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Thread: Practicing the Path of Least Resistance

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    I started today off playing around with moving up the scale as I have done for awhile but I think it was a little forced.
    So I think the path of least resistance is to just let that go for today. I did type my way through it I just didn't post it, hehe.
    It's no big deal.
    There's nothing I specifically have to do to find alignment each morning.
    I am reaching for it.
    And I'm also being more easy about it.
    I've been seeing more places where I could be easy on myself and I've been taking those opportunities.
    That's really good for me.
    And I'm really enjoying this coffee and I'm enjoying being in my body this morning.
    This is a very good morning.
    I'm doing just fine.
    I'm doing fine.
    I'm in a good place.
    This is a good place.

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    Red face

    I've been feeling really good lately. I often meditate and bask in the mornings.
    I like to come here and focus too.
    Right now, I'm not sure what would be the best sort of focusing to do here so I'm trying to start my day off in this thread and see what happens.

    Right now I'm not sure how I want to focus.
    Although I do know I want to focus a little more.
    I also know I'm only confused because I recognize I'm waking up feeling so good I'm at higher than ever places these mornings.
    (maybe I can milk things some more?)
    I love how my cat has been naturally waking me up in the morning. I love how it's so perfect because I get up and then I know I want to start off early and meditate and bask and workout.
    I love how it's true no matter when I go to bed sometimes.
    I love how eager I am to work out this morning.
    I loved waking up to reading compliments about me.
    I love how cute my cat is.
    I love my coffee this morning.
    I love this urge to stretch.
    I love how stretching feels.
    I love that it's Friday and I get paid.
    I love all the art I made last night.
    I love the birds singing outside and the beautiful music I have playing.
    I love the new habits I've picked up.
    I love all these new things in my life.
    I love the new thoughts I lined up with yesterday.
    I love the thought of reaching for those kinds of things again today.
    I love how easy and present I am in this moment.
    I like the thought of having a really great workout.
    I'm excited to finish those videos while I work out.
    I love my improved relationship with my body.
    I love how easy I've been feeling about it and how easy it has also been to enjoy it.
    I love my jeep.
    I love the drive to and from work.
    I love how short and easy it is.
    I love getting paid. I love checks.
    I like significant checks.
    I like money.
    I love the bank.
    I love all the money I have saved up in the bank.
    I love how good I am at saving money.
    I love how I naturally save it and still buy nice things for myself.
    I love that I have a tablet coming in the mail to me.
    I love that I'll be drawing at work again within the week.
    I love how I've been drawing at home more.
    I love how I rediscovered that program I adore.
    I love digital art.
    I love to feel good
    I do feel really really good right now.
    I love acknowledging that.
    I love how steady I feel there.
    I feel really good.

    Ok, I'm gonna go enjoy moving my body!

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    Red face

    I'm not really sure what I'm doing right now. Maybe I'm a little bored and sorta dropping down to pessimism. Well, I guess I was just bored and I was just sorta looking around at things Like I was thinking about relationships and I kinda checked out some online dating sites to see if I could just see pictures of anyone cute nearby but I was mostly "meh" about it. And then I recognized I'm sorta distracted and a little lower than I'm used to tolerating. (But I'm also sorta sensing my own daydreams would be more rewarding than looking around.)

    I think I might have been poking around some what is stuff just because it's a quiet moment at work and I'm mostly caught up with my online projects and I don't have a drawing tablet for digital art here so it's easy to be sort of bored.

    But it's easy to reach for contentment too
    I can list a lot of things that I like about lately: I just got paid today. It's friday so I can stay up however late I want without concern for tomorrow. Part of my family is out of town so it's gonna be fairly quiet this weekend I think, which is nice. I can just focus on working out and other sweet and fun rewarding alignment things.
    Really I'm in a good place.
    It is true I can just as easily poke around for higher entertainment.
    And I know if I consciously choose my focus it will feel better and be more rewarding.
    I'm just sort of lazily reaching for nicer thoughts and I felt myself have chills of released resistance already.

    I feel like focusing on relationships right now so I'm just gonna ramble on some good feeling things:

    I'm working with a character on one of my online projects and he's fun to write because he's charismatic and sunny. And I like thinking about meeting someone like that in real life. I like looking at pictures of handsome men with cute smiles. This character is blond and often wears goggles for the story thing so I really like looking at blond men with sunglasses and goggles and other shades like that lately. I like that I'm appreciating that lately but the most attractive man I'd even known had dark hair and dark eyes and a more mixed / darker complexion like me. I like that I can see handsomeness in such variety. I like thinking of that man in the past and I like thinking of all his qualities that I adored. I really love how our last conversation was and I love how it springs to my mind sometimes and I just think of how vortexy he was and I feel a lot of pleasure from that. I like thinking of being a match to things like that. I've been a match to a lot of love in my life. It has always been easy to have people falling in love with me. It's always been easy to fall in love with people. I like how easy it is to just sorta see the light to people and just adore their uniqueness. I love all the variety I've seen and I love how Abraham speaks of the sifting and sorting. Like it's been nice to known a lot of people and thinking that that can all add to something, that's really nice.

    I like how I'm just sorta generally talking but I'm also practicing a vibration. The vibration I'm practicing is more open that when I started writing. But it comes natural so I know I'm pretty naturally open. I like how it's appreciative too.

    Oh, and I like how I feel myself sorta shaping and choosing. I like how I'm aligning with clarity.

    Let's see. I like handsome. I like strong. I like smiles. I like charismatic. I like feeling well-matched. I really like men who are healthy but also relaxed. I like men who are like cats. I like my cat. I like aspiring to be like my cat. I like inspiration in relationships. I like sharing. I like deep sharing. I like autonomy. I like sex. I like love. I like fun. I like playfulness. I like ease.

    I like thinking of spirituality lately. I really love thinking of spirituality as playing a greater role in the future. It's fun to think of dating someone who has sort of psychic abilities, energy sensing or interpreting ones.

    Oh, I'm totally distracted because I heard someone leave the building and now I'm thinking of how nice it would be to leave early. It would be nice to head over to the bank early. It's also nice to think of maybe buying a beer. I like how I so quickly and easily changed my relationship with alcohol.

    I feel really good in my body too. I really love these pants. I've had them for awhile but they don't look worn at all. They're very flattering. And I like that they were so affordable, I just stumbled on them an they're very nice.

    I like just sorta stumbling on things.

    I like the thickness of the material maybe that's why they're so longlasting? And the stitching holds it together. I love quality things. I love when stuff is well made and just stays together. I love how the placement of the pockets just makes them look really good. It's very flattering. And I love how the material feels and I love how good it feels to put my hands in the pockets. They're really comfortable. I like them a lot. I really like these pants.

    I like the thought of doing more virtual reality suddenly. I like maybe thinking of kissing cute boys. I like the thought of meeting someone and it just feels sunny and right. There's been a lot of times where I was just inspired and full of confidence when I interacted with people. There was that actor guy and I remember just talking and teasing and getting him to laugh and he had seen me in another state and he remembered me. I like knowing I'm memorable and I love how that director associated with him contacted me too. I like being someone memorable and remarkable and the kind of person people seek out.

    I also remember that one time in university I was on a train and this guy was just sort of staring at me and I knew it and pretended not to notice but when he left the train I smiled at him and gave a really flirty look and it was fun. I like remembering I like to be fun and playful like that. I like thinking of how that person used to talk about how I'm so witty when I'm socializing. And I like remembering when I was a teenager working at that food place and I said something really clever and the timing was perfect and it was like being a movie with all the perfection of the timing.

    I like that a lot. I like perfect timing and fun and confidence and ease and feeling natural and connecting with people who want to feel good too. I like thinking of how I can just milk that and get more and more of it.

    I like the thought of really loving me. I like the thought of practicing immense love for myself. I like the thought of loving myself as easily as I love other people. I like the thought of loving myself so much just as I am. I like how I just had the reminding thought that Source loves me that much already. I like thinking of how much Source and Abraham loves me. I like thinking of that and feeling the richness of it.

    I like that Source loves me unconditionally. I like thinking of how it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks or even what I think in the context of that. (Well, it does matter what I think because that affects how I feel... But I mean that Source keeps loving me no matter if I do or do not. Which is also why I would feel anything too hehe.

    I really like exercising. I like moving my body. I like feeling that connection with my body. I like movement and motion and I love how it's just such an easy way to find yourself feeling good. I kinda wanna go home and exercise more.

    I love the thought of coming into a new understanding of my body. I love the thought of coming to a whole new relationship with my body.

    I really like the thought of feeling like I'm in my prime. Like I'm at the pinnacle. Like I'm at the top. I like thinking of being leading edge, of being a master of creation. I love that thought of being so in tune and invincible and capable. Empowered. I love empowerment. I love skill and focus and empowerment. And cute and handsome men. And feeling good in my body. And these pants and my cat. And water. And fun dreams. And make-up.

    I like radiance. I like radiance and light and life to people. I love to smile, I love to get people to smile. I love to be naturally smiley.

    Wow it's sorta funny I was even so low as boredom at the start of writing this. I feel so great now.

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    Red face

    It's morning again. It's Saturday and I've been up for awhile.
    I basked and meditated in bed for awhile and now I'm making coffee.
    I'm sorta hungry.
    I think I'm sorta "bored" again.

    I'm sort of bored and I recognize it.
    It's good that I can recognize it.
    I kinda wonder if part of it has to do with sleeping so long and I've been up for a little while and still haven't eaten to maybe once I have some food and some coffee that might make all the difference.
    It's funny because it's like simple actions or focusing would be just as easy.
    But I like the thought of doing both.
    I'm going to have some breakfast and then come back, that feels like the path of least resistance.

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    Red face

    I think I'm sort of at one of those places where I think there's something specific I should be doing. Like I need to find the 'right' thought or the 'right' way to focus.

    I feel like there's something I should be doing (and that since I don't know it, I'm doing 'wrong.'
    I'm at the edge of a place of self-judgment but I'm not actually judging myself strongly.
    It's more like I'm more aware.
    And I'm aware I can just focus a little differently and that's kinda neat.
    Instead of saying 'I'm at this place where I'm almost attracting thoughts of self-judgment' I could say 'I'm almost at a place where I'm choosing/attracting thoughts of self love'
    I remember yesterday I did really well to find love for myself.
    I'm feeling more empowered just by being more aware of choices I'm making in the moment.

    Now I feel more still and calm.
    I feel like I can reach for a place of contentment from here.
    I slept a lot, which was nice.
    I have my mom's dog and he was snuggling with me while I slept.
    It's really cute that he's just predisposed toward snuggling.
    It's cute that his entire breed is sort of like that (shih tzus)

    (I got distracted looking up information on dogs hehe)

    I feel a lot better.
    I'd like to have a more active day but I don't really feel like doing anything right now.
    Well, even if I stay relaxed, I can listen to Abraham clips and maybe tidy up a little bit.
    Even if I just listen to clips and sit down, I'm sure I'll be inspired toward something.
    I don't have to figure it all out right now.
    I bet if I put on warmer clothes I'd be more up for moving.
    It's Saturday so there's not really anything I have to do so it would be fine if I was just lazy all day anyway.
    All that matters is alignment and I'm choosing more and more aligned thoughts right now.
    I'm on the path no matter what.
    I'm recognizing I'd like to be more deliberate in my life.
    I like that thought, I like feeling it out.
    I like knowing that I can just find and milk the feeling place of it and then I'll have it already.

    So, just lightly:
    I'd like to be more deliberate.
    I'd like to feel more focused.
    I'd like to be more conscious.
    I'd like to be more aware (as I just found myself being at the start of this.)
    I'd like to be more present in my life.
    I'd like to be more empowered.
    I like the thought of feeling more strongly my decisions and desires.
    I like the thought of being more focused like that.
    I like how I'm recognizing that it's just a greater alignment with the stream of energy.
    I like acknowledging that there's that calm and stillness even when I've been really high flying lately.
    I like recognizing that it's not all that different from feeling good and calm now.
    I like feeling it easy in reach like that.
    I like feeling this confidence too.
    I like just knowing I can sorta set the space and let things line up.
    I like confidence and focus.
    I like to feel good.
    I'd like to be more deliberate.
    I'd like to be more of a deliberate creator.
    I like that thought of feeling more empowerment.
    I like that thought of just more alignment more alignment more alignment.
    I like alignment.
    I like more alignment.
    I like how I feel more energetic now.
    I like the thought of putting on warmer clothes and listening to some Abraham and just sort of flowing along with whatever I'm inspired to do (I like the thought of putting away all my clean clothes right now. And tidying up the floor and getting around to vacuuming later)
    I like the thought of letting it be easy like that. Of "I don't have to know my whole schedule for this day right this instant."
    I like the thought of being open now anyway.
    I like the thought of being warmer and more warmed up and cleaner space and clarity.
    I like those things a lot.

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    When I'm around people, I have an easy time being loving and detached (or even really into them and really loving them.) But when I hear clips or broadcasts of people, like even hotseaters, I feel like they need to chill or like I almost don't want to listen to them, it feels abrasive.
    I don't really want to put to many words on that
    But I would like to learn to be more unconditionally loving like Abraham
    I mean, I know that sense of being rubbed wrong is due to m inner being having a different opinion than me
    So I'd like to align more with my inner being's unconditional love and understanding
    I don't have to figure it all out right now.
    This could be a great opportunity for me to explore setting a space for something and just letting it resolve itself
    I'd like more clarity
    I'd like to be more clearly aligned
    I'd like to pick up more on harmony
    I'd like to be really attuned to harmony
    I'd like to see the good timing of others
    I'd like to attract seeing more good timing
    I'd like to be tuned to the good timing of others
    I like good tuning and good timing

    And I really like how I'm hearing some things really clearly today
    I like how I'm recognizing so much about how I can feel Source's love for now and sense for rightness right now
    I like good timing right now
    I like well-being right now

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    Red face

    I'm really feeling the ft lauderdale 3/21 discussion on not holding back desires. I feel the desire to dream big. I planning on writing more desires out privately sometime. I'm already thinking through them more.

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    I don't feel really good today. I got sick last night with some flu or something and then I was lying in bed feverish and not feeling good and manifested my little brother coming around and being noisy with friends. It's quiet now and I'm feeling so much better physically but I'm kinda tired and feeling sorta discouraged.

    I had planned to do a few things this weekend and I did finish a drawing but it wasn't so well-received as my other stuff. Now I still have some time to do the other things but I feel sorta like... Like I make plans and they get hindered, often by family.

    I feel sorta hindered, limited, and discouraged
    It's not the primary way I feel these days
    I got distracted by a big fat spider and I went and looked at it and got it off my hoodie it was on and then when I came back here I was already feeling a little better.
    Distraction can go a long way.
    I still have time to do those other two things I wanted to do this weekend.
    I can do them tonight.
    They're not all that important.
    That I dipped down isn't really that important in the grand scheme of things - It did add even more to my desires, lately
    I could just lie down and sleep some more if I wanted instead too.

    I feel a lot better now.

    I have this gentle meditative music going and I keep getting naturally distracted just being in my space and it's nice. I'm gonna continue doing that for awhile, maybe mix it with the minor cleaning actions I wanted to do, and just let myself relax.

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    I slept in a bit. It's morning. I'm getting ready for work. I want to feel good today. I'm aware I didn't feel so good yesterday and I'm a little tired because I didn't sleep so much last night (but I did sleep a lot yesterday so maybe that adds up.)

    I'm kinda smiling that I naturally came up with the thought that last night's amount of sleep doesn't matter so much given how restful Sunday was.
    I feel more ready to flow into the day.
    I feel more ready because of that thought. And also because I put on my clothes already so I'm warm and I've already got some coffee.
    Just sitting here and typing in the morning has me more in tune with getting in tune because it's been a habit.
    I did end up doing those couple of things last night and I even went to the store too.
    There was time and I even enjoyed the actions (and I enjoyed the car ride and buying some things I didn't plan on buying too.)
    I feel a lot better already.
    It's neat to be already dressed by this time in the morning.
    I feel better this morning already.
    I don't have anything I have to do so much today so I could always just spend all day tuning myself up in the forums if I really wanted hehe.
    So I'm in a really good place right now.

    That's something I really want to practice...
    I'm in a really good place right now.
    There's lots of ease. I'm enjoying the stillness of this morning. Even when things are a little bumpy like getting a flu and not sleeping so well I don't get too out of whack and I find my balance again pretty well. I like that it's easy to just leave that behind as part of the weekend. I like how I can just go to work and let it be. I like how I'm often looking forward to work by the time the end of Sunday rolls around. I really do look forward to going to work. I like that sense of having a place to be. I like catching up with how things have been over the weekend. I love how easy my work is. I love how easy and open it is. I really really love how easy it is. I love how easy it is to get compliments from my boss. I love feeling like such a great match. And I love how work is such a great match to my growth. It's a really great match. I love that so much. I love that I manifested something that just fit so perfectly and I love that it came to me. I love that someone recommended me and I love how I got called for it and I love how they were pleased with me even by the interview. I love how I get compliments all the time about it. I love how they love me for being reliable and flexible. I love how they love me for being calm and understanding too. I love how it has improved for me (the hours, the money, the freedom) over the years.

    I love how perfectly that works out. I love recognizing how good it is and I love milking it. I love the thought of lining up with more of that.

    I love the ease of the thought of just lining up with more of the good things I have already done.

    I feel really good and really easy. My heart feels light and warm.

    I think I'm ready to leave this here as it is. I have a question about the 'high flying disc' formulating in my mind that I might work through here or post in the other forum later...

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    I feel a little like I've adjusted to where I've been. I can consciously see that my experience has improved in general (I usually feel well-rested quite often, I easily wake up early enough to meditate and often to exercise too, I've been more in tune with my body, I've seen more money etc) and I'm aware I was feeling a lot better for awhile but I guess I sorta adjusted to this higher level and I catch myself often happy but feeling a little more bored lately and a little less joyous.

    I don't want to be a lazy focuser and slip back into conditional habits.
    I feel an awareness that I don't want this thing but I don't feel a strong fight about it.
    I can feel that I've been more steady and stable lately.
    I just got chills that I often feel as I release resistance so I know I'm stepping in the right direction.
    I just got them again.
    So just that little bit of consciousness goes a long way.

    I'm not sure where to go from here. I'm going to try talking about what I do want and see if it feels like I'm only doing lip service and decide what to do from there:
    On the flipside of not wanting to be lazy in my thoughts is a desire to be more focused but I think it's more that I want to feel satisfaction.
    When I type it that way though I can feel I'm saying one thing but vibrating lack of.

    So I'm aware of what's going on.

    Actually, I feel like this might be better felt through with good old gridwork so I'm gonna go there...

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