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Thread: Something wonderful happened today

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    Something wonder full happened as usual (fun)....

    Tonight I went food shopping, with a list that i had thought about and written out.
    Well, it looks like, my inner being was "on it", with the "list", because so many of the things that were on it, were both not only "marked down" in price, but also the best organic version! Which means, great shelf life!
    And some other things on top of that which were organic and delicious, not on my list, but things i always enjoy!
    Plus the shop was empty and such a joy.

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    I found a new meditation style, did it and really felt a release of pent up emotions from years back. That was yesterday. Today I was feeling low energy when I woke up, but really did some great writing that I never would remotely expect could come out, and it was really long. It was like, woaaah that's good. Was snowed in, so needed something exciting to happen!

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    Today something wonderful happened... I made chocolate chip cookies from scratch for the first time and they were divine! They were so soft in the center and crispy on the outside. Oh goodness! They were nutty but had the perfect amount of sugar. I couldn't just eat a few, I ate many!

    I'm going to make more to take to my parents and I'm already dreaming about how delicious they are going to turn out. I love chocolate and I loved making these cookies!

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    Cookies.....the smell of them baking too. That's a great idea!

    I made this amazing cherry was sooo good. The crust turned out awesome. The top was just cherry juice and bananas whipped up. So simple but sooooo savory. I love when these new foods crop up.

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