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Thread: Abundance

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    Thank you Qzi!

    "Whenever you are thinking about dollars and feeling good,
    you are attracting them unto you.
    Whenever you are thinking about dollars and feeling bad,
    you are pushing dollars away from you.

    Whenever you are thinking about Any Subject and feeling good
    you are attracting it unto you. Whenever you are thinking about Any Subject
    and feeling bad, you are literally pushing it away from you.

    What happens with most of you is, that you hold two columns in your head,
    when money comes in, you add it- and when it goes out you subtract it.
    You are taking score, and when you take score you cause a resistance
    in your vibration and push more dollars away.

    When you see dollars coming in, you feel good.
    When you see money going out, you feel bad.

    The feeling of decline is a very powerful feeling in your society.
    But we're here to tell you that there is no ending to the inflow of abundance,
    it is like water ever flowing in to your life.
    In the morning when you wake up, none of you stand out on your porch
    frantically breathing in because you are afraid that later in the day,
    there will be a scarcity of air.
    You breathe in and you breathe out and think nothing of it.

    What we want to get you to understand is that it is the same thing with dollars,
    there is no need to go out and hold your breath in an attempt
    to hold on to the air in case there is a later lack.

    You are all MUCH closer to a financial fortune right now
    than you are even willing to dream,
    about for fear that you will be disappointed if it does not come.

    Good things come to me.
    While I don't know all of the answers now, or even the questions to ask,
    or even the route it will take, I know that when I get there,
    the path and easiest route will be clear to me.
    I know that when I get there I will be able to figure it out.

    And when you do that, when you start each day with that thought,
    life unfolds as a terrific adventure.
    Abundance, dollars, relationships, health, everything you are wanting
    will begin to flow in incredible, wonderful, joy filled ways
    in to your life-experience and you will begin to live
    as you intended before you came in.

    What we would do is, before we go to sleep at night,
    we would intend to release ALL negative thoughts
    we have ever thought about money.

    Negative emotion is your indication from your Inner Being
    that the action you are considering is not in harmony
    with your greater intentions.
    How you feel when you pay your bills is a very good indication
    about where your balance of thoughts about dollars resides.

    When your pocket is empty, everything you see you want,
    but if you had the dollars in your pocket you would notice
    how little you actually, truly want,
    because what you are wanting is the feeling of feeling good.
    So ALL you have to do is find thoughts that make you feel good
    when you think about money and you will be inundated with it."

    I like the idea that money is as available as the air I breathe.
    I like the idea of breathing in and breathing out more money.
    It is fun to imagine a lot of money flowing to me.
    I can see how my feelings about money affects the money
    that comes to me. I am happy to understand
    that with practice I can control my attitude about money, or anything.
    I notice that the more I tell my story of abundance, the better I feel."...

    "I can feel a powerful leveraging of Energy in being more deliberate
    about my thoughts. I believe at many levels that I have always known this,
    and it feels good to return to my core beliefs
    about my power and value and worthiness.

    I am living a very abundant life, and it feels good to realize
    that whatever this life experience causes me to desire-
    -I can achieve that. I love knowing that I am unlimited.

    I feel tremendous relief in recognizing
    that I do not have to wait for the money
    or the things to materialize
    before I can feel better.

    And I now understand that when I do feel better,
    the things and experiences and money that I want must come."

    Abraham, "Money, and the Law of Attraction" 2008

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    We are not encouraging to direct your thoughts too specifically,
    until you are SURE that you got your vibrational atmosphere
    in the place that you want it to be.

    So, practice a little while, and then...
    letīs ROMP into your future experiences.

    We think, that you, ALL OF YOU, should have enormous prosperity
    in your life THIS YEAR.

    Your economy is poised for it, your vibration is poised for it-
    there is not a reason in the world for you not to experience anything less than that-
    other than thoughts, that you have been thinking, that no longer apply
    to this vibrational atmosphere.

    Phoenix, Febr. 2014

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    Replenishing mode

    When you are in the Receiving mode,
    and you are enjoying something, then that receiving mode,
    about that, can replenish you, about other things!

    You find yourself not sleeping, youīr better organized,
    things go better, your timing is better, in the same way as
    you attracted the gift of someone, giving you a cruise,
    you receive the gift of all kinds of things, you see!

    So there is a mis-understanding. The receiving-mode
    will YIELD to you, in all aspects of your life, simultaneously!

    (...) A check-list is from this (low) inspiration.
    "These are the things Iīve gotta do, these are the things
    Iīm supposed to do..." there is hardly any replenishing, in that.
    Thatīs the DEPLETING.

    "I did this. I gave this much time of my energy and time to this.
    And I gave this much t this, and I gave this much to this, and I...
    and I have only THIS much left, to sleep."
    Thatīs a de-plenishing mode!

    "I did that, filled back up. I did that, filled back up.
    I was inspired to that- filled up."

    (...) Itīs like time slows down, and yields so much to you!
    The replenishing mode means what it says: Replenish, replenish, replenish!
    And if you are not taking the time to get into the receptive mode,
    we know youīr tired! You get depleted.
    Youīve given everything youīve got to something, you see.

    Thatīs why we asked you, what you meant by "pursue".
    Sometimes, even those things that you care about,
    get you down on the de-plenishing mode, and then you give,
    and you give, and you give...
    thatīs why people have so much shortage-consciousness!

    You get shortage-consciousness,
    when you are not in the replenishing mode!
    Because it feels like there is only so much to go around,
    and if they get it, then there would be not enough for everybody else,
    Replenishing! Enough for ANYBODY who taps into it!

    2016-01-23 North Los Angeles CA,
    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ The replenishing mode

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    What you are creating, is YOU!

    Do you understand, that what you are creating is YOU?
    So, you are creating a more prosperous YOU.
    You are not creating money!
    You are creating a more prosperous You.

    You are creating a more abundant You.
    You are creating a You, with greater ease.
    You are creating a You, with greater opportunity.
    You are creating a You, with more opportunity for more fun.

    Itīs YOU! You are the expander of YOU!
    You are the creator of YOU, you see!
    So, when we say that this vibrational reality exists,
    IT IS A REALITY THAT EXISTS, and itīs not just a reality
    that exists, itīs a VIVID reality that exists.

    Itīs the larger part of you, that exists in it-
    and you really owe it to you, to keep up with it!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks best , The Big Money and Lottery question - grand conversation

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    Open up to allow in ANY way it comes!

    Start saying:
    "Itīs open-ended! I really donīt know whatīs possible!
    Iīm beginning to accept, that ALL things are possible!
    I HEAR that my Vortex is pregnant with all kinds of
    wonderful experiences for me, and all kinds of
    manifestational abundance, for me.

    I HEAR that! Iīm OPEN to the Universe, yielding it to me,
    in WHATEVER quirky, unquirky, normal, not normal-
    I am willing for it to flow to me, in WHATEVER way it can.

    I AM OPEN.
    And Iīm now understanding, that things
    have never been, as I thought they are.
    And I am OPEN to discover, how things really are.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Ten good things about Things I wil lose

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    Why it doesnīt come

    So, if prosperity isnīt flowing in INCREDIBLE abundance to you
    -knowing whatīs in your Vortex, as we do-
    youīve got your tuner set in a screwy way!!

    And the reason why you do- itīs usually for a couple of reasons.
    One is the habit of just observing what is.
    What is is compelling, we know that it is!
    Bills are compelling. When they come, they get your attention!
    We know that what you are observing IS compelling.

    The other reason that you often set your tuner differently,
    then we would like you to,
    is that you still donīt believe in the Vortex.

    You donīt believe in the Vortex-reality.
    In the same way, that you believe in the bank-account-reality.
    The bank-account-reality is just more obvious:
    EVERYBODY, including your banker, your creditcard-holders-
    they all believe in your current reality!

    Your credit-score believes in your current reality.
    Iow, there is SO MUCH TO OBSERVE, that believes in your
    current reality.

    And your current reality DOESNīT MEAN DIDDLY SQUAT.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Shifting your money energy [2016]

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    ENERGY is so much more important (than money)
    and you have it at your fingertips-
    and you SQUANDER it!

    from the clip
    Abraham Says To Make Money, Take Money Out of The Equation!!
    Sacramento Febr. 2013

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    Your job is NOT to figure out how it will come!
    Your job is to figure out how it feels, AS ITīS HERE!
    Get really general! How does it feeel like to have freedom of dollars?

    What does it feel like, to have prosperity flowing into your life?
    What does that FEEL like? What would- or what DOES that feel like?
    And then get really general.

    It feels like EASE.
    Ease. Ease. Think about ease. Say ease. It feels like ease. Ease.
    No struggle, ease. No struggle-ease. Ease. Ease. Ease.
    Feels like fun! Fun. Fun.
    Feels like freedom, and fun, and ease. Freedom and fun and ease.
    Freedom. And fun. And ease.

    It feels as freedom, and it feels fun, and it feels FREE!
    And it feels full. It feels full. And easy, and free.

    Esther has said to Jerry, letīs get a coke and pretend weīr on vacation.
    Itīs that feeling as on vacation.
    It feels like waking up and having NOTHING that you need to do!
    Just that feeling of ease.
    All my choices. -That feeling.

    That feeling of freedom, and ease, and fun.
    So, stay there for a little while, until you are actually FEELING that!

    2015-07-26 San Francisco

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    (Let it be an energy game, but...) that doesnīt mean,
    you should stop your action!
    Go to work! Do whatever you need to do.
    Let the money come in in the little, pity-full, mediocre ways,

    that it flows into your experience, iow- you donīt wanna pinch that off!

    Let it come. But while itīs coming,
    APPRECIATE it while itīs coming!!

    Look forwards to it, while itīs coming.
    Compliment yourself, and compliment the others.

    Iow, let it be an energy-game, while you live the action-game.
    Because you can do both!
    It doesnīt have to be one or the other.

    from the clip
    Abraham-Hicks: To manifest abundant money

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    Many tell us that they are so busy making their money
    that they do not have time to enjoy it ...
    for when you rely on your action to create,
    often you are too tired to enjoy your creation.

    Once you not only understand the power of your thought,
    but you deliberately direct this powerful tool
    in the direction of things that you desire,
    then you will discover that the action part of your life
    is the way you enjoy,
    what you have created through your thought.


    Excerpted from: Money and the Law of Attraction on August 31, 2008

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