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Thread: Thought forms and what they mean

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    Thought forms and what they mean


    On the Path of Least Resistance you can accomplish "Miracles".

    If I´m really happy, if I believed I could, could I walk through this wall?
    (audience laughs) -What? That´s alignment!

    We´r not disagreeing with you! The answer to that question
    because- this is a valid statement!
    Whatever you want to be, or do, or have- you CAN accomplish!

    So if your life-experience is causing you to acknowledge that
    walls are cumbersome- so you are launching this rockets of desire
    to be (...) completely free, not bound by conditions, that are getting in your way-
    as you come to that place, where you have relieved your self,
    released- one at a time, all beliefs about necessary conditions,
    you´ll be in the vibrational place where you can accomplish everything
    that you are wanting!

    Beautiful! Cool!

    And you´ll get there faster when you´r not trying to prove it to anyone else.

    So, Esther awakened when they first moved to San Antonio,
    in the little farmhouse that they where renting, and laid there in bed,
    and listened to the rhythm of Jerry´s snoaring, she liked that.
    And acknowledged what a wonderful life she was living,
    and how REALLY GOOD she felt in this moment.

    And then she heard someone coming up the driveway.
    This was a long farm-road, and it was a graveled driveway, and she
    could hear footprints, coming up the driveway.
    So she got out of bed ad she looked out of a window,

    And she saw Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and Dorothy and Toto-
    all coming up her driveway.
    She walked RIGHT THROUGH THE WALL- went out,
    and spent several minutes, talking to them
    -they are all very nice, by the way!-
    they are thought-forms that exist,
    because of millions of people, thinking of them-
    and Esther- in her wake state,
    not trying to prove the wall to anyone!-
    the absence of it, or the presence of it,

    had a very real experience,
    as real as anything than any of you will ever live!
    So, YES. Esther has accomplished what you´r talking about.

    But what you are talking about is: Can Esther walk through THAT wall?
    And we say: If a tree falls in the forrest, and there is no one there to hear,
    to translate the vibration of the tree falling, into sound-
    Was there a sound?

    The answer is no.

    Because, if there is not the translator of the vibration
    into the equivalent that you call sound- then the sound has not occurred!
    A vibration occurred.

    When your dog hears something that you can´t hear,
    was there a sound? You accept that there was.
    But from YOUR perceptive point of view- there was no sound.
    There was nothing that you translated.

    And so, what is required for satisfaction, in this conversation,
    is that you leave EVERYBODY ELSE out of the equation,
    that you accept the knowledge of your inner being,
    that you look for alignment- every step that you can find it,
    and accomplish it again and again and again,

    And then show yourself what you are able to accomplish
    that is outside the normality of what physical humans are accomplishing,
    and THAT´s why unconditional love, unconditional alignment
    is so ADVANTAGEOUS to you!!!

    Because when you tie what everyone else is ready and willing to accept-
    you limit your ability to move forwards.
    THAT´s why science moves forwards so slowly!
    Because they need to drag everybody else along, with them,
    that are in all kinds of different vibrational places.

    THAT´S why so many are not receiving the recovery
    that they are wanting, from one thing or another, you see.
    You have to set yourself free of the conditions, that bind you.
    And that includes what EVERYBODY ELSE is thinking about
    every other thing.

    And when you make the first, last, most and always what your
    relationship with your IB knows about this, and this, and this-
    you´ll be doing some things that are really satisfying to YOU.

    Just don´t need others to look on, to validate it.

    Abraham Hicks Long Beach CA 2015-02-14

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    From sweet_princess:

    Is Abe trying to tell here that it all happened in Esthers imagination and it felt so real that she didn't require it to manifest in the actually physical reality.. what are these thought forms? Could someone explain this.. Thanks

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    From WellBeing:

    Thought forms are part of the process of how thoughts become things, which we're told is the title of the next Abraham book so expect a clearer explanation from that.

    As you focus purely (without distraction, wavering, splitting your energy, etc.) on a thought for as little as 17 seconds, the LoA brings to you another thought like it. And, if you continue that for another 17 seconds, the LoA brings to you another thought like it. And so on. After 68 seconds of pure focus, you have Asked (with your vibration and your focus) LoA to bring to you enough momentum to this vibration that you have a manifestation. The first manifestation is emotion.

    But, as you continue to think and focus in that way and the momentum builds and that habit of vibration becomes easier to do. (We've been talking about this on one of your threads, right?) We can practise it enough so that we get so good at doing that vibration that we can do it on a constant basis and, because it's constant, "normal" (for us), we often tune it out. The guidance is still there but, by that time, it's just "normal." In any event, this vibration is now a constant part of your vibrational mix so that's being broadcast out into the cosmos.

    As you've been adding momentum to your vibration, you're adding details, specifics, to that vibration and the vibration starts to take form. This is why Abraham use the term "moulding the clay." We are actually moulding, with our focus, vibration into form.

    There are certain topics where a number of us join in on a similar focus and LoA brings us all together and brings our matching focus together, which adds to a momentum going on. An example of this would be the Earth, which was thought into being by both physical and NP beings. All matter around you is vibration that is real-ised.

    In the case of these characters from The Wizard of Oz that Esther conversed with, because enough people have been thinking (and continue to think) about them, that vibration holds its form on a consistent basis. People call that a "thought form."

    As Abraham were telling this story, they were describing Esther having a "real" (as you and I might experience it) conversation with these "people" as "real" people because she was so tuned into their frequency that she translated their vibration through her physical senses. (Which is what you do with the chair that you're sitting on or these words that you're reading, translating vibration through your physical senses.)

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    From paradise-on-earth:

    I think they are saying that it was totally real, as everything that we call "real physical life".

    WHILE we all are never doing anything else than TRANSLATING vibration into something that is meaningful- as thoughts, thoughtforms, sound, sight or physicality.
    It always "just" translation of vibration.

    And when we are nonresitant, we cross the "borders" of this "realities" in great ease. Per example, we manifest or -demanifest "matter", as it is described here.

    We are no clumps of souls, but consciousness, streaming.
    And matter is no clump either, but vibration (as any physicist can assure you of!) that can be streamed and flowed- exactly to our liking.

    A thoughtform is a "long held" or as Abe called it, more "sophisticated" vibration. When you think a thought long enough, it starts to form into thought-patterns aka thoughtforms, and when you hold the thought longer, you´ll get matter.

    "The Law of Attraction states that all forms of matter and energy
    are attracted to that which is of a like vibration.
    The implications of this law are vast,
    and the law holds true for all known Universes:
    "That which is like unto itself is drawn."

    The thoughts we hold attract similar thoughts
    and become large masses of thought called thoughtforms.

    The general vibration that a person holds is representative
    of the balance of their thoughts.
    As we become aware or conscious of our thoughts,
    we can raise our vibration by setting forth thoughts
    that are more in harmony with our desires.

    When our thoughts are in harmony with our highest desires,
    we are filled with joy and ecstasy.
    When we learn to set forth our thoughts consciously,
    we are no longer victims of our own outdated programming.
    We increasingly attract thought of a higher vibration
    and raise the level of thought at which we habitually vibrate."

    ~ Abraham

    Everything that is matter is a very long standing,
    and therefore very evolved
    -that´s why we use the term "sophisticated"- thought.

    And you have to understand- ohh, this is very good,
    we´ve not been here before.
    This time-space-reality that you acknowledge,
    is tangible, seeable, hearable, tasteable, smellable, touchable.
    It wasn´t just thought into being.
    It is HELD into beingness, BY continuous thought!

    Have you ever seen an abandoned house disintegrate?
    Isn´t it interesting? It stood there, all those years.
    The wood held up, the curtains held up.
    And it isn´t, because the bugs moved in, friends!
    It´s, because attention was withdrawn from it.
    So the holding of it, in it´s reality, ceased.
    Makes sense?

    Phoenix, Dec. 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeh View Post
    How would you like to focus your discussion?

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    I figured it'd be nice for this topic to have its own thread so any one with questions or comments could chime in. I think Esther's Wizard of Oz story is fascinating and truly a testament to the idea that we can be, do, and have anything as long as our frequency matches.

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    This is similar to stories of Indian yogis levitating, appearing in 2 places at once, etc. I'm sure other cultures have similar stories. Jesus's miracles come to mind -- walking on water, etc.

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    Again, what is your intention?

    I know I'm being nit-picky here but doesn't this really speak to the core of these teachings? Aren't these teachings about knowing what you want (or at least using knowing what you don't want to point you towards what you do want) and then focusing on what you want, so that you can shape and mould your experience?

    And, of course, you can have this thread and this thread and the conversation is appropriate. I'm not wearing any Moderator hat (you can tell by the black font, rather my "moderator blue"). There's nothing like that going on. But this seemed like such an important "oversight" (too strong a word)--such a missed opportunity (better)--on this Forum of all places, to apply a little focus so that you can set some momentum in the direction of what you want. So you can set the Vibrational Tone/Climate/Atmosphere for the thread that you've started.

    I return you now to the thread already in progress (3...2...1...)...

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    I LIKE it!

    You have quoted my response on the other thread already, I´ll chime in here in adding more quotes from the horses mouth

    Thoughtform, explained at the example of extraterrestrial life

    (Extraterrestrials) ...It's illogical when you understand the expansiveness of this Universe
    to believe the only physical beings live right here.
    There are many dimensions and many universes and many other planets,
    even within this Universe, that experience life in a similar manner
    to what you're living.

    In every sense that you all are real, they all are real, too.

    (...) Everything that you have thought
    or everything that someone else has thought has been projected
    and is manifesting in some way.
    But these planets that have given birth [to human life]
    are all coming from core energy.

    It is life force, it is pure positive energy
    that launches all of that into motion.
    (...) Now much that physical humans worry about
    or speculate about does NOT come from that Source Energy.
    There are all kinds of things that you worry about,
    that you've launched in thought form fashion,
    that become thought forms.

    They are thoughts that are connected with thoughts,
    that are connected with thoughts enough,
    that others can pick up on them.
    They are not physical manifestation in the sense
    that they have been launched from Source Energy.

    (...) And it's difficult, as physical beings who begin to decipher
    non-physical energy, to discern the difference between that,
    because to you think, anything that is not knock-on-wood physical
    then is non-physical.

    And we say that there's a difference between
    the non-physical thought energy that comes from the eternity
    of non-physical energy life force -
    and the spin-off of man's conscious thought....

    As civilizations on this planet, you do not hold your thoughts
    consistently upon anything long enough
    that you could create life form from this physical perspective.
    Those creations are always made from a non-physical point of view.

    (...)And most of the aliens or alien life forms that people are talking about
    do not exist in a real life reality in the way
    that you do, because they were not launched from the non-physical stream
    in the way you were. They are the spin-off of man's conscious, fearful thoughts....

    (...) Yes, there are other physical beings that live in other dimensions.
    Do they interact with you here in a physical sense?
    No, they do not.
    But you can connect to them vibrationally through thought
    and you can have what feels like very real experiences with them,
    just like you do in your dream state
    and in your out of body experiences....

    They are vibrationally happening and therefore they feel real.

    (...) But it is our promise to you that you will never
    in this physical dimension dig up one of those spaceships.
    You are not going to find the metal from other planets.
    You're not going to find any little bones.
    All of that stuff is conscious conclusion
    that comes from a premise that is not valid.

    (...) Most of the time, the conversations about aliens
    comes as a spin-off of man's conscious thoughts of vulnerability,
    not from connection to core energy.
    (...) You did not come forth to contemplate the rightness
    or wrongness of this galaxy or any other.
    You came forth to find your joyous pleasure in motion forward
    right here and now.

    And that is the reason, we promise you,
    you are not going to be intergalactically co-creating."

    (Excerpted from Abraham-Hicks workshop tape, Tallahassee, FL 3/30/97)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeh View Post
    I figured it'd be nice for this topic to have its own thread so any one with questions or comments could chime in. I think Esther's Wizard of Oz story is fascinating and truly a testament to the idea that we can be, do, and have anything as long as our frequency matches.
    Thank you Mikeh

    This story involving Esther had somehow slipped right past me.

    It felt so delightful to read and I felt myself opening up to all kinds of possibilities!

    Thanks so much and much love to you!

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