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Thread: Something wonderful happened today

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    Elke..awe..thank you!!! HUGS!!!! Takes one to know one..

    Beauteous Songbird.. thank you so much for all your wonderful shares!
    I love the transcription from 11/11..and the poem is sooooo perfect!!! Your time in Oz and your beach and puppy adventures..and the story of the beautiful memorial and how you tuned in to lovely. I so enjoy feeling your powerful loving self-attunement..really your posts are beautifully uplifting like bird song!!!

    Well, I have some contrast I am not thrilled about this red hot moment..but I still feel pretty wonderful.
    In fact, the most hilarious wonderful thing happened today. Yesterday, Mother’s Day, I took advantage of a sale on a vitamix. I saved about $150. I also meant to put in a coupon code for 15% off plus free shipping…but for some reason, I did not receive the e-mail with the code right away and so I assumed it just was not going to arrive..and I made my purchase without the extra discount.

    Immediately after I placed the order, the e-mail with the discount code showed up in my inbox..and I was kind of annoyed about that..I still wanted my extra discount.. lol…so I called customer service. A lovely gal told me that she could not access the order yet, so I should call back tomorrow afternoon and let them know that I called back right away (because normally they wouldn’t give a credit after the fact.but since I called right away it would be ok). She said they would credit me on the back end.

    She was so sweet and helpful.. and I “should” have felt good about doing what she said..but for some reason I felt “antsy” about waiting til the next day to call…Not knowing why.. I just followed my impulse and shot off an e-mail to the customer service department explaining the whole thing and left my number asking them to call me the next day.

    They had not called me back by mid-day today , so I decided to call. Well, I got a fellow on the phone who did not "seem" to be the best…but nice enough…and he told me I could not get a discount on this high price item and that I should refer to the fine print on the e-mail I had received.
    So.. I felt a bit annoyed with my error…and I felt a bit mislead by the advert with the coupon…and decided to let myself playfully rant to him a bit about the fine print thing. He then became very friendly playful too.. it was a pretty fun call, actually…but after I hung up I felt sort of I decided to appreciate that I saved the $150 and laugh at my internal dialogues. hehe..

    Then a little later in the day, I got an e-mail from another girl in customer service saying she had gotten my e-mail and that I had been credited another $90 for the discount code! It was so funny. I felt like I could do no wrong! Lol And what makes it even more funny was that I almost ordered the blender model that was about $250 less than this one, but as I sifted through my thoughts, the more expensive one felt as if it would save me more money vibrationally...heehee.. Oh how hilarious the Universe is!

    Well..I am really looking forward to my wonderful new blender!

    Much love to all you wonderful friends!

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    Nice thread!

    The wonderful thing that happened to me today was...after an anxious and contrast-y afternoon, I went out with a girlfriend for cocktails. At first, I was dreading it because she can sometimes vent on me about personal stuff but I decided to "line up" with the date because I hadn't seen her in a while. She started to vent but I kept changing the subject to topics that she likes to discuss, like her family and her house hunting adventures. I could see her mood pivot right before me and milked the momentum. Pretty soon she was laughing and sharing funny stories. So the wonderful things were I was able to uplift her AND I forgot about my contrast-y afternoon and enjoyed being in the NOW!
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    Beautiful how things are ALWAYS WORKING OUT for you....big hug

    Cupid...great pivoting

    I have had a really wonderful day today, I was inspired to work on one of my projects and it was soo good. So many wonderful things revealed themselves to me. I love it how i have a couple of questions about things that i have been pondering, and then some time later I feel inspired to some particular action, and in the unfolding of things, the answers are effortlessly and so easily revealed to me....feels so good. I wish that i could share the full extent of what happened today, because it feels so good to me, i cannot tell you unfortunately the details but i just feel so blessed and so secure.

    All of my questions have been answered fully and the answers are so wonderful.

    Something wonderful happened yesterday...

    I woke up feeling really great, and felt strong inspiration to go for a walk in nature.
    The sky was grey and it had been raining off and on early in the morning and so i took my umbrella with me, and had a wonderful walk in the beautiful rain. And i was glad i did because it really poured down, and i had the feeling that the trees and the grass around me were summoning this rain. It was SO lush and abundantly green! And the rain was extremely heavy, but no wind so it was great to walk in under and umbrella, and very enjoyable to hear the sound of the rain.

    By the time I left home, the rain had stopped and the sky was blue again. But a short distance down the road, it began to rain again, softly at first, and as I was pulling out of the junction, i could see the rain and so I let this woman cross the road before pulling out. After she had crossed I pulled out onto the busy main road easily. And then the heavens opened again, just like they had early in the morning. And as I looked over to my right, i could see the same women walking towards the side of the path to try to get out of the rain, she had no coat on and no umbrella, and i just knew that it was going to absolutely pour down for some time. And so, I felt this strong impulse and i put down my window and called out to her, and asked her if she wanted a lift? And i could see her nod her head, and cross the road to get to my car, as i opened my car door. Now stopped in the road waiting for her. And I could hear cars behind me honking their horns, even though the traffic up ahead was at a stand still!

    And here is this lovely lady in my car, who I can see is on my wavelength.....well i guess that is a given given LOA!! ....and I ask her where she is going, and she replies. And so I decide that it is not far out of my way, so i will take her all the way. And just as she is thanking me and expressing her appreciation for my kindness, the rain becomes so heavy that now it is collecting on the road! And she says how soaked she would have been by now, and she had about a fifteen minute walk and she would have gotten soaked through. And I am so happy that I felt to give her a lift, and that the universe conspired for me to be in the right place at the right time. And she is thanking me and saying how kind i am, and just then I remembered that a few days before i was watching some videos on you tube of random acts of kindness, and that i had thought how i would like to do more random acts of kindness.....And I explain this to her, and she then offers thanks to the universe for giving me this random act of kindness. And i feel so good, and she is lovely, and i was already feel so good as i left home. I woke up feeling great, I went for this beautiful walk, I rendezvoused with this lovely women, which felt really good.....And then because of the lift that i gave her, i decided to go a unusual route to my destination, because of my now location, oh and that was so good. It was such a good choice, and i went through such beautiful countryside, and it felt so good, and the road was exceptionally quiet, I saw about two cars for most of the way! And that was really good news because the water was running down the road from the heavy rain......And it felt like such a blessing to be driving along this road, all alone, in the rain, feeling the beautiful wellbeing of nature all around me, it felt like the perfect outcome of a perfect sequence of events.....enjoying this wonderful journey....and feeling utter blessedness. It feels so good just remembering how good that felt. Because my heart was bursting with such love and joy.

    There is so much happiness within us....

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    Today I was able to stay pretty much in the NOW!

    It's been a little bit of a challenge for me to stay present and be immersed in each moment. I *do* have an amazing life. People are constantly saying that they want to be me...LOL. I have an old story belief that things can't always be THIS good forever. The wonderful thing was today...I was able to keep focused on appreciation and not let my mind wander!

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    Hey nice to have you here and feel your deliberate joyful vibes!
    Sweet Songbird..I'm thrilled for your clarity and answers..and project..and I so loved reading about your good deed and act of kindness. Heavenly.

    I've had some contrasty vibrations come up. I am so glad I was able to feel appreciation for it. I LOVE positive momentum!
    And the Universe continues to be hilarious as ever. As I continue to stock my kitchen, I have been pondering purchasing an air fryer. I wanted the highest price model really seemed the most aligned for
    me.. but I wasn't sure.
    Then last night for some reason my TV went on by itself. I haven't watched tv for months. It's never on.. but it went on at like 3or 4 am..and it was an infomercial for the air fryer I was thinking of buying.

    I have no idea.. but I get the sense.. owning this air fryer will change my life..
    and I mean in more ways than just tasty fries with just the right amount of oil..hehe..

    I love how my life is always changing and evolving for the better.. I love how wonderfully loved and cared for we are...I love to feel this within and without..and to flow it. I love how much sense everything
    makes.. I love feeling my freedom and wellbeing. I love my beautiful home...and soon I will have my new inversion slant board..another delicious addition to my tree palace.

    Much love and appreciation to you all you wonderful friends!

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    Thank you Treelotus!

    I like being part of this community which is helping me to keep focused in the Here and Now with the teachings!

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    joy joy joy sift out the bad ignore it

    Puppies on the beach, OMG Songbird. The crashing of the waves of the I don't live near the ocean so it shouldn't be anything to take for granted. Sounds sea stormy. I love that sound. I went out the other day and demanded my transitioned animal show me a rainbow. (I know it's pretty unrealistic but I did it anyway) She didn't, but there was a really quiet lightning storm that spread across the sky, made me stand still and I was really moved, and I cried. I don't think it's necessarily a coincidence to be standing there at that time, when the clouds start to glow. Maybe the animal is in some sort of lightning land.
    Air fryer Treelotus? Wow! I don't know what it is, I know dehydrators. A good way to make potato chips.
    Lots of interesting, peaceful amazing things have happened!!
    I try to just do nothing or sift out the bad things, and be appreciative of just being alive. Build the positive momentum, move towards the vortex and feeling good, don't let annoyances stop you or bring your emotion down.
    Found some neat stickers about breathing, they're really inspiring little tags, one says "breath is spirit, the act of breathing is living." Unknown
    I found a TV the same tiny size I have been wanting!! It was donated to this drop-off place so didn't have to pay and I got rid of this other horrible thing that buzzed when turned off
    I fell into a crush with a marlboro man !! but he didn't like me back and I lost my voice screaming at my apartment I have design magazines laid out everywhere and want this really regal thick carpet and built-in bookshelves.
    I wrote all cool kinds of poetry and insight that I didn't even know would come out. I relearned
    that manifesting is like a garden you must tend, you don't dig up the seeds the day after and wonder where the flowers are. I remember Brisky two summers ago I think it was marveling about her garden!! I think it was two summers ago, don't think it was last summer.
    I heard all these song lyrics that were really syncronous and uplifting.

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    Just discovered this thread yesterday and I'm going to read the whole thing over the next few days. Thanks in advance to everyone. I'm enjoying reading your experiences and now I'm actively expecting wonderful things to happen to me every day.

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    Today I have been constantly experiencing the LoA. I have just been walking around today saying yes to what I like and I keep seeing more and more of those things I like.

    Today I ran into an old friend who I had not seen in a while. We ended up getting lunch and had a Joyful conversation catching up!

    This morning I got my computer working again! It is nice to be able to type on a keyboard again instead of those little letters on my phone!

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    Nice to see you and feel your appreciations intheclouds! I especially loved hearing about your beautiful lightning moment...and I love the garden analogy.
    Hello and welcome fellow C names. What a fun coincidence. I have noticed things happening in pairs today!'s wonderful to feel your positive expectations. DanC..what a lovely day. Thank you for sharing.

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