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Thread: Abeīs take on "Materialism" and "Ego"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaily View Post
    Yes suffering is the phantom enemy that really will disappear when we "croak". But its nice to put it into perspective it earlier than that! Why wait? right?

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    Much love to you Pappamayo, from here, too!

    Behind "Ego"...

    Try not to be so introspective through the eyes of others.
    Because everyone else has got a distorted point of view of you
    and not because they don’t care,
    but just because nobody else has the tools.

    Nobody else knows who you are, coming in.
    Nobody else knows what your vortex now is.
    Nobody else knows what your path of least resistance is.

    Only you know and only you can feel it.
    So, trust yourself.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, Asheville, April 11, 2015

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    About true materialism...

    Hmm.... I want the realization that I am one, with the Universe!

    Alright, well... there you are!
    (laughter in the Audience)
    There you ARE.
    There you are. And if THATīs all that you would have wanted,
    you would have stayed here, with us.

    But you didnīt. You came, where there is STUFF.
    You came, where there is manifestational EVIDENCE.

    So, how does the Universe DEMONSTRATE to YOU,
    that you are one with it?
    When you live in a time-space-reality?
    How is that demonstrated?
    Whatīs the manifestation?
    Whatīs the manifestation of THAT?

    Just sit in a room, hopefully floating?

    Isnīt "one with the Universe" (being) in sync with traffic?
    Isnīt "one with the Universe" moving through life, in satisfaction and comfort?
    Isnīt "one with the Universe" LIMITLESS in terms of where you can be,
    and when you can be, and how you can be -is there MORE that you want,
    or is the state of being TRULY all that you are reaching for?

    Esther found... itīs really interesting how it came about, this beautiful house
    in the mountains of Utah, close to where she grew up.
    And it sits upon the hill and overlooks the Great Salt Lake,
    and the views are more beautiful than anything that she has seen anywhere,
    and she has been EVERYWHERE.

    And from the moment where she saw it, to the moment that she owned it,
    was about 7 days. And now, she is sitting in it, with a friend, trying to articulate
    all of the things that have been in her Vortex,

    that this manifestation was DEMONSTRATING,
    experiencing a satisfaction,
    that is close to INDESCRIBABLE-

    because the Universes demonstration of having held that thought.

    Now, YOU did a similar thing, the way you bounced up here!
    Was the same sort of thing.
    You had a vibration that youīve been practicing for a long time,
    and the DEMONSTRATION of it (getting into the HS) set you into orbit!

    We want you to be willing to allow the Universe to DEMONSTRATE
    the perfection that is you, the precision that is you,
    the detail that is you, the no-stone-left-unturned, the
    iow we want you to FEEL how powerful this Universe is,
    and how precise LoA can be!
    And MOST OF ALL how worthy, and how blessed you are!

    What it means is, "Art of Allowing" is the art of putting yourself into a place
    where you can be the perceiver of the demonstration, or manifestation

    Oh, itīs nice to dream! Itīs really nice to dream.
    Itīs nice to imagine.
    Itīs nice to script.
    Itīs nice to FEEL. But when you have decided,
    and when you have practiced your vibration, and when you
    have put them into a place, and held them consistently enough THERE-

    that then the Universe can demonstrate to you, in a way
    that is surprising, in a way that is magical, in a way that is MORE,
    in a way that is bigger... see what weīr getting at?
    Itīs almost as if our work with you has backfired, in this sense:
    That we take large numbers of people from a place
    of being not happy, about not being able to demonstrate.
    And we teach them that itīs not about the things, but about the emotion.

    because, we know that once you accomplish the emotion,
    and practice it, when you relax, that the things will demonstrate themselves
    in response to the emotion.
    And we want you to KNOW, that if the things arenīt demonstrating,
    the emotion is NOT where you think it is!
    Thatīs what weīr really saying. There are two ways to know that youīve nailed this:

    One is by the way you feel, thatīs pre- manifestation,
    and the other is manifestation, thatīs post- manifestation.

    So, let the Universe yield it to you. Donīt deliberately hold yourself back.
    And there is a reason that you ARE deliberately holding yourself back-
    and thatīs because youīr self-conscious,
    OF THE MEASUREMENTS that others are making.

    Thatīs what all of that is about, you see!
    And when you really donīt care, what anybody elses point of view is,
    and it is YOU AND THE UNIVERSE- the Universe demonstrating
    through you
    the perfection of deliberately decided, expected
    and maintained vibration-

    Then you
    know, there is nothing,
    that you cannot do, or be or have.

    And you donīt do it for the accolades from others,
    you do it, because the manifestation is what you have put into your Vortex,
    itīs the ULTIMATE of what deliberate creation IS!

    To have moved through life,
    and to have wanted it, even before you knew you wanted it,
    and then to ALLOW yourself to want it-
    and then to not suffer, over not having something that you want,
    and then to rest in what you donīt have, by having the EMOTION of it,
    and then MAINTAINING it long enough,
    that it comes full circle, into full fruition-

    and then, you start again!
    That is a demonstratable rhythm,
    that is the REASON that you are in this physical body!

    In this physical body, to demonstrate, to manifest the FULLNESS,
    to let source manifest fully THROUGH YOU!
    What do you think, this earth is all about?
    Donīt you understand
    that this earth is DEMONSTRATION of SOURCE-CREATION?

    But you assign that to someone else!
    You assign that to source, or to God. You donīt realize, that
    YOUUUU are a Creator, you see!

    So, letīs let the fun begin!

    Atlanta, April 2015

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    Merging the Worlds

    We promise you, that which you call God does not want to be in the monastery.
    (HS, a former monk) laughs silently and happily all the time further, while Abe rampages)

    -(God) wants to ride bicycles with you!
    wants to hangglide with you!
    Wants to make love with you!
    Wants to eat food with you!
    Wants to soar with you, wants to contemplate, wants to revel
    wants to be exhilarated, wants to climb your highest peaks,
    wants to view your beautiful world,
    wants to watch your weather-patterns,
    to be part of this physical world,
    wants to explore the biology and the geography,

    wants in on every part of that-
    not just some solitude, which is required in order
    to get you stop fussing and worrying about things, you see!

    We want you to START general, too.
    But we want you to get more and more and more specific,
    and we want you to get out, on the leading edge.

    And we want the specifics of ALL you ever become,
    and all that you are
    and all that you want to rendezvous to-
    now, now, now, now-

    Orlando March 2012

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    Somewhere beautiful, England.
    Love these quotes Paradise.

    God wants to ride bicycles with this so much...going to have to get a bicycle LOL xo

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    Thanks for this one, Sunlover!

    “So you might say ego is my mind and Source is my gut
    or ego is what I think and Source is the way I feel about what I think.

    Except that Source THINKS!
    And when you get into the upper registers of joy and bliss,
    you’ll start getting an avalanche of thought
    coming forth from Source that just bowls you over.
    It gives you life!

    It is life, you see.
    But when you are not connected to it,
    you are almost frantically wanting to reach for it."

    -Abe 10/18/03

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    "Ego" is you, receiving SOURCE.

    We want you to consider this one, absolute:
    In almost every case, that part of you, that you call Ego
    is you, receiving SOURCE.

    Thatīs why you feel so sure of it.
    So, youīve already connected, and that broader part of you
    is projecting, or revealing itīs point of view.
    And you are so in sync with it, that itīs your translation.

    So, "Ego" in itīs finest form is you, being tuned in,
    and receiving that clear message!

    Donīt you love knowing that?
    People have been trying to make the Ego this physical part of you,
    thatīs trying to learn itīs way back to some sort of connection
    with something else, but when you REALLY FEEL THIS CERTAINTY-
    thatīs when youīr TITITO.

    The WHOLE of you... thatīs why Jerry wanted all of the books
    that where written by us, and that where processed by Jerry and Esther,
    he wanted to call them "Help from your Total Self".
    A new twist on the self-help-section!
    Self-help, from the Total Self.

    Denver, 06.20.2015

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    thanks for this quote, WellBeing

    And isn't the things that are ITV,
    just all my ego stuff anyway...? And is that really [pause] my truth?

    Ohhh! In your Vortex is Clarity. In your Vortex is Knowing.
    In your Vortex is the vibration of Who-You-Are.
    In your Vortex is everything you've become.
    In your Vortex is All-That-You've-Become.
    In your Vortex is the Source within You.
    In your Vortex is Clarity. In your Vortex is...
    absolute awareness of worthiness.

    --Abraham, 4/11 & 4/12/15, Asheville, N.C.

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    mmmmmmmmmm, ego...nomnomnom
    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post

    I often thought this about very beloved former teachers, also.
    "Kill the Ego" was a war-cry! Why should you kill anything that you donīt wish to eat afterwards!

    And itīs such relief to realize that ALL is good, for someone, somewhen: I just donīt need to invite/focus on it when *I* donīt like it!
    Such freedom...

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