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Thread: I manifested my dream body!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Positivevibes View Post
    Thank you

    Yeah at first I just gradually worked on my vibration until I got to a point where I was consistently at hopefulness on the emotional guidance scale. So at first I just felt like becoming tall was a posibility you know I didn't completely align with "I am tall" at first. But I started to grow a bit when I was at hopefulness for a while which made me gain confidence and feel even better. Then of course I believed more and more in my dream and then the positive momentum just build and I started to fully KNOW what I was 6'2 (vibrationally at first). So I went up to the top of the esg and then the results came extremely quickly And now the vibrational reality has become physical reality
    Man, you have opened my eyes thank you so much! Now I realize my old habit is wanting to have so-called "final" evidence immediately and often disregarding the "small" driftwood. Thanks again Positivevibes! I think this is what they call "creation with great ease".

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    I have also grown a bit taller, but not as much as you have. I've grown 1 cm (less than half an inch) taller so far with no effort.

    It's interesting cause I was obsessed with growing taller for so long, I even went as far as doing height increase exercises etc, and then I just stopped doing all of that and just got distracted with other things. That's when then 1 cm came.

    I still want to be 3 inches taller, I just dont want it as badly anymore. I'm actually more interested in manifesting other physical things. So maybe that's whats lowered my resistance about height, the fact that I don't care if I grow taller or not.

    In the past few weeks I've noticed that I am taller than before. I havent measured myself, but the floor seems further away from me, and I just feel taller compared to other people and things around me. This must mean that I'm close to achieving the vibration of this height. Which means that soon I'll physically manifest the height as well.

    I'll be sure to post a success story for you guys when that happens.

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    Wow thanks

    This story is just what I need!

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    aiming for the Vortex
    Inspirational thread.

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    Interesting.I like the Energy this site gives me.I've been studying Bashar for half a year now and most of my Law of Attraction info comes from him.What I like about Abraham and Bashar is that when you research one,9x/10 you will Vibrationally align with finding the other.And they're both so epic.

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    Has anyone had the experience of growing a bigger penis with this same concept? I'm assuming it would work, what do you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by guitarpro View Post
    Has anyone had the experience of growing a bigger penis with this same concept? I'm assuming it would work, what do you think?
    You'll find a discussion of that here (Don't let the title fool you):
    Manifested BIGGER BOOBIES!!!

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    lol. I wouldn't think it be any different from growing taller, small nose etc.

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    Actually let's just say I grew proportionally in all of my body haha. I just didn't think it was appropriate to write here haha
    So yes I can assure you that it works for that as well guitarpro

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    What a wonderful thread!

    Positivevibes, can you share more with us? I really expect you to write more about your understanding on LOA and Abe processes, and also your daily plan during that one month.

    Thank you in advance.

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