Songbird, I loved reading about your blissful beach time and how things worked out so perfectly for you...and they always do. It's really fun, too, to look back and see.. oh yes.. I wasn't exactly in the place for that at the time, but it all worked out perfectly. I so love that there's no beating yourself up about it and it's all part of the beauty and fun! Thank you for sharing. So much love to you!

Today I had a super fun interesting manifestation! I was feeling in a very deep state of surrender about something I really want, a kind of making peace like I've never known the point it surprised me, but, I have learned over time to expect miracles. I felt a deep letting go of everything kind of feeling...while still really feeling everything... that I can't quite describe, but maybe you know what I mean. Anyways, I
was driving along a pretty country road, not really thinking anything at all, which felt so nice. And I saw a large sign planted on the side of the road on the grass that said "YOU'RE" ... and that was it. And I was like "whaatt?"
And then a little later there was another sign that said "ALMOST"
so I kept driving and looking for the next sign which said "THERE"
And I laughed and smiled and felt a big burst of joy, and then I let everything go again.

I know this sounds funny, but I feel excited about being peaceful right now. I feel my mind quieting in a place that wouldn't stfu for a long time.. haha...It's Wonderful.