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    Enlightenment means literally aligning to the Energy of my Source.
    And genius is only about focusing.

    Law of Attraction takes care of everything else.
    Physical humans often want to make enlightenment
    about finding some process
    and moving through the process that has been pre-described.

    But true enlightenment is moving to the rhythm of the internal inspiration
    that is coming in response to the individual desire.

    is about allowing my Connection
    to the Source that is me-
    for the fulfillment
    of the things that I have individually defined
    here in my time-space-reality.

    That's as good as it gets!


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    " have lots of words for it. You call it Enlightenment;
    we call it temporary (laughter), we call it potential,
    we call it a work in progress, we call it what you are reaching for."

    Yes that's good. So my one other question is;
    All spiritual traditions from what I can tell have a root,
    a kernel of truth in them, often there is a distortion in them over time.

    "But the kernel, Forget about the kernel.
    Forget about the beginning of it, because the beginning of it is OLD.
    The beginning of it isn't up to Speed, it isn't up to Date.
    It isn't Current, you see.

    So, TO the Degree, that Someone who is Translating,
    is in vibrational Alignment with what Source NOW is EXPRESSING.
    To THAT Degree, what ever That is, is Rooted in SOURCEYNESS....
    (Much laughter) com!
    (much laughter)...someone call Mark...quick!" (Laughter).

    (that part was pure clarity, and made me want to transcribe this.
    What they were putting the emphasis on was the NOW expression of Source. Rather than what has gone before)

    HS So it seems that people out of the vortex often
    tend to find a way of misinterpret teachings over time
    or find a way of using it in resistant ways so...

    Well everyone means well, but most everyone is Conditional.
    It ISNT the easiest thing in the world to live in an environment
    where you are surrounded by conditions
    and NOT be affected by those conditions.
    And UNTIL you put AHEAD of the conditions,
    a DETERMINATION to FEEL the alignment.

    That's why, when you, and you did, brought this
    to such a wonderful Apex, to such a wonderful place of clarity,
    we stayed there for a minute and said lets feel,
    lets give more words to that,
    lets activate that FEELING in a stronger way.

    What does that feel like? It feels like SURENESS,
    it feels like FUN, it feels like ENLIGHTENMENT, it feels like LIGHTNESS,
    it feels like LIGHTHEARTEDNESS, it feels like CLARITY,
    it feels like FULLNESS, it feels like WHOLENESS,
    it feels like WHO I REALLY AM, It feels like ALLNESS,
    It feels like FLEXIBILITY, it feels like READINESS,
    it feels like GOOD TIMING, it feels like ALIVENESS.

    FIND THOSE FEELINGS. And practice the FEELING of them,
    and practice them as OFTEN as you can.
    And LOOK into environments and conditions,
    as MUCH as you can, for things that you Appreciate
    that Cause you to feel that way, until you OWN that vibration.
    Until THAT is your MOST practiced set point.
    Until that's where you go, that's where you go,
    that's where you go, that's where you go most easily.

    Because when that's where you go most easily,
    then your OFF times don't usually last that long.
    Something brings you back into alignment.
    IOWs its not days of discord and days of dysfunction,
    its seconds or brief snatches in time,
    while your discovering your alignment from your new framework
    of stronger asking, which source has already, closed the gap on,
    filled the gap on, and you now could be if you wanted to be
    in the receptive mode of the full, see it touch it feel it, VERSION
    of your new expansion. And that's what you all came for.

    You came, some of you must be thinking "bla bla bla,
    do we have to talk about consciousness one more minute,
    vibration bla bla bla, I just came to be in my body,
    to enjoy this life experience."

    And that REALLY is what you are here for.
    (emphasis on being), the deliberate creator that you Really ARE.

    And this teaching is so powerful and it is out there,
    and 100 years from now people will look back at it...

    and it will be USELESS. Because it will be OLD.

    What makes THIS valuable, if there is VALUE to come from it,
    is that those like YOU, discover the Receptive Mode,
    and demonstrate it through the Power of Your Example.
    So that the Receptive Mode is something that is UNDERSTOOD.
    Because it doesn't matter what we or anyone, says about anything.

    What matters is your relationship to who YOU HAVE BECOME,
    and your Ability to UNDERSTAND IT and PROCESS IT,
    and mold the clay, the clay of Thought.

    Oh and we have written some really good books
    and if you were to go back and buy them all,
    they are all out there (laughter).
    And they all say exactly the same thing, in a different way.

    They all say this is a vibrational universe,
    and you are vibration and you create your own reality,
    and Law of Attraction manages it all,
    and you get what you think about.
    VVVT! Were done, go play somewhere else! LOL

    So if there is one misunderstanding that occurs
    most with your teaching, if you could call out and clarity for us,
    and help us to have a reminder to stay aligned to this.
    Is there something that you would want to offer in that direction?

    Well the thing that we would most encourage you
    to care about is How you FEEL.
    We would far rather have Esther care about how she is feeling,
    than the fact that she cant find her bag.
    And we would like her to disassociate the feeling from the BAG!
    We would like her feeling to be Unconditional.

    We were happy when she found relief, but we would have also liked it
    if she would have NEVER found that bag, and she had found relief anyway.
    Someone is stealing it right now! No! LOL

    BECAUSE, as long as you are TIED to a Condition,
    THEN, you are Mostly out of Control.
    But, when what you are reaching for, is the Alignment
    that is indicated by the EMOTION that you FEEL, now you are FREE.

    Free to move about in the Receptive Mode, with Broader View, GUIDING you.
    IOWS, you cant get it wrong, and you never get it done.
    You cant get it wrong, and you never get it done.
    And you never get it done, and you never get it wrong.
    And you cannot get it wrong and you never get it done.
    And you never get it done, and you cannot get it wrong.
    Its going to take a while....You cannot get it WRONG.
    You never get it done, and you cannot get it wrong.

    So, what did you last ask us? What was that?

    I said, what is the biggest misunderstanding that you see
    with these teachings. And what is the one thing to remember
    to keep us from doing that thing, from loosing the focus
    from what this all about?

    The way I Feel need not be Tied to Conditions.
    But that's not the best way of saying it.
    And, almost no one is, for very long. Because the Conditions Have Your Attention.
    You've let the Conditions Matter Too Much.

    So, we get it... your here, you've been living in conditions;
    the conditions of Finance, the conditions of Relationships,
    the conditions of Environment, You Are ALL on the LEADING EDGE.
    We get it. And there is another, seeming, contradiction
    because we began today by telling you, by agreeing with you,
    that you are HERE for the creation of the cars and the relationships
    and the homes and the life and the good feeling experiences.
    IOWs we LIKE you to create conditions that are pleasing to you.
    We want HOW YOU
    F E E L to be what MATTERS MOST.

    We want you to put the feeling BEFORE the condition.
    Because if you put the conditions FIRST, you never GET THERE. Not Really.
    So, THAT is the biggest mis understanding.

    The biggest misunderstanding is;
    "alright I am going to go to this Abraham gathering,
    and Abraham has ALL this information about the LAWS of the UNIVERSE
    and IN going there I will be able to discover how to create a life experience,
    that I can THEN feel good ABOUT.
    THATS THE Misunderstanding.

    Because what this is about is;
    I am going to an Abraham seminar where Infinite Intelligence,
    is explaining the Laws of the Universe, so that I CAN discover
    the BLISS of being in the Receptive Mode, SO THAT,
    that Source has ABOUT WHERE I AM.

    Because, what you WANT, is ALIGNMENT and BEING HERE.
    What you want is ALIGNMENT and driving that Audio R8.
    That's what you want. Not just driving the audio R8,
    you want alignment and driving the audio R8.

    You want ALIGNMENT in your sexual intertwining.
    You want ALIGNMENT in your Conversations.
    You want ALIGNMENT, you want ALIGNMENT AND THEN,
    alignment and then, alignment and then.
    Not, THEN which may help me to be Aligned.
    THAT is the Biggest misunderstanding.
    That is the Cart before the horse.

    Thank you, that was Really Good.

    A; Couldn't be better, yes.

    Asheville-NC-April-2015 (thank you songbird! )

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    "We love talking to you about the fullness of who you are.
    And we want to pronounce you all blended, blended, blended
    more than you give yourself credit.

    You're blended when you
    sleep, you don't know it.
    You're blended when you're born.
    Your dog's blended.
    (Pause and audience laughter)
    You're blended when you're

    You're blended when you're looking at someone
    across the table and you are
    loving them so much
    that you'd just like to get up and lick their face.
    (audience laughter)
    You're blended!

    You're blended when you're
    appreciating the brilliance of another.
    You're blended when you're appreciating the
    humor of another.
    You're blended when you're
    interested in something,
    when something catches your ear
    and you really want to
    focus on it
    and you
    want to know more about it.

    You're blended!

    You're blended when
    you've got something REALLY good in your mouth
    and you're savoring it to the point
    that your eyes are nearly rolling back in your head.

    You're blended when you're enjoying what you're eating.

    You're blended when you are feeling good.
    You're blended, you see."

    From the workshop in Boston, Mass. on 6/2/12

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    The only thing that is to do, in the now,
    is to align with the whole that you ARE.
    To perceive, through the wholeness, that you are!

    And when you perceive through the wholeness of that which you are,
    since in nonphysical, there is no time-
    since in nonphysical, everything in the Vortex already IS,
    then you include in your now,

    And as you include in your now all that you desire-
    your vibrational point of attraction allows all that you desire
    to pour to you, in the NOW.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Sync up with the energy that turns things into the reality that you want (new)
    Stamfort, CT, May 14, 2016

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    (HS asks for...)

    The Core-values of human form

    Core-value is resonance with CORE! (...)
    And so we are talking about the core of source!
    In human words, (...) first would be:

    So, njanjanjaa... love means so many things to people.
    What we mean by love is what we mean by appreciation.
    Is what we mean by joy, is what we mean by empowerment!
    Which is what we mean by clarity, which is what we mean by fun.
    We talk about that resonance of feeling good.
    And so, it is a core-value, THE core-value of FEELING GOOD.

    And so, that alignment with source
    represents itself in ALL this ways,
    in what you call love, and what you call clarity, and what you call
    appreciation, and what you call resilience, and what you call dexterity,
    and what you call fexibility.

    You see what weīr getting at?
    Itīs that soft receptiveness, and expectation,
    of things always working out. Not just for me, but for everyone.
    The KNOWLEDGE of Goodness, thatīs what at the core.

    The Goodness, and Knowledge of Goodness, is what is at the core.
    That this Universe is based upon ALL that is good, and out here
    on the leading edge, you especially can feel that!
    Because everything that has come before -in the death experience,
    there is a re-emergency into nonphysical, and a leaving behind
    of all that s not wanted.

    And so, the CORE of that which is good, is what re-emerges,
    and it is what gets born again,
    and then again you come, and you sift and you sort,
    and you refine and you define, and you ASK again for what is GOOD.
    And in the death-experience again, you leave behind what is not wanted.

    And so, what that core IS- itīs that whittling down, itīs that synthesizing,
    itīs the ferreting out, itīs the COMBINATION of ALL THAT IS GOOD-
    and then, it is focused back to you, in a continuing stream
    for your benefit, and your pleasure, you see!

    Ohhh, if we would stand in your physical shoes, we would do ANYTHING
    and EVERYTHING that we could think of doing, on a moment-to-moment-basis,
    to tap into, to align with, that core-understanding of Goodness.
    And then, we would reflect it everywhere we look.

    2015-09-26 Chicago

    Segment below follows this interaction and points towards it:

    About Enlightenment

    Enlightenment seems to me...

    ...hooking up with the core.

    Hooking up with core? So, is the constant rebirth... to you rebirth, rebirth, rebirth,
    and then finally you just merge and you donīt come back, anymore?

    No, itīs not like that.
    Because, you are a creator, and you want to create!
    And creators want to create on the leading edge!
    Iow, the leading edge is where all the juice is!

    Right. So you WANNA keep coming?

    You want this experience, yeah!! (...)
    This enlightenment is not a college degree, that once you get it,
    itīs yourīs forever more. It is something that you are always reaching for!
    Itīs like finding resonance!

    So, imagine humanity. Imagine mass-consciousness.
    And not just whatīs present now, but what has ever been present.
    And ALL that was launched, into this Vortex of creation.
    And then imagine those like you- coming forth with the intention
    of being on the leading edge, and manifesting all of this magnificent
    vibrational reality.

    And recognizing the richness of it, and the ongoingness of it.
    And so, at the same time that youīr wanting manifestation of some of it,
    youīr wanting also the launching of rockets of desires of MORE of it.
    Because you understand the deliciousness of the eternal process,
    that we are all about!

    And so, this concept of enlightenment is about conscious awareness
    of this high vibration that exists, and wanting to tune to it.
    Understanding, that itīs ever be changing- so YOU must be, too!
    So, thatīs why the state of enlightenment will never be something,
    that anyone accomplishes and HOLDS.
    Because, the expanding Universe will always be calling you
    further and further and further.

    So, itīs the constant change, that makes it so exiting?

    Enlightenment in and of itself is never permanently achieved. But itīs
    something, that- once itīs understood, you can ride the river of, forever more.

    Itīs an endless ocean, with a beachball floating on top,
    that you keep trying to reach forever, and it keeps going further away?

    No, itīs like grabbing it and loving it, grabbing it and loving it,
    grabbing it and loving it, grabbing it and loving it, grabbing it and loving it,
    then grabbing it and loving something else, iow, itīs not elusive!
    Itīs not out of reach! Itīs attainable.
    Itīs achievable. Itīs livable. Itīs FEELABLE.

    2015-09-26 Chicago

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    We achieve Enlightenment by caring for nothing else more,
    than achieving sources perspective.

    -Get OFF the unwanted trains of thought!!!

    (Thinking/taking/mulling over an unwanted topic...)
    We know, itīs just EASY to go there, because you practiced it enough.

    So, how do I CHANGE that when that happens?

    You donīt change it ON THAT SUBJECT!
    You change it in getting into the receptive mode on OTHER subjects!

    Get into the receptive mode on OTHER subjects.
    Get into the receptive mode on OTHER subjects!
    Get into the receptive mode on OTHER subjects-
    until the source-energy-perspective dominates, within you!

    You could find ONE thing to love- ONE thing in the whole world to love,
    and if you love that 1 thing in a whole world to love, and you use THAT as the reason
    to hold a vibrational frequency in the place that you do- what will happen is,
    THAT THING that you are predominantly are focused upon, will become the reason
    that you offer a vibration like that, and EVERYTHING ELSE the HAS to raise to that!

    But whatīs happening is, that you are not disciplined in your thought.
    And the reason that you are not disciplined in your thoughts, is that you are using
    bogus standards for the reason why you think you think.

    Instead of being it the way I FEEL-
    which is my resonance with source-
    You let it be what somebody else thinks.
    And isnīt that to drive you crazy?

    2015-09-26 Chicago

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    The only Comparison

    (...when you deliberately hold yourself in alignment)
    ...what you begin to feel, is your invincibility!
    What you begin to feel is your power! And your cleverness.
    And your clarity. And your passion. And your enthusiasm.
    And on top of all of that, you begin- not just begin,
    you feel COMPLETELY, your WORTHINESS!

    And now you know, you are a master of creation!
    Now you understand, there isnīt anything
    that you canīt be, or do, or have.

    Now you know, what it REALLY means to be alive.
    To be nonphysically focused, IN a physical body-
    with the entire Universe, as it is evolved to this extend,
    cooperating with you- FOR YOUR CREATIVE PLEASURE
    and endeavor.

    MASTERY of life-experience, you see!
    And NOTHING ELSE will do, for you!

    (...) The only point of comparison that ever really exists
    for you, or anyone else, is that relationship between
    what life had caused you to create,
    and what you have- in a disciplined way, accomplished
    in terms of holding yourself in sync, with that.

    And once you catch hold of that vision,
    and once you are able to feel your way into alignment,
    alignment, alignment, alignment, alignment-
    then the empowerment that happens to you
    and the enlightenment that occurs to you,

    SO FAR surpasses ANYTHING of a physical nature,
    in terms of success. Iow, there is just not money enough
    to explain it. There are not contacts enough to explain it.
    Itīs a state of being, that is NATURAL to you.

    But you see, this is what we want you to hear:
    Itīs not a state of being thatīs already achieved,
    that youīr catching up with!
    Itīs a state of being, that you have newly created,
    that you are catching up with!

    And THATīS the difference, you can hear it?
    Itīs not something that SOMEONE ELSE has created,
    and has assigned to you!
    You are not climbing the rungs of a ladder!

    This is you, getting up to speed with YOUR expansion.
    And since life cause you to make the expansion,
    if you donīt get up to speed, you donīt feel good.
    And when you DO get up to speed, we canīt even find words
    to explain, HOW GOOD youīll feel.

    Sydney, Australia, Oct. 18, 2015

  8. #8 IB has led me here to read it and i even know usual all my questions and dilemmas are answered in beautiful synchronistic way....every question has already its asigned answer....

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    Clarity is alignment.
    Clarity is a clear impulse of where to go.
    Clarity is trusting the path,
    clarity is not standing in a wobbly place,
    clarity is that momentum that has no resistance,

    and when you're in that place of clarity,
    the feeling of what to do next is right there.


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    i love the last one!!!

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