anyone how they can get the body they desire
    Well first of all before you can get what you want you have to truly understand the law of attraction and how it works. Because when you do it's much easier to become taller or get anything you want really.
    First of all read and understand Ask & it is given. It litterally tells you how everything works and how you can manifest anything you want. There is no way I can describe the process as well here in one message as Abraham can in 300+ pages. The thing that tripped me up too at first was that I didn't truly understand the law of attraction.

    You have to understand that everything is just energy. Every single thing in the universe is made of the same source energy. Now why are things and people different from each other? Because they are vibrating at different frequencies. Understand sumr that you are not just blood and bones you are litterally made of energy and the same stuff everything is made of. This is quantum physics you can look it up if you want more proof. What is important to remember is that everything is energy and what differs a tall person from a short person is their vibration.
    The law of attraction is very precise and the anology I like the best is the one with radio channels. You wouldn't go to 98 FM and expect to hear what is being broadcasted on 102 AM would you?
    So if you want to grow taller you have to align with the vibration that says "I am tall".

    Now I'm going to assume that you understand Abrahams three step process to manifesting your desires and if not then you can look it up.

    So once you really understand the law - things get easier. Now you have to honestly ask yourself how you feel about your body. Find exactly where you are on the emotional scale. Be honest with yourself where you are. It's okay to be down at anger or even despair. You have to be honest with yourself because the thing is it's not possible to move to a vibration that is very different from the one you are currently at. But by utilizing Abrahams processes you can slowly release resistance which means that you feel better and better. Don't lie to yourself where you are on the scale because you will waste your time if you do. Slowly climb the emotional scale. Don't rush this phase! If you have strong negative momentum going on about your body you have to first slow it down and stop completely before gently starting to build positive momentum. Abraham says that you can go from being one of the most resistant people on the planet to one of the most allowing in just 30 days. Just make sure to deliberately make yourself feel better every day by applying the processes. And as you get higher and higher on the scale you might start to get some growing pains or something. I didn't have to climb to the top of the emotional scale to start seeing results. When I was around hopefulnes consistently I started growing. And after I had grown a bit the positive momentum kept me going because I was happy that I had grown so I felt better which then in turn meant I grew even more untill eventually I just felt AMAZING and the results came EXTREMELY quickly!

    Oh and sumr your age doesn't matter because it's all vibration remember? You can gradually change your beliefs which in turn will reflect in your physical reality.

    You can use whatever processes you want to. The ones I personally had a lot of sucess with were The Pivoting process, focus wheel process, Wouldn't it be nice if..? process, scripting, meditation, virtual reality and creative workshop. By doing some of these consistently every day I changed my vibration completely to get what I desire.

    If you have any further questions feel free to ask but really there isn't much more to it than raising your vibration Because it is law that when your vibration matches your desire you will have it. Isn't that awesome?

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    I really like what you said in the above post, and congratulations on manifesting your dream body. Awesome!!

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