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Thread: Practicing the Path of Least Resistance

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    Cool Practicing the Path of Least Resistance

    I've heard Abe talking about this recently and I can see it melding with "find a better feeling thought" as well as "going general", etc... It also seems more basic and core than other processes I've been playing with lately (More focused, more simple...)

    So I'd like to play around with this too in this thread and just see what happens.

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    Since we have an active conversation currently discussing this topic, I've focused this thread title to attract Forum friends who want to practise this technique with you.

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    •I'm starting this thread because I felt a little wobble today and wanted to see what I could do with this process
    •Instead of coming here and starting it though, I checked out the downstream thread because it seemed more the same idea. And the pictures were soothing so I naturally tuned up anyway.
    •And then I chose to make this thread anyway, because it's always good to have things come out of improvement, I think.
    •So I'm here, and I feel pretty good.
    •And I feel pretty present because I'm being very attentive to my current thought and current emotional response.
    •And that's very fun. It's fun to do this.
    •I'm having fun with this.
    •I like reaching solely for the fun of the experience.
    •I like that I'm feeling the moment very intently and I also have all these other things I've played with in the past, so there's a whole potential array of methods for finding the next pleasing thought.
    •There's a sort of sense of subtlety with this. And I like that thought because it feels like fine-tuning. (I italicized this because it didn't feel so strong)
    •I like that I'm sensitive to how steady I'm feeling with a thought.
    •I really like that I was inspired to italicize that to recognize a place where I could shift.
    •I feel myself sitting more steadily where I am now.
    •I feel good.
    •I feel attentive.

    (I feel like posting this and then editing this with some more thinking and feeling.)

    Okay, so I want to work specifically with something:
    •I feel a little like I don't know what to do. Like I tune myself up and then I'm not really inspired to do anything. Like I feel good and then I often just sort of patter around until a reason to focus pops up.
    •At least I feel good.
    •And there are things that happen around me.
    •Also, I don't always feel like this.
    •Yesterday, I felt good, and then I did some errands and then I was inspired to do a lot of cleaning and it was really rewarding because it was physical, and I was in the sun, and I got myself sweating, and I was cleaning not just my car but other people's cars and it felt good to just be inspired to do something 'nice' but... really just something I was doing for me.
    •I'm aware that as I reflect on that I activate that.
    •And even right now there a greater sense of 'activity' in me.
    •I bet I could just activate more thoughts like that and then see what happens.
    •And I bet I could just do that when I'm inspired.
    •I think it might be the path of least resistance to not force those ideas to come.
    •To just hold the space for them.
    I think I'm in a better space already. I know I'm in a better space already.
    •Oh, I think I just felt myself almost get pulled back into that "well, I moved up, now what?" sense -- BUT I redirected my thought and chose to type this sentence.
    •So that is likely evidence that I have shifted this a bit.
    •This is kind of fun because these thoughts are really subtle.
    •I like the thought of practicing this and getting stronger with it.
    •I do very much like the simplicity of this.
    •I also really like the idea of deciding to be ready for it– Or to practice my readiness for it.
    •I like being a little lazy about those words and not efforting to have the right one right now.
    •I like having things to practice.
    •Oh, and I really like having two monitors and a desktop that switches around. Because I have this writing on this screen and really relaxing music playing and on the other screen this gorgeous desert landscape is showing and I just feel love for the beauty of this world.
    •I like how I flow into more specific thoughts of appreciation sometimes.
    •I like practicing this sense of being hyper aware.
    •I like that it's still easy. It's easiest thing right now.
    •I like evaluating my path of least resistance and wondering if I want to type more or to enjoy something else.
    •I'd like to choose to do something else.
    •I'd like to line up with doing something else.
    •I like painting and writing and I like thinking of how I did so much yesterday, why not relax fully into only doing whatever I'm inspired to do today.
    •I like the thought of keeping up this 'two additions to that cocreative writing thing' per day.
    •It's fun to play around with schedules.
    •It's fun that there are days. It's fun that there is night and day. It's fun to have a relationship with that.
    •It's fun to have relationships.
    •It's fun to be alive.
    •It's fun.
    •Life is fun.

    •I like the thought of taking a little break and just seeing if anything calls to me now.

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    Thank you, WellBeing!

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    Red face

    I am tentatively gonna do some manifestation/condition updates in between path of least resistance work.

    Reasoning (+path of least resistance exercise)
    Sometimes I wobble between wanting to be a deliberate creator and wanting to acknowledge my creation vs --
    -- actually saying "vs" feels resistant
    I want to be a creator but then I think I'm focusing too much on conditions or even if I don't feel like I'm focusing on that I think "someone reading this is going to think I'm too focused on manifestations and will say something about it and then I'll get defensive etc etc etc"
    Well that's a few things tangled together
    But I've done enough gridwork in that one thread to know I don't have to untangle it
    I'm thinking that I already just sorta said it so I can leave it at that
    I feel pretty good about that I sorta feel like there was a mildly uncomfortable little bit of clothing I just took off. Maybe not even that uncomfortable just sorta unsightly and unnecessary.
    I like how mild this work is
    I like the thought of just sort of leaving this right here and continuing on with the sort of manifestation update -

    So I'm just gonna sometimes list things I want to acknowledge and have more of - To strengthen my knowing of my vibrational work being reflected - Or just my own confidence and my own steadiness or sense of worthiness when it comes to how feeling good and what I "realize" relate. I'm not really gonna put definitions on all that I'm sure I'll understand it more as things go along, hehe.

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    Red face

    Manifestations / Conditions:

    Well, after typing that first thing out I had a really nice workout while listening to Abraham stuff. I'm wanting to have a healthier relationship with my body so that worked out great. And then one of my brothers wanted to come over to record some stuff here since it's quieter. And he just came over and set some things up and borrowed some hardware from me. It was nice because I had exactly everything he needed. He's naturally pretty in tune so it's fun to see myself being a cooperative component. Also, I have my mom's little dog here and I was gonna take him on a walk so it's great to have another reason to be physical and to enjoy the sun.

    Oh, and one of the things my brother borrowed from me was my keyboard so it makes more sense to focus on drawing than writing.

    So it all feels like a natural, harmonious unfolding. I like things happening and I like it also being mixed with ease.

    And I like that this was supposed to be simple objective report but I can't help saying "I like, I like, I like." I like that it's so natural for me to tune to what I like, hehe.


    Also I've been sorta thinking about being in a relationship but I just want it to come to me if it's time. I hadn't really been meeting new people, but it's kinda nice the universe is suddenly working to bring people around. Like yesterday I went to dinner with my family and one of my sister in law's brothers was there. And today my brother is recording stuff here with two other guys from one of his university classes so it's like... Men being delivered right to my house, hehehe.

    Oh and I just got free pizza too.

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    I like what you're doing here!
    Just my voice from the peanut gallery, but I myself think it's fine to want manifestations~ to want "stuff"! We all like stuff! Stuff is fun! Stuff ~ wonderful circumstances~ can help you to be happy, as Esther has mentioned. Pleasant circumstances for you to observe in your life that you've manifested successfully CAN make life happier! It's much easier to focus on appreciating when you've manifested a lot to feel appreciative about in your life.
    The more pleasant your circumstances, the more you've got to be happy about, and the more empowered you feel, which leads to more feelings of happiness and expansion, and more neat stuff!~ A glorious cycle!
    I myself noticed that once I started manifesting the lovely things that I wanted, that feeling of empowerment made me far happier with life, as did having the stuff! It's NICE to look at the desired things I've manifested and be appreciative of them!~ They're here! I have them! I manifested them! I get to enjoy them! In my real life! Right now! In my current reality! Woo!
    I can tell you from experience that after a couple of years of it, being happy in the moment stops happening if you can't manifest any "stuff", along with it. Inner stuff, material stuff, just stuff you want~ it's all important to be able to manifest.
    Releasing resistance and BELIEVING are totally important to manifesting and being happy!
    Go you!

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    Red face

    Hehe, wow, thank-you for your comment! I'll take it as another indicator I'm clicking into place regarding my evolving beliefs on manifestation.

    Some more feedback from the universe:
    While I was walking the dog an athletic cyclist went by like three times. So again there's more pleasing / attractive people around me. (I haven't been seeing very many people in my neighborhood and according to my schedule for some years, but I was also sort of desiring to be left alone for awhile. But now I feel like I'm becoming more ready to open up so it's nice to be seeing evidence of potential paths of interaction - I daydreamed about talking with him and finding out he had a high flying spiritual vibration and it made the walk more pleasant and it's fun to have daydreams inspired by experience and then to just release them - feel good and let LOA sort it all out ♥)

    I also saw lots of cute pairs of animals. Like pairs of birds and butterflies.

    Two of those birds were woodpeckers. I've been really fascinated by a woodpecker I've been seeing in a tree outside my home.

    There's a little more depth to this:
    Some years ago when I was first learning about law of attraction, I think a common thing people would talk about 'manifesting' for beginners was a feather.

    Well, I was sort of wanting to go above and beyond a normal white feather so I, in detail, imagined an orange feather with a black tip.

    I got some mixes of orange and black feathers back then but not quite what I was envisioning.

    When I was cleaning my parents car yesterday I found an orange and black feather under one of the seats and it wasn't exactly like I envisioned back then but it was the closest thing I'd seen and I smiled about it, remembering the fun of it.

    Well, today when I saw those two woodpeckers they were in a different yard. And then the one that I guess lives over here flew over me back to this yard- I'd never seen it fly from underneath before.

    But from what I could see from underneath it, its feathers beneath its wings were orange with black tips. So it was like seeing that thing I'd tried to focus on back then times 30 or 40 (I have no idea how many wing feathers they have hehe)

    More Path stuff:
    So today has been a really good day.
    I like the activity that has naturally been a part of today.
    (oh I just remembered that after I walked the dog I was about to shower and saw my body in a whole new way. Like, I could see myself being in shape again underneath the little bit of extra stuff. It was like stumbling on a whole new vision of me, I liked it!)
    It's funny so much good stuff happens I almost forget to type it all out.
    I think I'm satisfied with what I've written here so far and I'm ready to go do something else before I eventually sleep. ♥

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    I had a really good day today; it was mostly just living the path of least resistance.

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    Red face

    Sometimes Abraham will have a hotseater and they'll let the hotseater kinda tell their story? I've been really general and not really talking specifically about my life details here and other places online. If I look right at some of those details, I find them embarrassing. So I tend to just not think about them But I do want to end up having a life that I just adore and is pleasurable and satisfying to speak about in detail.

    So I might try to say a little bit more about that so that it can be the sort of starting place with my path in this thread?

    I bring it up because I had a really lovely morning and had some realizations while listening to an Abraham clip that really fit.

    Ok, so getting caught up with the starting place:

    I discovered Law of Attraction and Abraham some years ago and it really spoke to me. I was in my early twenties, fresh out of university, in the best-looking physical shape of my life so far, tons of people loving me and interested in me and watching me. I had a stable job but it wasn't art related. And I'm really passionate about art. I ended up quitting my stable job and diving into art and I did good right off but lost my balance after some months. Like I guess I was more conditional and I was pushing my life experience to show me good-feeling conditions. I dunno, it's sorta general to think about now and the specifics are irrelevant and it's good to leave them like that.

    But I did end up really low on the emotional scale sometimes. I think because I looked so strongly like I was going places when I first got into this, and because I had so many people really interested in me, I didn't want to see anybody because I didn't want to get asked about what is.

    So I ended up seeking a more affordable living arrangement, and I was trying to finish off a project I felt in debt to and was financially in debt to, and I gained weight - I've sorta had eating disorders as a teenager and in college - my relationship with my body is kind of... like I end up not wanting to be seen by people. It matches the not wanting to have my life seen or be criticized. And I've felt like I can't have a relationship until I lose at least twenty pounds to start? I still feel I don't want to be seen by anybody who knew me before unless I've lost the weight I've gained too. Even though I've got a pretty, happy face and get called beautiful I sorta think I'm not as beautiful as I would be without thirty or forty extra pounds.

    There's just a bunch of vibrations mixed up with that.

    So I had been feeling for the past few years that my living situation, the city I live in, my job, my body, my relationships - I felt like it all became less glamorous.

    Well, before it felt like a huge fall from grace. But I've known about Law of Attraction the whole time and I have been lazily practicing the teachings. So my life has steadily improved with the conditions: I freed myself from that project, I got out of debt, I got this job, I've been saving up for whatever my next living arrangement is.

    And more recently, like a month ago, I suddenly really wanted to meditate more and I did and then I really wanted to focus and deliberately align more. So just in this last month the conditions have improved greatly too.

    And emotionally I've been doing better and better and lately, I'm really AMAZING. Like, my lowest vibration in the past week or so happened while I was typing out that past stuff. (I was sort of wobbly about whether or not I should say so much but it feels like it might have been easier to just say it, that way everything else on this thread can be moving along the path of least resistance? And if anybody is reading, they could better see why some words are the path of least resistance for me? Or it might just be fun to see how things change over the course of the thread? I don't know, I'm done focusing back there.)*

    Right now, like I said, I do sort of feel embarrassment about my current living situation and my job and body when I think directly of those things (and compare current conditions to past [which I know wasn't so ideal as I'm remembering]). But I haven't really been focusing on them lately and now it's like ALL those things are already sorta shifting extra as a result of the focusing I've been doing these last several weeks

    Actually, I want to talk about all that because it feels SO MUCH better than talking directly of those parts of the past like I just did:

    Body: Someone on these forums mentioned the book 'happy calories don't count' and I read it and felt a lot of clarity about my relationship with my body. It's just be easier to listen to my body more when I eat. And I've already been exercising regularly for many months but now it's more joyous and like over the weekend I had some really rich physical activity and it's like I think I've already lost some weight in just the last couple weeks (I haven't weighed myself in some months). And I see myself differently, it's like I see two different bodies when I look in the mirror lately and the one I like more is more visible, hehe.

    Finances: I attracted extra money in a variety of ways this past month. Some were even art-related. One potentially could lead to more related work in the future.

    Art/'Career'wise: I've been nicely having more daydreams about how art can mix with money. Like I've been inspired to daydream about selling stock illustrations or making a site on art tutorials... Like easy joyous passive income stuff. Oh, also I now have internet at work and my work doesn't require my full attention so if I were inspired to act on any of these daydreams I could totally do it in my free time while I'm here at work.

    Relationships: I mentioned earlier in this thread I've been sort of welcoming interactions with others more. And I'm feeling more aware of conscientious behavior I manifest -- Like in the paragraph I put the *asterisk behind, I realize I'm sorta wanting to explain my actions. I'm leaving it there so maybe I can notice myself becoming more confident about things like that in the future. I also realized that I did the action of becoming more reclusive to try to literally "take everyone out of the equation," and I realized I have improved as I've been living like that, and I also realize that it is still something active that I have the choice to choose paths of least resistance about. (And I made my life really comfortable socially with my stepping back so I can welcome/attract people in as I improve my vibration there- It's not either/or as far as having people in my daily life - It really can just be a nice path of more and more!)

    Living Arrangements: Like I said I have money saved up. I also have my family moving around and rearranging and as a result of that I will need to be out of where I live within like a year. I know I could just move in with family after that and I know that I could also just dive into living in an apartment right now with the money I've saved. So it's like I know things could work out in certain ways and I know it's inevitable things will change within a certain amount of months, so that feels good! Things had felt 'stuck' in earlier years so now it's a really delicious sense of motion and at the same time it's not 'rushed' so it's also EASY and COMFORTABLE.

    I didn't put "Art" as its own section because I always have been improving as an artist over all this time so... It's still delicious and made more lovely for all the other nice things in my life that feed it.

    Anyway, the reason I started to write this out was because I was listening to a clip this morning which gave me some insight (which, after writing all this out, now seems trivial but it was part of the path to this.) Anyway, the clip was from Long Beach 2/7/15, in response to the guy who'd been a choreographer and actor and had kids and asked about relationships and then mentioned having been taking care of his mom and sorta what to do in light of all his new understanding:

    "And so it's not about what you should do that's different, it's that you've go to find a way to feel about it.
    Whatever you're doing, you've got to find a way to line up with it.
    The worst thing in the world that you can do is to continue to do something that doesn't feel good.
    So the subject isn't 'Is the action right or wrong?'
    The subject is 'How do I feel about it?'"

    The insight I had was related to that embarrassment about my living situation. Like I've been lining up and wanting a path to light up and there's a premise under that about what I currently have being unideal or maybe that it was evidence of past 'failure' or that I'm not really on my path because it hasn't shifted yet - I guess it's kinda general and I'm happy to leave it at that. But in this moment I'm not choosing to run out the door and take the first chance that comes just to escape, I'm choosing to linger in that particular home so it would help to line up with what I'm choosing about this right now. I think I was feeling it was 'wrong' or like a 'wrong' on the way to 'right' instead of thinking of it as on the path, as 'right' on the path. It was definitely the path of least resistance when I took it and it remains it right now.

    Anyway, I was inspired to do a focus wheel on that by this clip and also to kinda do a focus wheel related to my dad and taxes. Like I made a choice regarding that with him and I was kinda going with it because I kind of had a different desire about that situation but not a very strong one and he had a stronger desire for something else that sorta benefits me and it's easier to go along with him given other stuff but I was sorta 'not thinking about it' (or trying not to, it kept popping up in my mind) instead of lining up with my choice.

    Ok, I wanna play with some actual thoughts again in a moment...

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