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Thread: Tinnitus - ringing in the ears

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    Tinnitus - ringing in the ears

    Abe speaking with guest who is an audiologist, talking about ringing in the ears ...

    Guest: I’m an audiologist, and I work with patients who have tinnitus, ringing in their ears, I don’t understand what this tinnitus is…

    Abe: Well, we’ll tell you.

    Guest: And why are people experiencing this?

    Abe: We’ll tell you that, too.

    Guest: And, how can I as a practioner assist them with…

    Abe: Well, we’ll tell you that, too. But the thing that’s a little tricky about that, first of all, what’s happening is that they are sensitive to vibration and hearing it. So, what they’re hearing is resistance. Literally.

    Guest: My question is, and I understand this, as a practioner I am in the conventional world…and I’m in the holistic world and a lot of people, when you start to talk about this…(vibration / frequency).

    Abe: Then they’re the wrong client for you. Then their ears will ring. Until someone drugs them enough until they just don’t know they’re ringing.

    But…but…here’s the thing: We hear this from a lot of you, all the time. You MUST stop denying your vibrational nature! And, help everyone else stop denying their vibrational nature. For heaven’s sake! Your emotions are your vibrational indicators that give you the most ENORMOUS guidance about who you are and what you want, and yet to talk about them in a spiritual sense to try to make the relationship…

    When The Secret movie was made, it left out the MOST IMPORTANT PART! It’s good they named it The Secret – it should have been called We’re Still Keeping The Secret.

    Because, until you help people to understand that they are Source Energy while they are physical, and that there are two vibrational frequencies going on, and that everything you feel, including ringing in your ears, is ….

    You see, here’s the thing: Who you are is focused in this knowledge of Love and Well-Being. When you focus other than that you’re gonna feel negative emotion. It’s just the discordant indicator that you’re not up to speed with who you are. If you don’t change your thoughts and continue to do it, don’t worry it will become more. Until it becomes physical sensation. This is what the ringing in the ears is. And many other things.

    In other words, physical sensations. In time it can become something much bigger like a disease. All disease - Every disease - No exception is because someone was TOO practical to accept the vibrational relationship between who they are and who they are. You see.

    Now, a lot of people stumble into well-being because they find thoughts that resonate with who they are. In other words, if you are in a religion, or born into a home, where you are taught to love and appreciate others, so that’s something you make an effort to do, until you are really effective at doing it, you are going to be in vibrational alignment with who you are and you would not need to hear one word about law of attraction; you would not need to hear one word about vibrational vortex of creation; you wouldn’t need to know about these laws of the Universe, because you are innately guided toward them.

    But, somewhere along your physical path, so many of you have been coaxed away from your own guidance system and taught to please others outside of you, until your own guidance system is now taboo? We can’t talk about our emotions? We can’t talk about who we are?

    If you can’t talk about that, you have NOTHING to give anyone!

    Abraham, Chicago 6.27.2009 disc One

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    aww Sunlover, I love all the work that you´r doing recently! SO MANY gems!

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    sweet butterfly
    That is VERY Good, really!!!Thank you!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    aww Sunlover, I love all the work that you´r doing recently! SO MANY gems!
    It was an inspired blissful ride on a powerful stream and a practice for me in allowing my passion to play out fully. I'm grinning that you responded on this thread and I am sharing this on this thread because what is said at the end of the quote here is the same thing I encounter when riding the wave of passion, and as I completed this wave of passion I noticed the most beautiful quiet in my ears. Much love to you! And I got a giggle that with all you share and all the workshop sharing you've done, you appreciated this bit I did, which like you say is not work at all, but Joy. It was huge all that was in this for me.

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    A great clip on this topic:

    Abraham Hicks Ringing in the ears is a indication of

    Abraham says many are sensitive to vibration and translating vibration to sound and if hotseater will say, "I like it that I am sensitive to vibration, and I don't even mind that I am translating the vibration that I am sensitive to into sound, in fact, it's a logical thing that I would translate vibration through sound," then in accepting it as something logical and alright, in the ok-ness of it, our vibration raises to match it and now it doesn't feel like discord, it feels like accord.
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