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Thread: Something wonderful happened today

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    Thank you everyone for all the love I am really glad to have joined this thread!
    Something wonderful happened to me today! Not just today but the previous days as well..

    First is about my love life, I can feel that I am on the verge of manifesting the Fred of my life, I was just with him for the last 2 weekends and everything was just so good with him! I thought that last 2 weeks ago was the last week I would see him until the next (he lives in another state) then he tells me that he was gonna fly back a week after for a work function.
    He got here and the day came for the work function, which I was thinking it would be so nice to go with him in that party, later on during that day he texted me if I wanted to come and of course I did. I enjoyed meeting some of his co workers and some people that I already knew of. It was out of the blue manifestation (a lovely one) we had so much fun we got drunk haha.. and also since he lives far away he would always call me at night and we sleep on the phone like we are sleeping together in one place (this has been going on for 3 weeks!!)
    Okay so much about that, just gonna enjoy how the universe unfolds my Fred to me. I am very excited and eager for more!!!

    Second is about my work since I only work casually and they have not been calling me for the past 2 weeks, I thought of looking more places to apply to. Which I did yesterday, I sent a lot of application and let it go to the Universe. Today, since I was not doing anything I just decided to chill and watch a movie, which a funny thing happened because yesterday night I was watching it and there was a part of the movie where the phone was vibrating and I thought "it feels the same thing as how my Fred calls me at night" then right away my phone rang!!! My Fred was calling!! It was such an amazing event to be into!
    Anyway before getting so sidetracked, so today I was just chilling and relaxing while I was watching that movie work called me and they want me to come in 3 days next week!! It was just lovely to see everything is falling into place and that I am the creator of my reality.

    I think I am getting a hang of this haha I love manifesting! I hope everyone is having a lovely week!
    Sending all my positive energy to everyone

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    Welcome to the Forum, precious07!

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    precious07! Welcome! HAPPY WELCOME EVEN !

    SOmething wonderful just happened to me ! I was about to enter my building and then I ask myself, How could I increase my wellbeing right now? and i get the impulse to take another entry to the building ! So I take it! And I wonder whats going to happen! I enter the building, then take the stairs after hesitating for a second between the elevator and the stairs, and RIGHT when I'm about to go up the stairs, there is this friendly girl crossing path with me!! She has two sandwiches in her hands and I've strawberries and we kiss to say hello and and i'm really happy to see her and i can tell she is too so I tell her, Hey get some strawberries for dessert ! and she took one! and then I told her, take 2! you have two sandwiches, need two desserts! she was so happy she told me she'll cook me a fruit salad !


    Our guidance system is so good !!! so so good! I'm getting to the point that I TRUST it now! and its giving me a lot of confidence in myself, I LIKE THAT!

    at every moment we have the opportunity to feel EVEN BETTER!

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    Something wonderful happened, guys!
    So yesterday I was meditating and I started visualizing myself opening my front door, and saying, Money, come on in. It felt so good to see money flowing in. Well, a few hours later, my son went outside, and right outside our front door was a fortune cookie thingie, a little slip of paper that had a set of 6 numbers on it. Well, heck yeah, I played the numbers on the megamillions last night. And guess what? I got the mega ball number and one of the other numbers! Now I know it's far from the jackpot, but this just totally blew me away how easy that was! It was so easy to let that in. And it also reminded me that the Universe is not limited as to how it can bring things into my life. I love it, Source! Thank you!

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    Somewhere beautiful, England.
    Thank you Precious, enjoy.

    Thank you Bling, so good to hear how your listening to your guidance, so good.

    Eleven11, wonderful creating....yes its as simple as letting it in....letting it in your front door, in your case. Keep going.

    Some wonderful things are happening all around me.

    The most beautiful morning ever, turned into the most beautiful day ever.
    Such good feelings, feeling blessed and appreciating this beautiful day.
    Simply allowing the perspective of source to flow through me....simply listening for the natural appreciation of good.
    A beautiful day.
    Lots of beautiful days.
    Deliberate creation, deliberate word!
    Deliberate mood-ation,

    The last few days I have left my curtains in the lounge open at night.
    When I walk into the lounge first thing in the morning, every single time it hits me, the beauty, the awesome beauty, the magnificence. It is so beautiful, that it takes my breathe away. And there is something about, walking straight into that view, rather than drawing back the curtains, that has such a powerful positive emotional affect. Its like nothing but love and appreciation can exist in that stunning view! And it is such a wonderful way to start the day; with nothing but pure love and appreciation for this beautiful planet and this beautiful area. And feeling the agreement of my inner being as I sit and "wake up" by basking in the beauty and the wonderful energy and life all around me. And each morning it seems to get better and better, and more and more beautiful, and I feel more and more alignment with source perspective. Feels so good.

    And this happened just by chance, a few days ago, as I was going to bed, I felt to leave the curtains wide open.
    How a small feeling, can turn into a wonderful gift, and how a wonderful gift, can turn the day into a wonderful day.

    Such a sensational day. A magical day.

    Wishing you all the joys of alignment, and a good feeling heart.

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    Somewhere beautiful, England.
    Something wonderful as always happened to me....

    As I was waking up, I heard this loud whispering, and someone was whispering words into my ear.
    And it was so lovely, and I realised later that it was a reply to a question that I had asked a dear friend in Source energy.
    Thank you so much.

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    Somewhere beautiful, England.
    Something wonderful happened to me....

    I went to the beach yesterday and it was so beautiful, and I basked in the beauty, and it was SO beautiful.
    And I was reading a book, and just really enjoying myself, and relaxing, and it was unusually quiet and so peaceful.
    And I had a nice friendly conversation with someone, and their beautiful little puppy dogs were so cute and playful, it was so lovely and added to my lovely afternoon in a fun way. And then I had such a wonderful evening, so full of goodness, and joy, and it was so relaxing and fun. And I felt so good, and the funny thing was that in the morning I had decided to love myself more, and that turned into one beautiful self loving day, and it was like the universe was saying, we love you too, here enjoy this.... here enjoy this....and at the end of the day I could not have felt more full of the love of source. SO good. Much love to you, and your own self loving connection with source

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    Hello Dear Friends! I love reading all your appreciations!
    Songbird, so lovely to hear about your glorious hair cut, beach time, your beauteous home lounge and Source Connection and guidance. So magical, fun and beauteous!
    Bling, I loved hearing about your awesome inspirations and synchronicities. I love feeling your joy and delight! great you are feeling in the swing of your positive momentum!
    Eleven11... I love your fortune cookie synchronicity!

    Ah.. I love when the grid fills in. So many wonderful things have happened recently these last couple weeks. My miracle that I had been focusing on since Christmas has continued to evolve in amazing ways. My dear friend told me that it is like a touchstone for me, and it is. I just keep noticing the amazing unfolding and relish that I know exactly how and why it unfolded..and yet it is all so magical and spontaneous too..and ongoing co-creation. I feel so blessed to have received this!

    And now I have just hired a PA. I didn't even know I wanted one right now. It was something I had fantasized about before for fun, and so now I am just laughing that it is happening before I ever thought it would. I just decided I wanted some help with some things and exactly what kind. I had some contrasts and made lists of exactly what I wanted and when I knew I had really made up my mind, suddenly this person showed up in my life! And on that day too I had spent extra time in meditation and prepaving and asking for delights in my day. I am sure it inspired to "bump into" this person. wheeehehee!
    So fun.
    Much love and appreciation to all you friends! Thank you for sharing!

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    Somewhere beautiful, England.
    Beautiful Tree, so good that you now have a PA, and so fun that just prior to reading that, I received an email from a dear friend telling me that they enjoy doing PA work and decided to do more of it! How fun is that

    I have received such wonderful answers to a couple of questions.
    Such wonderful clarity that this has brought to me.
    One was in a vivid dream that I received.
    One was in the loud whisper of a dearly departed friend as I awakened one morning.
    It is wonderful to have my questions answered so beautifully and completely.

    A couple of days ago as I returned home in the late afternoon, I felt this immense feeling of deep peace come over me as soon as was in the door I felt it so strongly. It felt so very wonderful. So strong was this feeling of peacefulness that it was almost tangible. And today, this morning I heard the news that a relative made her peaceful transition that very afternoon.
    And today some wonderful things happened,
    I felt inspired to turn on the radio at lunch time and the next song to be played was an old song "I'm in heaven".

    And I had been listening to a old cruise seminar that was very long and I was about half way through, and the next question was about the topic of death and letting go and remembering life is eternal.....And you can tell it was an old recording because the questioner asked Abraham how would esther feel if jerry made his transition! And Abraham said - she would be very very very mad at him, and then it would cause her great expansion and that in a short time she is smart enough to get back into her vortex and they were saying how it would serve her much expansion for herself. (How accurate was that) And then they said how esther talks about how they will both go together!....When jerry is very very old and she is very very young....much audience laughter about that. And it sounded like Abraham was saying that to soften the topic of conversation about Esther and how she would feel. ( And What perfect timing to have reached that part in the recording today!)

    And they were saying to lighten up about death, by remembering that we are eternal beings.
    We are eternal being, or as the spell checker once said....we are eternal beans!

    Happy Easter

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    Hello Universe!!! Hello Abers!!! Hello everyone!!! I love you ALL!!!

    OK, so something truly wonderful just happened to me, I went for a walk to the park and work on a drama a scene, and on my way back I cross path with this beautiful girl, first thing I did when I saw her was to say outloud to myself "my god she's gorgeous", it was stronger than me lol

    Anyway, we live in the same building!!! and it happens she takes the path I had the inspiration to take for the past several weeks. I was a new path to leave and enter my building, I used to take a more traditional one, but this one I like so I take!!!

    So she enters, and I ask her if she's new to the building and she tells me yes! and we start to talk and i tell her i study drama and she spontaneously says, wow so nice!!! I loved her reaction, and then se told me she studied some drama when she was smaller too!! We keep talking and eventually I learn her name "JOAN"

    she got me when she told me her name!!! I LOVE THAT NAME!!! and guess how I came to love it??? I was listening to an esther tape and abraham mentions a story where esther wakes up with the urge to find some book from mark twain and specially MEMOIRES OF JOAN OF ARC!! First time I hear abraham mention a book like this so I went straight to the internet to find it and OH MY GOD IT WAS THE BEST BOOK IVE EVER REA DIN MY WHOLE LIFE (and I read a lot of them) such an inspiration story with such inspiraitonal wriiting, Mark twain is totally channelling when he writes this book!

    Since then I fell in love with Joan and her name

    Since then I've been slowly increasing my vibration and there it is, SHE POPS UP! Not only she is gorgeous but she also has a beautiful name

    I began to write about it in my souvenir notebook and i felt so APPRECIATED, so LOVED, so UNDERSTOOD, so IMPORTANT by THE UNIVERSE!!!


    I can't wait to see her again!

    seriously the power of the universe to bring you what you want is beyond ... I dont have hte word!!!


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