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Thread: Abe about Paradise and "Heaven and Earth"

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    Abe about Paradise and "Heaven and Earth"

    "Paradise is a state of Mind"


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    THIS (earth-plane) is heaven, for me!

    Yeah! This is where WE ALL are!
    You guys have an illusion of us, being somewhere else!
    It´s so odd, how you keep looking "up" for us.

    We´r all right HERE, WITH YOU!
    We´r in your mind. We´r in your movements. We´r in your body,
    we´r in your actions. We´r in your tastebuds,
    we´r in your sensual feelings in your body- we´r RIGHT HERE with you!

    We´r in your mind. We´r in EVERYTHING. We´r in everything that exists.
    Pure positive energy, flowing with you.

    Denver Aug. 2014

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    Heaven on Earth

    I believe, that Heaven on Earth is a possibility.

    We want you to believe it, because it is, where it´s at!
    All that has ever been before, is projected here,
    in this leading-edge-place!
    Iow, THIS is where it ALL IS!

    This is, where it is all happening.
    This is, where this fly wants to be.

    This is true! I think, depending on your vibrational frequency,
    you can manifest whatever you want in this world,
    as we are co-creators with God, or source.

    Yes, yes!
    WHERE ELSE do you think heaven might be?

    It´s all around us!

    Where else COULD it be, then RIGHT HERE,
    on this leading edge, where all that is, is focused?
    Where all the new is becoming?
    Where all the creating is happening?

    As vibrations are BECOMING MANIFESTED,
    this is where heaven is! This is where the manifestations are!
    This is where the consciousness, that has been becoming
    is becoming,
    this is the most further extension of that which is God!


    Yes, I believe it is!
    But so many people don´t believe it is.

    We don´t care!

    (laughing) I guess, you know... other people talked about tragedy...

    We don´t care!

    ...the hardships, they´ve experienced in life...
    and we have to change our vibration to raise the vibrational
    frequency of the entire world, to bring the love and the peace...

    But you see, that´s conditional!
    If the reason why you´r wanting to raise your vibration
    is to change a condition,
    now your attention within that condition is keeping you
    from raising your vibration.

    You just can´t get there, from there!
    You have to want to raise your vibration, because
    that´s what´s natural, and that´s who you are,
    and that´s what feels good, PERIOD!

    Because when you have an ulterior motive,
    which is the reason you´r doing it, now you introduce
    resistance to it, and it bogs down, and it doesn´t happen.

    "Alright Abraham, I´ll raise my vibration if it´ll get me over there.
    But I´m not over there, I´m over here. But I´ll raise my vibration,
    so that I can get away from this spot."
    And we say: No, you won´t!
    As long your attention is on the spot where you are, and you don´t
    wanna be there, you´r not gonna raise your vibration!

    You have to find SOME WAY of detaching from what is.
    And the only way we know, of detaching from one thought,
    is to give your attention to another.

    And so that is,
    why we want you to give your attention to the UNCONDITION
    for just a little while- until you show yourself that you
    HAVE THE ABILITY, to feel the flow and the good-feeling of ALIGNMENT

    And once you show yourself that, then you are free. Finally free!

    Denver, 06.20.2015

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    We where in on the creation of Earth!

    "We really enjoyed your description of being out in nature,
    and looking at the tree and noticing it´structure,
    and it´s beauty and it´s balance.
    It´s perfection. And we wanted to interrupt you right then,
    and remind you of something we just said a few minutes ago.

    About how source is right out HERE, with you- experiencing!

    IOW- WE SO WANT ALL OF YOU TO UNDERSTAND: This is the leading edge.
    And that source is out here, on the leading edge- with all of you!

    So. You know how, when you have imagined a piece of art,
    and than you have been inspired to the gathering of the materials.
    And then you´ve been inspired to discovering a process
    that makes your vision become something, that others can see with their eyes.

    And you used the word "enchanted", and we wanted to say,
    it´s a feeling of accomplishment.
    Of achievement. It´s a feeling of creation.

    IOW, all of this words are part of this creative ability that is you.
    So, when you take an idea
    and you bring it forwards into something-
    artists feel that way with their paintings, and musicians feel it with their music,
    and lyricists fell that way with their poetry, and authors feel that way with their books.

    IOW, when it´s been an idea, and you stayed with it until it comes to further fruition,
    which is what humans wanna call manifestation-
    there is a
    satisfaction factor- because you´ve been IN on it!

    You´ve been the creator of it.
    And when you are the creator of something,
    the creation that the creator has created
    is extremely satisfying to the creator.

    So- when you are out there in nature-
    this is the part that we really really really want you to hear!-
    that RAPTURE that you are feeling, the exhilaration that you are feeling
    is because IN THAT MOMENT, there is no distortion in your vibration
    and you are allowing SOURCE to regard it´s creation.

    Now stay there for a minute.
    When YOU feel the beauty of nature,
    you´ve forgotten, but- you where IN on that!
    This place hasn´t always looked like this!
    IOW, it has been in the process of becoming.

    And so, if you stand in appreciation of the manifestation- you tap in
    into ALL of the energy that was part of the creation of it,
    and it´s life-giving.

    Did you follow that? It was huge. It was big.
    So we just say it in simple terms:


    Asheville, September 2011

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    Paradise is HERE.

    Then (in step 4), what you discover is:
    You don´t have to travel all around the planet,
    to places that you´ve never been before-
    you just need to move around in the world,
    that you´ve been around in for a long time-
    in places, that you´ve never been before!

    Then you begin to discover the TRUE personality of those you love.
    Then you begin to discover the TRUE generosity of the people in your world.
    Then you begin to discover the TRUE timing and intelligence of the people,
    whom you work with.
    Than you begin to discover the TRUE perfection of your interaction with one another.

    Because you found alignment
    with the vibration that is at the core of THEM, too!

    And as you become the influencer from that vibrational stance,
    and others begin to join you in that same vibrational place-
    now the experiences that you are having are unparalleled, you see.
    Now you pushed the reset-button.

    Now you are living in your world,
    but your living through the eyes of source and NOW,
    you are doing what you came to do:
    You are living joyfully, and having never ending expansion-
    and are discovering the eternal nature of your being,
    liking every step along the way.

    And even finding yourself (...) standing in a place where something
    that you really want hasn´t come to fruition,
    but you don´t feel the absence of it-

    because you KNOW HOW IT WORKS.
    So you are feeling the eagerness of what´s coming,
    rather than the current reality that it hasn´t come.

    from the clip
    P2/2Abraham Hicks- All About Step 4 & Maintaining High Flying Disc Prt2
    Washington, Oct. 2013

    "Once you align with your desire,
    the Energy that creates worlds will flow through you... which means
    and Passion
    and Triumph!

    That is your destiny."

    --- Abraham

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    Here I am, trying to have a thread WITHOUT images (because images are not allowed in the Quotation-Subforum) and now YOU come and add them!

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    HS sometimes feels so distant from the "greatness" of the Vortex.
    Abe soothe him, sometimes we´r there, and sometimes we´r not. They tell that Esther was a bit like him- mentally getting the concept of being "one".
    But it took the re-emerging of Jerry to really GET what it means to be one with source.

    "...(Esther, then) had a knowing
    (while editing recordings) that she KNEW, was not her own.
    So, THEN she began to realize, that -since he is always, ALWAYS there...
    -now, Jerry in this case is representing the WHOLE of what nonphysical is,
    because we are ALL there!-

    And when Esther is vibrationally up to speed with it,
    ahhhh!!!! The clarity! The feeling of exhileration! The feeling of all is wellness-
    is indescribable.

    But the same presence of him, when she is NOT there,
    feels like GRIEF! Or missing! Or lonely.

    And she began realizing- oh, it was such a wonderful realization-
    that, because she thought- and so did you!-
    that when he was there, she felt his PRESENCE,
    and when he was not there she felt his ABSENCE.

    But there is no "there" and "not there".

    YOU are the one- allowing it, or disallowing it.

    YOU are the one, jumping on the disc, that allows the full revelation of it,
    or the not-revelation of it."

    Philadelphia May 2013

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    Paradise, wow, such heaven.


    Love, love, love this.
    Paradise, is within.
    And ALSO NOW here on the forum!! LOL xx

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    Paradise is SO *my* theme!

    "Do you know there is contrast between something that is so good
    you can just hardly bear it,

    and something better?
    That's contrast."

    Abe North LA 2012

    If you are enjoying the journey,
    you are always where you want to be.

    nugget from SanAntonio April 2014

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