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Thread: Practicing the Teachings - JDL Style

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    Feeling happy
    being happy
    I am
    I happy
    I be
    This is silly
    Silly is funny
    funny is happy too
    I like happy
    I love laughing
    It makes me happy to laugh
    I feel good right now...
    Really good...
    I feel great
    I feel silly
    Silly is good for me
    Its important to laugh at yourself...
    Haha, i am silly
    I like being silly
    And stupid for laughs
    Its great to tease
    I love to joke around
    I like feeling happy for a moment
    I like knowing it will happen more and more to me
    I love this happiness
    I am finding this happiness
    It is right there, i can feel it, but not touch it
    Happiness truly is a state of mind...
    Happiness in itself is unconditional
    I like unconditional...
    I think i will go more for unconditional
    Unconditional happiness
    Thats what i want...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDL View Post
    So last night i were lying in bed, and 3 or 4 times, i "caught myself thinking" answers to things i had formerly wondered about...
    Nothing of real substance, just how things work...
    While appreciating the heck out of stuff, i find myself today wondering how they make the coffee into freezedried, stuff like that, and last night i got some answers...
    Its nothing major, but to me its a sign of something going on, and i am recieving something... even if i am not quite aware of it yet... Or up to speed with it so to speak...

    Then this morning i look out the window, and see a cat lying on my terrace, which happens a lot... But this particular cat were lying there yesterday afternoon too, in the exact same position, so it was ofc not physical anymore...
    That immediately made me think of this thread, and the comments on death, and Abraham...
    I have reexamined my vibration on dying, and even if i dont feel like dying, i do not sense any fear...
    So i have come to the conclusion, it was just driftwood... like in another signal to me like the thinking last night...
    Any comments on this will be highly appreciated...
    I felt you being in alignment with "death", and wondered why EaseandFlow made the comment.
    While, digging any topic makes so much more sense from ITV anyway!
    Maybe you WANT to dig the Abe-quotes around the topic? Maybe thatīs a calling, and a logical joyful next step?

    Here is the thread, and *I* love the ones where itīs about co-creation between our physical- with our nonphysical part (as in arts, science...) especially.

    Abe about croaking and being in "heaven"

    Snippets from San Diego, Jan. 2013

    HS asks if the transitioned ones are ALL still hanging around the not transitioned ones?

    "NOBODY is leaving!! (...) Because THIS is what itīs at, THIS is the leading edge!"

    HS asks about those who stay behind...

    "Stay BEHIND? Stay behind???"

    Abe tell again, that you must be in vibrational vicinity to those who transitioned to really "get" them. Being aware, and up to speed.

    "Than, your interaction is frequent."

    "Does it mean, that it takes tongues and mouths and ears? (...)
    In your dreams, do you need your eyes to see?"

    (Because, this physical environment is SO MUCH FUN...)
    "Isnīt it LOGICAL, that consciousness (source, the nonphysical...) would be focussed on the specifics, which is out here
    on this leading edge?"

    HOW can she do that?

    "When you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on... to WHAT?-
    to source energy, to that broader consciousness, All-that-isness, to ALL that have lived and are focussed,
    when you tap into that stream of consciousness-
    in the absence of resistance,
    when you focus upon something that matters to you,

    that thrill that you feel
    and that power that you accomplish
    and those results that you see, are BECAUSE of all of THAT energy.
    And all of that focus- flowing to, and trough you."

    This is all SOURCE, expanding!
    (...) So how do we decide, which part of Mozart set forth the intention
    to play again, and so well, so young?

    And we say: Does it really matter? Was it the source-part of him,
    was it the physical part of him?
    And we say: Well, the source-part of him doesnīt really exist without
    the physical part of him, not in any expansive way.

    And the physical part of him doesnīt exist without the source-part of him,

    (...) There are a lot of physical humans, that do a lot
    of sorting and having step 1 experiences, and a lot of creating
    goes into their vibrational reality, who- during the duration of this lifetime,
    because they try to please others, rather than coming into alignment with themselves,

    DONīT allow themselves the fruition that the contrast has caused them to expand to.

    So they are not all that satisfied with life-
    but when they have their releasing of conscious experience,
    which is really what the death-experience is-
    (...) like meditation, or like slumber, releasing all resistant thought,
    and re-emerging back into nonphysical,

    so you become that WHOLE consciousness, and it is from that perspective,
    that you make your next decision to come forth.
    So there is, unquestionedly, a CONTINUITY of the you, who comes forth.

    So itīs possible that you could pick up things on the physical trail in one life-experience
    that you would intend to relive in more dramatic experience in the next.
    In fact, itīs always the case in that sense, that
    you keep wanting to come back, and to continue to create
    in this earth-environment- to which you are SO tied, you see.

    It is so satisfying to continue the expansion.

    from the clip Abraham Hicks. What is artistic talent? Can I play like Mozart?

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    Thanks a lot POE

    I only really have one subject where this could be remotely relevant, but i am not sure if i should share it in a public forum, I would appear pretty crazy if i told you here...

    Its related to this part of your answer:
    so you become that WHOLE consciousness, and it is from that perspective,
    that you make your next decision to come forth.

    I am not sure if it makes sense to me... for now i consider it driftwood...
    However i am not done considering it, so maybe i will return to it...

    Thanks a lot for your input, and interesting thread, i will go deeper with it...

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    You are so welcome!

    While I just wouldnīt overthink it
    Maybe the cat on your veranda was just a cat who liked to die there, and thatīs it. I find dead animals sometimes also (we have a big property), and itīs no deal *for me*...
    follow what feels easy and good, as always!

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    So last night i went out and sat with some friends, and we had a ball of a time...
    One guy played old songs, off of youtube, and then we had to guess who... I got most of them right... But most of all i had a great night...
    I bought a couple of rounds of beer for us, because i found a little money i had set aside for fun and forgot about completely...

    I rarely drink, so this morning i was not quite myself, but still in a good mood.
    Had a lingering headache, but i told myself it was nothing and would go away...
    Still i couldnt really get going, and had also only slept 4hrs or so, so i went back to bed, napped a bit and started over...

    Turns out it was good, because since i reawakened i have had a good/great day.
    After my "morning" meditation, i wanted food, but didnt want to go out... So ofc my neighbour offered me my favorite of hers, delivered to my door in 2 minutes...
    While and after eating i were watching some episodes of Frasier, laughing heartily and just feeling good...
    While thinking about how it's been a long time since i have had a woman in my life, i fantasized a bit about my old GF, and boom she was outside my door for a visit...
    We had a Soda on my porch, and it was very nice...
    Then she invited me to a party tonight, that she is throwing, free food, free drinks for me... she just wanted to make me happy... She even said if i called her, she would come and pick me up so i wont have to walk...

    While sitting there i noticed something on the ground right below her motobike, and as she answered her phone i went to look at what it was... Turned out it was a playing card backside up, and i have been dreaming about getting back into poker...
    I immediately got the picture/sense it was the A of Spades, and ofc it was...

    Seems like things are beginning to line up for me...

    I love how life sends me these manifestations, and i feel more coming...

    Feeling really good right about now...

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    I worry about money, way more than i actually need to… I have been worrying for quite some time, and it is holding me stuck in a pattern where for every day i get closer to the point where my money will run out, and i will either need to find a job here or go home to Denmark.
    I do not want a job, I really really don’t want a job. The worry I feel makes me check how much money there is in my wallet at all times.

    I have even made a system of envelopes I fill up with money every month so I can be certain I stay on budget, and it is not helping me release this worry.
    In fact as I wrote this I decided that the envelope system is no more, and I got up, went to my bedroom took the envelopes emptied them and threw them out.

    From now on I will make sure I always have about a months’ worth of money in my wallet, so when I look in there it will not be easy for me to count how much I have…
    My worry is not serving me, it is holding me back, and I am fed up with holding myself back, I want to release myself from this bondage, and begin to live a more abundant life.

    I am not really sure why I worry, because if everything goes bad I could still go to my homecountry and receive welfare. It is not a lot of money, but it is enough to feed and shelter me, give me internet access and that is really all I need in this moment. I know I will survive this, and there really is no objectively sound reason for me to worry about it.

    Money is also holding me back from meeting a nice girl, because every time I see a nice girl, that clearly is interested, I don’t allow myself to even talk to her, because I know at some point I will be in a spot where I will have to say no to something regarding money, and it is the main reason why I have been alone for more than 2 years now.

    It actually started when my last girlfriend moved out, and I looked at how much money I had left, and decided to stretch them as far as possible, because I did not want to go back to Denmark.
    I still don’t really want to go back except for a visit, my real dream is to travel the world, and for that I need more money.

    So I am not really assisting myself, I am holding myself back.
    When I think of LOA, I intellectually know and believe it works as Abe describes it, but my emotional set point have been difficult to release, and that’s why I am writing all of this.

    Emotionally I fear where I will end up if I manage to release my fear of spending too much, but I have just taken into account that if I stay here for another two months, I currently have enough to double my spending in that time, and that’s what I will do. I desperately have to release this hold money have on me, and I will for sure.
    Looking back I actually managed to move myself way higher up on the scale only a few years ago, but while I have been here, I have been steadily moving in the wrong direction…. But no more…

    I can feel the relief in my body as I write this, and it actually feels really good to do this process…
    If I can release my worry, I will move up the scale of emotions, and therefore I will now focus on doubt.
    Part of me doubt that I deserve, the money that is in my vortex.
    It has not always been like this, when I were young I had a lot of faith in the future, and I felt special, like I were meant for something greater than what I was living.

    I know that this is a lot closer to the truth than where I currently am, and the real doubt lies in my ability to trust that the universe delivers if I just feel like it first.
    Both the doubt and the worry seem to conspire within me a fear of disappointment, because if I release my fears and nothing happens, I fear what state of emotion it will leave me with.
    But on the other hand if I release it all, and the universe delivers as I expect, I will be able to live a dream life, a life where money is something I just have, a life where I can spend as I please, be generous, and allow myself a girlfriend, which I miss having.

    I know for a fact that the universe is vibration, and I have seen with my own eyes, in fact I have studied this, and after ebbe, flow always follows… this goes in regards to stocks, in regards to real estate prices, hell it even is true about the world economy, so this all points to Abe’s teachings being the thruth.
    I have known that it works like this for years, and before I came here, I build a sufficient income to stay here for a while, and as I sold my apartment, it had gone up in value to the point, where I could release myself from all debt, and still have almost $50.000 us for myself.

    I also know that it is a fact that we live in a spherical universe, which in fact is expanding constantly; this is a scientifically proven truth, so once again everything Abe says holds up.
    There is not a shred of evidence anywhere that can prove them wrong, and I know in my heart, and in all of my cells that this is the universal truth.

    LOA is for real, and it is both logical and dependable.
    I know that all I have to do is put my faith in this, work on my emotional set-point revolving money, and they will start to flow to me more consistently.
    Next step up the ladder would be disappointment, which I shortly touched on a bit further up, but the disappointment that is most important is the disappointment in myself.
    I know enough, I have felt it work in my life, I have had so many experiences that confirms LOA, and as I have done this work I have realized even more situations where I clearly see how I attract what I think and therefore vibrate.
    It is time I release all of these negative feelings, and I expect that after writing and posting this I will feel relief, and tomorrow I will feel better.

    Twice now I have been flying really high, not just feeling good, but feeling great, having a ball while dancing and singing for myself, and both times the next day I see money coming in, in fact they come in tenfold in relation to the tiny amounts that I receive on average, so releasing my fears and worries works, and I should trust in this for my own sake.
    I have always been the kind of guy that tries to help others, but it is time I spend some more energy helping myself, because I am worthy of help, and if I in fact do help myself, I will be in a position where my presence alone will assist others, and deep down I know it is my purpose to go forward as a shining example of what can be achieved if you really clean up your vibration on a subject.

    Having more money, actually not more but a lot, would really help me in releasing a lot of my lower vibrations on a multitude of subjects, because as I go about my day, worry related to money comes up on lots of subjects, and it is not serving me well.
    I have also sensed how I am not in a specific place on the EGS regarding money, but most of my thoughts around money move around all over the lower part of the scale, as you can see from my use of the word fear in several places…
    However there is also positive emotions regarding money, like I know that there is more than enough money in our world for all of us to be Dollar billionaires several times over and the only thing that keeps that from happening is our own emotions.

    If I release my worries, and instead move in to hope, I will not be very far away from being optimistic, and money will really start to flow in my life again. It is not that farfetched even if it is quite a jump up the scale, it is a point where I have been before, and I will get there again, I already feel some relief from writing this, and there is more to come for sure.
    The fact that I am deliberate about this process is actually what will ensure my success with this, and even if I am not quite there YET, I know that a continual work on this subject will bring results.

    I am actually doing pretty good when I look objectively at my life, I know a lot of people who would “give their right arm” to be able to live in Thailand for 5 years without working, and I have been here for almost 5 years now, so I am already living one of my dreams. Actually I am doing better than living one of my dreams, because there were a point in my life where I did not think it was possible, but because I wanted it as much as I did at the time, it worked out for me, and as I went down the scale while living here, my income sources dried out, and my saving are all but gone.

    If I allow myself to really really really want this relief that follows better feelings about money, all things point to the fact that I will succeed, so there is no reason to hold back. I will not hold back anymore, I will allow myself to be optimistic about the future, and determined to get this to the point where I am living it.

    Optimism is a wonderful feeling, I love when I am optimistic, and I will become optimistic about money, optimistic about my future… Because I put so much energy into this I have already seen some results, and I have received loads of driftwood pointing towards a future, and the things I dream about doing.

    I will remain humble towards this work, because I know that if I can keep this up, I will get there, and I already feel a lot better than I did when I started this rant.

    I am so grateful for finally having found a method that works, not only for me, but for everyone that decides to do this work, and I love my IB for giving me these feelings of relief, and helping me get my mindset in the spot that I really really wish to be at. The mindset that will support my dreams, the mindset that I deserve, and the mindset I used to have is returning, and it will become even better than before, I know this is a fact, and it will happen for me. I can actually feel my IB agreeing with me on this subject because as I write this I have had several chill vibrations going down my back.

    I will now post this, and when done I will go and withdraw some money from the ATM, and add them to my wallet, so everytime I open it, I will have a good amount in there. That I believe will help me reaslise that money is not a problem, I have all I need and then some, so I need not worry.

    Until now I have had an extra half a months of expenses on me at all times, but I had them in my back pocket, and even if I knew they were there, I realize if I see them, and more, I will feel better, so from now on my wallet will be overflowing with cash, and as I go and get more money in a moment, I will have a hard time bending the wallet, which will be a reminder of my abundance for the future.
    I will at all times feel safe even if it is a big amount for the locals here, because I know I am protected by source and unless I fear something, they cannot touch me, I have shown myself this on many an occasion.

    Also I know a lot more about Thai people, and even if they live very different from what we do in the west, and some of it can appear idiotic from our point of view, I have learned that a lot of things they do make sense, and actually there are areas where they are ahead of us westerners.
    They allow their young people to explore their world, enjoy sex, and if they have a child at an early age, the parents usually takes care of raising the children, which is actually how it was meant to be according to Abraham.

    So I will now allow this knowledge to sink in on an emotional level, and from there I will release some of my worries and doubt, and turn them into optimism and hope, and as I keep working at this, I expect to soon begin to see the evidence of this in my daily life.

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    Letter of Appreciation and Love

    Dear Inner Being of mine

    I am writing to you because I wish to express my appreciation for everything you are doing for me, even though I know you must be very busy living the life that is in my vortex.
    I promise to do my best to get up to speed with you, so we together can enjoy this delicious physical world even more.

    I have to say I do not envy you having to do it all alone, because I know that you exist in this moment for my benefit, and with the single minded purpose to enjoy life and expand.
    I also want to say how much I appreciate your guidance, and I love those chills you send down my spine when I find the right buttons of relief to push.

    I want you to know that I am aware of your existence and your hard work even if it at times appears I don’t, and you should also know that I intend to raise my vibration to your level as fast as I can.
    I appreciate how you are helping me hit the right notes on my inner piano, so the vibrations I send out becomes the best I can deliver at any given moment.
    As time goes by, I see more and more how you guide me, and how I work more and more towards our common goal, as much alignment as we can possibly get.

    Before I knew about your existence, I have felt you so much, but not really known what to call you, or how to interact with you, but now as I am learning more and more about you, I sense that you are also eager for us to be able to cooperate at a much improved level.
    I love how you send me relaxation whenever I ask for it, and how you move me to tears when I hit all the right tangents in the right order, it feels great, and I feel your love at those moments.

    I want you to feel free to send as much of this as you possibly can, because I am also very eager to catch up with you, so we can have that dream life we both now is in my vortex of creation.
    I promise you that I once I begin to see the physical evidence of our connection I will celebrate even more than I have ever done, I will do my very best to enjoy and expand as much as I can, and I know we will have some great times together.
    We will enjoy to be winners, we will enjoy the lovely women that will be part of our lives, and the sex we will have will reach heights I have never even dared dream of.

    I want you to know that I am beginning to see how you were more present when I were younger, and I am aware that it is I that have pinched of our contact for a long time, but I promise that from now on I will never forget about you, you are in my thoughts as soon as I wake up, and you are what I think about as the last thing before I go to sleep.

    I am aware that I currently don’t even have 10% of the possible contact that we can have, but I am working on it, and I will keep doing so for the rest of my time here on earth.
    I am so grateful I have learned about your existence and I do my best every day to meditate and try to improve our connection, and even though it is not going as fast as I would like, I also know that it is going as fast as I allow, so as I learn to release my resistance we will get an even better connection, and soon we will be integrated at a level I used to think I would never reach with anyone.

    I already know I have a pretty good connection with you, because I love to sit by myself and do stuff like writing you this letter of appreciation, which in itself is an indication of our connection.
    Currently I am getting better at sensing you, and soon we will be very close, perhaps even sooner than I realize right now, but what I know for certain is I am right where I should be, and I am catching up with you, more and more every day.

    As the last thing I want to thank you for leading me towards Abraham, the abeforum and all the lovely people in there, because I love their commenting on my work, and I know they get inspired to help me because of you, and your clear connection with their own IB. Hopefully our work together can also inspire some of them to get a better connection to their own IB.

    Thank you and all my love from your humble and appreciative physical being

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    Last night i were feeling really good, which i do most of the day every day now, and i went out for some food, and looking for someone to talk too...
    This guy, i thnik i mentioned him b4, offered me a beer, and hes been out of town for a couple of weeks, so i say ok, and sit with him and another friend of his.

    Then he asks me how my work is going, and i say i dont work anymore, because i earn more when i dont work, than otherwise.
    They ask more about it, and b4 i know i am explaining that i work on getting happy, and how i feel it is really working out... I explain about how i have seen an idol of mine say out loud that the more fun he has, the better things happen, and that i am having the same experience... (First time i talked openly about it, and it felt good, even if the friend looked kinda funny at me...)

    Then they start talking together in French, of which i dont understand much, but as i sit there, i look for the good things in them as per Abe's advice, and as i do, i get a feeling in my heartregion, a feeling of lightness, i cant really describe it better, than as a hole in my chest, or a lightness... It felt really good, even if it only lasted 20 sec.

    Then when i wake up this morning, i wake in the middle of a very vivid dream, of winning the lottery, for the exact amount that is guaranteed for this weekend... a huge amount, and for the first 30 sec's i have to ask myself if it already happened or if it was a dream...
    That is def. not normal for me, and it kinda sorta feels like a shift has happened within me...

    I feel it is easier for me to feel good day by day, and this dream felt so real i cant describe it...

    It has left me with a lot of optimism... So i am kinda excited to see what happens next...

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    The former post leaves me with a couple of questions, i hope someone can answer.

    Could the talking openly about it, the feeling in my chest, and the dreaming be connected? I mean is the fact that i own up to what i am doing have changed something in me?

    And 2nd ?: Is the fact i had the most vivid and good feeling dream ever have any signifigance, as in does it mean i am close to it becoming reality?

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    Hi, you awesome creator! What WONDERFUL experiences you have!!

    Quote Originally Posted by JDL View Post
    The former post leaves me with a couple of questions, i hope someone can answer.

    Could the talking openly about it, the feeling in my chest, and the dreaming be connected? I mean is the fact that i own up to what i am doing have changed something in me?
    I would say YES YES YES to that, but I want to add, that this is really a unique thing. Some people feel better when they are for themselves. But for you, in this moment, it seemed to be the perfect next logical step!

    You WANTED to do that. Abe describe it as "wild horses couldnīt hold you back" (while it doesnīt need to be so dramatic )
    And so, you opened, and then didnīt close up even the peanutgallery wasnīt so supportive. You chose happy, UNCONDITIONALLY, no matter what.
    As you said-you OWNED it.
    What made you clear and stable- and invincible!
    And THAT was the vibrational setpoint, seemingly, that you went to bed with. What resulted in this beautiful dream, downloading in the moment you woke up: Youīve been in vicinity of the emotions and the physical symbols of abundance, joy and fullfillment.

    And 2nd ?: Is the fact i had the most vivid and good feeling dream ever have any signifigance, as in does it mean i am close to it becoming reality?
    You can answer this on your own, of course You KNOW this.

    But anyway, here is the joyful confirmation!
    Abe have said, when you dream about something, the physical manifestation of it is at least 70% complete.
    What matters even more is that they say, when the content of the dream doesnīt make sense to you (what obviously is not the case here ), at least feel how the dream FELT- because that is what you have going on mostly in your wake-state- and itīs so intensely, that it could manifest in a dream.

    All in all, this is VERY good news!! Imo, there couldnīt be a more clear and bold confirmation/driftwood than what you got, for your desire to fulfill very very soon!

    BIG congratulations, dear friend!! Letīs celebrate the VIBRATIONAL winning of the lottery, because-itīs no lesser "reality" at all! You DID it!!!

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