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Thread: Freedom

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    “You will recognize that you are the inviter, the creator, and the attractor
    of all things that come to you; and you will, indeed,
    then have deliberate control of your own life experience.

    And, in all of that, you will then, and only then, feel free –
    for freedom comes from an understanding of how you get what you get.”


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    thank you, SweetButterfly

    You are individuals here in this physical experience,
    with a partnership that we can't even BEGIN to define in an accurate way for you!
    Everyone who you've ever known, everyone who you've ever revered,
    everyone who you've ever felt interest in, as they reemerged into NP even before,
    because their IB's are also interested in you, are focused with you here and now.

    You have a back-up system that is the reason for your happiness.
    It is not of the conditions that are surrounding you.
    It is because of the choosing of a vibrational frequency that allows the alignment,
    that allows the happiness, you see...
    Happiness must be your goal! Joy must be your goal!

    This triad of intentions that you were born, as Freedom, and Growth and Joy,
    all equally balanced and all equally important and all equally practiced
    and all equally accomplished.

    You are SO FREE , you can choose bondage!
    You are so free that you can choose not to feel free!
    THAT's freedom!

    YOU are SO FREE that you can choose to be free or not to be free.
    Because no one can think your thoughts, no one can ensue the vibration for you!
    NO ONE can accomplish your point of attraction.
    No one can be the reason that things are coming to you, only you!
    THAT'S freedom.
    That's utter (...) constant steady neverending freedom!
    FREEDOM, the BASIS of your experience.
    And expansion.

    Boston, 10-10-2015

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    I want financial independence.

    Independence from bondage?

    No, independence from the corporate world.

    Independence from bondage!
    -So, you´ve got some vibration of bondage going on!

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    thank you sweet butterfly!

    So free

    Do you accept that you are primarily vibrational beings?
    And do you accept that you are in this magnificent consciousness
    an extension of genius, brilliant, Infinite Intelligence Source Energy?

    And do you understand that that Source Energy,
    that genius, brilliant, love pure positive Energy, Source Energy is expanding?
    Not steady and finished, EXPANDING?
    And YOU are essential to that expansion?

    Do you feel in ALL of this togetherness, that we are all about?
    Can you feel that from your place of ABSOLUTE non-resistance
    you decided to focus into this physical body?
    And can you feel the rightness, the goodness, the VALUE of having done so?

    And can you feel that being in this body and sifting through things
    that are unpleasant, sifting through the things that are
    -that through wanted and unwanted,
    that you have at ALL levels of your being, even at cellular levels,
    that you have been evolving and that you have been creating
    and that you have been projecting an improvement,
    an evolved YOU?

    And that your IB has been the first recipient of all of that,
    and that your IB stands in appreciation and satisfaction at
    the expansion and evolution that we've ALL accomplished together,
    can you feel that?

    So, can you feel this vibrational becoming that is so real,
    and can you get a vibrational glimpse of it,
    can you feel the joy of it, can you feel the expansion of it,
    can you feel the enthusiasm of it, can you feel the satisfaction of it,
    "the having done what I came for" -quality of it?

    Can you feel the PRIDE that your IB feels
    for SELF and for YOURSELF and for WHOLE SELF about all of that,
    can you feel the perfection of what we all create together?

    And can you accept that even the terrorists in Paris are PART of THAT
    appreciation, PART of that value, part of that becoming,
    part of what was known, part of the GOODNESS of this eternalness
    that we all about, can you go that far?

    And can you feel how, in any moment in time,
    that you can look SO BROAD that you can make it not fun,
    or you can look so specifically that you can make not fun.

    Can you feel that YOU get to choose
    how big the subject is, how broad the subject is,
    how small the subject is, how narrow the subject is,
    that you get to choose where are you focusing in all of that
    and that it doesn't matter where you choose?

    Can you feel that you can't get it wrong no matter where you focus?
    Can you feel that you can be writing a song, or writing a book,
    or riding your bicycle, can you feel that you could be focused upon
    mathematical equations, or you could be tutoring your child in spelling,
    can you feel that you could be dancing or you could be walking
    or you could be eating or you could be sleeping,

    can you feel that there are ENDLESS options
    that you could be focused about
    and that within EACH and EVERY option,
    no matter what the subject is,
    that you have the choice of approaching that subject
    from the receiving mode or from the not receiving mode?

    Can you feel that you have the ability to include SOURCE
    in your awareness in every moment in time?

    Can you feel that whether you're including Source in your awareness,
    you are in the awareness of Source?
    Can you feel that even when you have pinched yourself off
    from REALIZING that Source is right there with you,
    that Source is still right there with you
    and can you accept that the emotion that you feel
    is your indication of whether YOU are consciously allowing this relationship, or not!?

    (...) IOW, Source is always with you whether you know that or not.
    And the wellbeing is always abundant whether you know that or not.
    You just have some options as you are moving through days, and hours,
    and minutes and seconds.
    You have the option of being aware of this receiving mode
    and, striving is not the perfect word, but focusing in the direction of it.
    You have constant choice.

    You are so free you can choose terrorism.
    You are so free you can choose to be terrified.
    You are so free you can choose to be joyful.
    You are so free that you can love
    or you are so free that you can hate.
    You are so free... the options are unlimited to you.

    We are just saying, that when you care about they way you feel,
    and you choose more of those options that feel good to you
    while you are choosing them, on small subjects and large subjects,
    that you will, you will, you ARE, you will, you are,
    you will master your own vibrational being.
    You will master it.

    And as you do,
    your entire world will take on a different look to you.
    You'll put it in perspective, nothing will terrorize you.
    You will feel ONLY appreciation for the variety that surrounds you
    and the choices that others are making.

    And that is our promise to you,
    that as you get hold of your ability to DEFINE and ACHIEVE THE CHOICES
    that you have discovered in your life experience,
    that the choices that others are making
    will BECOME THE IRRELEVANT CHOICES that others are making,
    that they've always been intended by you to be.

    You've never planned to control them all.
    And as soon you give that up and spend a little bit of time controlling
    what you can control, which is the way you feel,
    you are going to live happily ever after.

    Asheville, 21.11.2015

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    It´s actually NOT hard!

    "Often people will say,
    “Well, Abraham, why are we set up this way?
    Why does it have to be hard?

    If we are Pure Positive Energy, and then we are born into these bodies,
    why are we so assured that there will be resistance surrounding us?
    Why does it have to be?
    Why does there have to be so much that we worry about
    that gets our attention and sets up resistance within us,
    and keeps us from being in the place of allowing,
    that we so much want?”

    And we say, it is because the benefit of the contrasting environment
    is millions of times more valuable than it is detrimental.

    If you did not have the ability to discern difference, you could not prefer;
    and if you could not prefer, you could not vibrationally summon Source—
    and if you could not vibrationally summon Source, then we would all cease to be.
    The entire Universe is based upon our ability to conclude the new idea,
    which is the summoning forth of the new life into the new space.

    And then you say, “But wouldn’t it have been better if we could have had
    an environment where it was easier to stay connected?”
    And we say, there is no environment that is easier to be connected,
    than an environment in which you are free to choose thought."


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    Hypothetically, people worry about everyone
    being selfishly oriented.
    "If everyone did exactly what they want to do,
    what kind of world would this be?"

    And we say, a really, really good one.
    Because if everyone did what they wanted to do,
    everyone would feel free.
    And if you feel free, you feel empowered.

    And every negative emotion that exists- hear this-
    every negative emotion that exists
    is because there is some sense of loss of freedom
    somewhere in there."

    -Abe 9/29/2004

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    ' Someone recently offered a paper to Esther, promoting world peace, wanting to get to the point where everyone upon the Earth, at a certain time of day, will stop for a moment and ponder or meditate upon world peace. And as Esther asked us what we thought about it, we said, "YOU ARE MAKING A VERY BROAD ASSUMPTION IF YOU THINK EVERYONE IN THE WORLD WANTS PEACE, AND YOU ARE ALSO MAKING A VERY BROAD ASSUMPTION WHEN YOU ASSUME THAT PEACE IS WHAT SHOULD BE" Even though it is a wonderful thing, and even though you know you like it better than war, still you must not see yourselves as one who has the ability to thrust your intentions upon
    another — because that is not freedom. For if you have the power to do that to them, then they have the power to thrust war upon you. And neither is accurate, because neither is free, and all of you are free, you see.

    And so, as you feel your freedom, as a result, perhaps, of connecting with your Inner Being, who knows its freedom, then you lose that feeling of having to convince anyone that what you're doing is all right. You lose that feeling of justification. And that is really what rebellious behavior is. It is trying to justify your attitude. When you feel free, you're free to be who you want to be under any
    and all conditions, and you really don't worry about what anybody else thinks about it, because you know that what they think about you is their problem. It has nothing to do with you. And when you
    really feel that way, you become in the greatest place that we know of, which is in the place of
    allowing — and you know you are in the place of allowing when you can see another not approving of you and it is okay with you. We're not talking about tolerance, we're not talking about, say, "Well, I'll let them...", and still feeling the negativity. We're talking about knowing that they disapprove of what you are doing and that is still all right with you because you know that it is their world that they are creating by their attitude toward you. And you need not let their feeling influence you. '

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    "Every time they pass a law that you don't like, throw it in the bucket with all of the others. It will not affect you. Justification of your opposition will attract it to you, however.

    Give your attention to what you are wanting. Withdraw your attention from what you are not wanting — and live in the freedom that is absolutely yours, the freedom that no one, under any conditions, can ever take away from you, no matter how hard they try.'"

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    Adventure is a synonym of Freedom

    HS (Jerry):
    Is the sense of adventure a positive sense?

    Yahhh!!! Oh yes, you´r born with it!
    It is the synonym to freedom!

    Taking chances with our lives, and with our wellbeing?

    Ohhh, coming forth into this physical experience
    is beyond physical description of adventure.
    Coming forth into this physical experience into the sea of contrast
    is THE freedom-seeking adventure of all lifetimes.

    Iow, there is nothing... you are born pioneers!
    You are born freedom-seekers.

    Look at this little buggers, when they come forth. Can´t you see it?
    They wanna eat everything. They wanna smell everything.
    They wanna touch everything. They wanna see everything,
    they wanna be with everything. And you say: "no, no, no, no, no!
    No no no. Be careful."

    So, adventure is a part of our being. The sense of it?

    Oh, it is THE most natural sense.
    It is the nonphysical attitude of "more".
    More, more, more,
    more, more, MORE, MORE!

    So is my observation that our prisons become more filled with beings,
    has something to do with people, continuing to have adventure,
    even though (...)

    Yes. And you´r on to something, because your prisons will get more
    and more and more, because the nonphysical energies that are coming forth
    are wanting MORE!

    Iow, these are freedom seeking beings of immense proportion,
    that are coming forth! The generations that are being born today,
    are perhaps 200% more in their seeking of freedom,
    and adventure, than the generation past,
    or beyond that, or beyond that!

    We just thought they are rebelling more against us "good" people.
    The teenagers... so, it´s not that they are rebelling so much,
    that says...

    Here is the cycle:
    They wouldn´t push against you, if you weren´t pushing against them!
    If when they came forth, and they said: "I want it all! I wanna do it all!"
    And you said: "Good! It´s here for you!"

    If they said, ...if they came forth, they said to you:
    "I want to explore this!" -if instead of saying
    "Well, that is not marketable! You can never make a living of that!"
    -if they weren´t being squelched at every turn, they wouldn´t push against
    those, who are squelching them.

    Iow, you keep pushing against each other.
    They are born with enthusiasm, you try to slow them down.
    As you try to slow them down, they show you that they can´t be stopped.
    As they try to show you that they can´t be stopped,
    you try to show them that they can be stopped.
    As they (...) and so, you both are pushing against each other.

    And in the process, you are all disconnected, from your source-energy,
    and blaming each other, because you don´t feel good. And you both are saying:
    "If you would stop doing that, then life would be good!"

    And we say, that´s not allowing. That´s not unconditional love.
    Unconditional love says:
    "I want so much to feel good, that in spite of these conditions,
    I will find a thought that matches my desire.
    So, this conditions can exist, and I will STILL feel good.
    I will still remain connected to my source-energy."

    Conditional love says:
    "I am an observer. I don´t know how to visualize.
    And I can´t feel good as long as you are doing that,
    so you´ve gotta stop doing that, so that I can feel good."

    But you CAN´T stop them doing that.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Appreciating a sudden realization of abundance

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    You were "predetermined" to have a joyful, expansive experience,
    and the way in which you will do that is all up to you.
    All other choices are for your physical format.

    Everything is still in the process of being created.
    There is no creation that has reached its completion.

    --- Abraham
    Excerpted from the workshop in Albany, NY on Saturday, May 22nd, 1999 # 350

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