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Thread: Enlightenment

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    The only thing that is to do, in the now,
    is to align with the whole that you ARE.
    To perceive, through the wholeness, that you are!

    And when you perceive through the wholeness of that which you are,
    since in nonphysical, there is no time-
    since in nonphysical, everything in the Vortex already IS,
    then you include in your now,

    And as you include in your now all that you desire-
    your vibrational point of attraction allows all that you desire
    to pour to you, in the NOW.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Sync up with the energy that turns things into the reality that you want (new)
    Stamfort, CT, May 14, 2016

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    You did not come to serve,
    you came to create- and to SHINE.

    You have, as a Source Energy being,
    established a vibrational point of attraction
    that is pure and powerful and we are calling it the CORE,
    THAT IS YOU, YOUR CORE GRID so to speak.

    It is the basis of that which is you.
    And when you find a thought, and they are easy to find,
    that causes you to LINE UP WITH THAT CORE GRID,

    then the energy of all that you have become
    RADIATES through you in this moment
    and your power of influence, your power of perspective,
    your power of clarity, your point of attraction is enhanced
    in ways that defy Esther's ability to find verbal description.

    The leverage of alignment is a leverage
    worth understanding and working for.

    The leverage of alignment.
    The leverage of lining up with THE CORE GRID,
    of all that you have become
    and using that alignment, that leverage, that power,
    that clarity, that vitality, that flexibility, that eagerness,
    that zest for life,

    allowing it to flow through you here and now in this moment
    for the upliftment of you,
    for the upliftment of anyone who is in your vicinity,
    for the upliftment of all that is
    -and for the reveling in life in the way
    that you intended to revel in life.

    You did not come to serve, you came to create.
    You cannot create without serving, but you got to get it clear
    what you are doing and why you are doing it.

    You came to RADIATE the fullness of who you are
    and when you pinch yourself off from the fullness of who you are,
    and you become needy and jealous,
    you become needy and shortage- conscious,
    then you begin acting so squirrly...
    that's Jerry's word...squirrly.

    We want you to be aware, that the fullness
    of who you are is lurking nearby and that you could, with far less
    effort that it takes to learn a computer program,
    you could tune in to the fullness of who you are
    and you could benefit by the leverage that flows through you.

    But, it is not that only you benefit,
    EVERYONE who comes to know you benefit
    because when your LIGHT SHINES,
    it is not only you who has fun.
    Everyone in the vibrational vicinity of you does, too.

    ~ Abraham Hicks, Washington, D.C., 5/12/12

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    Being Authentic

    What does it mean, for us to be authentic?

    Be who you are.
    Because your authentic self is in the vortex, thriving.
    And if you are experiencing even a small particle of negative emotion,
    you are less than authentic,
    because you've pinched yourself off from the true authenticity
    of who you are.

    So how would one know when they're truly authentic?

    You feel fabulous in the moment.
    And don't demand it of yourself in every moment, just be it
    as often as you can.

    HS: Can we be there all the time?

    Yeah. It takes some practice though. And it's easier when you're dead.
    (lots of laughter after that comment)

    And so, all of that, that you mention, being authentic is owning our power?

    Well, you always own it, but let's call ownership perceptual.
    Because, just because WE know that you own it, doesn't mean
    that YOU know that you own it.
    And if you don't know that you own it,
    you don't utilize it.

    It'll be like having a powerful vehicle in your garage, and nobody told you
    it was there, so you never drove it. It's been there for 25 years..
    (laughter) -Bummer!
    "I could've been having a really good time!"


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    The tipping-point into being mostly lined up

    With the gradual releasing of resistance,
    you will feel an actual tipping point — a sort of breaking-loose feeling,
    a feeling of coming out into the light —

    and then your manifested world will never be the same.
    All manner of physical, tangible, seeable, hearable, touchable experiences
    will begin to manifest; and it will be obvious, to anyone who is watching,
    that something has shifted for you.

    It will seem to others that your luck has shifted,
    but you will know that it is not luck that shifted,
    but your Vibrational relationship
    to your own desires.


    ...The only way I can live the life I want to live, is come to that
    tipping point, right?

    If by live it, you mean manifest it?

    Guest: Yeah.

    Yes. If by live it you mean feel it, you can get there immediately.
    We have a bit of contradiction about what we mean by "live."
    Because we mean-- once you find the feeling, you're living it.
    Because what life is, is that feeling of alignment.
    That's LIFE. That's LIVING, you see.

    Manifesting -- that's a whole other thing.

    Guest: So, just --

    Manifesting is just evidence of vibration.

    ~ Abraham, San Diego, CA, 3/5/11

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    i love the last one!!!

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    Me, too...

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    We want you to feel
    the fullness of source
    in your moment!

    Philadelphia May 2013

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    This one feels that it belongs here as well...

    "´I am a master creator´.
    Your point of power is in the present!
    Because this is, where you have the power to define
    and to achieve your vibrational point of attraction,
    to which everything else responses.

    Your point of power is here and now.
    It´s not down the road, when your lover comes.
    It´s not down the road, when you´r financial situation is better,

    it´s here and now.

    It´s what you´r doing here and now.
    It´s what you´r doing here and now,
    in the relationship to who you are.
    Here and now, if your dominant intent is to rendezvous
    with the wholeness of what you are-

    than in that combined,
    ITV aligned with who you are
    -tuned in, tapped on, turned on perspective- NOW-
    as you are offering your visuals- now,

    you are creating something HUGE
    and meaningful and satisfying and potentionally extraordinary
    you see.

    And nothing less than that is good enough
    for the likes of who you are!

    You didn´t come as amateurs.
    You are masterful creators in an environment of superb exposure to contents
    who give you the ability to launch this rockets of desire!

    And when you get hold of it, like you are- all are, here in this room,
    and you begin to deliberately build your emotional grid-
    -not for the purpose of building the framework for something that will
    come later, that will then satisfy you, but because the SCULPTING OF THE GRID
    is satisfying here and now
    and will potentially even be more satisfying as it fills in.

    That´s what we meant saying earlier:
    When you just stumble on, than you say "That was fun".
    But if you have thought about it and planned for it
    and found vibrational alignment with it
    and then watch the pieces of it come together-

    -then it´s just

    triumphant, triumphant, triumphant!

    The orgasmic qualities of your life just build and build and build
    as you come together with the power
    and the creativity of the allness that is focussed with you, here and now.

    And THEN- your feeling of worthiness, your feeling
    of rightness,
    your feeling of goodness is just present
    all the time, and you just walk around
    radiating, and glowing, and uplifting others-
    and finding those, who are a vibrational match!"

    Abraham, Asheville 2011

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    "Don´t care for the CreatION, but for CreatING!"
    -Abe are asking us for that, at the end of Asheville

    ...It´s a mind-game. It´s a vibration-game.
    It´s a focus-game, it´s a momentum-game!

    And so, you are someone who- for a little while at least,
    is distracted from the reality of what´s already manifested.
    And you are ENJOYING the feeling of energy, moving through you!
    And you are enjoying the feeling of new ideas, occuring to you.
    And you are, MOST OF ALL, enjoying the feeling of feeling good.

    So you are feeling good a LOT.
    About whatever subject you have chosen to feel good about!
    Maybe something important- like this one that is so important
    to you (the HS).

    So you brought yourself to a place of feeling good, and now
    an idea comes to you, ohh, a desire that is manifested-
    ohhh, it feels SO GOOD, and you revel in it for just a little bit,
    and you manage to stay in step 3, 4, 5, 3, 4, 5... 3, 4, 3, 4, 4, 4,
    4, 4, 4, 4... so momentum is flowing, and now you are beginning
    to see the results of what you have wanted!

    You are beginning to FEEL IT happening, you feel it happening,
    and now some sort of manifestation occurs.
    And oh, you REVEL in your deliberateness!!
    You give yourself the badge of a DELIBERATE CREATOR!

    You say: I saw contrast, and I chose from the contrast, and I´ve put
    it into the Vortex, and I trusted that my IB was tending to it, and
    I focused upon that, and I felt it, and I aligned, and I got into step
    3, 4, step 3, 4, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4... and more ideas came, and off
    I went, and I am a passionate, deliberate creator!
    And look at what I´ve created!!

    And in the moment that you´ve looked to the
    evidence of what you´ve created,
    and then try to defend it and
    -explain it to others,
    that´s where you usually begin to -once again- re-introduce
    resistance into the equation, so that you don´t REALLY ALLOW the
    momentum to continue, as it is capable of doing-

    -because you have this see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, touch it habit,
    that makes you wanna look to the manifestation for the evidence
    of how you´r doing.

    And if there was ONE thing we could convince you of, it would be:
    Don´t create something, and then need to look at it,
    create it FOR THE JOY of the creation of it!

    Be more exited of the creatING, than the creatION!

    So, if you can stay exited about the creatING, then you won´t
    fall into that trap of then putting your creations up, against the
    creation of others. And weighing the value of them, and trying to
    get others to look at your creations, and understand them.

    If you stay in the creatING-mode, you will
    live happily ever after!

    Hm, that´s worth thinking about!

    (...) But if you can stay focused, upon the dream
    that your dreaming-

    if you can stay focused, in what your heart tells you, must be-
    stay focused upon what the vibrational reality is already living,

    if you can find alignment with your IB, who knows this so powerfully-
    so that you´r reveling in not just the progress,
    but the BEINGNESS of it, NOW-
    -and that´s what you´r radiating outwards,
    everwhere around you, LoA must DEMONSTRATE to you THAT.
    Because LoA cannot demonstrate to you anything, that´s not active
    in your vibration!

    -So, you heard her (the HS´s) subject. But did you hear the greater
    context of it? -It doesn´t matter what (...) you´r talking about!
    So, this is the most significant thing that we would ask you in the
    leading-edge-evolution, of this work of deliberate creation, iow
    we just offered something to this equation, that we want you to take
    away and focus on, for just a little while:

    You can do the work! -And you are.
    And you can get into the zone! -And you are.
    And you can get the impulses! -And you are.
    And you will accomplish a manifestation, YES you will!


    Because, that´s the trap, that makes you compare.
    And then, makes you feel guarded, and then makes you protect,
    when somebody asks you: "So, what are you up to?"
    -"Oh, I´m the creator of my own reality."
    -"What are you creating?"
    -"All kinds of wonderful things."
    -"Like what?"
    -"I never talk about them!"
    -"Well, have you created anything?"
    -"Piles and piles and piles and piles of them!"
    -"Like what?"
    -"I´m not really interested in those piles, I´m interested in the fun
    I had, while creating the piles."

    THAT`S what we´r asking!

    -"But don´t you have anything to show for it?"
    -"Yahh, look how happy I am!"
    -"NO! I don´t wanna know how happy you are!
    I wanna see your piles! I wanna see your piles."
    -"Well, there´ve been lots of piles, and they´ve been moving through
    my life, and truthfully, I´m not too interested in the piles that I´m
    creating. I´m interested in the process. In the fun of creating them."

    Let (your manifestations) be the shining light,
    that calls you into light, and let being called
    into the vibrational light, and the light flowing
    through you, be what rings your bells-

    and let the results be inevitable, but don´t let the results be what you´r
    watching all the time, for then you´ll step right back into the
    "humandom"-experience that you´r in, where you´r measuring piles
    of stuff, you see.

    It´s A LOT to ask, and we´r really pleased with how well you´ve heard,
    and how you are answering our asking in so many ways.
    And here is what we´r asking -it´s a lot to ask- we´r asking you,
    to be more vibrational, than human.
    We´r asking you to care more about how you feel, than what that

    Now, it´s tricky! Because we´r saying that if you´r happy,
    you´ll produce good stuff!
    But we don´t want you to look at the good stuff, because then you´ll
    screw up your happiness!

    We´r asking you to care for the energy, and how it feels as it flows-
    and not about the results, that it creates. BUT it gets a little harder,
    still! We´r asking you to sift and sort so then you decide what you want-
    and then, we´r asking you not to think about it, anymore!

    We´r asking you to step 1, which is decide what you want-
    and then we´r asking you to take your attention away from the
    manifestation that you want and identify WHY it is that you want
    what you want.

    And the reason why you want what you want is that you think you´ll
    feel better in the having what you want- no matter what it is that you
    want. (...) STAY in that sweetspot of being lined up with what you want,
    but DON´T NEED the manifestation of it, in order to stay in vibrational
    alignment with what you want!

    And under that formula, what will happen to you is:
    You´ll sort, you´ll align, you´ll flow, you´ll revel, you´ll love it,
    it will come, it won´t matter so much, because you´ve asked and
    it´ll flow, and you will revel, and it´ll come...

    -and you´ll just BE in this continuous cycle of moving through life,
    meeting wonderful people, loving your own ideas, rendezvousing with
    your own sense of worthiness, rendezvousing with the intentions
    that you´ve had when you decided to come here to begin with.

    Rendezvousing with contrasting experiences that make you feel alive!
    Rendezvousing with opportunities to put more into your Vortex!
    Rendezvousing with a more powerful Vortex!
    Rendezvousing with your IB who is always involved with your Vortex.

    Being in and out of alignment, and feeling pretty good, in any case.
    Getting into alignment more and more, consistently-
    and then feeling the power of who you are, beginning to feel
    INVINCIBLE, because you are so TITITO so much of the time,
    that you are just rendezvousing with thing after thing!

    Your body feels great, you are witty and wise,
    you are having a good time, as you are moving
    through- you are LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

    And then, manifestations are happening, too!
    Manifestations that cause more contrast, maybe!
    Because once you´ve got that car, you´ve gotta wash it and insure it,
    and keep putting gas in it and so forth- but, more opportunities
    to put more ITV, and on it goes. This CYCLE of life.
    This eternal cycle of life.
    We WANT YOU to revel in the excellence of your life,
    in the way that WE are reveling in the excellence of your life!

    And in a moment where you feel that euphoric feeling,
    -what that is, is you, for a moment letting yourself UNDERSTAND,
    how we feel about you!

    2016 10-15 & 16 - Asheville

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    Don´t strive to get more perfect, before you teach.
    You are always "perfect" enough!

    (Abe talk about how contrasting, longwinding and annoying much of
    the process of building a perfect special wall in their house was,
    to Jerry and Esther...)

    ...and now it all (this contrast) feels precious and perfect
    and NECESSARY to the unfolding!

    Now, could Jerry and Esther have been at the place, where they
    just would, in their divine enlightenment, in their perfect alignment
    to source-energy, could they have just said "hmmmmmmmmm...."

    No. No!
    And, would you really WANT to?

    And this is the question that you´r asking!
    The question that you´r asking is: Is it of benefit to anyone else?
    -As people come, and look at the rock-wall, that is ME,
    what benefit do they receive from it?

    And we say, just BE the rock-wall,
    BE the perfection that you ARE,
    and don´t put a lot of emphasis on what it took you to get there.
    Because, you will dilute your own message by being less than you
    have evolved to be.

    But, hear us- there is a possibility that you may have misunderstood
    what we said. You might think that what we said was,
    "Achieve perfection, before you teach anybody anything".
    Or, "Achieve perfection before you present yourself anywhere."

    You ALREADY ARE at SOME perfect place,
    and there are so many who are benefitting by their
    vibrational envolvement with you!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Be the perfection that you are 2017

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