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Thread: Abundance

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    The Universe is abundant with everything that you want.

    It's not testing you. It's benevolently providing for you.
    But you are the orchestrater.
    You are the definer, and you do it through your joyous anticipation.

    If there is an emotion that you are wanting to foster,
    that would serve you very, very well,

    it is positive expectation.
    It is excited anticipation.


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    We donīt want you to get a million dollars and stop!
    Youīre gonna want a million dollars ALWAYS ON YOUR DISPOSAL!
    Youīre gonna spend that, and have another on itīs heels!

    Because we promise you-
    once you get used to millions of of dollars moving through your experience,
    a million dollars wonīt last you very long! (...)

    So, what is it that we want you to trust in?
    The fact, that you can be or do or have ANYTHING.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - how to expect 1 million dollars

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    Make peace with outrageous abundance!

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    Everything is lined up; the money SHOULD be there NOW.
    Why isn’t it? Because you’re ornery.
    You’re worried, you’re frustrated. You’ve got your receiver set to a whole different channel.
    And so even though the circumstances are lined up-
    everything is there for you, you’re zigging while your stuff is zagging,
    and you say “nobody ever answers my request.”

    And we say oh yes, your request is fully answered-
    but you have just been confused about step 1 (asking) and step 3 (allowing).

    So the key is,

    once you become consciously aware
    that you want something different than what is, you have to-
    through the power of your mind,
    practice until you achieve a different vibration about that subject.

    Abraham-Hicks G-12/15/01

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    Your Inner Being would want you to manifest
    everything that you decide that you want.

    Your Inner Being would want you to know that you have value
    and the ability to have or be or do anything.
    Your Inner Being would want you to fulfill every wish and whim
    that you could identify.


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    One of my most beloved quotes:

    "I have created such a magnificent template of- or pattern, in vibrational escrow,
    of what Iīm looking for,

    that the Universe canīt give that to me until Iīm REALLY a vibrational match to it!

    And BECAUSE I had become so specific about what I want

    the Universe isnīt giving me
    stuff I donīt want, stuff I donīt want, stuff I donīt want to coax me along the way-
    the Universe- like me- is holding out
    for delivering the goods of what I REALLY really want!"

    IOW: Itīs worth waiting for!
    Every time you notice that it takes too long,
    you tune yourself away from the vision.
    So, saying things like:

    "Itīs worth waiting for" and "it doesnīt have to manifest this red hot minute"
    and "things ARE unfolding. And I KNOW Iīm doing good.
    And because I feel so good so much of the time, I know Iīm on track.
    And I donīt mind a little contrast,
    and the contrast is helping me to build it even MORE.

    And maybe in this not-manifesting right now,
    Iīm still collecting more data and make my escrow even better.

    And maybe Iīm still in the process of building it really as I want it to be."
    You see- imagine standing in the middle of a manifestation
    that keeps unfolding and unfolding and unfolding

    and giving and giving and giving and giving.

    Where youīr saying over and over and over again to yourself:

    "Ohhhh- itīs so much MORE that I even was able to mentally conjure!

    The universe has knocked itself out to deliver
    EVERY little piece of everything

    that I ever even thought that I wanted!!! Itīs unfolding here and now!"

    - you see!
    You cannot be denied.

    You cannot want like you want and line up like you line up
    without the unfolding of what you really want in the wings of your life-experience.
    In the immediate offing.

    But you, in the noticing that it hasnīt happened yet or that itīs taking too long-
    youīr slowing the whole thing down. (So you want to say...)
    "Iīm dreaming big, and big dreams-
    from my point of view, sometimes take a little longer." (...)

    "...look at me, here I am, at this beginning of this MAGNIFICENT creation,
    already sort of complaining a little bit about whatīs not coming fast enough,
    when really the WHOLE WORLD out there is spreading out before me-
    and my intentions are getting stronger in every day-
    and EVERY particle of discomfort that I feel is me-
    launching another rocket to get my stream going faster.

    And maybe Iīm just holding out for a really fast moving stream.
    And when I come in alignment with it, there will be an EXPLOSION.

    -Thatīs what Iīv always been saying!
    Wanna make a big splash!
    Donīt wanna just sort of dribble it out!
    I wanna REALLY get it going!"

    Thatīs what youīr doing, you see!"

    (From the clip Abraham- "Manifestations are too slow")

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    HS wants 100 000 $ for going on a journey.

    So, here is the money that you want.
    And here is the journey.

    Itīs the journey BEFORE the money,
    and itīs the journey AFTER the money.
    It was never about the money! It was always about the journey.
    Are you sort of understanding what weīr trying to lead you,
    to understanding here?

    That money is about the EXPERIENCES, that youīll have
    along the way. Thereīs not gonna be something,
    that youīll be doing with that 100 000 $, thatīs gonna
    satisfy you in any enormous way!
    Itīs all of the things, that youīr gonna see and experience,
    -and so, once you get the 100 000 $, you think
    that the journey will THEN begin!

    WE want you to understand, that the journey
    has ALREADY begun-
    BECAUSE you want the 100 000 $!

    Oh! OHHH!!! THATīs why we wanna talk about the UN-CONDITION!
    Because you donīt have to have the 100 000$ for you to have
    the journey, to be already under way!
    And THATīs why we telly you the story:

    You sifted and sorted, and you started the journey.
    And you knew what you didnīt want, and you knew what you did want.
    And you put it ITV, and the journey continues.
    And then, LoA responds to the vibration of whatīs in there,
    and itīs getting bigger and bigger and bigger,
    and your IB is focused upon it, too.

    Itīs becoming more and more and more. The journey is under way.
    The good feeling journey is under way.
    You IB is joyful in the journey, that YOU have set into motion!
    And then, all of a sudden, youīll get an idea:

    Ahhhh!!! The journey is REALLY under way!!!
    You got an idea!! Youīve been in the receptive mode, and you got an idea!
    THAT is part of the journey!
    Thatīs part of the journey. The 100 000 $ are only part of the journey!

    Itīs only a part of the journey: Itīs not the destination!
    Itīs part of the journey. But BEFORE the 100 000 $ is in your bank,
    thereīs a vibrational version of it, that youīr thrilling over, FIRST!

    (...) So many of you have been holding yourself hostage,
    not allowing yourself to be happy- until the money is in the bank.
    But the money canīt get in the bank, under those conditions!
    Itīs gotta be a happy JOURNEY, before the money gets into the bank!

    Thatīs why you hear from so many who are following their dream,
    who are following their bliss, who are doing what they WANT to do-
    who are following their music-desires, who are following
    their philosophical desires:

    The journey doesnīt start when you get the money.
    And the money isnīt the end of the journey, either.
    Because you never get it done.
    And that
    (100 000 $) is not very much money.

    San Francisco, CA February 13th, 2016
    from the clip: Abraham Hicks 2016 - A quick manifest of a hundred grand (new)

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    Winning the lottery in the Abe-way

    HS bought 45 lottery-tickets and asks why they didnīt win.
    He doesnīt want to care about the probability-statistics, but follow Abeīs teachings.

    We know, that when you are thinking about it
    in the way that we know, rather then in this way
    (the mathematic-probability)
    then your thoughts will turn to things, for you. But thatīs not the case, yet.
    Youīr still thinking this
    (mathematic) way.

    So, you havenīt lined up with it!
    If youīr going to buy a lottery ticket, youīve gotta line up
    with Universal assistance- not with the statistics, or the odds, you see.
    Do any of you ever buy a lottery-ticket, and say:
    "This is a sure thing for me"?
    -Or are you at best hopeful?

    Youīve GOTTA go beyond hopeful!
    And you know whatīs beyond hopeful?
    Knowing- or not caring, at all.
    KNOWING youīr gonna win- or it being FUN,
    a game, and it, not really mattering.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Why is it that winning the lottery won't manifest (new)

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    HS (looking for a wobblefree way to say...)
    This is how I feel having 36 000$.
    ...I am so exited...

    Are you in need? Do you need 36 000$?

    No, Iīm not!

    You are creating it from nowhere?

    Out of nothing than nowhere!

    So, then WHY a paltry 36 000$?
    Completely unlimited.

    I believe at this expansive Universe!
    I believe, that when this time-space-reality can inspire it,
    it can deliver it.
    I have big dreams.
    There is so much that I am eager about experiencing.

    Prosperity follows the heels of alignment.
    And Iīm discovering alignment.
    What has happened in my past, has no relevance
    to whatīs happening in my future.
    Because my current vibration is everything.
    Iīm current, in my offering.

    My vibrational offering is current.
    Iīve been riding the wave of this alignment
    for a few days now- and I can feel the shifting within my being.
    I can feel this clear path,
    between myself and my desire.

    And Iīm happy that my desire will continue to expand.
    Iīm wise enough not to through a desire out too far beyond
    my accepting and believing.
    But I am eager about expecting my desire expanding
    and proving itīs relevance to me, again and again and again.

    I accept my worthy nature,
    and I do not accept that what has been, has been in defiance
    of my worthiness.
    I believe that my worthiness has always been a factor within me
    that I have not perceived fully.

    Now I am perceiving it fully,
    and now that I have that factor of worthiness,
    and self-respect, and expectation of wellbeing
    powerfully within myself,

    now I know that the Universe is going to allow me to perceive
    I get it, that creating this money
    is more about ME, perceiving the path to it,
    and I get it, that my perception of this path is about me,

    SOOTHING myself along that trail.

    Not about me, hyping myself up to it.
    Itīs not about the words that I say.
    Itīs about this steady sureness of wellbeing
    that I feel within myself.

    I KNOW that I am good. I know that LoA is real.
    I know that the Universe is abundant. I know that it is expanding-
    FOR ME.
    I felt this for a very long time!

    When I was born into this time space-reality,
    I could feel the prosperity-trajectory, that was mine.
    It seemed off to me, and moment that I was not upon it.
    And I am delighted to be back on this track.

    I expect wellbeing to show itself to me!

    Not all at once, in an incremental, steady, evolving, unfolding,
    natural, perfect state.
    I embrace and accept whatever ways this Universe wants to flood
    this abundance to me,
    and I fully anticipate it to come on the heels of ideas,
    that are flowing to me from this state of knowing

    the wellbeing and the perfection and the worthiness which is ME.
    I say to the Universe:

    HERE I AM.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks- I am ready Universe ! Bring it on !
    (Cancun 2014)

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    You can say things like, -As I look at successful people,
    and by that I mean rich people, yes, and I mean happy people,
    and sometimes they're rich and happy.

    But when I'm talking about the successful ones, what I really mean
    is the really happy people.
    People that are really joyful, that want to get up every day,
    that are eager to get into their day. Almost without exception,
    they had a pretty rough beginning,
    which turned them into a powerful rebel initially.

    And then they found a way to relax
    into their natural birthright of Well-being.


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