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Thread: How it looks in the Vortex

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    Hi WellBeing. I found this with more transcription from a thread of Tony's, so I'll put it here for consideration...

    “So you might say ego is my mind and Source is my gut or ego is what I think and Source is the way I feel about what I think. Except that Source THINKS! And when you get into the upper registers of joy and bliss, you’ll start getting an avalanche of thought coming forth from Source that just bowls you over. It gives you life! It is life, you see. But when you are not connected to it, you are almost frantically wanting to reach for it." -Abe 10/18/03

    love it!!!

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    Technically, your Vortex is a goal!
    If you think that itīs something, not yet received.
    Thatīs the problem with a goal. It amplifies
    what hasnīt happened yet, which is detrimental to
    it, happening.

    Now, it doesnīt have to be that way! The words doesnīt matter.
    Itīs how you FEEL about it.

    We like you to have interest in things, and we like you
    to look FORWARDS! Itīs a wonderful thing
    when you realize: More is coming.
    And focus is a REALLY good thing!

    And caring about things and being very specific about what
    you care about- can be really juicy, and live-giving
    and productive, and revitalizing, and ALL of that.

    If it feels good, when youīr doing it!

    THATīs the answer, isnīt it! Thatīs the answer.
    So itīs accurate to say, that your IB is the full
    vibrational liver of EVERY goal you have.
    So, in current tense, IT IS ALREADY DONE.

    But there is some "turning it to things", that is still to be done!
    And so, we are just always trying to orient you towards
    realizing, that it is already done- but that sort of
    asks a lot of you to accept that something is done,
    that you canīt see yet!

    And so, if a goal enlivens you, then itīs a good thing.
    But if a goal makes you be discouraged, because
    you had it for a while... and thatīs the reason why weīr not
    really big on goal-setting, or on goals.
    Because in the majority of cases, when we scan the vibration
    of friends like you, when you use the word goal, almost with no exception
    there is a vibration of lack, that is dominant within you.

    Because, really, a goal doesnīt need to be a goal very long!
    It should be fulfilled!
    And when you are understanding it the way we are understanding it,
    it already IS, and now your just having THE FUN of the
    ALREADY FULFILLED DESIRE flesh out, even more, more,
    more, more!

    Did you hear this?
    IT ALREADY IS, and when you become unconditional- so that you
    now youīve got it nailed, and now itīs just becoming
    realer, realer, realer, realer- until not only you can see it
    and smell it and hear it and taste it and touch it-
    but others can, too.

    Westchester, 11-10-2015

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    I Can Always Enter My Vibrational Vortex of Creation...

    The key to getting inside your Vibrational Vortex of Creation;
    of experiencing the absolute absence of resistance; of achieving complete
    alignment with all that you have become and all that you desire, and of
    bringing to your physical experience everything that you desire —
    is being in the state of appreciation —

    and there is no more important object of attention to which you must flow
    your appreciation, than that of self.

    Excerpted from: The Vortex on August 31, 2009

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    The Vortex is your ability
    to perceive the reality.

    And once you get there, then the reality shifts.
    And then, everyone can perceive it.
    Because- once you get it vibrationally- it shifts.

    San Diego, August 2011

    I was inspired to pull this specific EGS together by listening to the Abe-clip named "Abraham- Look forward to the incredible evidence" from the Panama-Cruise 11. (I fear itīs not available anymore)

    Abe explains in this fully, that -as soon we are ITV, our "stuff" (all what we wish for) IS THERE. We feel it, we donīt feel it being absent anymore. But "in the first lock itīs diffuse." We can only feel it then- and by every higher "Vortex-lock" in which we raise more (all by our own, only by staying ITV), we can see more and more clear- until itīs physically THERE, tangible and touchable reality.

    (They used the already famous "Panama-locks-analogy", where they explain that a giant cruiseship of course canīt jump up all the 24m difference in altitude all at once. But the ships CAN float into locks- one after the other, and resolve in this way the difference effortless and easily- and we shall do the same, using the Vortex).

    How your manifested "truth", your REALITY looks and can be perceived

    You are THERE. You are "complete". You DID it. The manifestation happens.
    You not only can sense, feel, somehow "know" the new truth you reached for- you can now also touch it, see it, show it to your friends, lick it. You closed the gap. Your reality is completely beautiful, wonderfully evolved! Your ship leaves the last lock and floats from this new bouncing off point into the higher leverage of your being.

    = Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation/Peace

    Your ship is in the fourth lock. You can almost touch "it"-
    the new creation, the "Now-time-reality", the "manifestation" you where looking for. The "old" truth, your physical reality, feels somehow renewed, fresh and thrilling. No whiff of doubt or shaddow is available.
    (Milk more! Work with this. Plan and design around it. Go into as many details as you are drawn to. Extreme sweetzone!)

    = Passion

    Your ship is safe in the third lock. You can SEE!
    The old reality merges in wonderful feeling ways with the vision. Distractions fall by the wayside. You are off and running in this almost complete, newly allowed truth you where looking for, all the time- even when itīs not "really" manifested, yet.
    (Explore the revealed truth in more and more details. Talk about it, share it, write about it- milk it!)

    = Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness

    You are starting to really FEEL "it". You love what you sense.
    "It" is all around, and it feels great. It is THERE, you know it already! Your old reality starts to merge with the vision- what can feel a bit funny and weird, but not in a bad way. Some old ideas or manifestations arenīt interesting anymore or even boring, you drop them easily.
    (Your ship is in the second lock. Feel around in this truth that unveils slowly for you, go as deep into details and explore it- as long as it feels good. Milk even more!)

    = Positive Expectation/Belief

    You catch more and more glimpses of the new truth and how beautiful it is.
    You feel your old reality vanish "somehow", but in an undeniable way.
    (Donīt force yourself anywhere. Stay somehow general. Your ship is in the first Vortex-lock, so to speak. Nothing to do for you than recognizing and milking it!)

    = Optimism

    Entry into seeing the Truth (the "leverage, the lock", the Vortex)

    Some positive details in the midst of a blurry-seen truth caught your attention,
    you lighten up slowly. You feel sometimes funny, as if on the verge of something completely new.
    (soothe yourself, feel comfortable in trusting and surrendering into the Vortex. Just be who you are. Feel the general ease that is available, here)

    = Hopefulness

    You are not very focused, what feels somehow comfortable.
    (Soothe yourself more by staying general)

    = Contentment

    You are not very focused, but the unwanted side of the truth has a bit more attention than the wanted.(Soothe yourself even more with really staying general until you feel inspired to focus upon something goodfeeling)
    = Boredom

    You are focused on unwanted details in defensiveness-
    what makes them bigger. The reality-truth doesnīt feel and look so good.
    (stop doing this, diffuse your focus, look at the wanted, but stay very general)

    = Pessimism

    The unwanted details on which you focus are muddying your clear vision
    ...that you could have otherwise. You canīt enjoy the beautiful colours, the sweet energy of your true reality anymore.
    (Donīt focus this way. Blur what irritates you, focus more on what you want in a general way)

    = Frustration/Impatience/Irritation, Overwhelmed

    The details on which you focus distract you from seeing the otherwise available and wanted truth.
    (Donīt look at "it" in this way! Dont go further into the unwanted details. Diffuse this misleading attention, soothe, go more general!)

    = Disappointment, Doubt

    The details on which you focus feel very uncomfortable. What you are able to see is just a shadow of truth.
    (Donīt focus this way! Diffuse, look into any other direction, pick another subject, go more general!)
    = Worry, Blame, Discouragement

    The details on which you focus feel unbearable. What you are able to see is NOT the truth anymore.
    (Donīt bear it any longer! Diffuse, distract, look into any other direction, pick another subject, go much more general!)

    = Anger, Revenge, Hatred/Rage

    The details on which you focus feel disgusting. What you are able to see is extremely distorted.
    (Donīt focus this way at all, your IB does not agree! Diffuse, distract, look into any other direction, pick any another subject, go much more general!)
    = Jealousy, Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness

    The details on which you focus are the opposite of how it REALLY is
    - what you are able to see is a complete distortion of the truth. (Donīt focus this way at all. Back off, diffuse, distract completely from this, let go, look into any other direction, pick any another subject, go much more general!)
    = Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

    from the thread
    "The map of the soul": Specific EGS-Scales

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    What Satisfaction feels like

    Youīve gotta go back to the Center of your true heart, in order
    to understand what youīr seeing and why it resonates, and why it
    doesnīt, and why this feels so wonderful, and why this feels so
    outrageous. And anything that feels out rageous, and off, IS OFF
    because your IB isnīt seeing it the way you are seeing it!

    (...) And time I deny (who I really am), I donīt feel good, I donīt
    feel satisfaction. When I allow the wholeness of who I am to be
    present in a moment, I am satisfied!

    And that satisfaction ranges from a calm sense of home-coming,
    to the most emphatic passion and delight!
    But I am satisfied at all levels of momentum: There is satisfaction
    with little momentum, that feels like calm, there is satisfaction of
    interim, that feels like interest, there is satisfaction with really fast
    momentum that feels like passion and ecstasy, and brilliance and

    But itīs SATISFACTION, with variances of momentum.

    San Francisco February 04 2017

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    The Source within you, this Vortex, has got you.
    It's got your back.
    It's got your front.
    It's got your past.
    It's got your present.
    It's got your future.
    It IS you.
    In other words, it's real-time, vibrational.


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    From our point of view, from inside the Vortex, there is nothing negative about your world.

    Because in every particle of what is unwanted is a particle of what IS wanted, to be discovered.


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    The call of Source in its purest form,
    when you are close enough in vibrational proximity to really feel it, feels like joy, it feels like passion, it feels like eagerness, it feels like love, it feels like appreciation, it feels like wellbeing, it feels like yippying and yahooing all the way down the canyon.

    It feels like cartwheels, it feels like sunshine and rainbows and lollipops. It feels like all of the things that you'd ever associated with wellbeing.

    It feels like liquid love, it feels like joy. It is rapturous, it is orgasmic, it ripples through your body, it is ecstasy:
    That's what Source Energy is and feels like.


    ~ San Rafael, CA, 7-22-07

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    The Law of Attraction Assembles all cooperative Relationships…

    So here is this Vortex of becoming—a Vortex that contains all of the requests, all of the amended requests—each and every detail of each and every asking that has emanated from you—and the Law of Attraction is responding to that. Envision this swirling, swirling, swirling Vortex and the power of attraction that is amassed as the Law of Attraction responds to this pure, nonresisted, focused desire.

    The Vortex is literally drawing in all things necessary for the completion of every request it contains. All cooperative components are being summoned and are coming for the completion of these creations, for the answering of these questions, for the solutions to these problems.

    Excerpted from The Vortex on 8/31/09

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    The Vortex will reveal to you
    the precise path,
    the precise people,
    the precise everything.

    You will see it once you're in there, you see,
    but you've got to enter on faith
    and you've gotta hang around on faith and trust for a little while,
    and the longer you're in there
    the more specifically oriented you will become
    until the vibration of your being
    will raise enough that you will feel the inspiration
    that you are looking for...

    When you wait until you're in the Vortex,
    and the ideas begin to flow,
    you don't just get an idea that's a teaser.
    You get an idea that's a solution.

    You don't just get an idea of an end result,
    you get an idea of an end result
    and all of the steps along the way,
    and the Vortex will introduce you to everything
    that is necessary for the fulfillment of all of this,
    you will be introduced to at the perfect time."

    Abraham 2011 Boca Raton, FL

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