Co-Creating with the "dead" artists and scientists and movers and shakers:

When you´ve got some momentum going, so that you are up to speed
with those artists, those masters of creation, and you allow yourself
to be the receiver of their impulses,
when you allow the great masters to paint THROUGH you,
to sculp through you, to live through you in that moment,
and that thrill that you feel, that certainty that you feel, that confidence
that you feel, that clarity that you feel-

that´s what co-creating with source-energy feels like!
(...) and it´s different than saying "source, help me do this"!
It´s "Source, do this with me!"
And we want you to feel the appreciation that source feels
in your ALLOWING of the doing!
So, don´t misunderstand, we´r with you ALL THE TIME.

(...) When you have your tools in your hand
and allow all of this energy to flow WITH you,
to have the experience of the creation WITH you-
you see, this is what we meant when we say, "We are all in this together".

Yes, you benefit! Yes, we benefit.
And when you feel that clarity, that´s us, KNOWING!
When you feel that sureness, that´s us-
when you feel that joy, that´s us, reveling!

When you feel that enthusiasm, that´s US; you see!
That´s us- meaning, the nonphysical part of you,
and ALL OF US, hanging around...
You should see the parties we have, when you are in your flow!

San Antonio, TX November 9th 2013
from the clip Abraham Hicks - Artists Co-create With Source


You feel one with the heavenly beautiful feeling energies of your creation. You BECOME it, it becomes YOU. You know it deeply, you are the colours, the sounds, the moves, the taste, the fragrance, the lines, the words, the energy
. You KNOW that this piece of art expresses YOU, YOUR LOVE, your preferences, yourself, in a new, never before translated, divine way. You know that the gods must feel the same!
= Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation/Peace

You are "in love" with an idea, an inspiration or a project. You are "connected! You can´t stop thinking/working/refining it. You are thrilled, you are stunned by its beauty, meaning and power. All comes together easily without any feeling of "work". You feel deeply appreciative to flow (in) it, to let the energies flow through you like an extatic rush.
= Passion

You feel happy with any kind of creation you are called to: Be it in creating physically or in VR. Inspirations flow easy and fast. Work is easy and "in the flow", you forget the world around you while doing so. You don´t second guess. You are eager to do more and feel very appreciative about the whole issue.

= Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness

You feel joyful and safe in creating, on an easyflowing, playful level. You like what you do. You don´t feel the need to do more.

= Positive Expectation/Belief

You feel frisky and easy, Inspirations flow in. You might not be ready yet to take action, but you´r ok with this. You´r collecting energy and ideas.


You feel hopeful and are relaxing into the idea, that you could- in time- find something that inspires you and gets your juices flowing. Your creativity is resting, but (almost) ready for take off.

You feel yourself somehow ok. Nothing moves you, really. Creativity is resting.

You feel dissatisfied, but because you don´t dare to let yourself go into any deeper feeling energies, you are not inspired. Neither the connection nor the disconnection from source calls you into becoming creative, you feel somehow stuck. Creativity is on pause. IF you create, your creations don´t move others, either.
= Boredom

You feel a yearning for creating, but you are scared where it might lead you, or if you are able to create at all and put the higher energy to work for you. IF you create, you connect creation with the intention to show off your abilities or worth- which you doubt. This is feelable in the results.

= Pessimism

You feel mixed up and frustrated, regarding your own power and connection to the higher energies. Your creations- IF you create, look and feel unready, flat, confused, pieced together somehow loveless.

= Frustration/Impatience/Irritation, Overwhelmed

You feel sad and doubtful, regarding your own power and the higher energies. This shows in your creations, that look, sound or feel disappointing, dilettante, hollow, limp or disharmonic, IF you create at all.

= Disappointment, Doubt

You feel vulnerable against the challenging energies from ITV, but you are called by them. IF you create, the result of your creative interaction with those vibes feels and looks strange, scary, tortured, held-back, dark.

= Worry, Blame, Discouragement

Creativity, the power that resides ITV, feels like an enemy to you. Painful and much too challenging.

You feel scared of and therefore aggressive against the vibes of love, beauty, connection or divine power. So you are maybe drawn to disable/ suppress/ destroy (former) pieces of your art or your ability to create new. You might also create in a hateful, harsh or destructive way.
= Anger, Revenge,

The energies inside the Vortex are "far out", so it feels to you. They seem mocking, annoying and disgusting to you, but you are still somehow called by them.
You feel unworthy to dip too deep into them, so- IF you create, you do it in a sense of revulsion about yourself and the whole world. You feel drawn to mock, pervert or distort beauty, love, harmony and power.

= Jealousy, Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness

You feel powerless and unable to create. Because you went beyond your ability to feel your connection to everything that is connected to beauty, love, worth, colours, sense, harmony, interest, power or fascination (all the ITV-vibrations), you don´t resonate there, can´t be inspired by them and not play with this issues, either. You are not connected, you feel "dead" and numb, regarding deliberate creativity.
= Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness