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Thread: Thought forms and what they mean

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    Matter is the evolution of energy.
    First there is thought, then there is thought form,
    and then there is matter.
    Matter is only thought that has been thought upon by more.

    Abe, from the workshop in Kansas City, MO on Sunday, August 29, 1999

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    "Everything that you see is illusionary anyway.
    And the illusion can be
    whatever you choose it to be."

    -Abe 3/19/05

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    another quote, not really explaining thoughtforms, but maybe somebody is getting something out of it anyway

    Hot seater from Nova Scotia went to San Francisco
    and walked the labyrinth at the Grace Cathedral.
    Her goal was to walk in with her worries and to walk out worry-free.
    She got to the center and she asked God/Spirit/All That Is,
    to cleanse her of her worries. She got sick for 3 days later,
    but figured it was part of the cleansing.

    "Humans think they have to get rid of their troubles,
    rather than let well-being in.

    We think this labyrinth is so backwards,
    from what you’re coming to understand about LOA.
    You’ve heard us say that every thought that’s ever been thought still exists.
    Can you imagine the thought forms that are in that labyrinth?

    That’s like saying, “I want to be healthy so I’m going into an environment
    where every disease, virus, germ, and bacteria known to man is dwelling,
    and I’m going to go in there and dump off my viruses.”
    We say, “You’re probably going to pick up more viruses than you’re going to dump off
    while you’re in there.”

    You certainly had good intentions, but we think the reason
    this experience was so heavy for you is that you were emphasizing
    the backwards approach that humans so often take,
    which is “I’m going to go dig up and dump off my troubles,
    and once I’ve dug them up and dumped them off,
    I’m going to walk away without them, and we say, ‘No you’re not.’”

    You want to get in there and release and then allow,
    and we say why not just allow? It means different things to different people,
    but think about what a labyrinth means in general.
    It means I’m going to challenge and test my way through this.
    I’m going to put myself through a trial and see if I can make my way to the light.

    And we say, “Why not just stand out in the light!?”

    Why do you need to prove something to yourself?
    Why not just be the magnificent being that you are?
    And we understand that humans like tests.
    But your Inner Being never plays that game."

    Monterey, CA - 8-21-2001

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    this is the same topic...

    HS asks if mermaids and unicorns are real or fairytales.
    Abe tell the story of Estherīs friends in Australia, asking the driver while on the road, where all the kangaroos are?
    And he answers "They donīt just hop down the road, all the time!" But then, one did!

    Expectation is EVERYTHING.
    There are a lot of writers.
    Where they begin to receive thoughts,
    and those thoughts are manifestations.

    And if there is anything we would like you to hear in this room today,
    and this very example is a tripping point, for some of you,
    We want you to have her let her unicorns.

    When something hasnīt manifested, it doesnīt mean
    that it canīt!

    You are not miles away from what you want!
    And you are not years, or hours, or months or weeks or days away,
    from what you want!

    Youīr only vibrations away, from what you want!

    Phoenix, Dez. 2014

    same HS, later in the interaction:

    We wouldnīt try to stretch the biological boundaries of this world. (...)
    We would start with things that are EASY,
    until we had convinced ourselves,
    that if I have the ability to imagine it-
    than I have the ability to have a relationship with it.

    Not as satisfying as some would like.
    We will NOT say that they (mermaids and unicorns) are not real!
    Because our work all day everyday is, to get you to accept this Vortex-
    And who knows whatīs in there!

    Everything that you want is in there!
    It is your work to get into the receptive mode!

    And so, how far will those things that you have desired
    or imagined- imagination, thatīs pretty far down the momentum trail,
    isnīt it!
    -You want it, you allowed yourself to imagine it-
    thatīs a thought, that you are REALIZING.

    So, what stops the momentum?
    ... what keeps the momentum, the thought that you have imagined,
    from manifesting ALL THE WAY out?

    Thoughts that contradict it. Period.

    Phoenix, Dez. 2014

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    and another approach on "miracles":

    EVERYTHING comes out of nowhere!!
    There is NO REALITY,
    the way you think there is a reality!

    EVERYTHING is a convergence of vibrational frequencies.
    And just because you as mass-consciousness
    have adjusted yourself to a certain level of expectation,
    and therefor allowance of what manifests in your experience

    doesnīt mean that there isnīt a whole lot more on the horizon!

    You are not years away from this discoveries!
    You are not miles away from tis discoveries!
    You are vibrations away from these discoveries.

    (...) And if you would stop talking to others, who
    will try to talk you out of your crazy wild dreams,

    if you would try to stop fit in with the others-
    and justify to THEM through your normalcy,

    ALL KINDS of what they will call "magic",
    that you will come to call NORMAL


    It is NORMAL that you thrive.
    It is NORMAL that things always go well for you!
    It is NORMAL that what you donīt want stays away,
    and what you do want comes in. Thatīs NORMAL.

    And just because itīs not what most people are demonstrating-
    doesnīt mean, that itīs not whatīs normal, you see.

    Phoenix, Dez. 2014

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    How thoughts become things

    ...really, matter must come out of thin air!?

    Matter is vibration, perceived.
    Thatīs ALL matter is: itīs vibration, perceived.
    And you think that itīs more tangible- and it is,
    because more people are perceiving it.
    And itīs a really good thing, because you were born with the ability
    to see- which is to perceive!
    and to hear- which is to perceive- so this is whatīs tripping so many of you up!

    So much of the tangible was here when you got here.
    And all you had to do is look around at it!
    So now, you got it BACKWARDS.

    You think: I will look, and then I will feel.
    And we say, thatīs how you regurgitate matter!

    Thatīs how you continue to participate in the matter,
    thatīs already here!

    But if you wanna be a creator, you gotta FEEL.
    You gotta feel it, and THEN see it.

    from the clip Abraham Hicks - A Process for Faster Results

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    thank you, Sweet Butterfly!

    Thought that is projected, now thinks.
    So it's not possible to separate the thinker from the thought,
    because the thinker thinks a thought,
    and then the thought thinks and becomes a thinker,
    and then the thought, that was a thought that is now a thinker,
    thinks another thought, which becomes a thinker, also.

    And so, there is a constant summoning of Life Force.
    Now, a thought that is thought longer becomes Thought Form.
    A thought that is thought upon by many, becomes Thought Form.

    A thought that is thought upon by many,
    in a very clear undiluted fashion,
    as from Nonphysical Perspective where there is no resistance,
    becomes physical matter.

    That's why the physical universe is a by-product
    of the Nonphysical attention or focus.
    So, the Nonphysical Energy that created
    this physical mass from the Energy of the Universe,
    the mass itself, now becomes a thought that is thinking,
    that is attracting the Energy.


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    Here is an awesome clip about thoughtforms (it gets best in the end)

    Abraham Hicks-Is she helping stuck spirits (New!)

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    thanks, skylark

    Emotional feeling is manifested awareness.

    Rather than trying to distinguish the difference
    between thought and emotion or emotion and feeling,
    instead care about the feeling.
    Try to be as thought-less as you can be, while you sync up
    and then feel the fullness of that powerful thinker within you.

    And what you’re going to discover—and this was the part
    that surprised Esther the most—she thought that when she connected
    with what she regards to be Source, that the thoughts would be loftier.

    It surprised her that it was all about what they were about.
    It surprised her that her life was important enough,
    that Source would focus with interest on what she was about. (...)

    Rather than trying to figure out whose thoughts are whose,
    just figure out how they feel. And if they feel good, encourage them,
    and if they feel less than good, do not encourage them.
    Focus upon something that feels better.

    (...) Emotions are cellular translation of energy.
    There is a vibrational frequency that the cells of your body
    can sense or feel. So we think tactile feeling,
    emotional feeling is manifested awareness.

    Feel the difference between the conceptual idea of love,
    which you certainly can define, and feel what an overwhelming feeling
    —Esther was looking at Luke on the airplane the other day and
    she could hardly contain herself.

    Let’s emphasize the feeling part,
    the physical feeling part in emotion.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, Alaska Cruise, July 2015

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    The thought thinks itself!
    -About different vibrations you can tap into

    Isn't that interesting?
    -You think a thought, and that thought now
    is a vibrational entity unto itself,
    that has the ability to think.

    So there is the thinker who thinks the thought,
    and then there's the thought that becomes the thinker.
    In other words, it's quite a tangle for you to decipher and sort out.

    So, we want to just give you the highlights and help you understand,
    that when you have been focused in a physical body for a while,
    you become a powerful focal point.

    That's why sometimes a psychic will tap into someone that you love,
    who is dead, and the psychic will interpret information, warnings
    or things that your mother is worried about,
    or where she buried the money in the backyard
    or something, and often with great accuracy.

    And Esther said, "Abraham, you said that when someone dies,
    they reemerge into Pure Positive Energy, and some of this
    doesn't sound all that much like Pure Positive Energy."

    And we say, you have the ability to tap into a lot
    of different vibrational frequencies.
    Someone called Esther, said the Sheriff was looking for her in Texas,
    where they are from, and she said, "I knew he would catch me sooner or later,
    what does he want?"
    And when Esther called him, he was trying to solve a mystery - murder,
    an unsolved mystery, and Esther said, "It's not the work I do."

    And he said, "Well, we've been told that you could help us
    and we could really use your help."
    And Esther said, "I would have to tune my vibration to a place I'm not
    willing to tune my vibration. It's just not the work I do."

    But you can tune your vibration to anything and pick up
    those vibrational frequencies. There are thought forms all around.
    First there is thought.
    Thought is thought upon longer, becomes thought form
    and thought that is thought upon longer becomes manifestation.

    And of course, that's a very scanty explanation,
    but that is the general progress of this thought.

    So, when you are wanting to have conversation with someone who you love
    who has reemerged into Nonphysical or even someone you don't know
    who is a master of something or another,
    you have to become a vibrational match to that which they now ARE
    to receive the Essence of who they are from their broader,
    Nonphysical perspective.

    But you could get in an ornery mood and tap right into some ornery dead friend.
    But you would not be receiving them AS THEY NOW ARE.

    Guest - Right.

    Abe -
    You'd be receiving them as they WERE
    and you'd be picking up on that swirl of vibration
    which continues to exist eternally.
    Nothing ever ceases to be, once it has become.

    Guest -
    Great. And so I could be in communication with an Energy
    that used to be my grandfather and also be in communication
    with a part of him that's come into a new Being, all at the same time?

    Abe - Yes.

    From the Alaskan Cruise 2005

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