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Thread: Momentum

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    Momentum is because of
    the CONSISTENCY of focus!

    Abe, Asheville Oct. 2017

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    Matter is the evolution of energy.
    First there is thought, then there is thought form,
    and then there is matter.

    Matter is only thought that has been thought upon
    by more.

    Excerpted from: Kansas City, MO on August 29, 1999

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    thank you skylark!

    It’s a matter of caring about the way you feel.
    Joy is the key to momentum. Happy is the key to momentum.

    Of course, anger is too.
    Anger is the key to negative momentum.
    Criticism is the key to negative momentum.

    So it’s just a matter of deciding how you want to feel,
    and finding a way to feel that.

    ~ San Diego, Abraham-Hicks, 15th August, 2015

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    What Satisfaction feels like

    Youīve gotta go back to the Center of your true heart, in order
    to understand what youīr seeing and why it resonates, and why it
    doesnīt, and why this feels so wonderful, and why this feels so
    outrageous. And anything that feels out rageous, and off, IS OFF
    because your IB isnīt seeing it the way you are seeing it!

    (...) And time I deny (who I really am), I donīt feel good, I donīt
    feel satisfaction. When I allow the wholeness of who I am to be
    present in a moment, I am satisfied!

    And that satisfaction ranges from a calm sense of home-coming,
    to the most emphatic passion and delight!
    But I am satisfied at all levels of momentum: There is satisfaction
    with little momentum, that feels like calm, there is satisfaction of
    interim, that feels like interest, there is satisfaction with really fast
    momentum that feels like passion and ecstasy, and brilliance and

    But itīs SATISFACTION, with variances of momentum.

    San Francisco February 04 2017

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    Momentum and Impulse are the same! And:

    If an impulse feels strong, follow it.

    Your impulses are always [about your] receptive mode.
    The question to ask about your impulses is:
    What receptive mode am I in,
    when the impulse comes?

    An impulse is just momentum. It’s enough momentum.
    Which means that law of attraction has been working on it.
    And so, there’s a stream going.
    And you sync up with that stream, and so you get an impulse.

    (...) Sometimes an impulse, even though, it’s not source-inspired,
    is compelling. So sometimes you just have to play it out.
    In other words, there are two ways to know. One is, how it feels.
    But sometimes you’re sort of oblivious to how it feels.

    The other is how it plays out. And there’s nothing wrong
    with it, playing out.

    Quite often, something will play out in Esther’s experience,
    and she will say, “Darn I thought I was in a better receptive mode
    on that one. But in retrospect, I see that I was not.”
    -But the next time it will be clearer.
    The next time you’ll be able to make that association.
    You never get it wrong. Because you never get it done.

    Let’s say you have an impulse to do something.
    We would like you to leave here ready and willing
    to follow the impulse when it’s strong.
    In a sort of no-holds-barred, unguarded sense
    of let’s just see where this goes...
    because sometimes you just can’t know until you know.

    And you really can’t take that guidance from anyone else!
    It’s the relationship that you’re getting between your inner being,
    and so, we would say, if an impulse feels strong,
    follow it.

    (...) Because your inner being knows what you really want,
    and has been shining impulses, and ideas onto you,
    which you haven’t been getting—so your inner being offers
    an impulse to you that is going to lead you in the direction
    of what you want. It’s pretty far from what you want,
    but you’re pretty far from what you want...
    you have this path of resistance between you,
    and where you want to be. Obviously.

    Because if there were no resistance, you’d be over there.
    So there’s clearly something that is sort of slowing you down
    a little bit. But your inner being doesn’t stop calling you.

    Now, we want you to focus just for a minute, see a trail,
    see your inner being calling you, and see the resistance on the trail,
    and acknowledge that you put every bit of resistance on the trail...
    your inner being is calling you around the resistance.

    And so sometimes it feels to you like you’re being called
    through a problem or around a problem,
    in order to get into a clear space.
    Doesn’t that make a little bit of sense to you?

    So if you could just trust that your inner being always knows,
    and that your inner being is always guiding you
    to the best feeling place that is possible for you,
    and you could stop condemning yourself that it isn’t
    the best feeling place because your inner being isn’t
    condemning you that it isn’t the best feeling place—

    your inner being just knows that it is the next best feeling place
    from where you are, and that’s good enough.

    (...) So let’s say something really bold here.
    We’ve never said this before, and we’re thanking you,
    the entire universe thanks you for bringing this
    to this leading edge place. Most important thing,
    that we’ve ever said to anyone about anything.

    EVERY impulse is guided by source.

    EVERY IMPULSE, every impulse that you receive,
    when it’s strong like that, it’s source calling you!
    Don’t go back later and re-litigate whether it was right choice or not.
    You FELT IT, it was strong, you moved on it,
    and it moved you to a new place.

    Maybe the new place it moved you to, was clarity.
    Maybe the new place it moved you to, was launching rockets of desire.
    But it’s a new place, and therefore it’s good.

    Every impulse is an impulse from Source.
    Because Source never stops calling you—never stops calling you.

    So let’s go back and revisit just briefly the emotional scale
    that we’ve talked about in some previous conversations...
    let’s say that you are depressed. You’re just despondent.
    You’re almost paralyzed. You don’t even want to get out of bed.
    You can’t think of anything fun that you want to do,
    and everything that you think of just sort of burns your hand...
    and then you get an impulse of revenge.

    And even though it’s a far cry from the love
    that your Source is really feeling, that is still your source calling you
    up the emotional scale.
    And maybe that’s as far as you can get up right now.
    But it’s good! It’s better that you’re there!

    Your friends don’t like it—they liked you better when you were depressed
    [and] stayed in your room...
    If you could just trust, and we know words don’t teach,
    but your nature is good. And your calling is source.

    And so, any impulse that you get, ANY impulse is better
    than not following any.
    And when they’re strong like that, follow them!

    And the attitude that we would have about it is,
    "ooh let’s see where this goes. And let’s see really,
    where this was coming from".

    In other words, words don’t teach, so might as well go for this,
    and see what’s in it. -See what juice is in it.

    And if you have that sort of free flowing attitude
    of loving yourself anyway, and "oh what do I have to lose",
    and "let’s just go for it", and sort of loosen up that guardedness,
    and be willing to follow the impulse, and follow the impulse,
    and follow the impulse, before you know it,
    you will be following some REALLY incredible impulses.

    And with this we wanna say just one more thing,
    because we want you to really feel this, and hear this, and know this:

    [Give the example of driving, and how when you get onto the rumble strip
    you don’t start questioning your goodness]

    -We wouldn’t be so quick to try to figure out everywhere
    that everything is going. Just follow along!
    In an attitude of things are always working out
    for me. In an attitude of more well-being,
    and more trust.

    And so, in that spirit, when you get an impulse, and you follow it,
    so what if it wasn’t the end all to end all to end all?
    You don’t ever want anything to be all-ended anyway.

    It was just a step into more clarity. At a minimum.
    And a step into more allowing at the maximum.
    And it’s usually somewhere in between, and it’s all good.
    There’s nothing serious going on here.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, Denver, CO, June 11, 2016

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    "Setting your tone" is all about momentum!

    It is your job to set your own tone.
    So what you do is, you look for something that’s

    easy for you to feel good about.

    The aspect of your life that is going well,
    there are always some of those.
    And as you give your attention to that, you let that be
    your reason for establishing your tone.

    And as you set your tone relative to that,
    now the universe accepts that as your tone
    relative to all things, you see.

    So all you have to do is find the feeling of well-being relative to any aspect of your life and stay there on it long enough that the universe can begin to respond to it-

    -and then things just get better and better and better and better.

    Conversely, you can find one thing that is going wrong in your life and focus on that and let that be the reason to set your tone and then all aspects of your life begin to acquiesce to that, in time.


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    Most choose negative momentum
    over calmness, as in meditation.
    But donīt give up meditation to NET you
    positive momentum!

    You are really good at seeing, and you are really
    good at hearing, and you are really good at tasting.
    Most people would rather have a negative, full-blown
    experience of being in the world, than they would a
    positive experience, of closing their eyes and meditating.

    (...) Itīs because, out here in the world, there is MOMENTUM.
    And back here in meditation, there is not much.

    And most people havenīt figured out how to allow
    positive-only momentum to grow and grow and grow!
    And so they think momentum is what matters most-
    and they take ANY momentum, wich is negative momentum,
    over not much momentum.

    But itīs just because they didnīt play it out, long enough!

    Most people go to meditate- they canīt really quiet
    their mind, they try to quiet their mind, and then
    they think about things, and then they think about things
    that they have been worried about, and then they get up-
    and after a little while, after a week or two, or three or four,
    they say itīs a waste of time.

    Because they havenīt allowed themselves the benefit
    of really quieting your mind, and feeling that success
    of that first reception of that first thought, as that
    first vibration TURNS INTO A THOUGHT.

    If you will meditate... it might take a week or two,
    to have that first thought explode into your mind, where you can
    acknowledge that your in the RECEIVING mode- then youīr
    off and running!

    2017 04 01 Boca Raton

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    Let go in the right way!

    We DONīT want you to let go of your desire.
    But sometimes, you have to let go of thinking about it,
    in order to let go of the resistance of it.

    You NEVER let go of something you want!
    Itīs in your Vortex, and itīs making itīs way to you,
    or gets ready for you, to be ready for it.

    But sometimes, you have to- in essence- let go of something,
    meaning stop thinking and talking about it, because everytime
    you pick up the stick that is that subject, you activate
    the RESISTENT end of it. So, if you just can let go
    of it, like "Iīm not going to think about it for a while"-

    -THEN the resistance subsides, and THEN you can start
    moving toward it, again.

    2017 04 01 Boca Raton

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    Donīt worry when momentum
    took you into the wrong direction!

    When you wait until momentum is well underway
    before you are aware that you are moving in the direction
    that you don't want to go, sometimes the momentum is too strong,
    and so that negative momentum just has to play itself out.

    But, we want you to know that nothing ever really goes wrong:
    that you can't get it wrong; and you never get it done.
    And the reason that you can't get it wrong is because it is never done.

    There is always another opportunity to direct your thoughts
    and accomplish momentum in the direction of things that you do want.

    Excerpted from Phoenix, AZ - Saturday, February 1st, 2014

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    You can’t fight the Law Of Attraction.
    You just have to let LOA play out as it will.

    So if you have a habit of thought,
    LOA is going to bring more of that thought to you...
    And as you think that thought more,
    you’re going to have more of those feelings...
    And LOA is going to bring you more of that stuff.

    It’s sort of like being mad at gravity.
    Damn - everytime I jump in the air I come right down.
    And we say it helps to accept gravity.
    It helps to acknowledge that this is the way
    gravity works and in time you learn to deal with it.
    You learn that there are many more benefits to it,
    than there are detriments to it.

    And LOA is the same way.
    In time you come to realize its consitent nature
    is very beneficial to you, so you don’t ride around
    in the discomfort of LOA...
    instead you let it work for you.


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