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Thread: Enlightenment

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    Thank you, Qzi!

    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!

    Everything that we are talking about here, from the first subject
    to the last is about lightening up!

    It's about not making such a big, hairy deal of things that just don't matter.
    It's about getting in the Vortex and lightening up and feeling better and
    loving myself more and having more fun.

    In other words, you want your world to be
    light and free.

    You can't organize the world, and you can't organize your home.
    You just got to get into alignment with who you are.
    And then your body and your home will take shape around you,
    to match this vibrational alignment that is taking place within you.

    Philadelphia 6/11/09

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    The "Current"

    So I wanted to talk about the current, because it seemed like it tied
    what you were just saying. And it's also in the January 30th calendar
    discussion is that the current. And, for me, the thing that I tend to do is
    I tend to get involved in busyness and doing, and doing and thinking
    about things. And even as I was taking notes while listening to you
    I noticed how my mental processes tend to take me away
    from feeling the current.

    Give us more detail about what you mean by 'the current'.

    Well, once upon a time, months ago, when I was meditating, I could just
    feel afterwards, and the process of it toward the end of it, like my whole
    field was lit up. There was this lighting up of my auric field, and it just
    felt absolutely alive and wonderful.

    That's what it feels like when all the circuits are open.

    HS: Yea.

    When the resistance is gone.

    Or less, and you're allowing more of the juice from who you really are,
    from your vortex, from who you really are, to flow. Yes.

    And there's a lot you say in today's discussion, January 30th, about the
    current being your connection with source. And if you just, if you will,
    master it.

    You know, it's interesting, because that current is always flowing to you.
    And you adapt to it. You adapt to the way you allow it.

    Now, those were very specifically chosen words. You adapt to the way
    you allow it!
    Here's another way of saying that: You adapt to your own
    resistance. You get used to the way that feels.

    And it's interesting because, when you get used to the way that feels,
    then allowing a little more juice to flow is something that you can
    physically feel, and maybe something that, initially, feels a little off to you,
    even. Because you're not really used to it.

    We like to play with you about 'it's a terrible price you pay
    for this alignment.' All that bliss, and everything!

    The way for you to really be aware of your connection, or your alignment
    to that current, is by doing your best to stay focused on whatever
    you believe caused it. And, in doing so, you allow it to become more.
    And as you allow it to become more, the momentum of that allowance,
    of that more and more allowed current, will carry you into realizations,
    and into experiences that then you can begin to make the association of.

    We've been saying for a long while that there are two ways of knowing
    how you're doing in terms of that alignment or, as you say, that feeling
    of that current.
    There are two ways to know what your alignment is.
    One is by the way you feel. And the other is by how things are turning out.

    So now, in the spirit of what we're talking to you about - turning vibrations
    to thoughts, and thoughts to things - as things are turning out, if you
    can make the correlation 'Well how was I feeling before that happened?'

    In other words, 'What feeling came before this thing?' Or, 'What feeling
    came before this things?'

    So you begin to master your understanding of your state of allowing.

    Esther was sitting at the beach a day or two ago. She was alone, sitting in
    her van, and she went specifically for what you're talking about. She went
    to feel that current. She went because she knows, first of all, that ocean
    is wide open out there. And as she faces out there, she knows that there's
    no resistance out there in those airways at all. And the people that she sees
    are frolicking in the surf. They're getting better on their surfboards.
    They're picnicking. She can hear the happiness in their voice as they're
    walking by. So she knows she's picked a sort of resistance-free zone.

    So, she sat and focused. Did a short meditation. Cooked breakfast in her van.
    Basked in the fun of that. And then she sat. She opened enough windows
    just for the perfect breeze. She created what she believed was the perfect
    environment for alignment with wellbeing. And then she sat there,
    in perfect alignment with wellbeing, and thought, 'I don't really feel the juice…'

    She's so used to it! She's so used to alignment that it's just the normal
    way she feels. It's just the normal way she feels.

    She remembers the first day or two, or three or four, or year, of standing at
    the podium and waiting for Abraham to come in. It felt like she had her toe
    in a light socket, at first. Because the vibrational attitude of her being and
    the vibrational attitude of our being took a little while for her to adjust into
    that vibrational frequency, you see.

    And so, one day we're talking with a woman in a setting like this, and we were
    wanting to help her get her juices flowing a little bit. She was bored with life.
    And disappointed with all things. And she wasn't having any of us, either.

    And so, we were wanting to suggest things to her that might get her juices
    flowing just a little bit. So we suggested something, and she says, 'Oh, I've
    already got that.' And we suggested something else, and she says, 'Oh, I've
    already got that.' And it became evident that what she meant by desire,
    the feeling of desire, the feeling of really getting those juices flowing, was
    that angst or contrast between not having it and wanting it.

    And there are a lot of people, that that's the current that they're looking for.
    They're looking for that sort of edge. And there is something delicious
    about that edge.

    Don't you love to sit down to a wonderful meal when you're really hungry?
    And if you just ate 5 minutes ago, don't you feel different about the
    wonderful meal that is before you?
    If there's some hunger, or if there's
    some asking, then the receiving is so much more delicious.

    And so, that's what we are encouraging you. Because we can feel that
    you know how to get into alignment. You know how to meditate. You know
    how to raise your frequencies. You do it all the time. You know how to
    feel good.

    We want you to realize that being tuned in, tapped in, turned on
    sometimes feels like ecstasy. Sometimes it feels like love.
    Sometimes it feels like appreciation. Sometimes it feels like passion.
    Sometimes it feels like true interest in something. Sometimes it's a
    feeling of utter fascination. Sometimes it's a feeling of utter
    wellbeing. Like floating in a sea of contentment and wellbeing.

    In other words, the feeling of alignment - that feeling of being tuned in -
    has everything to do with everything that's going on with you around it.
    Do you see what we're getting at?

    And that's why we talk so much about step 1 - Ask. Step 2 - Source
    answers. Step 3 - You allow. And now we're talking about step 4, which is
    the mastery of that. Getting so good at feeling alignment that you can get
    there really easily. And then step 5 - maybe the most important step of all
    - no longer be mad at yourself if you're back in step 1. [laughter]

    In other words, an acceptance that that contrast is necessary for the
    focusing. That contrast is necessary for the feeling. That contrast is
    necessary for the molding of the clay.

    You really do want an ability to reason.
    You just want to be so much more in the attitude of wellbeing than in the
    attitude of pessimism. You just want to lean easily into feelings of
    appreciation rather than feelings of criticism. You just wanna have control
    of the direction of your thought.

    And it's our promise to you that the natural processes, the natural laws,
    the natural momentum of law of attraction will carry you into those stronger
    and stronger feelings.

    So as Esther sat there, she was realizing that she was right there.
    And then all of a sudden a flood of insight began pouring through her.
    She got her computer and began writing. She's working with us on new
    meditations with music behind them. And one full meditation came to her,
    in about 5 minute's time, because that's what that flow is like,
    once you get into that state of alignment.

    But people would say to Esther - even Jerry would say to Esther,
    when she would come off the platform - he would say, 'That was the most
    significant, dynamic piece of discussion I have ever heard anywhere, any
    time,' as he would show her his notes. And he would say, 'How did it seem
    to you?' And Esther said,
    'It was sort of like talking about what we were going to have
    for lunch.'

    Because Esther doesn't have that feeling of amazement, because she's not
    pitting it against, or applying it against anything else. You see what we're
    getting at?

    That's the beauty of being here in your physical format. You get to feel the
    movement forward into the new understandings. And that's what it's all
    You keep thinking, 'Oh, I just wanna be over there where it's all
    understood, and over there where it's all achieved, and over there-'

    And we say, 'That isn't what you want.' What you want is the
    understanding that it's ever-unfolding. There's never an ending to
    the exhilaration that you're feeling on your way to more, on your
    way to more, on your way to more, on your way to more.

    So, what I wanted to say about things is, it seems like the universe is just
    always sending all this flow, energy, current?


    Nonstop. And my personality, let's call it that, is, like, always in a state of
    resistance. And, as I become more tuned to it, I let a little bit more in, and a
    little bit more in, and a little bit more-

    That's a good description of almost everyone. Until, eventually, you get
    hooked on allowing.
    You get hooked on that feeling. It's like allowing
    yourself to be the realizer of the beauty of that surf.

    It's like willing to focus on it for just a moment and be the realizer of what
    that all means. Of the gift that it is to you, personally.

    There's a worthiness thing that's mixed in in all of you, where you really can't,
    almost all the time, take in what's being offered to you.

    It's like you have to practice letting the love in that's being offered to
    And you're not that good at it.
    And that's why you wanna justify it
    through hard work. Or you want to justify it by having plenty of other people
    there, enjoying it with you. Because, after all, "this shouldn't be just for you".

    -There's a resistance to accepting the value, and the perfection, and
    the wonderfulness, and the importance, and the value that is you.

    You are out here on this leading edge as the new decider of where the
    energy will flow. And once you come to a conclusion - even a cellular
    conclusion - do you understand the adaptive nature of your being?
    Do you have any sense of the longevity of your species? And the adaptive
    nature of your being? And the understanding of source? And the readiness
    of source to express to you whatever is necessary for the balance that you
    are seeking?

    But if you sit in that resistant place of not liking yourself, or not letting in
    because you're mad at somebody else, or not letting the new in because
    you're so fixated on what's already here…

    Ooo. It's so delicious. Once you catch the vision of this… Once you get it,
    that you are a creator. And once you get it, that you're vibration.
    And once you get it, that what you want matters. And once that desire
    occurs to you, and you feel it, and you know for sure - 'Oh, now I felt it.
    It's a done deal.' It was a done deal before you felt it, but you didn't know
    as much. 'Now I felt it. It's a done deal. Now it's my job to relax and
    witness the unfolding.'

    Not the grinding it into place! Not the hammering it into place. Not the
    making it happen. Not the efforting it. Not the justifying it or defending it.
    Not the tongue hanging out, working all day, all day, all day.

    The witnessing of the universe's ability to orchestrate and organize
    circumstances and events for the benefit of you, you worthy being.
    But you gotta talk yourself into that worthiness. That's where most of the
    work lies. Because you have, for the most part, accepted the…
    We're looking for a kind word.

    ...You've been accepting what others, in their defensive nature,
    have been assigning to you, you see.
    And so, it's only someone who's
    tuned in, tapped in, turned on who can feel about you the way source
    really feels about you. And so, you just wanna stop looking for love in
    all the wrong places, and look for it where it really is. Look for it where it is.

    AbrahamHicks 2016 ~ The 5 Steps Condensed

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    Beautiful quote, up there with the best of them. Thank you dear Paradise.

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    Donīt nurture limiting beliefs!

    Do you know that the only thing that can ever hold
    you back, is your own limiting beliefs?

    Now, what is a limiting belief?
    A limiting belief is a belief that contradicts your desire.
    That's it. Well, how did you get those beliefs? You just picked them up
    along your physical trail, and now you drag them everywhere you go.

    Do you do it deliberately? Do you say, "I think I will carry limiting
    beliefs around with me, to keep me from thriving, to keep me from being
    clear minded, to keep me from being safe, to keep me from being well,
    to keep me from being prosperous.

    I think I will just pick through the rubble of physical human experience,
    and I will just gather up a whole parcel of things that don't serve me well.
    And I'll carry them around and pass them on from generation to
    generation, and I'll make my life miserable with them and, hopefully,
    I'll pass them on to my children who will do the same."?

    It's not like that at all, is it? Not one of your limiting beliefs did you
    pick up deliberately intending to do yourself or someone else harm.
    You did not do any of this in a deliberate way, you did it in an
    indeliberate way, because you did not understand the power of your

    You did not believe that feeling good meant that it
    was good for you.

    It does not matter how you picked up these limiting beliefs.
    The only thing that matters is that you recognize that the negative
    emotion is pointing them out to you. Negative emotion is saying to you:
    You're holding a belief that is thwarting your light
    from shining.

    It's thwarting the God Force or Creative Life Force that is naturally
    being drawn through you.
    Sometimes we see you moving through your day-to-day experience,
    and you can tell that you have a limiting belief, or at least you can tell
    that something is screwy within you, because you can feel the strong
    negative emotion that is within you.

    It often comes forth right after you have clearly identified that you
    want something. When you clearly identify that you want something,
    when you heighten the focus of some desire and the Energy begins
    to move more quickly -- the limiting Energy becomes more evident.

    Dallas, TX on Sunday, November 11th, 2001

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    This is Epiphany:

    (Esther did a focus wheel...)

    ... In the middle of her focus wheel this clear thought
    came into her mind. Now, thatīs what you wanna call epiphany!
    We call it the manifestation of the thought, iow, she was able to
    receive what we were thinking which meant she was thinking
    thought that we were thinking- so we were cocreating on a thought,
    and thatīs what epiphany is.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 - Your Life will Fix Whats Wrong Automatically

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    Laughing is the unbounded expression of appreciation.
    Humor is Non-physical essence,
    reflected through a physical being that is willing
    to be light enough to let it flow.

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    "I want Enlightenment!"

    I want enlightenment!
    I want to feel floating 2 inches off, of the ground: Iīm HIGH.

    So just find it and feel it, and notice it,
    and remember it, and practice the feeling of it,
    and donīt beat up on yourself when youīr not there.

    And here is something that works against you: A desire like that -when youīr not there, you beat up on yourself- then itīs counterproductive. But how about this? Letīs say, high and happy is what you want. And youīve demonstrated that for us and we all know, how much you like that.

    So, high and happy is what you want, and letīs say you are not high and happy in some moment! But you canīt get there, all at once, because there is a bit of a vibrational stretch, between what you might be feeling wherever you are, and that high and happy.

    We want you, rather than saying "I wanna be high and happy!" WE want you to say "I want to feel the POLR in the direction of high and happy!"

    A while ago, when we were talking about the emotional scale, when you are depressed, than anger is a very good goal to shoot for! Because itīs the POLR! It feels MUCH better than the defeat, or the fear or the discomfort that you are feeling in this moment!

    So, POLR- itīs the relativity between where you are, and where you want to be. And we WANT YOU TO HEAR THIS; more than we ever wanted anybody to hear anything. WE WANT YOU TO HEAR THIS!!!

    It doesnīt matter if you get all the way there!
    It only matters that you move IN THE DIRECTION OF.

    The POLR
    (path of LESS resistance) is NOT the path of no resistance!
    Weīr NOT saying "clean it all up, and clean it up RIGHT NOW."
    Weīr saying FEEL for it! And reach for the POLR: WHICH THOUGHT FEELS BETTER?

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks (No Ads) ~ Self Consciousness and Alignment

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    Abe tell the story of Esther sensing in traffic that a vehicle would blindly pull out, and reacting to that AHEAD of what happened.

    She (Esther) was sort of living REAL TIME. You talked about being ITV, and being able to discern some variety or contrast, even ITV.
    And we are calling that REAL-TIME LIFE.

    Where the problem and the solution exist simultaneously, and you are SO focused upon the solutions, and as a little contrast is shown to you, you immediately see it from the solution-standpoint.

    Itīs the way source sees it, with whatīs going on on your planet, or with aspects of your planet, itīs the way the cells of your body see whatīs going on- with your body, at all times!

    And as you care about how you feel, and you practice being ITV more of your time (...) what happens is: Youīll get into this place, where your confidence about anything that is coming, is such that there is never any dread or concern or reluctance, there is just this understanding of the NATURAL ease and flow of your life. So, things that you begin to expect as the next logical steps, are inspiring and satisfying.

    Itīs the difference between preparing yourself for trouble that may come, and the difference of preparing yourself for the continual (...) avalanche of wellbeing thatīs coming!

    Itīs a COMPLETELY different vantagepoint
    from which you anticipate life.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Are you prepared for things going well

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    When you feel joy,
    thatīs YOU, translating how WE all
    (meaning Abraham/ source/ "God") feel, about what you are thinking about then and there. Donīt you love knowing that!? -Doesnīt that make you want to plug in to more things,

    that allow you to be all lit up,

    in the way that you intended to be?

    2016-09-17 at Rome Italy

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    Our strongest wanting for you is that you lighten up!

    In other words, spend more time looking for things to laugh about and play with. Play your way through this. It really is the key. When you follow your bliss, it is always an easy journey.

    - Abe, 9/4/93

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