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Thread: Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.. 😊

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    Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.. 😊

    Hey friends.. 😊
    I am soo happy to b here, a member of this amazinggly rockingg forum!! ;D
    I am soo happy to b alive.. In this moment.. 😊
    I appreciate my newly made friends.. POE, SWEET BUTTERFLY and CHILLIJOAN..😊❤
    THANK U GUYS.. 😊 for being active, loving and helping members for new members lyk me.. 😊
    I really love this moment.. 😊
    I appreciate the senses I have.. To sense the beauty of this wonderful and miraculous world! 😊
    Life's beautiful.. 😊 whn u have amazzing teachers like ABRAHAM.. Beautiful INNER BEING.. And an ability to radiate LOVE.. 😊
    Life is beautiful.. Every moment of it.. 😊
    And I am ready..
    Ready to b the real ME..
    Ready to close the gap btw Me and 'Me' ❤
    Ready to radiate Love.. 😊
    I love u Abraham..
    I love u Esther.. 😊
    Thank you.. 😊❤

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    Nitisha, you have such a wonderful energy!!!! Thank you for coming and sooo nice to meet you!

    Ps. And I soo love the title of the thread! Thx for the reminding!

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    😊 thank you.. ❤

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    " and I think to myself....what a wonderful World"

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    Life is soo beautiful..
    Unfolding in such a perfect way.. I love my inner being.. I m feeling soo beautiful from inside.. It is soo good to b alive.. Everything is just perfect..
    I am so excited with what is about to unfold..
    My beautiful body.. My new body..
    I lovingly accept and love the way I am.. Just soo perfect.. everything is perfect.. The day.. A bit sunny and cloudy.. Both at the same time.. Beautiful warm and fresh air..
    Embracing me in its warm blanket..
    My hair are rejoicing and loving the playful mood of this fresh and warm breeze..
    I love being alive.. I love my love..
    I manifested him.. he has all the qualities I mentioned in my list and we will b having our 2 years completed next month.. it feels amazzing whn I think abt it..
    We are soo beautiful.. just a perfect pair..
    Soo muchh love..
    I love appreciating him.. I love to love him.. I love being loved by him..
    I love my parents.. I love my family.. I have the best parents in the world.. and a best family..
    I love my life.m
    There is soo much to feel happy for..
    Abundance is already flowing..
    And I am ready to open those floodgates which are not yet open..
    I am ready to allow my well being..
    I love my environment..
    I love my heart..
    I love my ever changing and cooperative body..
    I love my self.. I love my inner being..
    I am falling in love.. With my life..

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    I got a beautiful thought recently..

    Actually.. It is going to b quite funny for all of those who are not new to it.. Actually.. Even I am not new to it..

    But sometime.. Time makes us forget all that.. And when u get a way to understand it again.. It feels beautiful.. ^.^

    Which is the case with me too.. :P

    I read a title.. About boredom.. Right now.. And it gave me a thought.. please don't laugh at me.. ^_~

    It was that.. Contrast is the reason bcz of which our lives are intresting..

    Contrast is the reason of our expansion.. (plz don't laugh, I know whn u r going to read it.. U r gonna laugh at me! :P )

    But actually.. I am happy..

    Atleast I got to remember it.. Again..

    Just bcz of which.. Posting it here.. ⌒.⌒

    I am happy.. really..

    #POE.. I wish u read it..

    Thank u for your guidance..

    I am feeling lighter..

    Sometyms.. All u need to feel lighter is a helping and loving guidance..

    I lovingly accept it.. From my wise inner being..

    And sumtyms.. Whn u need guidance to connect with ur inner being.. Teachers help us..

    Lyk Abraham..

    And whn.. Sumtyms.. We don't have direct access to those teachers.. Their students help us..

    And this is what is happening here..

    Soo beautiful and perfect..

    I soo love being here.. And posting such silly stories..

    But it really makes me feel better and bcz of which I am doing It..


    PRACTICING... ⌒.⌒


    Thank You..

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    ⌒.⌒ ^_~

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    Good morning..
    It is such a beautiful day..
    The sunlight.. Peeping through the little areas left uncovered with the curtains.. it looks soo beautifull..
    There is warmth outside.. N I am sitting with a warm smooth and cozy blanket with my air conditioner on! :P
    It feels so good..
    I can feel my cells.. Feeling happy.. N loved.. I love the beauty and co creation of trillions of cells.. It is no less than a miracle..
    Day before yesterday I got a lil cut in my thumb.. And today.. There are just no traces of it!
    I love my miraculous body..
    I love the cells.. They are just Soo intelligent!! Their magnificience is beyond explanation!!
    I love to live with such amazzingly cooperative and loving cells.. Which ultimately is resulting in a wonderful.. Beautiful and miraculous body..
    I love to b here.. With wonderful contrast.. Always making me wanting more.. N then.. Even inspiring me to allow my well being..
    I can feel how loved I am..
    I can feel the white light.. Protecting me..
    I can feel the love.. Around me..
    It is a beautiful experience to experience..
    I love my body that is now..
    And I love my body which has become vibrationally..
    I lovingly accept and welcome the new cells.. and my new body..
    I love myself..
    I love my love..
    I love my life..

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    Nitisha, wonderful!

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