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Thread: Abundance

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    If you would appreciate...

    If you could just get in the habit of appreciating every chance
    you get, you would be in the place of allowing so much good
    to flow into your experience, people who watch you
    would be sure that you had been granted a pass of well-being,
    before you were even born.

    When you decide, that this is a moment that you're actually
    labelling rampage of appreciation ...
    this is a moment where I'm literally looking for things to say:
    isn't that nice, isn't that nice, isn't that nice, isn't that nice!
    -what I am actually doing, is using this moment in time
    to align myself with source.
    And that is a very big thing.

    Because source already knows what you want.
    And when you take time to align with source, you're taking time
    to open your valve to allow the flowing into your experience
    of all things that you consider to be good.

    Not just things about this room, not just things about this subject
    that you are appreciating, but all things that you desire
    are open for you to recieve when you are using anything
    as your excuse to feel good. Rampage of appreciation...
    powerful tool!

    If it was the only thing you ever knew, you could live
    happily ever after, fulfill ever dream that you could ever conjure,
    be the brightest light in everyone you knows life's,
    add more to this physical environment than anybody who's ever been
    here or ever will be here.

    Iow, you need not know one other thing other
    than to appreciate -and you would open
    to all things good.

    Because the Universe has established everything else.
    The contrast is there to make you personally prefer.
    If you could just get in the habit of appreciating every chance
    you get, you would be in the place of allowing so much good
    to flow into your experience, people who watch you would be
    sure that you had been granted a pass of well-being
    before you were even born.

    They would flock to you, they would say what is your secret?
    How do you do this? How is it that every time I hear you
    open your mouth and express even the slightest wish
    for something, the next time I see you, you're living it fully?

    People will say, how is it that you thrive financially,
    how is it that you thrive emotionally,
    how is it that the people in your life are loving,
    how is it that your relationships are remarkable,
    how is it that the physical accomplishments are so massive,
    how is it that one wee person lives so big, so fantastic a life?

    That's what people will say to you
    if you will just get in the habit
    of being an appreciator,
    get in the habit of being the allower of the well-being
    that you so much want and deserve.

    read this quote one gazillion times since you've posted it and it still feels so good!!!!

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    Bling, I love it!!

    Do you believe, that SOME day, SOME day-
    it is logical, or even inevitable, that this fast track-
    you are calling it hit- will happen?

    Most of the time, I believe it. Unless I get impatient.

    The reason -this is big. This is why we asked the question.
    There is a mindset, or a belief, that is rampant in your economy.
    Or your environment,
    and it goes something like this:
    Occasionally, but rarely, someone makes it, big.
    You are aware of odds, you are aware of odds, statistics, about the lottery...

    So your believe is- when you introduce the idea of the HIT- to the scenario,
    you also activate all of that stuff from all of THAT grid.
    And when itīs activated in you, other people who feel the same way
    are the ones, that rendezvous.

    So, then things feel chancy. They feel lucky.
    "Gotta be in the right place, at the right time.
    Things gotta have to line up just right- it doesnīt happen to most people!"
    -Thatīs sort of the belief-system, thatīs down there.

    And when you use the word "hit", thatīs whatīs activated, in all of that.

    But, When you use words like
    "Iīm steady,
    Iīm sure,
    and Iīm true,
    and Iīm good,
    and Iīm smart-
    and my ideas are good,
    and my invention is good
    and Iīm steady,
    and Iīm stable,
    and Iīm true,
    and the ideas keep evolving"-

    when you get on THAT grid,
    there is no chance or luck, in that."


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    Be in the Receiving-mode!

    (... to get what you desire, you must practice it, in harmony with source...)
    ...and what you are practicing, is being in the receiving-mode!
    So, whatīs important to you, which is always offered to you,

    There is a big difference -(...) we really want you to take this
    away from this, is that thinking a thought is really different than
    receiving a thought.

    Now, once you are in the receiving mode of a thought,
    than you can ponder it. And as you ponder the thought, now you
    are thinking the thought- but you are in the receiving mode at the
    same time! So itīs giving, and receiving. Giving, and receiving.
    Giving and receiving. Are you following how it all fits together?

    But when you donīt take time to get into the receiving mode, FIRST,
    then you might be thinking a thought thatīs really off-base from who
    you really are, and THEN that thought can NOT lead you to satisfaction!

    from North Los Angeles January 28 2017

    Don't let any place that you are standing frighten you.
    All it is, is a byproduct of some Energy alignment,
    which only gives you stronger clarity about what you want —
    and, most importantly, greater sensitivity about whether
    you're in a receiving mode or locked off of it.

    ---Abraham Excerpted from: San Rafael, CA on March 24, 2001

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    Being faced with demands?
    from the stance of the Receiving-mode

    Doesnīt the Good that comes to some come through others?
    (...) Often God (...) utilizes your open valve to give to others, through.
    Doesnīt that make sense? Havenīt you been inspired to your giving?

    Havenīt you been at the right place, in the right time- and hasnīt it felt
    so wonderful, that you canīt even begin to explain, how the good it
    feels- because, when you are tapped in to the resources, and they are
    flowing through you to some object of attention that you have,
    and that person is also in the receiving-mode, they they are RECEIVING
    through you, and youīr RECEIVING, too!

    Iow, no wonder that this feels good!
    Thatīs how it all fits together!

    But what if that felt good, and then you started to read books,
    about how inappropriate it is for others to make demands through you.
    You say, "But wait, it felt really good until I thought about it from that
    perspective! And now... yeah, he is pretty bossy, and he is pretty
    demanding and pretty entitled, and that is pretty sexist..."
    -and then you get into a place where you are NOT in the receivingmode.

    But your culture is still saying: "Well, this things should be performed
    by you!" And we wanna say to you:
    ANYONE who is giving to ANYONE, in any other personal state than
    the receiving-mode, is gonna get depleted and resentful.

    Because itīs not how the laws of the Universe work!
    But it also is wrongheaded, it is not accurate with the laws of the
    Universe when you say "I shouldnīt be giving to others! I should only
    be receiving for myself!" Do you know who is the BIGGEST RECIPIANT
    of what you give to someone else?

    Because, as it went through you, you benefitted by it!
    Iow, that satisfaction-factore is THERE!
    So you might wanna ask yourself, "Am I a giver, or a taker?" -Thatīs
    the way humans lay it out. "Am I a giver or a taker?" -Well, if you are
    human, you are some of all of that. And sometimes, you are on the
    receiving-end, and sometimes you are on the giving-end.

    But if you have practiced understanding what the art of allowing is,
    if youīve practiced being in the receiving-mode so, that you are
    PREDOMINANTLY in the receiving-mode, then the Universe will
    utilize you in all kinds of different ways, in order to be in the right
    place, in the right time, to assist someone else in this or that or the

    And then, it doesnīt feel like a giver, or a receiver. It feels like
    COCREATORS, who have RENDEZVOUSED. It feels like cocreation at
    itīs best. Because, you canīt be joyful in your gifted giving- which,
    at the core of you, is there- if youīr not giving! (...)

    (when you feel full of love, on the high flying disc)
    the feeling of GIVING and flowing is so strong within you.
    But then, you begin to analyze!
    Because you are wise in this deliberate creation!
    You really want them to understand THEIR receiving-mode!

    And so you become a wise parent, who doesnīt meet their demands.
    You meet them, when they are in the RECEIVING-MODE!
    You let YOUR inspiration to rendezvous with them and THEIR
    inspiration to rendezvous with you be the basis of that.
    And you donīt gather around you "demanding anybodies"!

    Demanding children, demanding employees, demanding employers,
    demanding boyfriends, -you donīt gather around you anybody,
    whoīs making DEMANDS- because you are in the RECEIVING-mode!
    And they donīt have access to you.

    When youīr in the receiving-mode, what they have
    access to is your INSPIRED GIVING,
    for which they are inspired to receive.

    And that is this most delicious, orgasmic, BEST EXPERIENCE of a
    lifetime! -To rendezvous with someone who is ready to be ready,
    while youīr ready to be ready. You see what weīr getting at?

    from North Los Angeles January 28 2017

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    When the money that you HAVE feels good to you...

    When the money that you HAVE feels good to you,
    you say to yourself things like:

    "Itīs good that I have this money!
    And Iīm proud of myself to have brought this money
    into my experience! And Iīm a good budgeter of money!
    And I like how far Iīve made my money go.
    And I like the feeling of money.
    And I like putting the money here for this, and

    putting the money here for this, and putting the money here
    for this, and
    putting the money here for this.

    I like this feeling of managing money- and Iīm good
    at managing money! And I LIKE this money. And Iīm
    looking forwards to more money that is coming.
    And as more money comes, Iīm gonna do this with it, and this
    and this and this. And the money that comes will be fun in this
    way and this way and this way

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - How to manifest an abundance of money (part 2)

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    Think of this random Universe where everything is possible.
    The organizational skills belong to Law of Attraction.

    If you will relax and allow Law of Attraction to do the
    organization and the managing, then you can spend
    your time doing the things that please you.

    Excerpted from: Cincinnati, OH on September 21, 2002

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    Many people focus upon unwanted things, with no deliberate attention
    to the emotional Guidance within them,
    and then they try to compensate for their lackful thinking with physical action.

    And because of the misalignment of Energy, they do not get results
    from their action, so then they try harder by offering more action,
    but still things do not improve.

    Like the air you breathe, abundance in all things is available to you.
    Your life will simply be as good as you allow it to be.


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    HAVING it, is the real abundance!

    HS wants Abe to use the word “have” instead of “want”,
    as feeling that the word “have” is more vibrationally accurate.

    We agree with you..[..] So, life causes you to want something that you don’t
    have, initially. And Source immediately becomes that, and has it and IS it
    and then says, “Come over here where We are, where you have it!”
    And so, you might say that moving up the emotional scale might be:

    Lack – I don’t have it
    Hope – I hope to have it
    Belief – I will have it
    Knowing – I have it!

    IOW, there are increments in that and we do not disagree with you:
    when you have it, you HAVE it! IOW, when you feel that way.
    We also notice that for some of you, and it’s different for everyone,
    for some of you, when you say, “I HAVE something”, that your manifestation
    doesn’t play out that you have, then you feel like you’re being deceptive,
    which takes you the wrong way down the scale.

    So, you know, we LOVE what you’re saying here because we have made
    the effort here today in projecting thoughts that help you to realize that there
    is this becoming that has already been achieved that you are now
    closing the gap of!

    IOW, we would LOVE it, if you ALL could KNOW
    that EVERYTHING that you want, you DO HAVE!

    It’s THERE for you in vibrational escrow, just waiting for you to vibrationally
    catch UP with it.
    And so, you’re not telling falsehoods!
    When you say, “I HAVE amassed a fortune”, it’s accurate!
    When you say, “I AM a genius creator, capable of creating anything”, it’s accurate!

    That’s absolutely true; you have all of that, that’s WHO you ARE, you see,
    and there is NOTHING that we would like more than you knowing that,
    and convincing yourself of it day after day on subject after subject.

    You’re absolutely right, you say,
    “I Have this thing.
    I Have it! I AM it, it IS me, it IS MINE”,

    Well, it IS and THAT’s why the rich get RICHER! They HAVE it! They HAVE it!

    That’s why those vital, healthy people who have managed to avoid the
    commercials that are teaching them about decline; it’s much easier to maintain
    wellness than to achieve it from a place of not having it, you see.

    And so, if you can vibrationally acknowledge that you have it and viscerally feel
    that you have it (Esther holding her belly) and therefore KNOW that you ARE it,
    then LOA cannot argue with you, but to say words that are empty and hollow, is meaningless.

    […] The Universe does not care what you SAY, the Universe is responding to your vibration. IOW, the Universe cares how you FEEL.
    (rapid fire rampage here..)
    And if you FEEL secure, you ARE! If you FEEL vulnerable, you ARE!
    If you FEEL healthy, you ARE! If you FEEL fat, you ARE!
    If you FEEL intelligent, you ARE! If you FEEL focused, you ARE!
    If you FEEL safe, you ARE! If you FEEL not safe, you ARE!

    IOW, you ARE whatever it is that you feel.


    (All what you want) is already THERE!
    You just have to get in there (ITV) and
    stay there long enough,
    so that you become a TRANSLATOR
    into action of what IS THERE!

    from the clip Abraham Hicks 2017 - Next step after getting a lot of money!

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    Money, not being spiritual??

    Some say that you should not want money at all,
    because the desire for money is materialistic and not Spiritual.
    But we want you to remember that you are here,
    in this very physical world where Spirit has materialized.

    You cannot separate yourself from the aspect of yourself that is Spiritual,
    and while you are here in these bodies,
    you cannot separate yourselves from that which is physical or material.

    All of the magnificent things of a physical nature
    that are surrounding you
    are Spiritual in nature.


    Excerpted from the workshop: Money and the Law of Attraction on August 31, 2008

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    thank you Qzi!


    Baseball guy:
    I want money, money and more money! So I don't have to worry about

    We want that for you, too,
    but we don't want you to ask for the security that
    comes from physical promises from physical humans.

    We want your awareness of your security to be that
    you know how the Laws of the Universe work, you
    know how to focus, and you know this positive focus
    that you know how to offer will ALWAYS bring you
    good things.

    Don't try to see so far down the road.
    Just see what is and look for the good things!
    Look down the road, and look for the good things.

    Just don't demand that promises be made, that give you the
    security. You see, this is what makes the difference between
    someone who can stand where you are in an attitude of belief
    and trust, some call it faith. Most don't like the word faith,
    because faith feels like,
    "Be happy even though you have no evidence of being happy."

    We want to acknowledge to you, and you to acknowledge to yourself,
    you have much evidence that supports the power
    of positive thought.

    Baseball guy: Sure.

    So just chill out. Don't try to figure it out all at once.
    Just pat yourself on the back and feel more appreciation.

    And the mantra that we want you to offer over the next days is,
    "I figure it out as I go. I figure it out as I go. I figure it out as I go.
    I figure it out as I go. I don't have to figure it all out today.
    I'm figuring it out as I go.

    Look how well I'm doing! I figure it out as I go.
    The Universe adores me. The Universe is yielding to me.
    Good things are lined up for me. There's not a reason in the world
    for me to worry.

    When I worry, it's old patterns of thought that have
    nothing to do with my current reality or my current vibrational stance."

    You are doing extremely well!

    San Diego 11/12/08

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